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freckled: diversity, creativity, innovation and beauty. we want to explore the vast expanse of styles in the art world and embrace the importance of thinking about and learning from them. we hope you find inspiration as we do in these very talented individuals. thank you for reading freckled summer 2011.


cover photo/anne symons

FRECKLED MAGAZINE Issue 1 summer 2011 Featuring


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my collage work is created using found images from vintage books and magazines of all sorts. I make them using scissors and paste - not digitally or photoshopped. of course there is nothing wrong with photoshop, I am just old-fashioned, I guess. If this were the 1950s, I would probably be a pretty good graphic designer.



human pyramid


aim of creation: to create a surrealistic landscape that is mysterious yet familiar - like a vague recollection of a dream.


greatest source of inspiration: the fragments of images i’ve collected over the years. i experiment with putting pieces together like a puzzle until i find the right fit.


my photos consist of things that I like to consider as visually valuable,how I perceive my sightings without a shallow mentality of, "anything will work because I have a good camera". I used to feel obligated to have some personal attachment or memory behind every photograph, but now I just take photos for fun. I'll see something, so I'll shoot it--as simple as that. My favorite kind of photographs are those that could have likely been missed by a passerby, so I try to capture moments like that, as well. Little things that people aren't 'wowed' by--those kinds of low-key glimpses are so pleasurable to capture in the click of a shutter. My taste in art seems to gradually change the more I take photos. I can never stick to just one style and I like that about me.





it’s rainclouds with me how is it with you? it’s muffled and misty all silver and blue the rainclouds hung over me wet like the sea and made me cry softly I couldn’t believe how the rainclouds would whisper deep ballads of pain and out i went, mourning in sheets of fair rain. it’s rainclouds with me all heavy and true but falling so hushed how is it with you?


the birds are in an uproar & the crickets aren’t obliged to humbly be silent in the thunderous outside. the plummeting blue hummingbirds (so tart with joie-de-spring) find singing much too decorous instead they whir & chink. it’s much too warm for sleeping & these sheets will do no good i’ll trade them in for 6 o’clock & mountaintop monsoons of all the seasons in the world (all quatre, to be sure) there’s nothing like spring to prompty bring a fair, idyllic lure some’re inclined to frolic but others can’t wear the sun and like it came, so clandestine, spring is swiftly gone.


ANNA SHELTON my interest in photography really started to take off about 5 years ago. i found myself thinking about it all the time, and couldn’t wait for any excuse to roam around and find things to shoot. the excitement of taking a roll in for processing (i only shoot film) and getting prints has never lessened for me, even if the results aren’t always thrilling. it’s true i have been to many places over the past few years, but still i find my most favorite places to photograph are here in the Pacific Northwest. it’s what I know and love best.












katherine squier

katherine was born with her sister on june 23rd, 1988 in austin, texas and graduated last year with a BA in psychology. she tries to live with an awareness, and photography allows her to capture moments that inspire her as she lives them.




sticky shirts ANNE SYMONS

In late May we are an island fifty miles off the coast of North Carolina, accessible only by ferry, a narrow and short strip of land bearing no strip malls and composed in the majority of national park. In June we are the utter cliché that is lightning bugs breathing their final breaths and projecting their final glows through the metallic pin-pricked holes of a sealed mason jar. In July we are cicadas screeching over the wet thud of a pounding rain at twilight. In August we are the ice cream truck that we hear a few blocks over that never drove down our own cul-de-sac even though we would’ve bought a Klondike bar. In summertime we are everything at once – we are wet sneakers, we are the last sip of beer, we are regrettable decisions, we are the cusp of heat stroke, we are the last bite of a popsicle perched stubbornly at the middle of its wooden stick, we are aching limbs and bruised knees, we are short of breath, we are porpoises spotted a hundred yards out, we are sweating glasses of lemonade knocked over by a running foot. And in September we are absolutely nothing at all, an aged birthday card forgotten in a chest drawer at best. I’m fond of the way summer melts everything and mixes it all together in such a way that makes us forget what a stranger really is or why introductions are ever necessary, just as it lasts just short enough to feel like an eternity. I’m fond of the way that heat makes everything more intense, like a balsamic reduction, and like the feeling you get when you fall in love with another person or with all other people the way you do in the summertime. And I am fond of the way it spends time carelessly and sets all clocks out of whack in such a way that plays life in the key of fate. A fate so deliciously domineering it brought together every last one of You and every single part of I.


I am recalling in an avalanche of memories all the moments I feel and think to myself “this is the stuff people write about in diaries” so they never ever forget them. Like my eighteenth summer spent just like my third in that I wiped the abundant, ever-flowing watermelon juice off my face with the hem of my dress and ran shoeless sprints through dusty grass chasing knowledge and compassion and myself. Like us all sitting in an overairconditioned undermaintenanced classroom pondering quietly your, “Would you agree with the statement, ‘This is a wonderful world we live in’?” as the sun beat the sidewalk raw outside the cracked window. All of our minds answered yes. I leapt down the stairs of that building each day after class to meet what the sky and the trees had to offer me. I was sitting in my respective room writing down the details of every second spent of every day in my beloved France when you sauntered into my room, unshaven and dirty-looking despite a recent shower, genuine and caring despite your cool factor. You sat on the edge of the small little twin bed and asked me in your native tongue if I could name all fifty states. I laughed “yes” and as the hot sun streamed in from the balcony through the sliding doors to paint deep Rothko orange squares on our laps we started with “Alabama,” and you fumbled along with your French accent and held onto my perpetually seeking eyes as we found no man’s land before dinnertime wedged between the Saône and the Rhône. We all stood at the counter and contemplated the dilemma. “It’s stuck,” I said as I tried to pierce the remains of the cork with the corkscrew I keep in my bra drawer in vain. You walked over and grabbed the bottle out of my hand, applying pressure to the cork until it popped right into the bottle and floated like a boat near capsizing in a sea of cheap white zinfandel. We laughed and held the bottle up to the light to observe the miniscule pieces of cork sinking to the bottom and proceeded to down the entire thing glass by glass as we considered the likelihood of true love, the expendability of a soulmate, and the value of common sense while settled in a parentless house sitting on cushions buckling under the pressure of our pumping blood. I’m always hoping that all of the Yous remember sitting on the branch of that magnolia tree bending it past its breaking point til its leaves tickled the ground where we grabbed its white flowers and rubbed their buttery petals underneath our noses above our upper lips - the place now bitten in the tender moments, once a pocket where we could keep the smell of summer days, camouflaged by the patchwork of leaves’ shadows cast on our skin baked to a crisp. I’m always hoping that all of the Yous remember sitting with me everywhere or wherever and that they remember the indentions we put in the grass underneath our blankets and the out-of-tune guitar to which we sang along the same song every night. It’ll be August though, it’ll be late August and I’m fond of how we cannot grasp saying goodbye, to the cold thick nighttime air sitting on the porch to the squinting behind sunglasses into the late afternoon sun to the wine-soaked kisses on the cheeks of all of our Yous. The Yous we were kids with the Yous we grew stronger older freer more foolish with the Yous with whom we find ourselves intertwined in a humid final embrace sticky from the backs of our shirts and our tears and our kisses on our cheeks and the slow unraveling of the ties that connected us spider web-like during the longest days of the year. Like the her who used to love him and the she who kissed him for too long one wee hour and the he who has always held the gaze of her in a way I can’t really explain and as these ties like split hairs undo one another it is evident that we are no more than Yous and Is, that we are forever mixed together like the thoughts in our heads like the types of rock in a handful of sand and like the sun-bleached diary pages that write themselves and stay in our brains fermenting to create something potent enough to flush our cheeks pink and keep us summer warm as we wait for June.


AMANDA CRAIG my work is a balance between part personal exploration, and part anonymity. i tend to investigate the themes of memory, childhood, history, and representation. i most often find myself working with found images. i find the unknown or mysterious quality of their history provoking.


DO YOU TRUST ME? My curiosity of personal interactions and trust informed this series of drawings. I was interested in working with trust exercises in particular, the idea of putting one’s faith in another person or body. The body as a support or safety. In contrast to the positive space of the human figures, the negative space of the dark ink background introduces the element of a void, of something dangerous.

The viewer is left to interpret the found images for themselves. It’s the misunderstanding or loss of context that I find most compelling about these types of images. In this series the identity of the characters, and their intentions are left undisclosed.

As an artist it is interesting to view the contrast between what the viewer understands and what you know about the image in question. An example being, when this work was critiqued the boys carrying another boy on their shoulders were being referred to simply as “children”. When I reveled that they were in fact part of the hitler youth it changed the piece dramatically for some.

facing page: all 8 pieces of “do you trust me?”


amanda craig

NATURE VS. NURTURE the inspiration for this series of drawings came from the overly extensive collection of images i have organized and stored on my computer. it began with me sorting through images to put together a grouping of those that i found interesting. from there these images evolved into the idea of life stages.

discovering which images best brought to mind those life stages and common personal histories connected to them created a triptych, using visual symbolism to travel between birth, chilhood, adolescence, womanhood and death.


bottom left: adolescence top right: death facing page: birth

red rover

a collaboration between artists amanda craig & erika altosaar

red rover a body of feminiity primarily in a fine

work emerging from childhood and from aspects of that are ever changing. the collection showcases female child psyches, as it explores youth’s facets art context.

erika altosaar

Erika Altosaar is a multidisciplinary Canadian artist, exploring the female body and its evolutionary function in social practices, both in public and personal spheres. She orchestrates her subject matter by adopting sensual and intimate currency to flat planes and installation-based drawings. Altosaar plays with the chronological programming of her gender by addressing the powerful role the feminine plays in the coming of age, sex, mother vs. child, and in nurture. Her mark making and her intimate treatment explores her desire to understand the sensual and sexual potency of being a she.





photograph/amelie dubuc

the belle game is a vancouver based band whose light-hearted songs combine elements of folk with quirky harmonies and unique instrumentation. their upbeat sound and positive energy radiate from their personalities and into their musical performance.

How did the band form? The band formed in the summer of 2009. Adam asked Alex and Andrea to help him out with a solo project he was doing at the time. They realized that they worked really well together as a team and decided to make music as a band! Katrina, Rob and Ian all joined later along the way.

Where does the name “The Belle Game” come from? “The Belle Game” is the literal translation of the word Glokenspiel into English. One of Adam’s good friends from Germany was the one who found the name for us.

What was the best concert you’ve played? Vancouver 125. It was a gorgeous day outside in Stanley Park. We played to an awesome crowd and had so much fun! We were so lucky to have shared the stage with Aidan Knight and We Are the City, some of our favorite acts.

What are some of the band’s influences? We love the Arcade Fire, New Pornographers, Feist, Destroyer, the newspaper, our diaries.



How has Vancouver been in terms of starting and having a band? Really great. We’re lucky to have been accepted into the scene here, there’s a great community in this city. We love being a part of the different projects going on, like the Peak Performance top 20. We still have a connection to Montreal, Adam originally moved there to make music. But now we’ve all moved back to Vancouver and we’re so glad we did!

What do you hope for The Belle Game in the future? We hope to be making music as a band for as long as possible!

What’s most important to you guys when you’re writing and playing a song? What’s most important is that we feel connected to the songs and that we actually enjoy what we’re writing and/or playing! Sometimes it’s a painstaking process to get people to agree to one idea, but we have also have learned to use that to our advantage.

If you got to choose, would The Belle Game be on the radio’s top 10, or would you rather keep it small? All we want is to share our music with whoever’s willing to listen and to go wherever it takes us!

give them a listen:


how did goose lake come together?

A: Courtney and I met, played music together, then took to the road on a tour for our previous band Machinery and a Sunset Rubdown concert in Edmonton. A story titled Goose Lake came out of the drive to Edmonton; and we gathered our songs under that name. how would you describe the band and your music?

A: Courtney is really great at writing beautiful and haunting songs, whereas I usually turn up creepy but uncomfortable songs. We usually meet on the creep-folk genre in our writing styles.


Indie band goose lake is from grande prairie, alberta. they’re signed to a small label called lazer moses and describe themselves as being folk, french pop, and experimental. the band consists of two members: ashton klassen and courtney loberg. they are definitely worthy of a listen with their haunting, beautiful sound and intriguing song titles such as “soldier’s witch” (landlords),“long-bodied swimmer” (lakeheart), and “lanky figures of men, marching!” (goose lake).


what’s the process of writing one of your songs? Do you sit down together and create a narrative?

C: Sometimes one of us will start out with a set of lyrics or a melody of some kind, and then we’ll try and work that out together. Other times we just sit down with a few instruments and play, and a song starts building from that.

lakeheart 2011

can you tell us some musical influences for Goose Lake, or just some personal favorites?

A: Beirut, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Timber Timbre, Spencer Krug, our friends, Neutral Milk Hotel, traditional folk, gypsy, and bluegrass’s slow, mournful side. outside of other musical artists, what inspires you to create?

A: We have both fallen into a trend, a good trend I think, of trying to render an emotion both poetically and musically. So, often an unfamiliar feeling or moment will inspire a song.

landlords 2010

if you could choose any venue in the world to play at, where would it be?

C: I’m not sure about any specific venues, but I think we’d both like to play a show in another country. Maybe somewhere in Eastern Europe—in a church or another old building with beautiful architecture and interesting acoustics.

goose lake 2009

what’s the most enjoyable concert you’ve attended?

A: Sunset rubdown at the Pawn Shop in Edmonton. Hands up. The whole show. what do you hope for the band in the future?

C: I think we both just hope to always play music together. It’s always nice to get recognition, or to hear that somebody new likes our music, but fame and fortune aren’t really in our minds, or our futures. We want to keep it home-made, strange, and creepy.



amanda pulley define your sense of style: my style is very vintageinspired-- i feel like i’ve kind of given up trying to dress as the average girl of my age in this era...i try to dress very simply and practically, but where most people would wear jeans and a t-shirt, i’ll throw on an interesting dress. seriously, dresses are so ~airy~ and comfortable... you don’t even have to pair them up with anything elseyou just throw one on, and you’re good to go! i think one can easily fool others into thinking that they dress superbly by simply putting on a flattering and beauteous dress, no over-accessorizing required.

favourite piece in your wardrobe: a very mod 60s dress i bought at a flea market in nashville. it’s light green, with a big pink and orange flower print, and little pink and green bows at the waist. it makes me feel like a little kid. do you believe that your outfits reflect your personality? for sure. i never feel quite comfortable in clothing that isn’t “me”.

your favourite decade in terms of fashion: it changes every now and then, but i’m really into 70s fashion at the moment-- the clogs, maxi skirts, the carefree style... i’m also very much inspired by 20s styles-- flapper gowns, bob cuts and simple elegance.

kate pulley how would you define your sense of style? inexpensive, dark, thrifty, discomfort-inept. i try to keep my outfits fairly simple, while throwing on an item that keeps it from looking too bland. i love dark colors and natural materials. it’s funny how different amanda and i are when it comes down to it. i generally prefer style that are leaning away from girly. i never buy items that aren’t on sale or second-hand.

who are some of your style icons? icons! so difficult to throw out names. i don’t see myself as someone you’d go to for fashion advice or expertise, but i look for such in the blogger Rhiannon Leifheit ( otherwise, just general looks i come across. vintage idols, such as Audrrey Hepburn. i’m not very original in my everyday references! but i really don’t delve much into the fashion-world.

5 essential pieces you think every female should have? black tights, a neutral cotton button down shirt, a nice darkcolored cardigan, a unique item to show a bit of personality. and most important of all: comfortable, goodlooking, well-made, shoes!

5 items on your must-have wishlist? button downs! nice ones are so hard to find at a decent price, for girls. cotton dresses, cotton/ denim shorts, quality black leather brogues, a pair of nice pants. this list literally never ends, though. isn’t that how it always goes?


noah emrich

define your sense of style:

i feel as though i have a pretty classically inspired sense of style. i guess it just comes off as stylish because people my age don’t normally wear a tie to public high school more days out of the week than not. but really most of what i wear would seem pretty normal forty or fifty years ago. that’s how i see it, i guess it’s just your perspective.


5 essential pieces every male should have:

- a well fitting pair of jeans. - an equally well fitting pair of chinos. - a standard blue oxford cloth button up. - white crew necks, that fit. - a loving lady on his arm.

do you prefer fall/ winter or spring/ summer?

i like s/s just as the winter is ending, everything seems so lightweight simplistic. then as we get more into summer it just gets too hot for anything more than a white t-shirt and some chinos. i start to like f/w just as summer is winding down. it depends on what time of year you as me, but i think overall i enjoy fall/winter more because of the color palette and layering.

the old man walking his dog down one of the quiet streets in the village, or really most anyone with a cane. along side the multitude images that i see daily from around the globe.

photograph/evan tetreault



tiffany kimoto define your sense of style:

whatever-you-would-see-on-a-girlin-a-field-of-flowers chic, maybe. with a pinch of iceland and what might remind me of a mermaid. in the middle of autumn.

what extent do you think the internet has an effect on the world of fashion?

with the obvious communication and connection that the internet brings, building bridges across oceans, and highways across stretches of land, it’s only natural for it to have had a profound and significant impact on everything and anything, with fashion of no exception. especially with websites like or chictopia with its collection of every day real life people showcasing their daily dress up shenanigans, it’s getting incredibly easy to be inspired by different styles and fashions as well as express your own.

favorite fashion blogs: (all time favorite!)


what is it about vintage clothes that you love so much?

my favorite way to shop vintage is through estate sales. there is something eerily intriguing about going through a deceased person’s belongings, often just how they left them, like a crime scene. as someone with a tendency to romanticize, i could literally spend hours inspecting and envisioning this person’s life, and sometimes i would even work up the nerve to as. to clothe myself in a stranger’s history and past life, like a ghost within its quilted sheet of another’s recollections is to me, emphatically fascinating. in terms of thrifting, it almost makes me feel like an archaeologist, hunting for that piece of antiquity, and getting an almost pathetic rush when walking into the overwhelming ecletic atmosphere of goodwill. it’s hard to beat the feeling of the gratification you receive after finding a diamond in the rough, or restoring something to its original shine.


giuliano joshua


define your sense of style: Simple and neat. name your top 3 favourite fashion designers: Paul Smith, Burberry Prorsum, & Salvatore Ferragamo – they have it all. How would you describe the fashion scene where you live? I would define Zurich’s fashion scene as expensive, alternative and accessory focused. I wish it were more colourful & less conservative. How did you initially become interested in fashion? I’m half Italian, half British. I guess there must have been something in my DNA.

Denise Baltensberger (


STREET ETIQUETTE Streetstyle Vancouver | | Ting Shuen | Maria Nguyen


Objective: To capture the finest fashion-conscious individuals while wandering the streets of Downtown Vancouver.


ometimes, we feel as if people don’t receive enough credit for the thought and effort that goes into the process of assembling their everyday attire. Street Etiquette was established as an approach to document and recognize those certain individuals throughout the city of Vancouver who infuse elements of themselves, while simultaneously encompassing the essence of the city into their personal style. Street fashion blogs are an ingenious means of making fashion accessible to everyone, as they emphasize the realities of fashion while giving us inspiration to draw from and people to relate to. Vancouver isn’t internationally renowned for being one of the quintessential fashion capitals of the world; however, its fashion scene is continuing to evolve and expand its horizons and hopefully, Street Etiquette will persist to accompany it for years to come.


name: Misaki ent occupation: Stud age 18

names: Jesse & Jade occupation: sales associates at American Apparel ages 22 and 19

name: david occupation: model / sales associate age: 20

name: ralph occupation: works at cafe crepe age: 20

name: matioia occupation: student age: 18

name: dale occupation: photography student age: 24

name: jordan occupation: hair stylist age: 21

name: david occupation: chef age: 25

summer 1. beach

- mew

2. sinkership

- sin fang bous

3. two headed boy pt.2 4. go sadness -

- neutral milk hotel

shout out louds

5. my maudlin career

- camera obscura

6. blowing lungs like bubbles 7. comets

- fanfarlo

8. far far far away

- lisa mitchell

9. generator ^ second floor 10. cats and kids


- efterklang

- freelance whales

- chris garneau

playlist compiled by kate and amanda pulley

11. kevlar soul

- kent

12. mango tree

- angus & julia stone

13. summertime

- the zombies

14. silver soul 15. cat piano

- beach house

- seabear

16. here comes the sun 17. ursa minor

- the beatles

- photographers

18. funny little frog

- belle and sebastian

19. tree roots turn to forts 20. lady sunshine

- parachutes

- lady of the sunshine

thank you for reading!


freckled magazine issue 1 summer 2011

Freckled Summer 2011  

The first issue of Freckled, summer 2011

Freckled Summer 2011  

The first issue of Freckled, summer 2011