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What do urban myths mean?

Maybe, these stories really happened or can happen, but nobody seems to have directly witnessed the event. The urban myth is true in a parallel dimension, an identical plan to ours but in this plan, the improbable become probable. Sometimes, the urban myths are collective desires, a hope, a fear; sometimes a premonition. Other times, a makeshift explanation or a moral lesson to be read between the lines. It is very difficult, most of the time, to trace the origins of these stories circulating with status of legends. These appear and are repeated not only in oral tradition, but also in the media. It is likely that some of these stories are made intentionally with a particular goal such as discrediting someone or getting commercial benefits. Other times, they are arise from a story that is deformed from the original one or they are simply a deliberate fiction to be transmitted and takes the value of a story “real”. Now, the question in why are they called urban legends, wich contain patently irrational elements, become a credible narrations. Indeed though not overly fantastic, many of these stories are at least striking one to their improbability. It seems after like after a saturation effect of information through traditional sources, they open and informal spaces where the story of an anonymous witness, with whom we would not have another link different from anonymity, is accepted through the benefit of doubt. “the strange thing is not necessarily impossible or improbable, and thus it defines the gateway through which the contemporary mythological story enters. Thus, an urban legend performs the function of giving the subject the possibility to express a personal opinion, perhaps a fear suspicion. You may find a shortcut for an explanation that is too complex, too sophisticate. The myth is an expression as old as the culture and our minds, our fears and desires tolerate its structure. With new formats, adapted to the time and it remains expression itself we life. Around the world there are a lot of urban myths some of them are: •

• •

Walt Disney died in 1966 to be due to cancer and he was freezed to bring him back to life when the science get the cure. Paul McCartney the Beatles bassist died in a car accident in 1966 and he was replaced by a double. people have found human pieces, like fingers, nail fingers and stuff like that inside Coca-Cola's cans

Also in Colombia there are a lot of urban legends some of them are:

Death in the microwave: A girl who was medicine student one day went to a party with her university friends. This girl drank a lot that day and finally she went to sleep together with a friend that she liked. Next day the girl wake up and even with the hangover, she remembered that her mother was coming back from work at 6AM. If she isn't at home before her mother arrives, she will have a big trouble. The girl got up and went as soon as it was possible to her house. She arrived to her home and cleaned the house quickly. After that she took a shower but also she washed her hair and it would be too suspicious to her mother. Then the girl looked for a hair dryer but she didn’t find it. So desperate because her mother will arrive in a few minutes, the girl had an idea; it was try to dry her hair with the microwave. The girl puts her hair inside the microwave and turn on it in the maximum level. After a few minutes her hair was dry. Then her mother arrived and she didn’t notice anything strange. The girl went to the university and when she was climbing the stairs she felt too dizzy, even for the hangover cause the alcohol she drank last night. Suddenly the girl collapsed on the floor, she was died. The doctors make autopsy and they couldn’t find any reason to the sudden death. But the girl’s younger sister told his mother that the girl used the microwave to dry her hair. Then the doctors made autopsy to the girl's brain and they found that her brain was cooked!.

Net of Tunnels under Bogota: There are a net of tunnels under Bogota. According with the tradition, the tunnels join the Catedral with San Francisco Church. The congress with Narino Palace and this with the battalion of Martires square. Of course, nobody has checked this legend.

Losing a Kidney: This is a typical urban legend in all Colombia, it says that a guy was in party and there he met a very good looking girl. When the guy was so drunk, the girl proposed him to go to other place to continue the party. Next day the guy appear inside a bathtub filled with ice and in the mirror was written “ call to emergencies, you just have a couple of hours to live” then the guy calls to emergencies and the person who answer ask him that look his back in the mirror. The guy looks and sees a scar on this lower back. After that, the person in the phone asks the guy to go inside the tube again until an ambulance picks him up because he lost a kidney. This is an urban myth very heard and known in big cities like Bogota, Cali and Medellin. Is this urban myth true? It’s hard to tell because

nobody has been witness; just people know this story happened to friend of a friend. This urban myth tries to teach us that you shouldn’t meet with strange people when you go out to a party or night clubs. •

Subliminal messages: Singers like Juanes and shakira are accused of included in their songs subliminal messages. For example, in the Shakira´s song “Inevitable” listen absolutely clear full sentences of blasphemies against God and the angels, as well as messages of demon worship. to listen the messages is essential to reverse the tape; compact discs (CDs) are recorded on tape and then invest. The phrases like "hurt me ... I will be Blood... I thank Asmodeus” are in this song. Asmodeus is a demon of the biblical book of Tobias who killed the 7 first husband of Sarah, daughter of Raquel. Her fame and fortune are product of this type of message, the legend says. A few people believe that affirmations but you can prove and take a position about it.

Cannibal Restaurant in La Calera: The rumor, back in the 80s, about the existence of an establishment in which, behind closed doors the secret recipe never disclosed with satisfied customers, delicious dishes were prepared by the chef whit human bodies. It is assumed that the truth came out when one of the customers found in their plate a fragment of a finger. It is a very improbable myth because exist a law and the health monitoring organizations must to visit the establishment to given them a license.

Tattoos of cream Helado was contained addictive dose of cocaine: Another myth of 80th. It said at parents of young children that tattoos stickers as promotional contented in the packages of cream Helado, had been poisoned by toxic and addictive substances that were inoculated by the dermatology pathway.

Probably the competition companies created this horrible story and wanted to tarnish the image of the company but fortunately did not happen and it is now a more solid national firms in Colombia. The Colombian people are very special and anything can happen, some stories looking as fiction but really occurred and some times the imagination appear and building amazing myths. You need to be prepared to heard both and care yourself in any situation.

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