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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? In order to construct my product, I had to initially create a account. This is the place where I will publish and present my blog posts and work. I have to work with HTML and

chose a sufficient design for the blog, and embed other programmes projects.

I frequently used the online software Prezi, in which I can present ideas and intentions via an interactive online software. It is an exciting way of viewing work. I learnt how to create paths, animate work and select designs and colours whilst making it look aesthetically pleasing for the reader.

Slideshare was another programme I used to present Microsoft Powerpoints via an embed code. This shows clearly, each slide I produced, and they can be easily observed on my blog. Labelling was also vital in order for the examiner and tutor to notice my work.

MagicPiktochart was a website I used to present two evaluation questions. Info graphics is an exciting way of producing and presenting my intentions. It includes modern designs with colourful and vibrant shapes and templates. It looks professional and can contain statistics, symbols and images.

Surveymonkey was a helpful programme to present and find out information regarding my questionnaire. I learnt to produce all different types of questions such as opened, closed and other various options.

A Canon 600D camera was used to photograph my artists in the club. This allowed me to produce clear, high quality images that can easily be manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. I also learn how to incorporate studio lights, backdrops and angles in which to photograph my artist. I investigated light exposure to see the best way to gain the attention of the viewers in my front cover and contents.

Adobe Photoshop was a vital programme in the manipulation of my images and masthead development. I experimented with different tools and brushes to help make my image look more official and to reduce blemishes and red eyes in the images I photographed in the club. I used this programme in the vast majority of my production.

Adobe InDesign was another software I used to arrange and design the layout of my product. Although after initial confusion,

I managed to get the hang of how to use the tools and features available. I experimented with columns and rows with measurements in order to make my pages neat and symmetrical.

Pintrest was another programme I used to present mood boards and large collections of images. This use of various software allowed me to fully explore various media platforms with easy and ability to present them on my blog.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product