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What are some of your other interests? Music. Music. and Music. I have been playing music for a long time. I started on piano when I was 6. Then moved on to jazz trumpet. In 7th grade I moved to guitar in the hopes that it would get me a girlfriend. I was inspired by Marty McFly in Back to the Future pt.1. Unfortunately, it didn't net me a girlfriend, but I have been playing ever since. I played in a bunch of bands, I toured for a bit, saw the country, played awesome venues, and met incredibly creative people. Eventually I realized I would never be able to make a decent living playing only music so I began to start taking pictures of myself and posting them on Tumblr. Somehow that landed me a job in the fashion industry. Haha. Surprisingly, a lot of people who work in the fashion industry got their start by taking photos of themselves. What bands and artists are you listening to this summer? This summer I had Beyonce 4 in heavy rotation. There are so many good tracks on that album. Love On Top is one of the best R&B songs to come out in a long time. Also I have been really digging the album “Livin’, Lovin’, Losin’: Songs of the Louvin Brothers” It is a tribute album performed by the country greats. It actually has one of Johnny Cash’s last recordings before his death. The songs are incredibly sad, but also very beautiful.


Freckled Summer 2012  

The fifth issue of Freckled Magazine, Summer 2012.