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Wheelchair Accessible Vans – Modifications That Make Them Useful •

Wheelchair vans are some of the most helpful developments that have been made in automobile technology. With just a few simple alterations and adjustments made to a normal van, it is now possible for a disabled person to commute freely and easily over long distances without having to face much trouble.

These vehicles have brought about a huge difference in the life of disabled people who were hitherto always dependent upon others to help them in the simplest and smallest of commutes. But with the facility of a wheelchair van, these simple travels now become possible. The person with the disability is no longer confined to the four walls of his home. He/she can move around, visit places, and move ahead of the limitations of their handicap with ease and convenience.

Wheelchair vans generally contain two distinct types of modifications to facilitate those with disabilities. These are designed with the basic focus of allowing the wheelchair to enter the vehicle smoothly.

Where the disabled person is the driver

A portion of the floor is lowered and a means of external access is added which is normally a ramp, lift, or a turning seat.

The roof of the van is generally raised to about 10 inches. This extra space allows the seats to be bigger and more easily accessible.

With vans where raising the roof is not possible, the floor is generally lowered to create the extra space.

Wheelchair accessible vans come with lifts to allow the person with the disability to enter and exit the vehicle with ease. These lifts can be manual or automated. Each of these are equally beneficial as manual lifts can easily fit into smaller vehicles. This means you won’t have to invest in buying a brand new vehicle and then add modifications to allow the wheelchair to enter it. Your existing small car can manage the change too. However, for those who face difficulty with manual lifts, the automated one might be a better option.

Where the disabled person will be a passenger • The floor of the van is reinforced and seats are added. • A ramp or hoist is them added to the back/passenger portion of the van to allow the wheelchair to enter with ease. • Wheelchair accessible vans have created a world of a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Earlier where the person needed to be manually lifted and placed on the seat of the vehicle, today they can move in the car themselves, giving them a sense of independence and power. These modifications are easy to afford and do not need much hassle to install. They are simple adjustments made to existing vehicles to allow a wheelchair to move in and out of them freely.

Wheelchair vans are truly a blessing in disguise for disabled people for whom traveling is an issue. For them, having a wheelchair van is like having wings. Simple innovations can bring quite a lasting change in the lives of people right? Visit to know more.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vans  
Wheelchair Accessible Vans  

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