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Artistic Year … 3 Poetry … 4 Short Story … 5 Origami … 6 CDA Idol …  7 Journalism … 8 Photography … 9 Assemblies … 10 

Artistic Year This years 2013 is the Artistic Year. This year we have a lot of contest . This contest include phptgraphy , origami and a lot more. So enojy it.

Poetry • This contest was more less on May. This contest make students tell their poem they choos. Also the winner was the student from 8th grade Loren Sofia de Leon de Leon.  Congratulations to her. 

Short Story • All students have to write their own essay. But only some were choosed to pass with their story. We still have to wait who will be the winner.

Origami • The origami contest makes students make any origami figure in  the less time they have to do it correctly. It was on July 15.

CDA Idol • The CDA Idol starts on 11 of  July was casting. But the other week would be the first concert. About 20 people pass to the concert.

CDA Idol


• Journalism was on March. They have to do a  documental about something. They were a lot of groups participating to win this contest.

Photography • The contest will be later on. So wait for more  info.

Assemblies • The assembly was about 2 weeks ago so it was very funny. Also people were premiated.

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