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Hello! This is Freda and I am a Melbourne based designer and leather crafter. I started making decorative leather sea creatures in late 2016 and created fredamade. My creations can be used as home decorations such as wall hanging, floating sculptures and wearable fashion brooches. My leather craft won the “Frankie Good Stuff Award 2017�, featured in Frankie Magazine issue77. In this lookbook, I will be showing you some ideas of how to use the leather creatures to style your house uniquely and how to use the leather brooches effectively. These leather creatures are available in a variety of colours and are shipped worldwide.

Home Sculptures

LEATHER SEA ANIMALS LIFESTYLE All the sea creatures are 100% handmade hand stitched off-cuts of genuine upholstery leather with waxed thread, and filled with polyester. Each creature is uniquely made. The animals are light and made tough.

Wall hanging You can hang the leather sea animal sculptures on your wall. Decorate your house like an unique gallery.

Cuddly Cushion No Space for wall scultpures? This whale can be used as decorative cushion, suitable for both children and adults.

Floating The same creatures can turn into floating animals. Put some hooks in your ceiling instead of your wall, and design your own aquarium.

For Children These creatures would look adorable in a children’s room, and make the perfect gifts.

Brown Leather Humboldt Squid Size: H58cm

Brown Leather Arrow Squid Size: H58cm

Brown Leather Octopus Size: H28cm

Red Leather Octopus Size: H36cm

Black Leather Vampire Squid Size: H28cm

Multi-Coloured Leather Sea Turtle Size: H28cm W25cm

Red Leather Crab Size: W32cm

Brown Leather Crab Size: W41cm

Red Leather Lobster Size: H30cm

Dark Purple Leather Shark Head Size: H30cm D23cm W35cm

Black Leather Sting Ray Size: H48cm

Dark Brown Leather Anglerfish Size: L32cm

Light Brown Leather Pufferfish Size: H20cm L30cm W17cm

Light Brown Leather Sperm Whale Size: H22cm L61cm W27cm

Red Leather Colossal Squid Size: H101cm

Black Leather Axolotl Size: L28cm

Leather Mother Penguin Size: H25cm

Red Leather Axolotl Size: L28cm

Leather Baby Penguin Size: H18cm

Light Brown & White Leather Pufferfish Size: H8cm L13cm W7cm

Pearl White Leather Seal Size: H7cm L23cm W14cm

Light Brown Leather Pufferfish Size: H8cm L13cm W7cm

Beige Leather Seal Size: H12 L34cm W23cm

Wearable brooches

LEATHER MINI SEA ANIMALS FASHION Besides large decorative creatures, how about a handmade leather brooch? These pieces of jewellery are available in a variety of colours.

Shadow Box Framing Perhaps you don’t need a large animal on your wall and fancy something a bit smaller, but you might still want still want it to stand out. You can mount the small leather animals in a shadow box display.

Multi-Coloured Leather Whale Brooch Size: L13cm

Brown Leather Sting Ray Brooch Size: H9cm

Black Leather Vampire Squid Brooch Size: H8cm

Multi-Coloured Leather Crab Brooch Size:W10cm

Multi-Coloured Leather Squid Brooch Size: H13cm

Light Tan Leather Lobster Brooch Size: H8cm

Light Tan Leather Lobster Brooch Size: H11cm

Brown Leather Hammerhead Shark Brooch Size: L10cm

Follow me on social media, I would love to hear what you think about my craft! And if you are looking for a custom made order, please send me an email at Thank you for reading this lookbook! Cheers!



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