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What a bunch of scum-sucking, dirt-licking desert mongrels. I’ll kill any coyote I can. This is very typical of how animals die in the wild. The process can take three days or more before the animal is bitten to death.

Wolf. Coyotes run in packs. I shoot them all year round, not to mention I had eight wild ones living in my pole barn. Now they’re dead, haha. It’s a coyote not a wolf. Poor deer.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘cause I’m a hunter, but poor deer. Should you shoot the yote?

Poor beautiful deer, but that coyote’s nowhere near wolf-size, which you have obviously never seen.

I’ve killed over five hundred coyotes and one wolf. I assure you I wouldn’t put my wolf tag on that critter.

Actually, I’ve seen yotes bring down huge bucks and does. I lost a great eight-point on my property last year to a pack....found it all over my field.

Wolves are relentless runners chasing down prey by eyesight, and coyotes are dilly-dallying snooping around scavangers. It’s pretty obvious this is a coyote, thank God. You will hate the day a pack of wolves. . . . because they are real predators.

That’s too bad, that happened to me in Florida on a huge nine-point. For Florida that’s huge. He was probably in the one-twenty-five, one-thirties. Average Alberta whitetail is about one-thirty.

All of us are predators. They’re more intelligent than people comprehend.... Wolves are outright predators. Killers.



Freckled Summer 2012  

The fifth issue of Freckled Magazine, Summer 2012.

Freckled Summer 2012  

The fifth issue of Freckled Magazine, Summer 2012.