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. . . to give abused kids a chance at a better life.

2011 Annual Report

It Takes All of Us . . . Table of Contents . . . to strengthen our families. Gina’s Story of Resilience and Survival

. . . to make a difference. Programs/Services: Overview, Successes and Clients Served

. . . to find the resources. Financial Overview of 2011

. . . to create awareness. Highlights and Sponsors

. . . to give abused kids a chance. Acknowledgment of our Financial Supporters

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2011 Annual Report

It Takes a Village . . . To Protect Our Children I was reading an article the other day that drove home a point most of us intuitively understand but can sometimes forget in the day-to-day struggles to just get our jobs done. It takes a village to give abused children a chance at a Greg Echele, Chief Executive Officer better life. I don’t think any year in recent memory has demonstrated the importance of the “Village” so clearly to me as this past year of 2011. Let me give you three examples: Community Partnerships Family Resource Center has a well-earned reputation for its clinical expertise - counseling, therapy, parenting training. But our families have a hard time using that information if they’re going to lose their home, can’t feed their children, or don’t have transportation to get to work. And that’s where the “village” becomes so vitally important. In 2011, we signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Employment Connection to help our families find meaningful work. One of their career specialists is co-located here at FRC. We also signed an MOU with Redevelopment Opportunities for Women to do financial counseling, and we have a working arrangement with the St. Vincent de Paul Society to meet our families’ basic furniture needs. Finally, we have two on-going partnerships with Dr. Melissa Jonson-Reid at the Brown School of Social Work. I serve as an advisor to her Center for Violence and Injury Prevention, funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control. And she serves as our academic consultant for FRC’s developing PathBuilders pilot program, designed to end the cycle of chronic child abuse. These community partnerships allow us to focus on getting better at what we do best. Legislation These last several years have presented some challenges in the availability of State funding for child welfare. We recognize that our ability to reduce the incidence and damage of child abuse is deeply affected by legislation, Children’s Division policies, and State funding for services like therapeutic day

treatment for 3-5 year olds, foster care, and mentoring. That requires lots of awareness, education, and collaborative work with one part of the “village” – other community agencies – to keep the issues related to abused children front and center for that other part of the “village” – the legislators and policy makers in Jefferson City. In visit after visit to our State Capital, it has been particularly heartening to me to see the real understanding and concern from both sides of the political aisle, and the willingness to lay other differences aside to ensure our children’s safety and healing remain a high priority. Board Members In so many ways, the “village” becomes most clearly personified to me in our Board Members. They mirror the makeup of the community in expertise, geography, and diversity, and are incredibly dedicated to taking action on behalf of our mission. One of their really important tasks is energizing the members of the “village” around our goal of breaking the cycle of chronic child abuse. In 2011, we added 6 members to our Governance Board, 9 members to our Advocacy Board, and 8 new members to our Young Professionals Board. What was really gratifying to me was that 4 of our new Governance Board members had been with us for many years in a number of capacities, and so bring a wealth of experience and commitment to the table. Which takes me back to the article I mentioned earlier. While most of us understand that it takes a “village,” the article pointed out that we often find ourselves stymied by the difficulty of taking action. We see or hear of a child being treated harshly, and we’re not sure when or where to intervene. Stories in the news are always a day late and usually with tragic consequences. But you can do something. Family Resource Center has been doing this work for 38 years, and we have the expertise to make a difference. You become part of the “village” when you enable us – with your financial support, your time, and your talents – to give abused children a chance at a safe and happy life. As you’ll see in this Annual Report, you did that well in 2011. We’re counting on you – the “village” – again in 2012.

It Takes a Village . . . To Strengthen Our Families Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse Family Resource Center’s mission is to give kids a chance at a better life by preventing and treating all forms of child abuse and neglect and by strengthening families through family-centered therapeutic, educational, and support services. We use experience, dedication, and compassion to: . . . treat the whole child using therapy, remedial education and foster care. . . . strengthen families at risk of abuse through counseling, parenting training, and teen mentoring. . . . break the cycle of abuse before it infects successive generations, by providing intensive interventions and coordinated access to community resources. . . . engage the community in the effort to protect children, through awareness, volunteer opportunities, and legislative advocacy.

Accreditation Ensures Children Get the Best Chance Family Resource Center has once again been granted national accreditation by the Council on Accreditation (COA), the premier international agency that accredits community-based social and behavioral health care services. This is an important milestone for the agency. It assures our children and their families that we are putting our best foot forward in our mission to give them a chance for a better life. It also provides a statement to the community and our supporters that we meet nationally recognized standards of best practice in our work as a child welfare agency. Pam Moussette, FRC’s Chief Program Officer, spearheaded the nine-month long effort that brought together employees, board members and clients in preparation for the November site visit by COA.

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2011 Annual Report

The COA evaluated FRC on more than 900 items involving twenty different standards of performance, and FRC was actually expedited through the review process once it was found to be in total compliance with all the standards. “I can’t tell you how happy I am that we achieved such a stellar outcome,” Greg Echele said. “Thanks to all of our staff and board members who are so knowledgeable and passionate about giving children a chance at a better life.”

Strengthening Gina’s Family Gina had three children, two with learning disabilities, and she was taking care of her terminally ill father. Overwhelmed with sadness and stress, she tried to overdose on sleeping pills when her youngest child was born. This brought her to the attention of DSS, and then to Family Resource Center. The situation seemed hopeless – both for Gina, and for the survival of her little family as an intact and stable entity. Gina was bi-polar and in her young life she had already experienced sexual assault and domestic violence. Her father was her “lifeline” and now he was dying. Even more immediate: Gina was living in her father’s home, and that arrangement would cease when he died. The family coaches and therapists in our PathBuilders Program work as a team to advocate for their clients in both the big and small issues facing an at-risk family. They were able to find a mental health provider in the community to assist Gina, and they arranged for pediatric exams and immunizations for her children. Within weeks of entering the PathBuilders program, Gina lost her father, and our team had to move swiftly to help her locate Section 8 housing. Without her father, Gina was adrift financially and emotionally; she had no one. Her family coach began sleuthing and eventually discovered a cousin who agreed to help her with banking and bill paying. This cousin has also become the friend and confidant that she desperately needs.

PathBuilders has connected Gina with assistance for her utilities and home repairs. They have provided rides to doctor’s appointments and to pharmacies, to buy groceries, and to pick up a child from school when the bus didn’t come. Our coaches say these small efforts to help are actually very valuable: parents often open up about their fears and insecurities with a freedom they don’t feel in face-to-face counseling sessions. And our team uses the time in the car for “teachable” moments, as they gently pass on parenting advice and information on community resources.

“Today, we are giving Gina and her family the strengths they need to stay together.” Recently Gina squared her shoulders and told her coach: “I guess it’s time for me to step up now and do what I have to do.” PathBuilders is about recreating the dreams that everyone has but some have lost – and helping our families feel empowered enough to believe they can achieve those dreams. That’s why Gina’s simple statement is so important.

It Takes a Village . . . To Make a Difference Programs/Services Family Resource Center’s services are provided to children who have suffered abuse and to their families, or to families at risk of abuse or neglect. We measure client and program level outcomes on an on-going basis according to the goals of that program, and one of the following categories: the child is safer and healthier; the individual can function more effectively, or the family situation is more stable.

Family Services

Children’s Services Therapeutic Day Treatment Program • Intensive treatment for children experiencing emotional and behavioral problems, including highly structured specialized therapeutic care for young victims of abuse and neglect • Family therapy and parenting counseling integrated with the child’s treatment 2011 Successes: 100% of the children completing the program demonstrated significant (70%) improvement in the development skills required for successful re-entry to traditional schools.

Foster Care Services Foster Care Case Management • Case management and in-home support services for children in foster care, and their foster and biological families 2011 Successes: 115 children found “forever” families where they can be safe, loved, and happy.

Youth Services Worksite Mentoring • Job readiness training, case management, job placement, and support for disadvantaged youth 2011 Successes: 90% of young people in the program are also continuing their formal education. Teen Parent Mentoring • Long-term support to pregnant and parenting teens by trained volunteer mentors (St. Louis Volunteer Resource Parents - SLVRP) 2011 Successes: 97% of teen parents did not have another pregnancy while participating in the program and 90% of teen parents in the program obtained all of the necessary childhood immunizations for their baby. Youth services are provided as part of the Missouri Mentoring Partnership.

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2011 Annual Report

Individual/Family Therapy • Therapy for children and adults, provided in the home or office 2011 Successes: 70% of the children and adults receiving therapy

or counseling achieved the goals they set for themselves

Intensive In-Home Services • Short-term intensive family preservation counseling and crisis intervention for at-risk families

2011 Successes: 83% of the at-risk families we served were still intact and the children able to remain living safely with their parents a year after our case managers completed their interventions.

Parent Partners • Individualized strength based advocacy for parents involved in the social welfare system 2011 Successes: 90% of the parents completed all the court-ordered requirements necessary to ensure they could be reunited with their children who had previously been placed in foster care. Parenting Wisely • Training program for parents with children ages 3-18 to help facilitate communication and develop stronger parenting skills 2011 Successes: 85% of the parents completing the Parenting Training were able to demonstrate improved parenting skills and reported increased confidence as parents. PathBuilders • Provides services to help families at risk of chronic maltreatment move onto a path to a sustainable future 2011 Successes: 100% of the families at risk for chronic child maltreatment have remained intact and engaged in this 18-24 month intervention, with no further hotline calls.

Making a Difference to Tommy The first time we saw Tommy in our Therapeutic Day Treatment Program, we noticed the gaping hole where his baby teeth should have been. (Is the tooth fairy able to find our troubled kids, we wondered?) Only later, as Tommy tried unsuccessfully to extract the pulp from an orange slice, did we learn that his teeth had decayed as the result of neglect – and worse, his spirits had been trounced by physical abuse. Tommy moved furtively around the fringes of the classroom. So many of our kids act out their trauma – scream and throw things -- but not Tommy. We found ourselves wishing that, just once, he would throw a typical little boy’s tantrum, or mischievously grab a toy from another child.

The program provides a blueprint for a consistent, predictable daily routine aimed at preventing disciplinary problems rather than wasting valuable time dealing with them later. Each day unfolds with the same sequence of events presented in a warm and supportive manner. The classroom is organized and calm and purposeful -- a balm

Thankfully, Tommy came to our Therapeutic Day Treatment Program at the perfect time.

to the spirits of children who have known only chaos and correction. This unique structure results in independent, confident children who are ready for mainstream schools and ready for life.

This past year, the program implemented a participatory learning experience based on the HighScope curriculum and funded by a grant from the PNC Foundation. Research into the effectiveness of the HighScope curriculum, conducted over the past forty years, shows that adults who participate in the program as children are 50% more likely to hold jobs, have higher earnings, avoid crime, and graduate from high school than their peers who don’t participate.

Programs by the Numbers Program/Services Childrens Services Therapeutic Day Treatment Program


Individuals Served



Foster Care Services Case Management Recruitment/Adoption

414 182

2035 374

Youth Services Drug Court Mentoring Worksite Mentoring Teen Parent Mentoring

47 59 123

159 137 399

Family Services Individual & Family Therapy Intensive In-Home Services Parent Partners Parenting Wisely PathBuilders

834 262 41 122 23

2612 1153 177 401 91

Training/Presentation Services Total number of individuals and families served

531 2,137


“Thankfully, Tommy came to our Therapeutic Day Treatment Program at the perfect time.”

Tommy is about to graduate from FRC’s day treatment program, and we stopped by recently to check his progress. There was no sign of the sad, docile child of six months ago. Instead, we found a happy little boy, arms pumping and legs stepping high in exaggerated imitation of a soldier as he marched across the classroom. He saluted us with a grin – still toothless, but that will heal too.

It Takes a Village . . . To Find the Resources Financial Results

January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011 Contributions Endowments Special Events United Way Program Service Fees Investment Income & Misc.

Public Support and Revenues Contributions $   689,909 Endowments 500,711 Special Events 183,162 United Way 312,293 1,686,075 Total Public Support Program Service Fees


Investment Income & Misc.


Total Public Support & Revenue


Expenses Program Services Support Services

$ 4,916,504 1,084,229

Total Expenses


Change in Net Assets


Net Assets, Beginning


Net Assets, Ending


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2011 Annual Report

Resources Help Sarah Heal Three summers ago, Sarah was nine, going on very old. She had been sexually assaulted by a neighbor, and when he fled he took her childhood with him. Now she peered at life through the thick murky lenses of fear and defeat. Mr. Jones was locked up and could never hurt her again -- the courts had made sure of that -- but try telling that to Sarah. She began seeing and hearing Mr. Jones talking to her, on the school bus, at school, and throughout sleepless nights. Trish Hobson, a therapist at Family Resource Center, says she had never before worked with a child experiencing such intense symptoms. Sarah’s visual flashbacks were so strong that her abuser seemed to be a ghost haunting her every step. “It was as if he were taunting her: ‘You’re never going to forget me; I am always going to be around.’ She felt totally helpless.”

“Each year, around the anniversary of the assault, she would spiral downward into even deeper depression and suicidal thoughts. By the time Sarah came into Trish’s care, she had been diagnosed as mentally ill and was heavily medicated. She had already passed through the hands of numerous therapists and had been in and out of hospitals. And each year, around the anniversary of the assault, she would spiral downward into even deeper depression and suicidal thoughts. Trish admits she was skeptical when she first met Sarah; surely such intense symptoms were indicative of mental illness. “But once I chose to believe that Sarah was terribly traumatized and not mentally ill, I could trust that Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) would alleviate her symptoms.” TF-CBT is a very structured, evidence-based model that helps children address distorted beliefs related to their abuse and provides a nurturing setting in which the children are encouraged to talk about their experience. Trish says she was able to help Sarah understand that her flashbacks were normal responses to the sexual assault.

The last component of TF-CBT is writing a story about the abuse. Trish points out that, as Sarah’s narrative got deeper and deeper into the details of her trauma (she compares it to extracting a splinter), Sarah had the coping skills she needed to deal with the powerful emotions stirred up by her writing. When she realized she was letting Mr. Jones rule her life, she began to take charge. No longer a victim, she would be a survivor. “I am more than a child who has been sexually abused,” she wrote. “I am Sarah, I am smart, and I can determine my future.” Sarah has come to the end of her therapy now, and she has proposed a plan for the final chapter of her story: This year, on the anniversary of her assault, she will write a letter to her abuser telling him she forgives him. And, as the shreds of her letter are carried away in the breeze, she will finally let go of the man who has haunted her.

It Takes a Village . . . To Create Awareness Love Grows Here Gala Amount Raised: $148,000* Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011 Location: The Four Seasons Hotel Emcee: Monica Adams, Fox 2 News Keynote Speaker: Michael McLaughlin Entertainment: Carolbeth True and Two Times True The Herman T. and Phenie R. Pott Child Advocacy Award Recipient: Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company

Platinum Boeing Edward Jones Goldstein & Pressman, PC McGladrey St. Luke’s Hospital

Additional Sponsors Acropolis Investment Management Ameren Missouri Ron and Mary Anne Barnes Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis Steve and Barbara Burrows Gaibrielle Carrera CBIZ MHM, LLC John and Eleanor Heithaus Christine and Scott Homan

Gold Centene Delta Dental Peabody Energy Watlow

Julie Koontz Debbie Marshall Joann Milano Erin Minkin Tracy Packingham Laura Rapoff

A Night at the Races Amount Raised: $7,000* Date: Saturday, January 29, 2011 Location: Anheuser-Busch Brewery Emcee: Michael Amad, Brewmaster Entertainment: All4nothin Band Event Chairs: Tom Pollihan and Dean Boeschen

Presenting Sponsor
 Summit Strategies Group

Race Sponsor
 Peabody Energy

Derby Sponsors
 Goldstein & Pressman, PC
 Carol House Furniture

Jockey Sponsor Greensfelder

*Amount raised is reported here as gross revenue.

View event photos on FRC’s Flickr page: 2011 Annual Report

Thank you to our sponsors: Tournament Hosts Kent and Diane Chancellor Watlow (pictured)

Eagle Sponsors Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione Centene Clayco Greensfelder Prime Blend Industries Packaging Concepts, Inc. St. Luke’s Hospital Birdie Sponsors A. Frazier and Associates Bank of America Bick Group Boeing CBIZ MHM, LLC

2011 Golf Committee Don Imholz - Chair Christian Bugyis Tom Ferris

Cisco Deloitte Tax LLP EMC Corporation Ernst & Young Express Scripts Firstsource Solutions USA Christine and Scott Homan McCarthy McGladrey Midwest BankCentre Monsanto Peabody Energy Summit Strategies Group Sumner Group/Datamax TALX Thompson Coburn US Bank Hole Sponsors GlaxoSmithKline Ameren Missouri

Laura Holt Ben Maliszewski

Young Professionals Board Events Ready, Set, Go! 5K Run/Walk Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011 Location: Carondelet Park Amount Raised $3,400*

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Amount Raised: $134,000* Date: Monday, August 22, 2011 Location: The Country Club of St. Albans Emcee: Zip Rzeppa

Hole-in-One Sponsor Goldstein & Pressman, P.C.

Thank you to our sponsors:

2011 Gala Committee Phyllis Hoff - Chair Marci Bluestone Emily Clark Ronni Conley-Conway Gigi Dellevigne Jan Hess Laura Holt

17th Annual Golf Tournament

Serving it Up for the Kids Volleyball Tournament Date: Saturday, August 6, 2011 Location: Bar 101 in Soulard Amount Raised $2,540* Second Annual Trivia Night Date: Friday, November 12, 2011 Location: Richmond Heights Community Center Amount Raised $8,600* Bar Louie Happy Hour/Toy Drive Date: Friday, December 1, 2011 Location: Bar Louie in Central West End Collected over 50 toys for the Shop for an Angel Program

Raising Awareness, Giving Children Joy Family Resource Center buzzed with happiness and anticipation during December, as volunteers and donors scurried in and out with armloads of surprises for Shop for an Angel, our holiday store. Their gifts allowed our case managers, therapists, mentors and client parents to make the holidays special for 811 children and teenagers. Generous donors also adopted 86 of our teens through the Shop for a Teen Angel program, providing them with new outfits and personal items.

“It’s all worth it,” Tina says. “While I don’t get to see the children’s joy when they open their gifts, I see the joy on the faces of our generous friends.” Clearly giving is every bit as much fun as getting.

As they do each December, Tina Nelson, FRC’s Events Manager, and her volunteer “elves” transformed the training room into a spectacular vision of cuddly animals, cute dolls, and brightly colored toys. Thank you to our 2011 Shop for an Angel donors: Mary and Thomas Abkemeier Aegion Donya Allison Susan Allman Heather and Marc Allman Karen Allman Larry Altimore Kim and Glen Archer and Friends AT&T Advertising Solutions Linda Atikinson Anna Beck Erika Breedlove Pat and Elmer Bugger

Keith and Sue Bull Burlington Coat Factory Patty Carleton Castilo Elementary Diane Castro Cheryle Cathcart CBIZ MHM, LLC Eily Cummings Betty Curry Laura and Kris Dalpiaz Datamax Annette and Al DeGreeff April Duncan

Mary Institute Country Day School (MICDS) students delivered gifts from their annual toy drive

Emerson- White Rodgers Division Andrea Frazier Barry Gaines Garcia Properties German School Association Steve Goldstein and Laura Staley Stephanie Grant Jean and Dennis Grant Greater St. Louis Doll Club Group360 Hampton Gardens Phyllis Hoff

Christine and Scott Homan Susan Huber Melissa Jonson-Reid, Ph.D. Kennelwood Village Carol Kinsey Lambda Kappa Sigma - St. Louis College of Pharmacy Asha and Kjell Lundal Mesnier Primary School MICDS Rep. Genise Montecillo Mary Ann Moore Bob and Barb Mottin Jim and Jan Mundloch

Old Newsboys Day Tom and Kelly Pollihan Kim Price Patricia Smith St. Louis Charter School Michele Stokes Yvonne Tedder Rhonda Testerman Liahona Tiberi Toys for Tots TVA Girl Games Assoc. Kickball League Villa Duchesne/Oakhill School

Third Party Events Ascension Health Casual Day AT&T Advertising Solutions Toy Drive Bright Idea Toys 20% Weekend Castilo Elementary Pajama/Book Drive German School Association Hat/Glove Drive Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Glove Drive Greater St. Louis Doll Club Toy Drive Group360 Toy Drive Hampton Gardens Toy Drive Insituform Back to School Supply Drive Krapp’s Last Tape Performance Proceeds Mesnier Primary School Pajama Drive MICDS Toy Drive Naked Vine Wine Tasting Walker Ryan’s Lemonade Stand Simpson Elementary Pajama/Book Drive St. Louis School of Pharmacy Toy Drive Stuttgart- St. Louis Sister Cities Holiday Party TALX Casual Week TVA Girl Games Assoc. Kickball League Coat/Toy Drive Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School Bake Sale/Toy Drive Watlow Dream Destination Vacation Raffle YEAH Kids of Fenton Toy/Book/Clothing Drive

It Takes a Village . . . To Give Abused Kids a Chance $250,000 and more

Missouri Foundation For Health United Way of Greater St. Louis

$50,000 to $99,999

Burrows Family Foundation Herman T. and Phenie R. Pott Foundation The Forrest & Frances Lattner Foundation

$20,000 to $49,999

American Direct Marketing Resources, Inc. PNC

$10,000 to $19,999

Anna and Walt Beck Kent and Diane Chancellor Dan and Sarah Fuhrmann Dr. Ingeborg Goessl Goldstein & Pressman, P.C. Christine and Scott Homan Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation Spoehrer Family Charitable Trust St. Louis Unitarian Foundation for Children The Boeing Foundation U.S. Bancorp Foundation Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company Pete and Linda Werner $5,000 to $9,999 Brian and Vicki Clevinger Delta Dental of Missouri Edward Jones Emerson - White Rodgers Division Enterprise Holdings Foundation Matt and Kelly Harvey Susan Huber Levin Family Fund Michael and Corinne Manchisi Norman J. Stupp Foundation Peabody Energy Persons Charitable Trust QuikTrip Corporation St. Luke’s Hospital Summit Strategies Group The Boeing Company $2,500 to $4,999 Valori and Pete Bring Mark and Marie Carlie CBIZ MHM, LLC Clayco Construction Co. Peter and Bridget Desloge Greensfelder Joseph and Barbara Kelley Tom and Kathy LaMantia Kjell and Asha Lundal MasterCard Worldwide Matching Gifts Program McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. McGladrey Bill and Paula Ott Packaging Concepts, Inc. Prime Blend Industries Schwartz Family Charities Sumner Group, Inc./Datamax

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2011 Annual Report

Thompson Coburn LLP Stuart and Cressie Torgerson $1,000 to $2,499 Accord Carton Company Acropolis Investment Management Ameren Missouri Bill and Karen Appelbaum Bank of America Dennis Barnes Ron and Mary Anne Barnes Brett Begemann Michael and Cynthia Behr Andrew and Renee Bell BICK Group Dean and Maureen Boeschen Keith and Sue Bull John and Colleen Bussen Marco and Gaibrielle Carrera Cisco Systems, Inc. Computer Sales International, Inc. Consumer Collection Management, Inc. Jack and Sherry Delo Deloitte Tax LLP Sean Donlin Dan and Julie Dunwiddie Greg and Angie Echele Denny Eichholz and Caryl Ladd EMC Corporation Ernst & Young LLP John and Muriel Eulich Express Scripts, Inc Tom and Ruth Ferris FirstSource Solutions Andrea Frazier GlaxoSmithKline Mark and Suzanne Golden Steven Goldstein and Laura Staley Cindy and John Handy John and Eleanor Heithaus Jan and Gabe Hess Phyllis Hoff Meg and Ray Hunt Husch Blackwell John and Sandy Irace Jordan Lawrence Kappa Delta Sorority, Saint Louis University Edward Lawlor, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Lawlor LMC Industries Debbie Marshall Midwest BankCentre Leo and Lauren Ming Monsanto Fund Christine Neubauer Old Newsboys Day Pfizer United Way Campaign Norm Pressman and Wendi Alper-Pressman PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP RehabCare Robert W. Baird & Co. Henry and Beth Rzonca Reverend Greg Smith and Alayne Smith Steve and Ellen Smith St. Louis Stuttgart Sister Cities, Inc.

Jerry Steiner TALX Tarlow Family Foundation Towers Watson TricorBraun U.S. Bank Raymond and Laurie Van de Riet Washington University John Woodside Lina and Ellis Young $500 to $999 Ascension Health Robert Brawner Clayton Capital Partners Stephen and Lorraine Coates Tom and Dolly Corbett Dannae Delano Julie Dubman Greg Echele and Gail Gordon Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation David and Lisa Haynes Joe and Helen Heizer Laura Holt Jim and Molly Hyde Ashley and John Kemper Holly McCullen Merchandise Pickup Service, Inc. John and Linda Minard Erin Minkin Scott Morgan Bill Muzik Tracy Packingham Patrick and Kathleen Rohrkaste Debbie Rub Tech Electronics Jay and Greta Wadkins Wal-Mart Foundation Diane and Roger Zobrist $250 to $499 Don and Gerry Abell Bill Ackermann Monica Adams Bill and Christine Albinson AT&T Advertising Solutions Erika Breedlove William Brockmeier Tom Carron and Eva Hatch Marie Casey CJK Investments Emily Clark Mike Credille Eily Cummings Enterprise Consulting Group eScrip Schnucks Program Glideaway Sleep Products Jason and Beth Grellner Lois Goldring Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Glen Hall John and Angela Heithaus Lee and Gina Hoagland Andy and Janet Hoyne Brian Humes Anthony Irace

Michael and Allison Izsak John and Laura Lee Michael and Julie Mangan Carol Margreiter Miguel Munoz Peggy Newman Phuong Nguyen Dan O’Reilly Kevin Parrish and Brenda Ray-Parrish Ben Poncelet Dan and Pam Presgrave Heather Rhodes Dale and Rhonda Rickard RubinBrown LLP Richard and Susan Ryffel Jay and Karen Savan Dick and Sylvia Schuchard Glen Schuster David and Martha Sewall Rick and Carol Short Sam and Janet Sked Tim Smith Mike Stegmann Dennis and Linda Talley The Plaza in Clayton Condo Association Thilmany Papers Michael Thompson Adam and Liahona Tiberi Lee Trani Villa Duchesne / Oak Hill School Randy Weiss Rick and Donna Wessel Lynette White Mike and Mary Wissler Andy and Jean Zinsmeyer $100 to $249 John and Dee Ammon AT&T United Way / Employee Giving Campaign Donald and Donna Bancroft Bank of America Matching Gifts Ben and Joan Barzilai Dr. Kenneth Bluestone Allen and Lori Boldt Satyona Booker Terri and Matt Borowiak Mark Burkhart James Casey Shelly and Jason Cattoor Langston Chambers Bill Codo Catherine Cogorno Patrick Conner Dennis and Sharon Corcoran James and Eileen Cronin Theodore D’Rosario Kristopher and Laura Dalpiaz Ryan and Jennifer Daniels Gabe and Gigi Dellevigne Tom and Kathleen DeWoskin James Dowd Eric Escagne Theresa Eytalis Angie and Ken Fink Ryan and Jocelyn Freeman Margaret Fuleihan

Chris Gaffney Garcia Properties Steven Goldberg Steve and Judy Gorin Bethe Growe Joseph Haggerty Louise Halvorson Sally Harrawood Larry and Nita Herold Dan Hope Donna and Ronald Igou Don Imholz Jerry Jasiek Joseph Matthews & Associates Dallas Kapp Kris Keck Lorraine Kee Kathleen Kinderfather, Ph.D. Carol Kinsey Richard Knight Jeff Kofron John and Barbara Kohler Steven Korn Ken and Linda Koste Jack and Suzie Kupsky Ryan and Emily Kuryla Richard and Judith Laitman Marcia Levin Larry and Jill Levy Megan Losse Nichole Madden Joseph Maher Bryan and Stacey Martin Jeff and Jane Massey Terry McKenna Babette and David Meiners Marcia Mellitz Chad Merryman Midwest Show Me Funny Ent LLC Maureen Missimore Kate Moore Mark and Amy Morose Bob and Barb Mottin James Mroczkowski Gary and Elisabeth Mueller Jim and Jan Mundloch Pat Notestine Don and Andrea Olenyik Carole and Sturla Olsen Optimus LLC Robert and Jane Paine Clara Parsons Brad J Phillips Tim and Jennifer Potter Thomas and Jane Potter David Richart Steve Rull Kevin Schloemann William Schoenhard Scottrade Tina Shannon Kathy Siddens Paul and Tammy Smith Danielle Solomon Sarah Spell Michael Spotanski Gail Stephens Lincoln Stevens

Steve and Janette Taaffe Randy Tucker UHY Advisors MO, Inc. Tim and Marilyn Varrone Dave and Dawn Wakeman Gordon and Bonnie Walker Angela Wallace Tony Waskiewicz Michelle Watkins Bill and Ellen Weber Chris and Sandra Wedewer Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Robert and Jan Wickland Linda Winker Rayme Woley David Zar and Rene Roth Up to $99 Frank and Helen Adam Joseph Adams Bob and Rose Ahrens Heather and Marc Allman Marilyn Anderson Mark and Marie Artim Natalie Astorino James Avery Julie Backer Richard and Peggy Baker Bar Louie Karl and Carol Barnickol Amy Bimslager Michael Bobroff John J. Borcic Bruce Bradley and Janis McGillick Bright Idea Toys Megan Brinker Henry and Diane Brinker Stanton Brooks Micki Brown Marcus Brown Dan and Judy Browning Robert and Elizabeth Bruce Brooke Bull and Nicole Bull-Equez Traci Burcham Katie Bussen Diana Butler Dina Cabrera Ralph Cacioppo Jayne Callier Andy Capra Cheryl Cathcart Dan Cates Centene Management Company, LLC Kama Chambers Heather Charron Phoebe Cirio and John Tieman Joe Clark June Cohen Ronni Conley Joe and Catherine Cortese Russ Cottle Covidien Terri Cox Kristen Cox Stephen and Ruth Cupples Tina Dalpiaz LaKeisha Daniels

Giving Kids like Matt and Ian a Chance for a Happy Life Matt and Ian’s mom is a heroin addict. How tough is that for kids? The morning after Christmas, the boys awoke to find all of their presents gone, every single one – sold for heroin. But they are undaunted. The boys live with their grandmother now and walk to school. Both of them love sports and play baseball and soccer. (Mom has never attended the boys’ games: she said she would – once - but she stopped to buy drugs along the way and never made it.) Matt and Ian sell candy bars from door to door to raise the funds for their team uniforms, and they arrange with their coach for rides to practices and games. Our case manager recalls Matt’s eyes lighting up when he saw her in the stands at his baseball game last summer. “I asked him how it felt to have some one cheering him on,” she said, “and he responded, ‘I wish more people would.’ Deep down I know it hurts him because he sees other kids’ parents there.” But let’s let our case manager continue the story: “The boys had never been to a Cardinals game so I thought it would be a great treat for them, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Then one of FRC’s donors gave us tickets! I wanted it to be a family event… maybe even grandma could take them… and then I realized she didn’t have a car and they would miss the game, so I took them myself. We had a wonderful time. The Cardinals lost, but that didn’t seem to make any difference: the boys couldn’t have been happier. Matt and Ian are resilient little boys and, thankfully, they have each other. With the help of Family Resource Center, they will keep on.”

It Takes a Village . . . To Give Abused Kids a Chance Aaron Daugherty Trey Davis Teresa Deno Peggy Drazkowski Duff’s Restaurant Bill and Phyllis Dye Bryan Dyer Anita Eftimoff Cindy Fadler John and Jean Fleck Pat and Bob Forchee Jeffrey Foster Tripp and Carol Frohlichstein Michelle Gallowey Mary Ann Garcia William Getz Edith Gevers Lauren Goldsborough Stephanie Grant Barry and Jackie Gross Joyce Hallmark, Ph.D. Tim and Elizabeth Hampton Jeanne Harris Dawn and Mike Harrod Sarah Hasser Ken and Jill Hastey Jerry and Lisa Haug Bruce and Elizabeth Heideman Annette P. Heller, Esq. Bryan Hennemann Tom Henry Robert Herz Sherry Heumann Sheryl Hicks Genie Holmes Eric Homan Cara Hoover Erica Howard Karl Jefferson Susan Jozapaitis Kevin and Mary King Ed Kniep Barbara and Bud Kohm Dan Kraus Duane Kujawa Duane and Carole Langley Van Le Kathleen Lee Jake Lindley Dale and Marion Lindquist Michael Losse Barbara Lowenhagen Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maglasang Mark and Brenda Maly Tony Marcano Carole Martin Tony Masgio Brett and Susie McMillan Dan Michalski Rebecca Miller Marty Mintman Jean Monahan Money Mailer of St. Louis West Judy Montgomery Mary Ann Moore Barbara and Ed Moore

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2011 Annual Report

Deborah Morley Steve Ryan and Mary Kate Morley-Ryan Tia Jenice Morris DiAnne Mueller Kristian Navickas Tina and Mike Nelson Jamie Nichols Fred and Judy Noser Tom and Mary O’Donnell Sandra O’Halleran Al Oehler James Palmer Homer Patterson Mark Persinger Laurie Persky Portialyn Peterson Pete and Bonnie Peterson Virgil and Lillian Petty Stephanie Phillips Joe and Denise Pisciotta Pete and Megan Politis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pratt Kim Price Mark and Sarah Prpich Dave and Wendy Reary Terry and Nancy Reed Patricia Reed Edward and Sigrid Renner Pete Richardson Rob Riti Donna Robinson Erica Rose Stacey Roseberry Mrs. Audrey Rothnauer Tony Ruggeri Rudy Ryback Gary Sahrmann Becky Salmons Carla and William Sauerwein Paul and Suzanne Schoomer Daisy Schrader Anne and Walt Schuster Jeff Seeney Chris and Judith Shamel Anitra Shannon David and Sharon Shearman Steve Sherwood Charles Shofner Carl and Anne Sommer Brian and Phyllis Spillers Joyce Spizzirri Shirley Spranaitis Tom and Laraine St. John Jamey Stegmaier Mike Straetz David and Carol Stringer Katherine Strutz Keith Suellentrop Vicki Swyers The Naked Vine Jean Holowach Thurston, M.D. Melissa Tillman Ron and Mary Toczylowski Alejandra Vanpaseuth Ryan Walker Barbara Wells Terry Wiese

Joy Williams Jon and Sharon Williams Adam Wills Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Wool Jenifer Wyss Xing Yang Jana Yarrington Joe Yurich Angelica Zick In-Kind Gifts Mary and Thomas Abkemeier Aegion Affton School District-Mesnier Primary School Bob and Rose Ahrens Donya Allison Heather and Marc Allman Karen Allman Susan Allman Larry Altimore Ameristar St. Charles Casino Amini’s Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Brad Arteaga AT&T Advertising Solutions Linda Atkinson Julie Backer Balls-N-Strikes Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. Jennifer and Jeff Baxter Baxter Gardens of Chesterfield Beauty Brands Anna and Walt Beck Bella Milano Bentley Studio Best Buy Bissell Mansion Restaurant and Dinner Theater Blueberry Hill Patti and David Boehm Dean and Maureen Boeschen Terri and Matt Borowiak Botanicals Design Studio Valori and Pete Bring Bristol Seafood and Grill Broadway Oyster Bar Bronze Tan Keith and Sue Bull Burlington Coat Factory Callaway Golf Company, EmployeeCommunity Giving Candicci’s Restaurant Canvas on Demand Patty Carleton Castilo Elementary Diane Castro Cheryle Cathcart CBIZ MHM, LLC Center of Creative Arts (COCA) Kent and Diane Chancellor Cheshire Inn Chesterfield Arts Chesterfield Sports Fusion Chevys Fresh Mex Chris’ Pancake & Dining Lou and Susan Clauss

Commerce Bank Consumer Collection Management, Inc. Kelly and Ronni Conway Bob Costas Eily Cummings Dad’s Cookie Company Daniel’s Farm & Greenhouse Shawna Daras Frank and Mary Ann Daub Annette and Al DeGreeff Delta Dental of Missouri Laura Dew Distinctive Images Photography Dominic Michael Salon Sean Donlin Drury Hotels Judy Dugger Buehner Denny Eichholz and Caryl Ladd Elephant Bar Emmis Communications Family Treatment Program Staff - FRC Favazza’s Tom and Ruth Ferris Wayne Fischer, D.D.S. Fortel’s Pizza Den, Inc. Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis Fox and Hound Pub & Grill Andrea Frazier Barry Gaines Garden Heights Nursery German School Association Girl Scouts of Eastern Mo. Mark and Suzanne Golden Grappa Grill Jean and Dennis Grant Stephanie Grant Greater St. Louis Doll Club Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Group360 Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Halo Candle Company Louise Halvorson Tim and Elizabeth Hampton Hampton Gardens Cindy and John Handy Harrah’s St. Louis Riverport Casino and Hotel Harvest Restaurant John and Angela Heithaus John and Eleanor Heithaus Hendel’s Market Cafe & Piano Bar Jan and Gabe Hess Rodney Hightower Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark Chris Hinden Hodak’s Restaurant Phyllis Hoff Laura Holt Christine and Scott Homan John Horton Susan Huber Husch Blackwell Imagination Toys Imo’s Pizza Innsbrook Resort & Conference Center J. Bucks Restaurant Melissa Jonson-Reid, Ph.D.

Brenda Kelly Kemoll’s Kennedy Farms Equestrian Center Kennelwood Village Laura Klein Kreis’ Restaurant Lambda Kappa Sigma - St. Louis College of Pharmacy Limestone’s Restaurant Lodge of the Four Seasons Lori Coulter LLC LoRusso’s Cucina Kjell and Asha Lundal Denisho and Binaca Mairidith Major Brands, Inc. Dr. Farrin Manian Debbie Marshall MasterCard Worldwide McGladrey Melanie’s Dr. and Mrs. Paul Mennes Meramec Caverns Midwest BankCentre Mike Shannon’s Steak & Seafood Phyllis Miller Maureen Missimore Missouri Botanical Garden Mitchell James Jean Monahan Money Mailer of St. Louis West Monsanto Company Representative Genise Montecillo Mary Ann Moore Bob and Barb Mottin Mozingo Music Mulligan’s Grill Jim and Jan Mundloch Jimmy and Kimberly Mundloch Naked Vine Irene Nance Peggy Newman Jerry Nissenbaum Kevin and Jeannine Nussbaum O’Connell’s Pub Gail Olson Olympiad Gymnastics in Chesterfield Ozzie Smith’s Sports Academy Panera Bread Panera LLC Passiglia’s Nursery & Garden Center, Inc. Paul Mineo’s Trattoria Peabody Energy Pets & Company Mary Pfenning Pointers Pizza Delivery Tom and Kelly Pollihan Pomme Cafe and Wine Bar Kim Price Project Linus - St. Louis County, MO Chapter PRP Wine International Steve Purgahn QuikTrip Corporation R. T. Weiler’s Food & Spirits Laura Rapoff Charlotte and Jim Reynolds Donna Robinson Roxane’s Salon Joli & Spa

Julie Scherck Schlafly Brewery Seaworld-Florida Second Sitting Nancy and Michael Serra Kathryn Shaw Sidney Street Cafe Sievers Retreivers Jim and Mary Sigillito Simpson Elementary School Pat and Herman Smith Social Committee - FRC Staff Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House Southtown Pub Spa of Tranquility Spa Winghaven St. Louis Bandits St. Louis Blues St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Charter School St. Louis Rams St. Louis Symphony Orchestra St. Louis Union Station Marriott St. Louis Walking Tours St. Louis Wind Symphony St. Luke’s Hospital St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Michele Steinhouse Michele Stokes Jeff and Jeanne Stoll Tami and Eric Strand Strauss Peyton Studio Branca & Day Spa Sunshine Drapery and Interior Design Synergy T.G.I. Friday’s - St. Charles Tan-Tar-A Resort Ted Drewes Frozen Custard TeleWiring, Inc. Lori Terada The Boeing Company The Boeing Foundation The Boxing Gym The Dubliner The Magic House The Muny The Pageant The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries The Wine & Cheese Place Thomas Coffee Company Adam and Liahona Tiberi Time For Dinner Bob Tomaso Tucker’s Place Two Blue Doors U.S. Bank Upper Limits Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis Waterway Gas & Wash Darla Wertenberger Kimberly Wiley Wines of Wildwood Rena Wood Woodard Cleaning and Restoration Services Yellowstone Cafe - Lazy River Grill

Guardian Society The Guardian Society recognizes and encourages donors who give annual unrestricted contributions of $1,000 and more to Family Resource Center. Through their ongoing financial commitments these individuals play vital roles in ensuring stability and future growth for FRC so it can continue to care for children and families in crisis, and achieve its goal of eliminating chronic child abuse and neglect in the St. Louis community.

2011 Guardian Society Members Bill and Karen Appelbaum

Phyllis Hoff

Ron and Mary Anne Barnes

Laura Holt

Anna and Walt Beck

Scott and Christine Homan

Andrew and Renee Bell

John and Sandy Irace

Valori and Pete Bring

Lorraine Kee

Stephen and Barbara Burrows

Joe and Barb Kelley

John and Colleen Bussen

Jerry Kiske

Kent and Diane Chancellor

Tom and Kathy LaMantia

Brian and Vicki Clevinger

Edward Lawlor, Ph.D. and

Jack and Sherry Delo

Elizabeth Lawlor

Peter and Bridget Desloge

Kjell and Asha Lundal

Sean Donlin

Michael and Corinne Manchisi

Dan and Julie Dunwiddie

Debbie Marshall

Greg and Angie Echele

Leo and Lauren Ming

Denny Eichholz and Caryl Ladd

Bill and Paula Ott

Tom and Ruth Ferris

Norm Pressman and

Dan and Sarah Fuhrmann

Wendi Alper-Pressman

Dr. Ingeborg Goessl

Kathy Siddens

Mark and Suzanne Golden

Steve and Ellen Smith

Steven Goldstein and

Robert and Jane Tschudy

Laura Staley

Raymond and Laurie Van de Riet

Cindy and John Handy

Pete and Linda Werner

Matt and Kelly Harvey

Lina and Ellis Young

David and Lisa Haynes John and Eleanor Heithaus

It Takes a Village . . . Like Family Resource Center Funding Partners and Agencies:

2011 Board Members Governance Board

FRC Executive Team

FRC Program Managers

Chief Executive Officer Greg Echele, MSW, LCSW

Children’s Services Aaron Daugherty, MSW, LCSW

Chief Programs Officer Pam Moussette, MS, MSW, LCSW

Family Services Dawn Swinger, MEd, LPC, NCC

Chief Development Officer John Heithaus, BA

Phyllis Miller, MEd, LCSW

Chief Financial Officer Robert Ahrens, BS/BA

Foster Care Services Pam Moussette, MS, MSW, LCSW *Brenda Maly, BS

Human Resources Manager Donna Robinson, BA *Children’s Permanency Partnership (CPP) is a collaboration of agencies in the St. Louis area committed to providing quality foster care and adoption.

(Family/Individual Therapy)

(IIS, PathBuilders, and Parent Partners)

(Chief Operating Officer - CPP)

*Marcia Levin, MSW, LCSW (Program Director - CPP)

Youth Services Sue Clauss, LPC, MEd, MAT

President Matt Harvey Vice President-Development Asha S. Lundal Secretary Ronald T. Barnes Treasurer Thomas L. Ferris Advisor to the President Sarah Fuhrmann Dean Boeschen Valori Bring Brian L. Clevinger, Ph.D. Dannae Delano Robert Eames, Jr.

Cindy Handy David W. Haynes Scott Homan Lorraine Kee Joseph Kelley Debbie Marshall Leo H. Ming, Jr. Tina Shannon Lina Young Mark Reed* Jackie Kaullen Watson* Steve Goldstein* Jan L. Hess* Laura Holt* Steven P. Smith* *Denotes Governance Board term beginning 1/1/2012

Advocacy Board Anna Mayer Beck Satonya L. Booker Stephen J. Burrows Kent A. Chancellor Sherry B. Delo Andrea P. Frazier Steve Goldstein Jan L. Hess Phyllis A. Hoff Laura Holt Christine Homan Donald G. Imholz John J. Irace Ashley Kemper Mary Jane King Sally Ledbetter Kjell Lundal Michael Manchisi Carol Margreiter

Jane Massey Mardi Montello^ Deborah H. Morley Alison C. Nash, M.D. Tim Person, Jr. Thomas P. Pollihan Rebecca A. Raub Mark Reed** William Rose Kathy Siddens Ellen C. Smith Steven P. Smith Marcus Sarnovsky** John D. Heithaus, Jr.** Cyeria Jackson** Tom LaMantia** Heather Rhodes** **Denotes new board members in 2011

^Our long-time board member, Mardi Montello, passed away on July 23, 2011. We are grateful for her life and her many years of dedicated support.

Young Professionals Board President Eily Cummings Vice President Heather Rhodes Treasurer Pete Richardson Secretary Megan Losse Erika Breedlove Megan Brinker 3309 S. Kingshighway Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63139-1101 314.534.9350 •

Emily Clark Laura Dalpiaz Tia Jenice Morris Mary Kate Morely-Ryan Jamie Nichols Phuong Nguyen Portialyn Peterson Stephanie Phillips Cory Schaefer Katie Strutz Katie Ward

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2011 Annual Report  
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