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Learn Digital Photography Learning To Take Great Environmental Portraits - Recreation Photography _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Alberot - Portraits are great when posed correctly. They are even better when taken as candid shots. But there is an even better way. Environmental, situational or character portraits. This is achieved by placing the person in their work, home or recreational environment. It's a great way to shoot portraits. Here's how.Imagine this scene. Your grandfather is sitting in his den, glasses on his nose, a steaming cup of coffee on the workbench and flyfishing equipment everywhere. He's busy tying flies as trout fishermen call it. As he twirls the cotton round a feather attached to a little hook you call out to him. He looks up at you over the top of his glasses and you press the shutter.

Learn More About Recreation Photography This is a true reflection of who he is. Many years later this is the image that will recreate the memories of granddad. A memory of him and the things he loved.

What did your image say about your grandfather's environment, hobby or even lifestyle? Are you happy that you reflected who he is and what his passion is? If you are happy then you've completed the task. I'm not so sure that you are totally satisfied so let's look at how to best take these shots.Choosing your location for the photo within the environment needs careful consideration. All the principles regarding background etc. need to be applied. One little rule-breaker here is the use of clutter. This may actually enhance the photo, especially if the subject's occupation is naturally cluttered.

You want to include things that show what the working environment contains.Ensure that there are sufficient "tools of the trade", or items that reflect the trade, occupation or lifestyle of the subject in your photo. Be aware of things in the location that might be a part of the environment, but don't place the subject in context.

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Recreation photography  
Recreation photography