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Diss Town Council ANNUAL REPORT 2008

| Welcome! I would like to welcome all residents of Diss to the 2008 Annual Report. We’re all deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our colleague, friend and mentor Brian Clark-Taylor recently. Councillors took the first opportunity to observe a minute’s silence in his memory. The Mayoral year started with Councillor Richard Oxley as Town Mayor, until his resignation from Council in October following his decision to move away from the area. His input into Council life was very much appreciated. So after a brief initiation as Deputy, I took on the role of Town Mayor and have since learnt a huge amount about the workings of the Town Council.

Simon Olander Diss Town Mayor

Diss Town Council | Town Council Activities It has been another exceptionally busy year for the Council with a number of ongoing and new projects underway and the usual run of maintenance and repairs. As ever, the Town Council strives to achieve value for money and constantly seeks ways to improve its performance. | Over the past year we have achieved a number of projects including: • The installation of railings in Madgett’s Walk and Mere’s Mouth areas and the planting of a perennial scheme, which will come into it’s own in 2 or 3 years’ time. • A tree survey leading to a five year plan for maintenance of the 700+ trees in the Council’s ownership and subsequent appointment of a tree contractor • Improving the maintenance of the Cemetery including the wildlife areas • Installed fencing around the athletics track to protect it from vandalism amongst other improvements at the Sports Ground in general • Working together with Diss Community Partnership and a number of other community groups to deliver Cittaslow projects • Restructured the Town Council’s committees (to take effect from 1st June 2008) to hopefully achieve more efficiency.

Funding has been successfully achieved from Norfolk Rural Community Council’s Community Chest Fund of £500 to enable professional photographs to be included on the website for the purposes of better promoting the town and Diss Museum. • Campaigned on behalf of the town with regard to planning and highways issues and more recently with regard to the car park review • Continued to liaise with South Norfolk Council with regard to the future development of the south side of Park Road including leisure provision • Continued to work with a number of bodies to develop a project for Fair Green to include improvement of the roads • Liaised with Norfolk Constabulary on a number of issues relating to anti-social behaviour and vandalism, (which is an ongoing problem for the Town Council, as well as for the town as a whole) and led to measures being introduced at the Park Road car park, St Mary’s Churchyard, the Sports Ground and Rectory Meadow • Worked on a multi-agency approach to apply for a Designated Public Places Order to ban the consumption of alcohol in public places around the town centre, for which a consultation will be held in the near future.

The Town Council has also been busy on two other main projects, namely the Corn Hall and Park Regeneration Projects.

| Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, a number of upgrades and repairs are required in the next financial year which has necessitated the increase in precept. This will enable the Council to undertake a number of projects including: • Urgent repairs to the Cemetery Chapel • Resurfacing of the paths at the Cemetery • Provision of a dedicated storage area at the Cemetery to remove the need for maintenance team vehicles and staff to enter the Cemetery on a regular basis and to tidy up the ‘green’ waste • Repairs and maintenance including cleaning, to the Athletics Track • Resurfacing of The Entry footpath • Extensive tree works identified through a tree survey • Mere’s Mouth and Market Place resurfacing works including re-laying of uneven brickwork • Replacement of the Park Pavilion barge boards | Since May 2007, in addition to the above - mentioned work, the Town Council has: • successfully rescued the Christmas Lights display from complete disaster and I was very pleased to see the turnout to the annual Christmas Lights Switch-On where the town centre looked very Dickensian. Following this success, the Town Council will be organising the lights again this year and has allocated £5,000 towards this, which will still require much fundraising if an extended scheme is to be achieved. • Facilitated the rejuvenation of Diss Carnival held over the weekend of 21st & 22nd June. • Assisted and supported Vivienne Weeks in her preparations for the Diss Lit held on 19th – 24th May • Continued to promote Diss as a tourist destination through our website, which we keep continually updated and by supporting events which will help to promote Diss.


| The Corn Hall Regeneration Project The Corn Hall Working Party has continued to forge a way ahead for the proposed refurbishment of Diss Corn Hall and has appointed a Project Management Company, De Facto to assist in the consultation process, help to build a business plan and to seek funding for the project. Their support has been invaluable in helping us to get as far as we have. Consultation has been ongoing since the beginning of the year and a major Open Day was held recently in the Corn Hall where all sections of the community both in Diss and the surrounding villages were given an opportunity to comment on the proposals. The Corn Hall Working Party is now looking to expand to draw in further expertise to assist in continuing the work required to bring this project forward to completion.

Diss Town Council | FINANCIAL SUMMARY Year End 31st March 2008 The receipts below show those areas that the Town Council has made an excess of receipts over payments. Therefore the payments column shows an excess of expenses after receipts have been taken into account.

| The Park Regeneration Project Following the realisation that there were very few sources of funding available to the Town Council for the replacement of the play equipment as a stand alone project, it was decided to include this as part of a wider Park Regeneration Project, for which there are more funding opportunities currently available. Consultation on the proposals for the Park Regeneration project has been completed and the Town Council has recently appointed a Landscape Architect to produce a design for the Park for further consultation. The Town Council has successfully achieved £10,000 funding from WREN towards the proposed play equipment and has allocated £89,842.18 of s106 monies towards this project as a kick start to assist us in achieving funding from outside bodies. | Civic Duties In my role as Town Mayor, I have attended a number of civic events. One of my first duties was to attend SNYSB’s Proms concert at St Andrews Hall Norwich, which was a fantastic performance and a very enjoyable evening. In November, I represented the town at the Remembrance Day Services. December started with the Annual Carol Concert and as always for this very popular event, the Corn Hall was packed to capacity with £721.50 raised towards the Town Mayor’s charities. Later in the month at the December Full Council meeting, I was delighted to be able to present the Honoured Citizen Awards to Clifford Bird and Stuart Ballantyne, two very deserving recipients. I have continued to represent the town at as many functions as I can fit in to the Mayor’s diary, including the Town Mayors Spring Ball, which was sold out, was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and raised nearly £2,000 for my two chosen charities, which are the McMillan Nurses and PACT animal charity.

| Receipts NET Market £ 15,472.90 Precept £257,991.00 Town Mayor’s Charity £ 2,987.50 Interest £ 11,241.97 VAT £ 921.71 £288,615.08 | Payments NET Amenities £ 47,420.88 (Inc Allotments, Fair Green & Agency Services) Policy, Development & Leisure £ 859.02 Cemetery £ 16,557.68 Corn Hall £ 24,191.99 Sports Ground £ 20,775.76 Council Property £ 1,369.37 Reserves £ 3,181.31 Provisional Works £ 48,902.43 Capital Expenditure £ 30,314.65 Establishment/Administration £127,193.86 £320,766.95 | Balance Brought Forward 1st April 2007


| Bank Balance 31st March 2008


| Sum Includes Allocated reserves of £119,289.92 S 137 Contingency5626 @ £5.86 £ 32,968.36* Unallocated Reserves £ 76,784.52

Other occurrences of note throughout the year include the resignation of Cllr Jackie Talbot, Cllr Andrew Thurston being re-elected to Council and Cllr Glyn Walden being elected to the role of District councillor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Councillors throughout the year for their support, advice and encouragement and the Town Clerk and her team for keeping me on the straight and narrow!

Diss Town Mayor 2007/2008

*This funding is an amount of £5.86 per elector (5626) in the parish of Diss that gives the Town Council the Power under Local Government Act 1972, Section 137 to do anything which “in their opinion is in the interests of, and will bring direct benefit to, their area or any part of it or all or some of its inhabitants”, where there is no other legal power under which the Town Council can authorize payments. This amount must be kept in reserve.


Diss Town Council | Town Councillor’s Contact Details Name: Address: Tel: E-mail: Auckland, Matthew Bardwell, Michael Dewhurst, Elizabeth Kitchen, Adrian Maskell, John Minshull, Graham Olander, Simon Palmer, Anthony Roberts, Barbara Thurston, Andrew Trippett-Jones, Jane Walden, Glyn Wenman, Trevor

11 Thomas Manning Road, DISS, IP22 4HL. 120 Prospect Cottages, Shelfanger Rd, DISS, IP22 4DX. 17 Riverside Maltings, DISS, IP22 4RA 14 Roydon Road, DISS, IP22 4LW. 5 Louies Lane, DISS, IP22 4LR. 13 Thomas Manning Road, DISS, IP22 4HL 5 Sycamore Way, DISS, IP22 4ZD. 8 Gainsborough Avenue, DISS, IP22 4YR. 12 Croft Close, DISS, IP22 4NB Priory Wall House, I Clarke Close, Palgrave IP22 1BE 3 Orchard Grove, DISS IP22 4LX 6 Walcot Rise, DISS, IP22 4PD. 2 Walcot Rise, DISS, IP22 4PD.

641347 651343 641480 642468 652576 640179 641007 640925 640120 640789 652352 644013 641423

| District Councillor’s Contact Details For Diss Name: Address: Tel: E-mail: Palmer, Tony Walden, Glyn

8 Gainsborough Ave, DISS, Norfolk IP22 4YL 6 Walcot Rise, DISS, Norfolk IP22 4PD

640925 644013

| County Councillor’s Contact Details For Diss Name: Address: Tel: E-mail: Chamberlin, Jenny 4, The Old Coaching Place, Diss IP22 4NR 642740 For up to date information about local issues dealt with by your County Councillor, log on to:

| Town Clerk Contact Details For Diss Name: Address: Tel: E-mail: Mrs. Deborah Sarson, 11 Market Hill, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4JZ Tel: 01379 643848 Fax: 01379 643848 For up to date information about local issues dealt with by Diss Town Council, log on to:

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Diss Town Council | Annual Report 2008  

Diss Town Council's annual financial report for 2008

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