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Pa ragliding is the Expe r ience of a L ifetime

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? For hundreds, even thousands of years this has been man’s most ardent wish. This is now possible thanks to the invention of airplanes and helicopters, but for those looking for extreme sensations, Gleitschirmfliegen is a unique experience. The best thing about this activity is that you don’t have to be an experienced flier in order to be allowed to glide above the amazing landscape of central Switzerland. Professional instructors will be accompanying you all the way and they will take care of all the technical details; all you will have to do is enjoy the scenery and the feeling of freedom this sport gives you.

You can book a flight for yourself or you can make a surprise to someone dear and offer him an unforgettable experience. It will be the ultimate adventure when you will fall into the unknown and the rise back in the air and fly on the wings of the magnificent light steel birds. Paragliding is not simply something you don’t want to do. It is normal to be scared at first, but once you feel the adrenalin pumping in your blood and you admire the view from hundreds of meters above the earth the only thing you will be thinking about will be booking the next flight as soon as possible. Switzerland is a mountainous country, which makes it a perfect destination for paragliding lovers. In order to be able to practice this sport one needs to have a high peak from which to start its journey into the thin air. And because there are lots of mountains to choose from, these sports’ lovers will simply love this country. Flights are taking place from Pilatus, Rigi, and Engel berg. Apart from the high peaks these regions also offer landscapes which are worthy of being admired from above. What is more, these areas are easily accessible by car or bus. When you arrive at 500 meters above the earth the view is simply breathtaking. Take your best friend, lover, sister or parents by hand and enjoy a unique day. You will get lots of unforgettable memories and –who

knows? – Maybe you will discover a new hobby that you never thought about. If you find the idea interesting but still don’t have the courage to try Gleitschirm maybe one of your friends will be thrilled by the idea. Offer him a voucher, a flight gift certificate and help him turn his dream into reality.

About the Author: Paragliding is the sport that can answer that question for you. Over the last twenty years, paragliding has become the world's most popular and easiest to learn method of "sharing the air" with our feathered friends. To soar with the eagles has been one of mankind's oldest and most exciting dreams. Finally, with paragliding, you can make that dream come true for you to.

Paragliding is the Experience of a Lifetime  

Paragliding is a dream come true ... Take off and be free as a bird gliding silently rise, with the thermals and enjoy the beautiful world f...

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