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Mediterranean Yacht Charter Mediterranean Yacht Charter Guide And Tips

A Mediterranean yacht charter guide will essentially provide tips regarding two aspects. The first is the choice of destination, all of which are just as sunny with magnificent beaches and many islands to be explored at each destination. The second choice is about the boat and crew. The destinations on offer include Turkey, Croatia, the French Riviera, Spain and Greece. Each has its own special kind of experience, and travelers will no doubt decide based on what they like about it. So those who enjoy sailing may want to poke around the huge collection of islands on both seas (Aegean and Ionian), and dock at some of the more famous ones like Santorini or Mykonos. Those who want to enjoy a thrilling and fabulous lifestyle can opt to rub shoulders with wealthy playboys and celebrities on the French Riviera, at Cannes, Cote d’Azur and Monaco. Similarly, the choices are just as varied as far as the choice of boat is concerned, with everything from catamarans to motor yachts and sailing boats on offer. The number of passengers and the boat size will decide whether the boat needs a crew. A typical example would be a group of 8 to 12 people heading out to sea on a Mediterranean yacht charter. They’ll need at least a 50m boat with 4 to 6 cabins and around 10 members in the crew. These boats have to be paid for by the week, exclusive of expenses that are considered separate. If the boat is required for a corporate getaway, special event (party or concert) or simply a large tour group, then it will have to be a lot bigger. For instance, for an event out at sea where 100 guests are expected, the boat would need 50 cabins and at least 40 members in the crew. The boat would have to be around 90 or 100m in size. Conversely, a small family or group that knows where the bow and stern are can make do with a small catamaran without a crew. The catamaran has two hulls which provide more stability compared to a monohull boat, and the heel is also less. Passengers aren’t spending all their time bracing against gravity, so it’s not as tiring. An amateur yachtsman without much experience can easily handle a Mediterranean yacht charter if it is a catamaran. It makes for a lot less work and a lot more eating and drinking, and the view isn’t bad either.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter