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ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN MYSTIC FRIENDS (Les Amitiés Spirituelles) Translated from the French by Mme. Zadah Guérin-McCaffery Preface by Emile Besson Foreword by Mme. Zadah Guérin-McCaffery Originally published in French under the title: FRAGMENTS An anthology taken from the works of SEDIR by LES AMITIES SPIRITUELLES Paris, 1956 Sédir (YVON LE LOUP, 1871-1926) CHRISTIAN MYSTIC


Mystic Mosaic - MYSTIC FRIENDS

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ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN MYSTIC FRIENDS (Les AmitiĂŠs Spirituelles) The Association of Les Amities Spirituelles gathers those, no matter what their nationality or their religion be, who recognize Christ as the sole Master of the inner life, and the Gospel as the true law of our consciences and of the world. It is not a question of founding a new religion nor of creating any particular sect. The members of this group respect all forms of social and religious belief; nothing exists without its reason and use. They do not criticize any opinions but they depend on Christ alone. They are convinced that a real collective evolution can only be obtained by the spiritual and moral reform of each and every individual, and that the terrible difficulties which threaten the western world today would be overcome if the greatest number of people, on each step of the social ladder, accomplished more fully their individual duty. This Association belongs to no laic or ecclesiastical organization nor to any secret society. It is averse to any political or religious polemics. These Christian Mystics profess, as their axiom of faith: Jesus Christ, only won of God Himself, come into the world to lead us to Eternal Life. Their one and only aim is to assist others by every means. Their essential Sacrament is silent prayer to the only living God, offered quite simply, confidently, joyously. Their ideal is to prepare the human mind, individually and collectively, to receive the Divine Light. True Religion During the later years of the nineteenth century, a series of favorable circumstances permitted me to compare a certain number of systems followed by mankind in search of an inner life, and I came to the conclusion of these two certitudes: the primacy of

Mystic Mosaic - MYSTIC FRIENDS


Christ over all religious initiators and the continuity of His constant intervention through social upheavals and Philosophical discords throughout the centuries. As a result, it seemed possible for me to find again the thread which the servants of Jesus transmit from one another through the ages, also to refocus upon this ever present light the eyes of the crowd amidst whom are to be found men of goodwill who are still unaware of their potentials. Thirdly, to bring these souls to the discipline of the Gospel, that they may prolong this lifeline in unanimous and free accord, and help propagate the seed given this Earth two thousand years ago. Thus were the Amities Spirituelles born. Independent of any social party affiliation, of any ecclesiastical organization, these "friends" do not obey any secret directive. Their only dogma is their belief in Jesus Christ as the Only Son of God the Father. Their rule is: helping human beings through all possible means. Their sole rite consists in constant appeal for Heaven's help. The Amities Spirituelles neither deals in apologetics, neither does it further controversies, nor metaphysical experiments. The members keep to the scientific, philosophical and political opinions that they prefer. It is not asked that they change their mode of life, but only that they perfect it. It is not asked that they relegate family or professional obligations to second place, but rather that they consecrate themselves into fusing into their profession the image of Christ, installing Christ in their home, at their workbench but first of all in their heart. When all these basic duties are fulfilled, the Amities Spirituelles suggest that their followers inquire into the needs of others. To the one who fears the heavy duties of life, they must try to help him to understand that God helps the weak; to the one whose faith is based upon the intellect, it is to be recalled that all human knowledge is but a conjecture; to the one in despair, Heaven is evoked showing the profound wisdom gained in cruel separations and the marvelous fruits to be found in innumerable sufferings. We must even at our expense, hold Karma in check, imploring God's miraculous help for these souls. To the one whose fragile religious faith is scandalized by human weaknesses, however excusable, we must guide him to the ever accessible Father and help him to recognize

Mystic Mosaic - MYSTIC FRIENDS


divine indulgence, we must show him how Jesus suffered each of His innumerable pains for him, personally. It is not through the ideas we present that we wish to convince others, it is through the radiation of the flame from which we are ablaze. It is not through importunity that we wish to acquire followers, it is through the quality of our inner efforts and outward actions. We are a group of friends--friends who collaborate with the same aim; we must remain friends or our associations shall disintegrate. For us, friendship is the search after the same ideal, the observance of the same discipline, the fulfillment of the same acts; and as our ideal is named: CHRIST, our discipline is the Gospel and our actions are mutual help and prayer. We believe our friendship to be the purest and the highest. A Few Friends of God In the doctrine of Christ contained in the Gospel, we have found a solution to all problems, a door to all prisons and a remedy for all ills.. We offer our mystical experience to anyone who sincerely desires to test it. However, Truth is not to be found in the mere reading of the Gospel, nor in the outer expression of Christian rituals, but in the daily practice of its teachings. One finds Truth in the living religion of Action, the one which demands, it is true, the most intense energy, but procures in return the only unassailable joys we know. Christian Mystic Friends We are not a group of seekers nor erudite scholars. We are only men of good will who have found a certain Light -- not a new unheralded method of thinking or a new experimentative process -- but a well-known way of life, which is generally looked down upon, because it is simple and bears a familiar name. We believe that man's first labor is to live in Charity. Once we have chosen that path, we receive such an inner light, that we do not feel the need for elaborate theories, nor the need of establishing systems. We have never scorned the minds which first seek knowledge of anatomy, myology, or kinematics. We simply think

Mystic Mosaic - MYSTIC FRIENDS


it preferable to learn how to walk before studying the walking mechanism. Les AmitiĂŠs Spirituelles True friends are those who love one another in Jesus, who mutually discover Jesus in each other's hearts, in their personal ideals and even in their respective imperfections. Their code is living by virtue of the divine blood of suffering which flows from the mystical Cross above upon them, drop by drop. Their only understanding is found in the reflection of the omniscient wisdom of Christ. They see only that which is to be perceived through it and they ignore that which it keeps hidden from them. Their sensitivity comes from the sensitivity of Christ; their strength comes from the contact of His Hand; they find their endurance in following the footsteps of this untiring Voyager through worlds and constellations. Their pity for the unfortunate reflects the splendour of the All-Compassionate healing their wounds; their care for the sick partakes of the Thaumaturgic glance of the infallible Therapeut. Their science emanates as a phrase deciphered from the unchanging pages of the only Book; their art is still in Christ, Who harmonizes all voices, blending the demon's shrieks to the melodious chant of seraphims--Christ, Painter of universal frescoes, the Sculptor of cosmic peaks and precipices. A Few Friends of God We must exert our efforts and pains for the love of God only. Let us not limit our efforts for the love of our small group of the Christian Mystic Friends alone, let us beware of collective selfishness. The worth of our association is equal only to our obedience to God; its survival depends upon our quality of life in God and for Him. It seems paradoxical to make such a recommendation to you who have founded this society in part, to you who sustain it through your devotion and revivify it daily. Never consider our group except in God, as means, and not as an end. You have built this Christian Mystic Friends Association according to a certain plan which resembles the plan of the Divine City as closely as possible. Do not modify it to accommodate the new trends. You have established the foundations of this Christian Mystic group

Mystic Mosaic - MYSTIC FRIENDS


upon certain maxims. Never alter its purity under opportunistic pretexts. It is better that this work disappear in the integrity of its original concept, rather than survive by being deformed by and subjected to foreign expediency. Christian Mysticism

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