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SMALL GROUPS AT A GLANCE Connecting to a Small Group is one of the most important ways to connect to Jesus. In Small Groups, we gain a greater understanding of the Bible. Rather than simply listening to a lecture, members can discuss in-depth what they are learning and how it applies to their everyday lives. In Small Groups, we share life with all of its ups and downs. Life was never meant to be lived alone. Groups can form authentic relationships of mutual care and accountability that results in powerful life transformation. In Small Groups, we engage in mission side-by-side. Each of us is gifted by God to serve as the church. When we bring our gifts together, we multiply our ability to impact the world. How Frazer Small Groups Work: •


Small Groups connect 6–12 adults who agree to meet regularly (usually an hour or two once a week) for Bible Study, sharing life, and doing mission together.

Groups have a leader who coordinates meetings. The leader’s goal is to facilitate discussion and sharing, not to teach a lesson.

After a period of time (6 months to a year) group members may choose to continue meeting, or join a different group. Every group is encouraged to multiply by developing leaders who will go out and form new groups.

Option 1: Choose a group that fits you and contact the leader; lists of open groups are available in the Atrium and Small Group Office. Option 2: Form your own group in your neighborhood or workplace or with friends. Contact the Small Group Office for resources to make your group most effective.

Small Groups 334.495.6391

Groups can be for anyone—Men, Women, or Co-ed, Singles, Married, or both, in any age group.

Groups meet anywhere—in homes, workplaces, coffee shops, or on the church campus.

“Where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” –Jesus (Matthew 18:20)


new member STEPSTEP Classes Your



for frazEr UniTEd METhodiST ChUrCh

1 2 3

What is STEP? STEP is a series of classes that help you get plugged into the life of Frazer and understand what it means to be a member of the Frazer Family.

STEP One: Discovering your Church Family: What does it mean to be a member of a church? How is it different from being a regular attendee? Why is it important to join a church? During STEP One we will discuss these questions and many more about joining a church family. SUNDAYS, 11AM, COKESBURY ROOM   JUNE 1, AUGUST 3 WEDNESDAYS, 5:15 DINNER, 6PM CLASS, PARLOR   MAY 7

STEP Two: Personal Spiritual Practices How do I study the Bible? How can I find a way to pray daily? Why is it important to know Scripture? At STEP Two we will examine the importance of personal spiritual development through establishing habits of study, prayer and more. SUNDAYS, 11AM, COKESBURY ROOM   JUNE 8, AUGUST 10 WEDNESDAYS, 5:15 DINNER, 6PM CLASS, PARLOR   MAY 14

STEP Three: Exploring Faith in Action What is Spiritual Multiplication? How and where can I serve? In this final session we will examine the practice of making disciples. In addition, we will discuss areas of service within Frazer and in the world and help you get plugged in to your specific area of service using your God-given gifts and talents.

Next Steps Baptism Orientation For students and adults who desire to be baptized and for parents who desire to have their children baptized. Provides an understanding of what baptism is and why we practice this spiritual sacrament. This class is beneficial both for those with no previous instruction in baptism, as well as for those seeking to understand how baptism is practiced in the United Methodist church. To register contact Karen South in the Congregational Care office, 495-6357 or FIRST MONDAYS 5:30PM IN ROOM 3102 AND SECOND SUNDAYS 8:30AM IN ROOM 3106 DR. NEIL EPLER, FACILITATOR

Developing Your Prayer Life This four week course is designed to teach the essentials of a believer’s prayer life. It will help develop and deepen your walk with the Lord as you gain greater insight into this vital discipline of prayer. Sessions cover these topics: Understanding Prayer, Your Personal and Intercessory Prayer Life, Spiritual Warfare, Prayer using Scripture and Praying Together. JAN NIEL, FACILITATOR


Levi Gardner

STEP Classes 495-6359 lgardner@

Karen South

Baptism Orientation 495-6357 ksouth@

Jan Niel

Prayer Ministry 495-6350 jan@

WED | AUGUST 6, 13, 20, & 27 | 6 – 7PM | ROOM 3105

How to Read the Bible with Joy and Confidence – for Beginners in God’s Word This four week class is designed to help you enjoy reading the Bible and experience genuine transformation by spending quality time with God through His Word. You can’t grow in your faith or in your Christian character apart from regular time in the Word! To register, contact Sandy Boswell at sandy@frazerumc. org or 495-6391. WED | SEPTEMBER 3, 10, 17 & 24 | 6 -7PM | ROOM 7206 PATSY HUGHES, FACILITATOR



SMALL GROUPS QUICK SHEET A quick look at Small Groups. Details on most groups can be found in the following pages of this Connections magazine. Even if you are already involved in a larger Bible Study group, we encourage every member of Frazer to get connected to a Small Group (6-12 people) where you can build close relationships.












Jonas Chapman (Mission)

Married 20-30





Spiritual Gifts


Patrick Craig

Coed 18-25





Sermon on Mount


Donna Gross

Coed 40+





Books of Bible


Vickie Thomson

Single Women





Song of Solomon


Terry Roberts






Age of Grace


Chris/Heather McInnish






Christian Life



Will Adams

Men 20-30



6:30 AM


Principles of Manhood


Mark Platt






God’s Word


Emily Spear






Daniel Plan


Carolyn Roberson




5:30 PM


One Yr Bible


Paul Greger




5:30 PM


Secret Things of God


Mary Ogden






Basic sign Language


Richard Stallworth






Conv. Sign Language


Phillip Webb



Feb - June



Big Bang Bible Study


Robert Rudder




5:30 PM


Son Of God


Caroline Wingard Singles





Divorce Recovery


Greg Faulkner






Every Life is Beautiful


Dudley Perry






Book of Luke


Terry Drisko








Loette Lee






Books of Bible











Robert Rudder






Hearing the Voice God


Karen Bartels






Amazing Collection


Jan Niel






Developing Prayer Life


Patsy Hughes






How to Read the Bible


Danielle Drollette

Women under 30


May 14July 30



Women of the Bible


Susan Fisher



June 11Aug 13



The Inheritance


Judy Harrison



June 12Aug 7





Lynn Benefield, Lauren Matson



June 5Aug. 14

9:3011:30 AM


Children of the Day


Jim Salminen

Men 60+







Terry Drisko





Wetump- Ephesians ka


Diane Klaaren






Foster Moms Only


Cindy Alsabrook

Coed/Inter- Weekly national




International/ Bible


Larra Wallace






Mom’s of Preschoolers


Mike Presley








Life is better together. Growth happens in Groups. 5


Tuesday, cont.

Will Adams Small Group (Men)

The Big Bang Bible Study

This ongoing group of men 20-40 support and encourage each other and study the biblical principles of manhood. For additional information call 912-541-5656.

Christianity and science cover many complimentary issues. However, many of these issues are misunderstood. Join Phillip as he explores the Big Bang, Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design, Climate Change, Stem Cells, Golden Ratio and other related topics.


Mark Platt’s Small Group (Men) This ongoing group of men of all ages support and encourage each other and study God’s word. For additional information, contact Mark at MON | ONGOING | 6 – 8PM | IN OFFICE | LEADER, MARK PLATT

Tuesday The Daniel Plan The Daniel Plan is framed around The Essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends – life areas that all work together to restore and sustain your long-term health. This groundbreaking program will equip you with practical tools and resources to bring health into every area of your life. Cost $10. For more information, contact Emily at TUE | JUNE - JULY | 10:15AM | ROOM 8253 EMILY SPEAR, FACILITATOR

Terry Drisko’s Small Group (Women) This ongoing group of women of all ages support and encourage each other and study God’s word. Class will meet in Auburn this summer to study Psalms. For additional information, contact Terry at twdrisco@ TUE | ONGOING | 7PM | IN RESTAURANT TERRY DRISKO, FACILITATOR

Apples of Gold (Women) A six week nurturing program for women which meets in homes. The primary purpose is for the older women to mentor younger women in the Word of God, the Bible, and to encourage them to obey the Word. The secondary purpose is the practical application of cooking skills, relational skills, homemaking skills and sharing hospitality with others. Cost $35. For more information, please contact Betsy Prince, 277-2285 TUE | DATES TBA | 6:30 – 8:45PM | IN HOME

Dudley Perry Small Group All are invited to join this new small group as we study the book of Luke. Group discussion and other materials are presented along with the Bible as we attempt to understand Luke as He intended. TUE | ONGOING | 6 – 7PM | ROOM 1503 | TEACHER, DUDLEY PERRY 6


Basic Sign Language Learn the alphabet and basic sign language. Learn the first 100 words and how to put them together for better communication. Childcare available. (Call 334-495-6368 for additional information.) TUE | APRIL 8–JUNE 10, JUNE 24–SEPT. 9 | 6 – 7PM | ROOM 7204 TEACHER, MARY OGDEN

Conversational Sign Language After learning basic American Sign Language, this class will help with basic conversations and practice with communication. Childcare available. (Call 334-495-6368 for additional information.) TUE | APRIL 8–JUNE 10, JUNE 24–SEPT. 9 | 6 – 7PM | ROOM 7202 | TEACHER, RICHARD STALLWORTH

Grief Recovery This group is for those newly bereaved or those who have unreconciled grief. There is no timetable for this process. This foundational group deals with the stages of grief, its emotional storms, and ways of dealing with loss. (Childcare available) TUE | ONGOING | 5:30 - 6:45PM | ROOM 3105

Divorce Care This 13-week group, more structured than DivorceShare, uses a workbook, videotapes and discussions for support and guidance. You will cover a different topic each week as you work through the issues, pain and pressures surrounding divorce. Begin any week; you are encouraged to complete all sessions before moving. (Childcare available) Workbook, $15 TUE | MAY 6 – JULY 29 | 5:30 - 6:55PM ROOM NUMBER PROVIDED AT REGISTRATION

DivorceShare If you are recently divorced or are just beginning the process of divorce, join us for a time of sharing and explore your feelings, knowing others in the group experience some of the same emotions. Join this group for support and guidance as you prepare for our next DivorceCare session which will begin May 6. TUE | APRIL 1 – 29, AUG 5 - 26 | 5:30-6:45 | ROOM 7201 FACILITATOR, CAROLINE WINGARD

Tuesday, cont.


The One Year Bible (Singles)

Men’s Wednesday Morning Breakfast

This class is open to all single adults wanting to know God through His living, eternal, Holy Word. The New Living Translation of the One Year Bible is available at the Frazer bookstore.

See description page 17.


Developing Your Prayer Life


See description page 3.

Individual Financial Mentoring for Singles (by appointment only)

WED | AUGUST 6, 13, 20, & 27 | 6 – 7PM | ROOM 3101

Learn Biblical principles of money management and financial planning tailored to your own personal needs through this program, led by trained volunteers with a passion to help singles get out of debt. For details or appointments, please call Caroline at 495-6368.

See description page 3.

TNT- Tuesday Night Together for Singles

Fellowship Hall study and Wednesday night family dinners will not meet during the summer; resumes in September.

Singles of all ages are invited to TNT, the Singles’ mid-week blessing. Dinner begins at 6:55 pm in the Fellowship Hall and is followed by a program that may be musical, a speaker, or a skit; and is always inspirational. Please call 334-495-6390 to make your reservation by 10:00 am on Monday. The $5.00 cost of the meal is paid at the door. TUE | ONGOING | FELLOWSHIP HALL

Every Life Is Beautiful (Singles)

How to Read the Bible for Beginners in God’s Word WED | SEPTEMBER 3, 10, 17 & 24 | ROOM 7206

Fellowship Hall Bible Study

A Study of Selected Topics/Books of the Bible This is an ongoing Bible study led by Loette Lee, covering various books of the Bible. WED | JAN 8 – ONGOING | 6PM | ROOM 3103 LOETTE LEE, LEADER

Men’s Wednesday Night Bible Study

Participants will walk through a journey of overarching themes from the movie “OCTOBER BABY”. Dig deep into the power of secrets, forgiveness, who you are in Jesus Christ, and restoration, through movie scenes, homework, and group discussion questions. This uplifting film paired with this heart-hitting Bible study may change the way you look at the world, your loved ones, and life. (4 Sessions)

This is an ongoing group of men all ages, featuring an open teaching session followed by table discussion time based on the books of the Bible. The study is led by our pastors, Sunday school teachers or other lay leaders. Men of all ages are welcome and encouraged to bring a friend!

TUE | MAY 6 - 27 | 5:30 - 6:45 | ROOM 7208 FACILITATOR, GREG FAULKNER

Women of the Bible

Son of God Bible Study (Singles) What would happen if you applied the lessons from events in Jesus’ life— temptation, suffering, death, resurrection—to your own? Would you come to know Him more intimately and with a greater understanding of your purpose? Would you embody more completely the mission, love, and mind of Jesus? Whether you are exploring the life of Jesus for the first time, or ready to take your faith to a deeper level, this Rick Warren study will give you practical steps to learn how to discover God’s plan for your life. TUE | JUNE 10 - JULY 29 | 5:30 - 6:45 | ROOM 7208 FACILITATOR, ROBERT RUDDER

The Secret Things of God (Singles) This Cloud & Townsend study offers step-by-step practical instructions on how to apply spiritual truths to real life. Even Christians who think they understand biblical truths often don’t know how to use them. Chapters on happiness, relationships, purpose, and God, share secrets like, “you attract to yourself relationships that fit you,” “whatever you put to use will grow,” and “there is no such thing as disconnected and happy.” The Secret Things of God reveals profoundly simple secrets and gently guides readers toward unlocking the power of these truths in everyday life.

WED | ONGOING | 6–7PM | ROOM 8114

Join us as we study several Great Women of the Bible and learn how God used them and still uses us to advance His kingdom on earth. This study is for single or married women under 30 years old. Contact Danielle Drollette for more information at WED | MAY 14 – JULY 30 | ROOM 3108 | 6 – 7PM DANIELLE DROLLETTE, FACILITATOR

Transformed by Rick Warren The only way to truly change your life is to change the way you think. This study, based on videos developed by Pastor Rick Warren (bestselling author of The Purpose Driven LIfe), leads us on a journey of eternal significance that allows God to transform us from the inside out as we explore how the Bible shapes our thinking in seven dimensions: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial and vocational. WED | JUNE 11–JULY 23 | 6-7 PM | ROOM 7209 PEGGY SPAETH, FACILITATOR

(Wednesday continues next page)

TUE | MAY6 - JULY 29 | 5:30 - 6:45 | ROOM 7203 FACILITATOR PAUL GREGER 7

Wednesday, cont. Amazing Collection In this love letter we will discover God, and through Him we will receive hope, assurance, freedom from fear, guidance for everyday life, wisdom, joy, peace, power, and above all the way to salvation. God has written the bible so that men and women might enter into an intimate relationship with Him and see His character, His works, His power and His love. There is one message, one theme, one thread that runs throughout the entire bible from the first book, Genesis, to the last book, Revelation. That message is God’s redeeming love for mankind – a message that is as relevant for us today as it was two thousand years ago. For co-ed any age. Cost $10.00. For more information, contact Karen at WED | ONGOING | 6 – 7PM | ROOM 7210 KAREN BARTELS, FACILITATOR

Knowing God and His Voice “My sheep recognize my voice; I know them; and they follow me.” (John 10:27-NLT) Learn to be a committed listener and follower of the Lord and His transforming purposes and priorities made particularly and specifically for you. We use the daily “One Year Bible” study with sacred prayer; then weekly discuss truths and principles revealed from abiding in His presence and the Living Word. (John 15:7)

This ongoing group of women of all ages support and encourage each other and study God’s word. Class will meet in Wetumpka this summer to study Ephesians. For additional information, contact Terry at THUR | ONGOING | 7PM | IN RESTAURANT TERRY DRISKO, FACILITATOR

Friday Chinese Bible Study This Friday evening Bible study for Chinese focuses on Basic Christianity and the new Christian life. There are teachers for children and teenagers also available in the same area. The group joins in fellowship from 9-9:30 pm. The English class teacher is Daniel Soohoo. Bible study teachers are Yi Wang, Daniel Xu, Julia Soohoo and Chengchi Huang. FRI | ONGOING | 7:30 - 9PM | ROOMS 3100’S CONTACT IVY SENGIN HSAIO, 334-277-4927

International Bible Study Join all nationalities in fellowship, learn songs, and study the Bible together the first and third Fridays of each month from 6-7:30 pm.




Play Dates for Mom’s and Preschoolers

Ephesians by John MacArthur (Women) Through attempting to live a transformed life by the power of the Holy Spirit, the church in Ephesus was immersed in an evil culture and surrounded by sin and pagan ways. Discouraged believers needed a reminder of God’s grace and love of the blessings they had in Jesus Christ, and of their commitment to holiness. Written by the apostle Paul as a letter of encouragement and admonition, Ephesians gives a refresher course in New Testament doctrine and provided a practical blueprint for Christian behavior. Through this letter, Paul shows us our continual need for God’s help and demonstrates that everything good we enjoy is an expression of His great love. Cost $10.00. THUR | JUNE 12 – AUG 7 | 9-11:00 AM | ROOM 7203 JUDY HARRISON, FACILITATOR

Children of the Day by Beth Moore (Women) This is a verse-by-verse study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians that covers a wide variety of topics, including family, prayer, ministering to others, and prophecies. 9-session study with 8 sessions of homework. Varying levels of participation available. Childcare available with pre-registration (deadline May 30). THUR | JUNE 5–AUG. 14 | 9:30-11:30 AM | ROOM 7206 FACILITATORS LYNN BENEFIELD, LAUREN MATSON

Jim Salminen Men’s Group Do you have a desire to be strong in God’s word? Join other men age 50 and up, each Thursday for Bible study, accountability, caring, prayer, and fellowship. THUR | ONGOING | 11AM | ROOM 3106 | REV. JIM SALMINEN 8

Terry Drisko’s Small Group (Women)

Are you a mom of preschoolers looking for activities that you and your child can do with other young moms or are you looking for activities for you where childcare is provided? We have play dates and special mom’s activities as well as Bible study plans. Sponsored by Women’s Ministry. Contact Larra at for more information. FRI | MAY & JUNE | LARRA WALLACE, FACILITATOR

Foster Mom’s Small Group This ongoing group of Foster Moms support and encourage each other and study God’s word. For more information, contact Diane Klaaren at FRI | ONGOING | 9AM | ASBURY ROOM | DIANE KLAAREN, FACILITATOR

Sunday Morning 8:00 AM Bereans

8:00 Room 3101

Following the Mandate in Acts 17:11, the Bereans discuss in class and apply to our lives, the spiritual truths learned through the Old and New Testament Bible study, topical materials, and homework. All adults age 50+ are invited and welcome! Teachers, Tom Bartels and others within the class.

Devoted Duos

8:00 Room 7201

This is a class of young married adults age 20+ with a desire to grow deeper in their walk with Christ and develop friendships along the way. Teacher, Mark Platt


8:00 Room 8114

This class, age 50+, meets in the JMAC building. Both singles and couples are welcome. Class members are strong prayer warriors and encourage each other in their walk with the Lord. The class purpose is to reinforce each person’s Christian walk as the class explores the Old and New Testament where they learn how to apply the biblical truths to their daily lives. Teacher, Rick Holston

The Followers

8:00 Room 3105

A class for people ages 40+, that features Biblical teaching, simply presented, for successful living—by teachers who have “been there, done that, and have the t-shirts.” Teachers, Dr. John Kline and Mrs. Ann Kline

9 :3 0 AM Agape

9:30 Room 3101

This class for married and unmarried, ages 60+ is involved in a study of a book of the Bible or biblical topics. The method of study is teacher presentation, but discussion-oriented. Teachers, Ray Martin and Roy Sublette

Alpha and Omega

9:30 Room 8114

Couples of ages 50+, study selected books of the Bible through lecture and interaction. Teacher, Don Hill

Back to the Word

9:30 Room 3102

A class for target age 30+, will be studying the bible together, starting with the New Testament. Class preparation (read scripture) and participation (thoughts about scripture) are expected and encouraged.  Teacher, Jon Howe


9:30 Room 7208

For couples 30+, this is a class intended to be as simple as its name. Its purpose is to foster, support, and amplify belief. Teacher, Mark Bain

Chinese Bible Study

9:30 Room 3209

Chinese speaking adults come together to study God’s word. Teachers from within the class

Christians Day by Day

9:30 Room 3208

This couples group (age 60+) focuses on Bible-based study and discussion. Teachers rotate from within the class.

A small group of couples or single adults 40+, use scripture based lessons and apply them to everyday life. Studies include open discussions on life topics, lesser known books of the Bible, and Christian book reading discussion. Teacher, Denny Rea

Jack Thompson Class


Gold Tee

8:00 Room 7210

8:00 Cokesbury Room

9:30 Room 7210

A strong fellowship group of people age 60+-couples, widows, widowers, singles—who want a family connection, study selected Scripture. Teachers, Wallace Falero, Hal Bacon, and Tom Ford.

A couples class, age 30+, with a desire to learn and grow as individuals and together through the study of God’s Word and how it applies to their lives and marriages. Teacher, Bryan Carter

Waking Up With the Word

Couples in Christ

8:00 Room 7203

9:30 Room 7205

Singles and married couples with target age 20+, make up this class who encourage waking up with the Bible and digging into His Word first thing each morning. The class is working through various books of the Bible, with a heavy emphasis on discussion and class participation. Fall study plan includes 1st and 2nd Peter through Genesis. Teachers, Heather and Chris McInnish.

This is an open and inviting class for couples age 50+, focused on personal, relational, and spiritual growth through biblical instruction and encouragement. With both lecture and class discussion, we use the David C Cook curriculum and move through both Old and New Testament. Teachers, Mike and Ginny Dietvorst.

Transformers Bible Study

This co-ed class, ages 40+, utilizes both lecture and discussion for in-depth Bible study. Teachers, Sheila Dorrough-Michaels and Ardith Dorrough.

8:00 Room 3102

Age Of Grace: Includes “Prelude To Grace”; “Components of Grace”; “Captured By Grace.” Studies will reflect an overarching theme that God’s grace has always been with man from Genesis to Revelation. We will look at how God’s grace is revealed—sometimes by intervention–sometimes by non-intervention in our lives which tests our faith. If you’re looking to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is the study for you. For additional information, contact Terry Roberts, 5678659 or Starts May 25.

Defenders of our Faith


9:30 Room 3207

9:30 Room 7209

Couples, age 50+, use small-group interaction to explore relevant life lessons and application of the Bible to everyday living. Teachers, Terry Ballant, Steve Stoltzfus and other class members


Sunday 9:30am, cont. Family of Faith

Sunday 9:30am, cont. 9:30 Room 7207

Couples 40+, seek Biblical solutions to the challenges they face in everyday life. Teacher, Tom Calender.

Family Teams for Christ

9:30 Room 3202

Our mission; Building family teams who want to be a bright light for Christ, with a special outreach to our military families. We use lecture and small group discussion that focuses on Biblical marriage and family studies. Teachers, Mike and Lisa Conn.

Friendship Class

9:30 Parlor

Adults ages 70+ use the International Lesson series to direct their study. Members are free to ask questions and prompt discussion. Teachers, Carol Brown, Ann Crew, and Faye Gaston

Harbor Light

9:30 Room 7202/04

We are a warm and caring group of couples and singles age 30+, who support each other through prayer and service. This fall, we will study the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes with primarily a lecture format, utilizing power point presentations to learn practical applications on how to walk with God in a secular world. Teacher, Dr. Andy Harris

International Bible Study

9:30 Room 3201

Adults, all ages, all nationalities, study scripture in English and apply God’s word to their lives. Teacher, Cindy Alsabrook

Journey (Singles)

9:30 Room 3210

This group, for single adults age 30+, invite you to join them as they study God’s word as it is revealed in His plan, in both the Old and New Testaments. Teacher, Bob Brown.

LifeSong Small Group

9:30 Room 3212

LifeSong invites you to join them on Sunday Mornings. Our emphasis is on studying the books of the Bible, one chapter at a time. Please contact Donna Gross at 334-215-0223 or e-mail for class schedule or additional information.


9:30 Room 8211

This group is for couples and singles age 50+, growing together through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and service. A welcoming group who would love to have you join their journey. We are currently studying the life of the Apostle Paul and his letters to the churches. Teacher, Jan Niel. 8211 is upstairs in Activity Center.


9:30 Room 3211

Our class of adults age 50+ is warm and friendly, with a deep desire to minister to each other, to Montgomery, and to the World. We are actively involved in both international mission projects, and local ministries. Our diverse background and experiences create an engaging and sometimes entertaining forum, allowing open discussions on a wide variety of topics and Bible lessons. Teachers, Gary Cochran, Herb Cordle, and Bob Mallett


Living Today

9:30 Cokesbury Room

Married and single men and women at mid-life (ages 60+), dedicated to spiritual growth through personal encouragement, support, and study of scripture. This fall will include lecture and discussion of the Book of Romans with an emphasis on application to daily living and discipleship. Teachers, Bob Scruggs and Bob Kline

Men’s Class

9:30 Room 3215

Men age 50+, focus on studying Scripture and building fellowship. Teachers, Bob Bowen and David Best

Miracles (Special Needs)

9:30 Room 3108

This class is for special needs adults (ages 18 and up) who learn how to apply Scripture in their lives. Teachers, Korey Lecher, Beverly Kirby, & Pam Holt.

Prime Time Singles (PTS)

9:30 Room 3105

This is a warm, caring, ministering, studying, fellowship of prime time adults age 60+. Study is a continuation of topical lessons for living from the Old and New Testaments. Teacher, Buddy Murphy

Roy Cox Class

9:30 Room 3103

This class is open to couples and singles age 70+. It is a group of caring individuals who study together, pray for one another and serve God in various ministries. They use both lecture and discussion to study a book of the Bible or a biblical topic. Teachers, Loette Lee, Al Barnes, Sherfae Ansley, and Ann Crew

Sharps & Flats

9:45 Room 1114 Choir Room

Originally started for choir members but expanded for everyone—all ages, singles and couples. Meets in the choir room from 9:45 am to 10:30. The class purpose is to reinforce each person’s Christian walk, as the class studies the Old and New Testament where they learn how to apply the biblical truths to their daily lives. Teacher, Rick Holston


9:30 Room 3106

This class of men and women age 50+, both married and single, study the Wesley curriculum with class discussion and develop strong Christian relationships through fellowship. Teachers, Ron Osborne, Jimmy Wilson, Ted Platt, and Ann Lewis

Stepping Stones

9:30 Room 3216

This is a group of active, caring adults age 40+, desiring to grow to spiritual maturity. Teacher, Charles Wise

The Refuge

9:30 Room 7203

Married and unmarried adults, age 40+, are involved in studying God’s Word, deepening their relationship with God and ministering to others. Teachers, Ray Tucker, Walter Overby, Jack Cunningham, Joe Russell, and Gary Weaver

Sunday 9:30am, cont. The Seekers

Sunday 11am, cont. 9:30 Room 3218


11:00 Room 7206

Couples and singles age 50+, study relevant topics we confront on a daily basis in our Christian growth. Teachers, Cliff Abbott, Brent Smeltzer and other teachers rotate within the class.

A class of couples and singles age 40+, with a desire to grow closer together and closer to God through His Word. Teachers, Sylvia and Neil Thompson


Kingdom Culture (Young Adult Singles)

9:30 “Servery”

(Room labeled “Kitchen” across the Atrium from the Fellowship Hall) A class where those in midlife (40+) experience a learning fellowship and consider scriptural application to a variety of topics. Teacher, Steve Autry


9:30 Room 7201

Married couples 20+, explore biblical principles and how they apply in day-to-day living. Teachers, Mike and Sharon Hutson

Women in Christ

9:30 Room 7206

This is a very diverse group of ladies, married, never married, divorced, widowed, some with children, some without, age 40+, some work, some retired and all with a love to learn and grow in Christ. Teacher, Vivian Elder

1 1: 0 0 A M Anchor (Singles)

11:00 Room 7207/09

A non-age graded group of singles, median age 40+, who enjoy Bible study, fellowship with a strong missions focus. Teacher, Dr. Neil Epler

Basic Bible

11:00 East Sanctuary


This is a class for young adults age 18-25 with a desire to grow in God’s word. Teacher, Patrick Craig


11:00 Room 7203

Members spark lively class discussions in this class, age 60+, by combining scripture, history, and outside resources, to enrich conversation and inspire members to intentionally live out their faith and share it. We care, share, pray, study, work and play together like a family. We’d love to have you join us. Teachers, Dale Kocher, Gloria Diane Griswald, Wayne Saucer and Michael Labosky,

Meat Lovers

11:00 Room 7202

Ready to chew on the meat of God’s word? Couples age 40+ enjoy lively and beefy discussions based alternately on books of the Bible and current Christian literature. Be ready to apply what you learn to your life’s situations and expect God to challenge you to new growth. Teachers, Bob and Beth Crittenden

Mission Class

11:00 Room 7210

Young married couples class age 20-30 teaching the word, encouraging fellowship and serving in missions. Leaders, Jonas Chapman & Adam Mills.


11:00 Room 3106

This class, for adults age 40+, will provide a lecture style lesson with a basic approach to the truths of the Bible. Teacher, Virginia Thompson

Couples and singles age 60+, review the past week’s news in religion and study Scripture using the Wesley Quarterly. Teacher, Dr. Jim Vickrey .

Daughters of the King


11:00 Room 7201

11:00 Room 7205

A new group for single women of all ages will come together each week for support, fellowship, Bible study, and mission opportunities. We will explore one new Bible topic each week and how it might relate to our life as a single. Leaders, Vicky Thomson & Caroline Wingard.

The quirky crew is composed of singles and couples age 20+. SaLT discusses books of the Bible and current Christian Literature. This fall, we are discussing Overcoming Emotions that Destroy, a video series about dealing with anger in a Godly way. Teacher, Matt Williams.


The Rock Group

11:00 Room 3103

This class, age 50+ singles and couples, begins with lecture and class participation, welcomed and invited. Lessons are based primarily on applying the Biblical principles to everyday life. Current events are often discussed in light of Bible prophesy. There is an emphasis on encouraging every member to grow even closer to God. We are strongly involved in serving several ministries within and outside the church. Teachers, Gaeton and Cindy Lorino

Going Vertical

11:00 Room 3201

Couples and singles age 30+, engage in an in-depth discussion of selected books of the Bible to gain a deeper understanding of the Word. Teachers, Melody Griffin, Corey Maze

11:00 Room 8114

This is a caring group of believers, age 40+, following a scriptural path as they search through the books of the Bible, line by line. Teachers rotate from within the class. This is a caring group of believers, age 40s-50s, following a scriptural path to a closer relationship with the living Rock, Jesus Christ. “He is our Rock and Redeemer.” Bonnie Whittaker, Susan Fisher and other teachers rotate from within the class.


11:00 Room 3105

A caring group of couples and singles age 60+ who enjoy Bible study and fellowship with an emphasis on missions. Lectures and discussion are designed to increase understanding of scripture and grow our relationships with Christ. Teachers, Bob Elliott, John Bradwell, Larry Stevenson, and Rhon Carleton. 11

Sunday Evening The Deer Creek Community Group Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, you live where you live for a reason? We have, and we see a real opportunity to make a difference for Jesus as we live our lives in Deer Creek. If you live in Deer Creek and would like to join some of your neighbors in displaying the image of Christ to the neighborhood, we would love to have you join us. We utilize various videos to promote discussion of topics around Christian life. This group is for married couples of any age. For more information, e-mail SUN | 2ND AND 4TH SUNDAYS EACH MONTH ONGOING | 5 – 7PM | DINNER IS SERVED AND CHILDREN ARE WELCOME | LEADER, CHRIS MCINNISH

Sunday Evening Worship Sunday Evening Worship with gospel-style music is offered in the Chapel at 6pm. There will be a Healing Service on July 13 at 6pm in the Sanctuary.

RightNow Media: Online Learning A library of video resources for Bible study and spiritual growth at your fingertips. •

With your free RightNow Media account, you can watch any time on your computer, smart phone, or internet-connected TV set.

Choose from over 2,000 inspiring and educational videos from top teachers and national conference speakers

Topics include marriage and relationships, parenting, finances, books of the Bible, doctrine, apologetics, and more

Watch by yourself, or multiply the learning by watching together with your family or Small Group

Here’s How it works •

Visit or contact Sandy in the Discipleship Office ( to request an invitation. You’ll get an email with instructions to follow to get signed up with your free RightNow account.

Once you are signed up, you will receive a link to a website where you can browse videos on your computer. You’ll also receive step by step instructions on how to download apps to watch on your mobile device or internet-connected TV.

Family Fun Nights JUNE 22 5-7 PM – PAJAMA TIME MOVIE NIGHT Wear your PJ’s, bring your favorite blanket, and/or lawn chair. Free movie & snacks for the entire family under the clouds in the Atrium. JULY 27 5-7 PM GAME NIGHT Board games, video games, ping pong and open gym in the JEMAC. Bring your favorite board game or G-rated video game if you wish. Many games will be provided. These events are free and all children must be accompanied by an adult. (No childcare provided)

Questions & Answers •

Do I have to pay for RightNow? Frazer is paying for this service through our Discipleship Budget, provided by the faithful and generous giving of our members. There is no direct cost to you. Frazer will not pay more or less whether you sign up or not.

Who do I contact for tech support? RightNow will provide contact information when you sign up. Please don’t call Frazer directly; part of our partnership with RightNow is to ensure they can help you with any questions.

Can I share RightNow with a friend? Absolutely, have them request an invite at They do not have to be a Frazer member to participate.

The Family Table Learn the great story of the Bible in a unique way, together as a family. Bring a brown bag dinner and enjoy ellowship and game time from 5-6 p.m. followed by an interactive, hands-on Bible story lesson from 6-7 p.m. (See back cover for more information.) SUNDAY NIGHTS JUNE 8, 15, 29 AND JULY 6, 13 & 20 ROOM 8114 IN ACTIVITY CENTER | KEN ROACH, TEACHER

Daily Devotions


Our pastors and staff write a short daily devotion for each week to assist you in developing your own personal quiet time with God for reading, prayer and reflection. The most important single thing you can do to grow in your faith is make a commitment to read and reflect on God’s word on a daily basis.

Frazer’s devotionals are available in printed form as part of your worship guide handed out on Sundays. You may also read them online or subscribe to them by email by going to the Frazer homepage ( and clicking the devotions icon at the top of the page, or by installing the Frazer UMC App on your mobile device (iOS or Android).

COLLEGE & YOUNG ADULTS Kingdom Culture Bible Study


Through guided teaching and round table discussions, our Sunday morning bible study for college students and young adults focuses on Kingdom living: how to live on earth as citizens of the Kingdom of God. As we walk verse-by-verse through books of the Bible, we will discuss practical ways in which we can grow in our love for God and display God’s love to the world both individually and together.

(Greek: extended family) is the name of our small groups that focus on making disciples. Jesus chose a small company of individuals to share meals, stories, ministry and daily life with – he modeled for us the importance of sincere, life-giving, faith-building community. Being connected to others is not just a good idea, it is essential to growing in God. He designed us to belong to one another, knowing that we need friendships to live life well. If you are interested in getting connected to a small group, please email Patrick Craig (

SUNDAY | 11AM | ROOM 8204



Patrick Craig

College and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator 495-6338 pcraig@

OLDER ADULTS Temple Builders Fitness Program Older adult fitness program. MONDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY | 8–9AM ACTIVITY CENTER GYM

Speeders Choir Older adult choir practice. 1:15PM | CHOIR ROOM JOE PAT COX, DIRECTOR

Friends Bible Study Complimentary lunch and Bible study for older adults. THIRD THURSDAY | 11AM | FELLOWSHIP HALL | FREE

Activities Day

Frazer Spirit Art Class Join us for an older adult painting class. Doris Bell will be teaching all art media including sketching, watercolors, oils etc. Each participant will work on their own project. Please remember to bring your own supplies. For more information, please e-mail Doris at SECOND AND FOURTH THURSDAY | 18YRS AND UP | 9-11:30AM | SERVERY DORIS BELL, INSTRUCTOR


Sandy Boswell

Discipleship Administration 495-6391 sandy@

S.P.I.R.I.T. (Special People Involved Regularly In Thanksgiving/Testimony) Dinner and a program are enjoyed by all who come to this evening event. SECOND THURSDAY | 6PM | FELLOWSHIP HALL | $5

Fun and fellowship with luncheon speaker. MONTHLY FOURTH THURSDAY | 9AM–1PM FELLOWSHIP HALL | $5



Theresa Reiter

Children’s Ministry Director 495-6355 treiter@

Laurie Shipp

Children’s Ministry Administration 495-6335 lshipp@

Gayle Elmore

Children’s Ministry Assistant and Camp Director gayle@

Sunday Morning

Summer Activities

Wavemakers Children’s Sunday School 9:30 a.m. (NEW TIME) 4 years old through 5th grade Sunday School (building 6000–enter from the Atrium behind the aquarium); volunteers will direct you to your child’s room. NOTE: Childcare will still be available at 8 a.m. on Sundays but we are shifting our primary teaching time to 9:30 to better serve our families.

Summer Camp

Children’s Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m. (NEW TIME) Children are welcome to worship with their parents in all of Frazer’s worship services. Children’s worship is also provided at 11 a.m. as follows: Cherub Church Room 5205 Ages 2 and 3 Under the Sea (Room 6102) Ages 4 and 5 Children’s Church Discoveryland Aquarium (Room 6111) 1st–3rd grade Children’s Church Surge (Upstairs from Atrium) 4th–5th grade Children’s Church

Join us at Camp Sonshine or Camp Challenge for canoeing, paddle boats, fishing, swimming, waterslides, horseback riding, crafts and more as we learn about God at beautiful Camp Chandler. Camp Sonshine- Rising 1st-3rd grade- June 9-11 - $150 Camp Challenge- Rising 4th-6th grade- June 9-13- $275 Deadline to register May 25 (Some age groups may fill before deadline). Call the Children’s Ministry for more information, 334-495-6335, or visit

VBS: Workshop of Wonders JULY 14-18 9AM-12 NOON The theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School is “Workshop of Wonders” as children explore the wonderful world of God’s creation through science, creativity, and the stories of scripture. Registration is open to all children who turn 4 on or before September 1, 2014 through rising 6th graders. Registration is free during the month of June. You may register online at or by bringing your registration to the church office or children’s ministry office. Registration on or after July 1st will be $10 per child to cover last minute supplies. Younger children may participate if a parent/guardian is a VBS volunteer.

Family Fun Nights JUNE 22 5-7 PM – PAJAMA TIME MOVIE NIGHT Wear your PJ’s, bring your favorite blanket, and/or lawn chair. Free movie & snacks for the entire family under the clouds in the Atrium. JULY 27 5-7 PM GAME NIGHT Board games, video games, ping pong and open gym in the JEMAC. Bring your favorite board game or G-rated video game if you wish. Many games will be provided. These events are free and all children must be accompanied by an adult. (No childcare provided)

The Family Table Learn the great story of the Bible in a unique way, together as a family. Bring a brown bag dinner and enjoy ellowship and game time from 5-6 p.m. followed by an interactive, hands-on Bible story lesson from 6-7 p.m. SUNDAY NIGHTS JUNE 1, 8, 15 AND JULY 6, 13 & 20 ROOM 8114 | KEN ROACH, TEACHER


STUDENTS Sunday Morning

Wild Card Wednesdays

Metamorphosis (6th Grade)

Lunch: 11am–1pm

The transition from elementary to middle school, children’s ministry to student ministry, is chock full of emotions: anticipation, worry, excitement, doubt, and curiosity. We want this to be a time that middle school students and their parents can look back and be grateful for the smooth transition. Over the month of June and July, student ministry volunteers will be uniting together to meet with rising 6th graders. Our summer Sunday morning curriculum will teach seven principles every student needs to know so that they will be ready for the metamorphosis to come.

Back by popular demand. Join the Crave staff for lunch each week! Check your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook each Wednesday for the location. The first 5 people there will get a FREE meal!

SUN | STARTS JUNE 1 | 9:00-10:45AM ROOM 8253

Blitz continues with worship, games, and Bible study in the Crave Room! This is a great time for the whole Crave family to worship and fellowship together! Be sure to join us every Wednesday!

Crave University (7th-12th Grades) For thousands of years, the Book of Psalms has provided a voice for God’s people to come together and worship Him. But the psalms are much more than a guide for corporate worship. The psalms serve as incredible examples of how we can communicate in relationship with God. They show us how we can reach to God. This summer in Crave University, we will learn how to reach out to God and how He reaches out to them! It’s all about reaching up to God, reaching out to God, reaching for God’s presence, and reaching beyond the present to remember times God acted boldly in the lives of people throughout the Bible. 9:00–9:30 AM | SNACKS AND FELLOWSHIP (CRAVE ROOM, UPSTAIRS IN ACTIVITY CENTER) 9:30–10:45 CRAVE UNIVERSITY   6TH GRADE: ROOM 8253   7TH-8TH GRADE: CRAVE ROOM   9TH-12TH GRADE: NORTH GYM

Afternoon Hangout: 1pm–5pm Wild Card Wednesday continues at the JEMAC with board games, pool, ping-pong, air hockey tournaments. Come and hangout for as long or as little as you want!

Blitz: 5pm–7:15pm

Events Prayer Breakfasts FREE: JUNE 10, JULY 8, AUGUST 5 What is prayer? How are we to pray? Does prayer work? These are all great questions! Join us on the second Tuesday of the month for breakfast (in the Crave room) as we spend some time unpacking prayer and, more importantly, we’ll spend some time seeking the Lord in prayer together. We will meet in the Crave room at 9AM.

Ocoee Whitewater Adventure $50: JULY 11-12 Tennessee here we come! Get ready for an extreme overnight trip. We will be swimming, cooking out, and best of all rafting down the Ocoee River.

Six Flags $50: JULY 31 Back by popular demand. There’s only one theme park in Georgia worth spending all day at, and you know what it is-- Six Flags!

Paintball $40: AUGUST 7 This is best opportunity to shoot your friends! We will be heading to a paintball course in Birmingham. There will be limited seats on the bus so make sure you sign up early. The $40 includes all the rental fees and 500 paintballs.



Bryan Levangie

Student Ministry 495-6369 bryan@

Brittany Finch

Student Ministry 495-6337 bfinch@

Kathy Boyd

Student Ministry Administration 495-6409 kboyd@


Family Fun Nights 5-7PM JUNE 22, JULY 27 With all this extra free time in the summer, what better way to spend it than with your family and friends? Join other families at Frazer on these nights for a great time and lasting memories.




NAMI Montgomery (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Dementia Day Care

This is a new group that will begin on Tuesday May 12. This Group provides understanding, education and information to family members and friends of those who suffer mental illness. For additional information, contact Mary Jo Logan 271-2280 SECOND MONDAY | 6:30-8:30PM | ROOM 3103

Tuesday Grief Support Group This group is for those newly bereaved or those who have grief that has never been reconciled. There is no timetable for this process. This foundational group deals with stages of grief, the emotional storms that come with it, and ways of dealing with loss. (Contact Harold Faulkner at 334-272-8622 for additional information.) EVERY TUESDAY | 5:30PM | ROOM 3105


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver’s Support Group This group is for caregivers and family members of those affected by Alzheimer’s & Dementia. For additional information, call the church office at 272-8622 FIRST THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH | 10:30-12:30PM ROOM 3103

Depression/Bipolar Support Group This group is for those with Depression and Bipolar disorders and the family of those individuals. For additional information, call the church office at 272-8322.

Women of Hope Breast Cancer Support Group


women of hope

APAC – Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connection Support Group

This group provides education, awareness and mentoring for breast cancer patients/survivors, family, friends or anyone interested in becoming part of this compassionate journey. SECOND TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH | 5:30PM ROOM 8114

Sjogren’s Support Group This group is for those with Sjogren’s disease and the family members of those affected by this disease. For additional information, call the church office at 272-8622. THIRD TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH | 6:30-8PM | ROOM 3104 WILL NOT MEET NOV.-MARCH, RESUMES IN APRIL

Wednesday Veteran’s Caregivers Support Group – OEF/OIF Caregivers Support Group This group provides support and understanding to those caring for OEF/OIF Veterans. For additional information, contact LaQuana Edwards, Caregiver Support Coordinator at CAVHS (334) 727-0550 ext. 5350. THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH | 11-1PM ROOM 3108


This is a time of games, snacks and fellowship for our friends Each participant may bring a snack lunch. There is no charge but registration is required. Please call the Congregational Care office to register. REGISTRATION REQUIRED

This group provides education and social interaction for adoptive families. For additional information, call Hanah Taylor at 409-9477. THIRD THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH | 6-7:30PM ROOM 8114

Parkinson’s Support Group This group is for those who have Parkinson’s disease and the family members of those affected by this disease. For additional information, call the church office at 272-8622. FOURTH THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH | 6PM | ROOM 8114

SPORTS & FITNESS Activity Center

Aerobics Classes

Frazer’s John Ed Mathison Activity Center (sometimes referred to as the JEMAC) is a state-of-the art facility provided at minimal cost to church members and their guests to help you achieve your fitness goals, based on our belief that a healthy body is part of God’s plan to renew your spirit, mind and body through the power of Jesus Christ.

We offer a variety of classes from Circuit training to Barre classes. Please see the full schedule on our website or call 495-6462 to receive it monthly through email. The cost is $18 a month for 2 days a week or you can attend one class for $4. Childcare available: Tue.-Thurs. morning and noon classes; cost is $1 per child for 5yrs old and under. Please call to reserve a space in the nursery.

Activity Center features include a walking track, weight room, cardiovascular workout room, multiple basketball/volleyball courts, locker rooms with showers for men and women, and Summer Aerobics Special: $40.00 total for June and July. game room. In addition our outdoor facilities include multiple You can come to as many classes each week as you would like. football/soccer fields, picnic pavilion and playground. That’s a $64.00 value for only $40.00. Come join the fun as we strengthen our bodies and get healthy for Christ! A short orientation session is required to access equipment. Visit the activity center control desk to schedule your orientation. 9 AM TUES, WED, AND THURS (VARIETY) 12 PM MON (INTENSE CARDIO/WEIGHTS), 12 PM WED (SCULPTING AND STRETCHING) STOP BY ANY TIME FOR A TOUR OF THE FACILITIES. 6 PM MON (ZUMBA TONING) OPEN MON. - THU. 7AM–8PM; FRI. 7AM–5PM 6PM TUES (VARIETY) 6PM THURS (TURBOKICK)


Sandy Boswell

Discipleship Administration 495-6391 sandy@ HELPFUL CONTACTS:

Emily Spear

Aerobics Coordinator 495-6462 espear@

Good Mornings

Summer Children’s Program for rising first through rising sixth graders. Games, recreation, a daily devotion, snack time, and lots more! MON-THURS, JUNE 9-JULY 24. | 9AM–NOON COST $8 PER DAY (7:30AM EARLY DROP OFF AVAILABLE FOR ADDITIONAL $3 PER DAY).

British Soccer Camp Challenger Sports’ British Soccer Camp is the most popular soccer camp in the U.S. based upon one of the most innovative approaches to coaching youth soccer in the US and Canada. Our experienced staff study the game at all levels and we have identified the key techniques and skills that your players need to work on and master to reach their true potential. With programs for each age, the curriculum includes a variety of foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, freestyle soccer, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a mini tournament play. Players also learn about our core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship and leadership. Four different camp experiences tailored to the player’s age and development:

Fitness Training The Sports and Fitness ministry offers Personal Training services. Please contact Emily Spear, 495-6462 or for more information.

Sports Leagues Men’s Basketball League Frazer Men’s Basketball League registration is in May. Games will be Tuesday nights in June and July.

Girls’ Volleyball League Girls’ volleyball available for 6th-12th grades. Registration is in May. Practice on Mondays, Games on Thursdays in June and July.

Upward Flag Football and Cheerleading Registration is in July for children’s Upward Flag Football and Cheerleading. Practice starts in August.

Mini Soccer, ages 3-5, 9:00 AM-11:00 AM, $120.00 Half Day Camp, ages 6-13, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM, $140.00 Mini Soccer, ages 3-5, 5:30 PM-7:30 PM, $120.00 Half Day Camp, ages 6-13, 5:30-PM-8:30 PM, $140.00 REGISTER OR GET MORE INFORMATION AT CHALLENGERSPORTS.COM 17


Moms’ Life

Men’s Wednesday Morning Breakfast

Play Dates for Mom’s and Preschoolers

The First Wednesday morning of each month, a group of men gather for breakfast and a short Bible message. For men any age.

Are you a mom of preschoolers looking for activities that you and your child can do with other young moms or are you looking for activities for you where childcare is provided? We have play dates and special mom’s activities as well as Bible study plans. Sponsored by Women’s Ministry. Contact Larra at for more information.


Men’s Supper The Men’s Ministry sponsors a cookout in the Fellowship Hall or Pavilion. The menu varies each month but the cost remains the same - just $5. Tickets are available each Sunday in the Atrium or from any Men’s Ministry leader. Come join us for a great time of fellowship and learning about the spiritual journey of others. THIRD THURSDAY | 6PM | FELLOWSHIP HALL/PAVILION


Reboot Wilderness Adventures Reconnect with Christ through a short hiking or backpacking trip in the Alabama wilderness led by Reboot Wilderness Adventures. We lead guided overnight backpacking/Bible study adventures for men and day-hike adventures for men and women. No previous experience is required and basic gear is provided. For more information, contact Mike Presley at rebootwildernessadventures@ or visit

2014 Worship Series Coming This Fall


Believe: The Gospel of John

Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey

Throughout the year 2014, Pastors Tim Thompson and Patrick Quinn will be preaching verse by verse through the gospel of John in all of Frazer’s Sunday morning worship services. Jesus made the remarkable claim that He came to give you life—real, abundant, overflowing life right now, and eternal life in the world to come. This teaching series will lead you to the heart of who this Jesus is. The plan for preaching is listed below so that you can follow along in your individual Bible reading and/ or small group study. 6/1 Communion.................... Jesus’ Authority John 5:16-47 6/8.....................................Feeding the 5,000 John 6:1-15 6/15.....................................Walking on Water John 6:16-21 6/22.......................................... Bread of Life John 6:22-59 9/29.............................. Unbelieving Disciples John 6:60-71 7/6 Communion....................Who Is This Man? John 7:1-35 7/13................... Woman Caught in Adultery John 7:53-8:11 7/20..............................Light in the Darkness John 8:12-30 7/27.......................................The Great I AM John 8:31-59 8/3 Communion....................... Man Born Blind John 9:1-41 8/10................................ The Good Shepherd John 10:1-21 8/17.................................. The Voice of God John 10:22-42 8/24........................... Jesus & Lazarus John 11:1-57 Part 1 8/31........................... Jesus & Lazarus John 11:1-57 Part 2

Financial Peace University is a new and updated 9 week program that provides everything needed to become debt-free and ensure you can live that way for the rest of your life. Topics include how to plan for retirement, how to save and invest, how to avoid problems buying and selling a home, how to save for college, and how to obtain the right insurance. Each week an entertaining and educational DVD video is presented by Dave Ramsey followed by a discussion of the topic. The course is great way to get on the same page financially. Registration begins Sunday August 17 and ends Sunday, August 31. During this time, Registration Forms will be available at the Atrium Information Desk or in the Church Office with registration details provided in the Church Bulletin. Classes begin Wednesday, September 10. The cost is $99 per family/single, which is the cost paid by the church. It covers all course materials which include a workbook with each session’s lesson, financial software, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and a complete set of CD’s containing the audio of the series. Questions can be emailed to Tom Oliphint at WED | SEPT 10 – NOV 12 | 6PM | ROOM 8114 TOM OLIPHINT, FACILITATOR







Upstairs–Classrooms 3201-3218



Downstairs Front Hall– Classrooms 3101-3110



Upstairs–Classrooms 7201-7210





3 S






Wesley Hall



At riu m

Atlanta Highway






Map of Classroom Areas Adult Sunday School




The Family Table Sunday nights 5-7 p.m. in Room 8114 (Activity Center) June 8, 15, 29 and July 6, 13 & 20 The table has a way of bringing families together. Enjoy summertime fun and fellowship with other families, and to learn God’s Word from a fresh perspective. Using a multi-level approach, we’ll explore the great stories of the Bible in a way that engages the attention of a child, while still challenging the teens and adults, and creates opportunities for discussion between all ages.

At the table, we eat, play, and learn. Starting at 5 p.m., bring a brown bag dinner from home (or stop by the drive-through, we won’t judge!), and enjoy fellowship time with other families around games, art projects, and other unstructured activities. Around 6 p.m. we’ll move into a Bible story experience, illustrated through video and interactive elements, along with hands-on activities, finishing up with a family discussion and prayer time.

The table is for all ages. Designed for parents, guardians or grandparents with children who are 4 years old and up. We even welcome teens! Need childcare for your preschoolers? The Frazer nursery will open for ages 0-3 with required pre-registration.

PLUS: Family Fun Nights June 22: Pajama Time Movie Night. 5-7 p.m. Wear your PJ’s, bring your favorite blanket, and/or lawn chair. Free movie & snacks for the entire family under the clouds in the Atrium. (No childcare) July 27: Game Night. 5-7 p.m. Board games, video games, ping pong and open gym in the Activity Center. Bring your favorite G-rated games if you wish. All children must be accompanied by an adult. (No childcare).


Connections Summer 2014  

Summer 2014 small groups and Bible studies at Frazer United Methodist Church

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