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If you had to pick a mascot for the band what would it be? Feurd: Some sort of moustached cat monster vibe. Probably would get our bud Graham Ruddy who did our album art to create a new creature for us! What’s the story behind the amazing mustache? Feurd: Inspired by my awesome father! The upper lip was the first thing on my face to sprout hair. I just let it grow and grow and this is where I’ve ended up! The best concert you’ve ever seen? Frankie: As a child I saw Barney The Dinosaur live and he killed it! The last concert you saw? Matthew: The Beach Boys A concert that you’re dying to see live? Travis: None other than The Flaming Lips. I’ve missed them oooh about six times now and it’s getting to the point that it feels sinful.


Freckled Summer 2012  

The fifth issue of Freckled Magazine, Summer 2012.