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Inhabited podium Eloy’s downtown grid is similar to radial grids used by older and established cities found in Europe & the eastern U.S. This method of urban planning is often accompanied by a series of buildings, arches, and statues located at major intersections. These objects acts as markers for the city, because of this they are often elevated on podiums, these podiums usually serve as a gathering space. The concept of this project is to retrofit a podium on to the site to promote the theatre’s historical identity and create a gathering complex with a museum, restaurant, media lab, retail, and large plaza area. Although a vacant podium can be a strong image the climate does not allow for it, instead merging a podium with a courtyard to create an inhabited podium would prove well suited.

The north west corner of the building is a flexible space that could be partitioned and rented out to retailers such as local galleries.

Ground Floor Plan 3





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Programs 1 museum 2 theatre 3 retail 4 courtyard 5 media lab 6 core



The building adapts to the shape of the site and existing building. The podium opens up to Main Street. The core building includes a service areas, a restaurant, rest rooms, and a snack area for the theatre.

The media lab and archives area is available to the public. Southern light with overhangs. Entry from main street and courtyard.

Media lab section


theatre media lab

Section through the media lab & archives area of the museum. The media lab is an area where the public can research and learn with the resources of the museum. This includes computers, archives, and databases. The media lab is connected to the core which leads to the courtyard and to the main street. A large southern window lets natural light in. Glass is recessed 4ft to avoid heat gain.

Theatre section

The restaurant is located on top of the theatre with a desert garden setting.

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programs 1 retail 2 museum 3 courtyard 4 plaza 5 restaurant seating 6 theatre 7 media lab The theatre is accessed from the plaza level through the core building. The restaurant has great visibility, shading needs to be addressed on a table to table basis. Museum and retail area are the same space but can be partitioned multiple ways.

Courtyard & core section

3 2 4 5

Interior courtyard with a view to main street


programs programs 1 courtyard 2 plaza 3 restaurant kitchen 4 concession stand 5 rest rooms & corridor Courtyard area lets natural light deep inside the museum. The shaded courtyard provides relief during hot summer months. The core includes a kitchen for the roof terrace restaurant, a concession stand and entry to the theatre, rest rooms and connection to the media lab.

The entrance to the theatre from the plaza through the concession stand.

Contextual work cited

creating identity:

building form adapts to site form reference to local courtyard buildings reference to European cities for their radial plans and monuments reference to classical opera houses theatre preservation & renovation use of steel from local plant desert roof garden

Entry to the museum via courtyard

Trial & Error

Eloy Media Theatre midterm