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Arborist as a Career in Australia – Arborist Jobs in Australia Being an Arborist is a special job and hence it needs certain qualifications. Only a well-trained arborist knows about each species of trees, plants or shrubs and how to maintain them. There are many schools and institutions that provide such training. To be an arborist is a good career choice especially if you are a nature buff. Have you ever imagined what the view would be like from the tallest tree in the neighborhood? Or wondered what the surroundings look like. I’m sure you’re thinking about it now, an Ariel view from the tree top. Job Description and Responsibilities Arborists are often referred to as tree doctors, tree surgeon and Climbers. They tend to trees, plant and shrubs and examine them for any issues related to structure, nutrition and disease. They evaluate damage or decay just by looking at the color and texture of the tree. If any infection, damage or decay is found, samples will be sent to the lab for complete examination. Arborists prune and trim trees and shrubs, including removing dead branches. Sometimes living branches that are obstructions will be removed. These activities involve climbing tress. Special gear is worn while climbing trees. Mechanical lifts are also being employed for this purpose. As a safety precaution, it is important that Arborists wear safety gear which includes a helmet and gloves, and show extreme care when working with saws, clippers, shears and any other such tools. Generally, there are two kinds of arborist. The purist involved more in gardens and tree pruning for aesthetic purposes, or practical arborists who work on power lines (often called ‘linies’), infrastructure etc. Education and Training Requirements In Australia to become an arborist, you usually need to complete a traineeship in Horticulture (Arboriculture). There are variations in entry requirements, but Year 10 is generally required by most employers. A bachelor’s or graduate degree could find a career in a research position. Overseas trained arborists must complete an equivalent traineeship/apprenticeship

qualification, or have significant work experience (at least 3 years min). Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) in Australia offers varying levels of professional qualification on arboricultural education and training. They are streamlined countrywide through a multi-disciplinary vocational education and training. Also there is always on the job training. What Employers Look For Employers look for candidates who can problem solve, make decisions, execute and get the job done independently and in an effective and timely fashion. Some employers prefer a candidate with traineeship in Horticulture (Arboriculture).There is also a need for international Arborists within Australia. These employers will sponsor Arborist which will give them a 457 visa sponsorship which can entitle you to work in Australia for 4 years. This can lead to you getting a Permanent Visa (ENS or RSMS) i.e. Permanent Resident within Australia. There are good job opportunities, especially in areas with temperate climate. Job openings are only seasonal in some areas, but mainly there are opportunities available all round the year. If you are a qualified arborist and seek a position in Australia, contact us, sending your resume at Read more &

Arborist Jobs in Australia  

Being an Arborist is a special job and hence it needs certain qualifications. Only a well-trained arborist knows about each species of trees...

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