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Model Making Portfolio

Foldable Seat Here I made a seat that could be folded down to fit through a 3 inch gap.

POW Ring This is a ring and box I designed and made during my foundation course. The ring was drawn on Solidworks and printed on a 3D Printer. The box is hand-cut from foam board.

Hand Cranked Food Processor This was the last project of my foundation course. The food processor is made mostly from laser cut plywood, but I have also hand-cut some of the pieces.

Plate Packaging This is one of the first projects from my degree course at Northumbria. The brief was to create a stylish yet protective casing for a plate. As you can see it is made from hand-cut cardboard.

Clock For this project I used a medium density foam. To get the finish I used a white paint and sanded it down after each layer to get a smooth texture.

Hierarchal Forms These were hand-cut from a medium density foam, then painted and sanded to get a smooth finish.

Child’s Night Light Here I have used a lathe to turn the shape of a scientific flask, I have then used a vacuum forming process to create the plastic shell, the frost affect was created using spray paint. The base was made by hand and sprayed with a primer and then blue paint.

Non-Litteral Product Here I have turned a shape on a lathe, I have then cut the shape into separate parts. I created a hole for the buttons using a milling machine and then made the buttons by hand. The centre fan was made to spin by adding a rod through the centre to keep it in place.

Hello Haberdashery I hope that this collection of work is enough to convince you of my model making skills. In my time at Northumbria I feel my ability to create 3D objects has improved a great deal and I feel confident that if asked I could make most things out of card or foam. As of yet I haven’t had many opportunities to work with metal but I can assure you that if it is a necessary skill I am a fast learner. Thank you for your time. - Freddie Gibbons