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Whose style do you admire the most? Francesco Cominelli, may he rest in peace, the editor of Vogue Hommes International whom sadly passed away last year. He knew how to please the streetstyle photographers with a mix of high fashion, vintage and creativity. I also adore Simone Marchetti, he always looks impeccable in prints and bright colors!Always too much and never too much! Love it! What's the best fashion show you've gone to see? That's an easy one! This February I went to Milan fashion week and saw Raf Simons’ last collection for Jil Sander. Not only were the clothes ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC but I also got to see Raf cry his eyes out, Anna Della Russo scream of pure joy and stomp her feet, even Anna Wintour stood up and clapped her hands! A-MAZING! What was it like being photographed for the Sartorialist for the first time? Fun! He wasn't crazy famous like he is now, but about two years later when he shot me for the third, fourth and fifth time it was more of a big deal, people recognized me on the street and my blog got a lot more readers. Scott is a really nice man and a awesome photographer! Gustav on


Freckled Summer 2012  
Freckled Summer 2012  

The fifth issue of Freckled Magazine, Summer 2012.