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Dear FGSH residents, Welcome to Family and Graduate Student housing! We hope your summer has been fun and relaxing! We are excited you have chosen to live with us. Our staff have been busy this summer planning classes, programs and customer services for you to enjoy and engage in to meeting new friends and neighbors in the coming year. We encourage you to introduce yourself to your Apartment Assistant in your neighborhood! On the back of this Newsline is contact information about your Apartment Assistant and where they live within your community. We look forward to meeting you at our annual Welcome Bash 2018 on Saturday, August 25, 2018 in the parking lot of the Family Resource Center from 6:30-9 PM. Residents will check in and receive a meal ticket for those who are officially registered at Iba living in your apartment. Please make sure Iba Hall has your most up-todate information prior to this event. Iba Hall, our Housing business office is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM- 5 PM. El Tapatio Mexican restaurant will be providing dinner. Many area merchants have donated great prizes to be given away along with information booths you may visit to find out more about our Stillwater community. I encourage to come to the Family Resource Center (FRC) parking lots where this event will be held outside. So please dress cool as our temperatures in Oklahoma can become quite hot in August! This is an event you do not want to miss!

At right, Dr. Cyr with her grandchildren.

See you soon,

Elizabeth Carver-Cyr, Ed. D. FRC & FGSH Assistant Director


reflection of my community.” -TUPAC SHAKUR

This quote very well describes us at the Family Resource Center. We take pride in not only engaging our residents but also working to make their stay most comfortable and memorable. Our daily programs for residents and their children are geared towards this mission. The community development adult classes offered at FRC not only provide quality education to our residents but also serve as a platform for residents to meet with their fellow residents and engage in cultural conversations. Cooking demo class every Friday is a very good example of this where residents get a chance to cook a dish of their choice and other residents join them to help them cook. This creates a fun and engaging environment where residents interact, help, connect and make life long memories with each other. Our events are planned to engage and involve residents. Our famous annual Dessert Competition is a great way for our residents to show their culinary skills, win prizes and get recognized. The ingredients are provided by us and residents cook and present their desserts. The best part is that all residents are welcome to come and taste the desserts and vote for their choice of ‘Best Dessert.’ We also support our residents by engaging their children after they come back from school. Our after-school program is free for children of our residents. We have interactive and informative activities for children which they enjoy. A special care is taken to formulate the activities suitable for each age group. We love to represent our residents in all aspects of their life. That’s why it won’t be wrong to say that we are a reflection of our residents.

At left, residents enjoying cooking. Below, resident’s entry for best dessert.

“I’m a


The Family Resource Center (FRC) did something a little different this year to celebrate our community and the environment we live in: we planted a tree. With the help of OSU’s Urban Forester, Christopher Martin, we picked out the perfect tree to be planted in front of the center. On April 16th, many families gathered and together we planted a Redbud -- Oklahoma’s official state tree. Every spring in Oklahoma, Redbud trees bring color to our landscape. Native to North America, Redbud trees are known for their vibrant colors and consistent flowering. This special tree was planted as a part of our National Week of the Young Child event, to celebrate Earth Day, and to commemorate the FRC’s 20th Anniversary.

Top right, participants planting commemorataive tree. Below, photo of planted tree.

We all took turns using shovels to cover the tree’s roots with soil. Children and adults worked together to help this tree find its new home. At first, it was a delicate young tree that had to be carefully watered and cared for. Now, its roots are established in the ground, growing every day and producing new leaves. It receives light, it grows, and it blossoms. This tree will grow to produce more oxygen, provide more shade, and bring beauty to the environment around it - a metaphor for the FRC and our nurturing community.


The Community Relations Office (CRO) would like to welcome all residents to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate along with great conversations. Please check your neighborhood bulletin board for more information on dates and time. If you have concerns of any kind regarding your apartment or a housing-related issues, please stop by the CRO during our coffee and conversation hours. Please do not hesitate to stop by just to say, “hello�, get to know our staff, or find out more information about FGSH events. We look forward to your visit with us! The Community Relations Office is located in Building 84, Apartment # 7, in the West Neighborhood. At right, items available in the Community Loan Closet.


Some things just do not fit in a suitcase. Take for example a set of plates, a lamp, a dust pan, a broom, a stool, a toaster or a pot. Many students and families arrive at Oklahoma State University (OSU) without a single one of these items. While some FGSH residents are willing to purchase the items at full price upon arrival, other residents are not. Following are a couple of the reasons why some choose not to purchase new household items. For one the financial cost of purchasing the items can be prohibitive. Purchasing new household items to fully furnish an apartment can be costly. One trip to Walmart to purchase pots, plates, a toaster, broom and other household items can cost over $200. In addition to cost, the amount of time one plans to be in Stillwater can also influence the decision to purchase items. For those who will be here for a limited amount of time it can seem wasteful to purchase items for use during their temporary stay in Stillwater. At the end of their stay residents then have to figure out what to do with the plates, pots, lamps and other items they have picked up during their time at OSU. The FGSH Community Loan Closet was developed to help meet the needs of those who are not able or willing to purchase items at full price, but are still in need of household items. FGSH residents can come to the loan closet to borrow any of the assorted items available. For a small fee ($5) residents can check out items to use until they move out of FGSH. At that time residents will return the items or other similar items so that other FGSH residents can use them. This initiative was also developed to provide a place for FGSH residents to pass on household items they no longer need/use. Designated times to drop off or check out items will be posted in the neighborhoods, on Facebook and on the FRC website.


Group photo at the Family Resource Center’s 20th Anniversary.


AUGUST 20th – First Day FRC Classes 25th – Welcome Bash SEPTEMBER 4th – Cultural Seminar 7th – Family Dinner Night 8th – Women’s Night 15th – State Fair Trip 22nd -- Men’s Night

NEIGHBORHOOD GATHERINGS Brumley -- Sept. 14 / Oct. 12 West -- Sept.9 / Oct. 7 Prosser -- Sept. 8 / Oct. 5 Demaree -- Sept. 6, Oct. 11 Williams -- Sept. 15, Oct. 20 Stevens -- Sept. 5, Oct. 9

Check out for more events and programs


Neighborhood Gatherings have been a big part of the FGSH tradition and the apartment assistants (AA) always look forward to meeting residents and providing delicious food. Please keep an eye out for an invitation to your neighborhood gathering and mark your calendar - you don’t want to miss it! Football Fundraiser: Football is an important part of the cowboy experience. The FRC holds an annual parking lot fundraiser during OSU’s football season. During home football games, the FRC parking lot (north of the FRC building) is reserved and residents must clear the parking lot. The parking spaces are sold to football fans and the money is then used for FRC programing. Help us keep breezeways clean: If you have items that you no longer want, take items to the nearest dumpster. Do not leave any trash or large items in the breezeway. Your apartment assistant may visit with you if items are a distraction. If items are not removed, charges may apply to have items removed. Personal bicycles must be registered with OSU parking and transportation services to avoid tickets/removal. Once you have registered your bikes, use racks near your building to park your bikes. If you don’t see a bike rack near your apartment, store bicycle(s) underneath the stair way by your breezeway. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Placing a Work Order: If you are encountering major concerns within your FGSH apartment such as a leak under the sink or needing a new light bulb replaced in the bathroom, please call OSU maintenance 405-744-8510. Interested in gardening? The FRC has an amazing garden for residents to rent a plot or two. Contact Stacy Lopez at Plots are $10 each for the first two and the third plot is free. Charges will be applied to your bursar. Please note that primary residents must register for the plots.

CONNECT WITH US Follow the FRC on our social media pages to stay up-to-date on important FGSH information, prize opportunities, activities and many other details we may provide. You can find us on the following social media sites:


OSU Family Resource Center

CONTACT US Family and Graduate Student Housing 100 Iba Hall Stillwater, OK 74078 405-744-5592

Family Resource Center 719 N. Walnut Stillwater, OK 74075 405-744-6539

Community Relations Office 84 S, University Place, Apt#7 Stillwater, OK 74075 405-744-1296 The misson of the Family Resource Center is to provide information and resources to individuals and families, with a particular emphasis on those living in FGSH. We assist residents in their adjustment to academic life and promote their success and personal fulfillment.

Elizabeth Carver-Cyr, Ed. D FRC & FGSH Assistant Director 405-744-9966 | Michelle Chitwood Administrative Support Specialist 405-744-6539 | Enrique Sanchez, MS FGSH Housing Coordinator 405-744-1295 | Mumbe Kithakye, MPH, PhD Programs Coordinator 405-744-9967 | Ivy Wilson Youth & Family (ARCE) 405-744-6572 | Chitra Singh Community Development (ARCE) 405-744-9959 | Stacy Lopez Community Relations (ARCE) 405-744-1296 | Montse Tlalolini Community Relations (ARCE) 405-744-1296 | Bailey Winters Youth Initiatives (ARCE) 405-744-6572 |

APARTMENT ASSISTANT INFO Prosser Neighborhood Bldg. 25, Apt. 3 405-744-4106

Williams Neighborhood Bldg. 103, Apt. 3 405-744-3034 West Neighborhood Bldg. 80, Apt. 7 405-744-4104 Stevens Neighborhood Bldg. 91, Apt. 5 405-744-4105 Demaree Neighborhood Bldg. 40, Apt. 11 405-744-0309 Brumley Neighborhood Bldg. 120, Apt. 2 405-744-2311

Newsline - Welcome Home  
Newsline - Welcome Home