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Alba Lawn Care (A division of Alba Landscapes Ltd.)

Alba Lawn Care Phone: 01355 301105 Mobile: 07967 408 148


Alba Lawn Care

(A division of Alba Landscapes Ltd.)

Our Staff and Products Alba Lawn Care only employ staff who are qualified to NPTC standard. Their knowledge, expertise and attention to detail will benefit you, immediately, and will be on-going during your relationship with us. The products we use, fertilisers, weedkillers and moss controllers, are of the highest quality available. We will not take short-cuts on quality. The fertilisers we use are “slow release� products which feed lawns at the required rate. This benefits your lawn two ways. Firstly, the lawn will not suffer from being fed too quickly, resulting in burnt areas, and secondly, your lawn will be greener and more lush throughout the period between treatments.

Analysing your lawn The first job we do is to analyse your lawn to ascertain its condition and whether it is disease free. There is no charge for this service. Our specialist will discuss his findings with you, advise you of his recommendations and give you a quotation for these. Our service schedule will begin soon after your acceptance of our quotation.

Alba Lawn Care

(A division of Alba Landscapes Ltd.)

Our Service Schedule We pride ourselves in giving customers value for money. It is not necessary to carry out more than FOUR service visits between March and November, plus a further visit for scarification and aeration between December and February, providing your lawn is disease free. How we maximise the work carried out during each service visit to give you VALUE FOR MONEY will be explained by our specialist and the details of each visit are set out below.

Alba Lawn Care Service Schedule Our service visits will be carried out every nine weeks. These will include fertilising, weedkiller application and moss control, as detailed: First Service Treatment (March - May) Application of granular fertiliser and moss control to encourage strong growth during the early part of the growing season. Treatment of areas requiring weedkiller. Second Service Treatment (May - July) Granular fertiliser applied and again treatment of areas that require weedkiller. Third Service Treatment (July - September) Selective weedkiller will be applied to areas of persistent weed growth. Application of granular fertiliser. Fourth Service Treatment (September - November) Preparation for winter is vital so that your lawn stays healthy between now and the next growing season. Moss control and root strengthening are essential and this is a liquid application. Furthermore, it will be necessary to protect your lawn from the spread of “Leatherjackets”. These are the larvae commonly known as the “Daddy Long Legs” and can have a devastating effect on lawns which remain damp and wet during the winter months. Protection against Leatherjackets will be carried out as part of this service treatment.

Testimonials Graeme and his team at Alba Lawn Care have totally transformed my lawn. What a difference. I highly recommend their services. Mr. Paterson, Newton Mearns Alba Lawn Care take pride in their work and have very experienced staff. Very pleased with the service. Mrs. Devine, Clarkston

Scarification & Aeration We highly recommend that your lawn is scarified and aerated. These processes will help your lawn to stay healthy during the winter months and ensure it has the best possible start to the growing season before we start our Service Schedules. Scarification removes thatch and dead moss from your lawn. Thatch forms near the surface of the lawn above the soil base. The build-up of thatch does not allow nutrients to feed the root system and therefore makes the lawn prone to disease, slow growth and drying out. Aeration penetrates any thatch layer and allows rain water, nutrients and oxygen to revitalise the root system of your lawn. This process is vital if your lawn is to remain healthy.

Full Package Special Offer If you decide to accept our quotation for our 4 Service Treatments plus Scarification and Aeration, we will discount the cost of scarification and aeration by 20%


Alba Lawn Care Additional Services

Overseeding: This may be necessary if heavy scarification is required or from damage caused during mowing. We will apply a mixture of seed and top dressing which would be spread over bare areas of the lawn. Diseases: These can be controlled by applying fungicides. Our specialist can advise you on the appropriate treatment. Turfing: We can re-turf small areas or complete lawns. Again our specialist can advise you on the type of turf that would be best suited for the site.

Alba Lawn Care

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