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Tornadoes In the event of a tornado at the day camp site, staff will follow the procedures for that specific site. Once in the designated area, attendance shall be taken and every child accounted for. In the event of a tornado while on a field trip, camp staff will maintain control of their group and follow the instructions of the organizations designated staff members. Attendance will be taken and every child accounted for. Lightning In the event of lightning at the day camp site, the participants will be brought in until the storm has passed. Once inside, attendance will be taken and every child accounted for. In the event of lightning while on a field trip, camp staff will maintain control of their group and follow the instructions of the organizations designated staff members. Attendance will be taken and every child accounted for. Fires In the event of a fire at the Day Camp site, the facility will be evacuated through the designated emergency exits. Once outside, attendance shall be taken and every child accounted for. In the event of a fire while on a field trip, camp staff will maintain control of their group and follow the instructions of the organizations designated staff members. Attendance will be taken and every child accounted for. Reunification in the Event of Evacuation or Emergency In the event that the Camp Explorer program is unable to return to home base following an emergency situation families can expect communication to come via email, phone, or social media regarding the specific process for reunification. The reunification site nearest to our home base will be: *Fraser Town Hall- 153 Fraser Ave, Fraser, CO 80442 As always campers will only be released to those indicated on their Campdoc profile aas a Parent/Guardian, Emergency Contact, or other Authorized Individual for pickup.



Welcome to FVMRD Youth Withdrawal from the Program You may withdraw your child from FVMRD programs at any time. Refunds/credits will be given based on the FVMRD refund policy Media / Technology / Photographs Videos will occasionally be viewed by summer campers. Parents need to sign our Media Release before we allow children to watch videos or use our computers. All movies will be Rated G or PG. Your child’s photograph will not be taken unless written authorization is granted. NOTE: If a child is missing from camp or field trip and cannot be located, his/her absence shall be reported immediately to his/her parents, guardian or designated adult as well as local law enforcement authorities. Reproting Child Abuse (under Guideline 7.701.53) Staff who has resonable cuase to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect or who has oberved the child being subjected to circumstances or conditions that would reasonably result in abuse or neglect must immediatley report or cause a report to be made of such fact to: Identifying Where Children Are at All Times 1. Parents will sign their child in upon arrival. 2. Headcounts will be taken throughout the day. 3. At the end of the day the parent must sign their child out. 4. Staff members will check the sign-in/out sheets to make sure all children have been picked up and accounted for. Schedules of activities will be available at the parent orientation, online at and are given out to parents and children at the beginning of the week. We try our best to keep schedule changes to a minimum, but will be sure to communicate to parents if/when changes are needed.

It is important to pre-register your child for camp and field trips, to ensure an available spot. If there is not an available spot, your child will be added to the waitlist. If a spot becomes available, calls will be made according to waitlist priority and who is available or verbally confirms first. $3 will be added to the registration fee if registering 12 hours or less prior to camp

Summer Camp Late Fee

$34/day (Must be registered by 7am) *$1 discount if registration is done online

Summer Day Camp Fees

*NO CAMP Wednesday, July 4th 6/12/18 - 8/17/18 7:30am to 5:30pm: Tuesday-Thursday Field Trips take place each Thursday Teen Marten Camp (Children entering 5th-8th grades)

6/11/18 - 8/17/18* 7:30am to 5:30pm: Monday-Friday Field Trips take place each Thursday

Ranger Camp (Children entering 2-4th grades)

6/11/18 - 8/17/18* 7:30am to 5:30pm: Monday-Friday Field Trips take place each Thursday Bandit Camp(Children entering K-1st grades)

2018 Summer Day Camp Dates & Times

Operating as a Colorado state licensed school-age program, FVMRD youth programs provide a safe, fun, & positive environment allowing each child to grow and learn to the best of his or her abilities. Our vision is to connect people to amazing experiences. Our mission is to provide memorable experiences for our residents and guests through innovative, quality programs and facilities that promote health and wellness. FVMRD Youth Programs continually: • Foster the development of new friendships & encourage teamwork • Exude an appreciation of the outdoors and our environment through recreational activities and community involvement • Help to instill self-confidence and self-esteem; focusing on developing skills specific to the individual child • Encourage curiosity, creativity, and self expression! SUMMER DAY CAMPS Bandit Camp: K-1st grades;Ranger Camp 2nd-4th grade;Teen Martin Camp: 5th-8th Grades Our day camp programs provide stimulating activities to engage children and encourage learning. Campers will have the opportunity to take part in group activities, sports, arts, crafts, games & much more! FIELD TRIPS FVMRD provides weekly field trips throughout the year. Friday field trips are offered during the school year (no trips during ski programs) and several field trips are offered during holiday breaks. Summer Day Camp field trips are on Thursday. AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM Afterschool care is available for K-5th graders throughout the school year, Monday-Thursday, 3:30pm-5:30pm at Fraser Elementary.


Illness/ Accidents

If a child should become ill or get injured during the day, parents/ guardians will be notified. Ill children will be separated from the group, will be offered a mat to lie on, and parents will be called. If a child is injured, first aid will be administered and if deemed necessary, 911 will be called. Parents/guardian will be notified. Staff will let the parent/guardian know if their child needs to be picked up or was transported by emergency vehicle to the hospital. Minor scrapes and bumps will be reported to the parent/guardian when they arrive to pickup their child. In any event in which the parent/ guardian cannot be reached, an emergency contact will be notified.

Emergency Situations

In case of an emergency that affects FVMRD Summer Day Camp, we will alert parents through CodeRed via email/text message. Please sign up for this emergency contact system at


In the event that a medication needs to be administered during camp, we must have the following on file before administering meds: 1) Written authorization from the health care provider 2) Parent written authorization 3) Medication in the original labeled container. Only certified staff are authorized to administer meds.


Please apply sunscreen to your child daily before camp. FVMRD will apply Rocky Mountain Sunscreen 30-50 SPF to children’s exposed skin prior to all outdoor activities and every 30 minutes thereafter when we are outside. If children have their own sunscreen it must be labeled with their name and turned into a counselor prior to each day. Swimming Counselors will be within arm’s reach of ‘non-swimmers’. Children must be 48” tall to use the waterslide. Ten-minute limit in hot tub; No Sauna/ Steam Room. Children will be required to show us their swim skills.Kids will need to show us their “swim skills”. We will ask them to performa small swim test to show which area of the pool the child is allowed to swim in. If you have any question abou the “swim skills” please contact Emily.


Expected Behavior

FVMRD Staff use positive methods of guidance that encourage independence and accountability. Redirection is a way to guide a child from inappropriate play to a more appropriate activity. Staff communicate clearly with children when solving problems. Communication can include giving alternative choices to the child or assisting the child with problem solving. Please inform the Youth Program Supervisor if your child has any behavioral, mental, or physical challenges, which may affect his/her day-to-day activities. Such issues must be specifically noted on the child’s registration form and emergency card. FVMRD Staff will discuss an appropriate plan of action with children if behavioral problems arise: Simply Stated: 1) Behavior Report (Warning) 2) Behavior Contract (Second Instance) 3) Parent Meeting (Third Instance) 1) Behavior Report First instance of mistaken behavior (minor offense – staff discretion): 1. Children will be separated from the group. 2. Staff & child will determine when child is ready to return. 3. Staff will record the incident and parents will be informed. 2) Behavior Contract Second instance of mistaken behavior or major offense: 1. Separate the child from the group. 2. Staff & child will reflect upon behavior and discuss solutions. 3. Staff member will notify parents of behavior & next steps. 4. If safety of others is at risk, supervisor will be notified immediately. The third time a problem should arise, staff will convene to determine outcomes from said behaviors, and meet with parents. As a last resort: A. A decision could be made to suspend the child temporarily. B. The child could be removed from the program entirely.


Program Information

Drop-off & Pick-up Summer Day Camp drop-off/pick-up is at the Fraser Valley Elementary School classroom. Children must be registered by 7am the day they plan to attend camp. If children are not registered by 7am, they will not be admitted to camp. Drop-off @ FVE/FVMRD Classroom: 7:30am-9:15am Pick-up @ FVE/FVMRD Classroom: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Please sign your child in/out on the designated attendance sheet! Children will be allowed to leave the premises with only those who have been designated on their release form. A $15 Late Fee will be charged after 5:30pm and every 15 minutes thereafter. At 5:45pm, authorities will be called and FVMRD may reserve the right to remove your child from programs. If arriving after 9:15am, a sign will be left on the door FVE , letting you know where we are and when we will expect to return. If you need to make alternate pick-up arrangements, we please ask that you notify staff as soon as possible

***Sign Up for Text Message Alerts!***

To receive FVMRD Summer Day Campas text message alerts, please send an email with your mobile phone number to Alerts will only be sent regarding youth program updates and emergencies. Your information will not be visible or shared with others. *Grand County CodeRED® Emergency Notification System* See for more information. This system allows ultra high speed cellular phone or text messaging to inform registered participants during an emergency or disaster affecting Grand County.



If your child is added to the waitlist and a spot opens, parents will be notified in order of waitlist priority. Families who first confirm and pay, will be added to the roster.

Waitlist Procedure

• Cancellations MUST go through the GPCRC front desk at (970)7268968 -

Changes, Cancellations and Refunds

FVMRD has a “PAY BEFORE YOU PLAY” policy. FVMRD will require payment at the time of registration for all programs / activities. Please contact our Business Manager, Ann McConnell, at (970) 726-8968 x107 or with questions.

Payment Options and Payment Policy

Registration Options Your child must be registered by 7am the day of their planned attendance - field trips require 48 hr advance registration. 1. Online Registration:, click on: “Programs & Athletics” tab > “Register Here” button -> Log in-> “Daycare” button -> category “Summer Camp Program” -> “Search” button -> scroll down and click on the small calendar icon to bring up the summer calendar and click on (+) to add days 2. Walk-in registration: @GPCRC during business hours 3. Call the Grand Park Community Rec Center front desk at (970)726-8968 (credit card payment required via phone registration) As a Colorado school-age licensed daycare program, you will be required to COMPLETE all necessary forms PRIOR to your child’s participation. These forms are online, fillable forms through A COPY OF YOUR CHILD’S IMMUNIZATION RECORD IS MANDATORY. You must contact the Youth Program Supervisor or GPCRC Front Desk to complete CampDoc forms prior to registering and paying for FVMRD’s licensed childcare programs.


Inclement Weather Procedures Under most circumstances the day camp program will operate regardless of weather. If the weather is severe and a cancellation is needed, the Camp Coordinator will inform you in a timely manner. Please use the news, radio, & Grand County CodeRed Alert as an information source. Please contact the Front Desk at the Grand Park Community Rec Center with any questions at (970) 726-8968. Children will not be taken outside in excessively hot or cold weather. Inclement Weather Procedures


Field trips outside of the Fraser Valley will be transported by staff (age 21+) caravanning in FVMRD vans or mini buses. Staff will NOT transport any campers in personal vehicles. Written authorization must be given to transport your child in FVMRD vehicles. You can find the authorization form within your child’s CampDoc account. Special outings or hikes will be listed on our daily schedule. We will also leave a sign on the door at FVE or the Program Building letting parents know where we are, when we plan to return, and a mobile phone number for contact with the group. The GPCRC Front Desk will also be aware of camp’s whereabouts at all times (970-726-8968). All campers and drivers will use a seat belt. Colorado mandates booster seats for all children under 8 years of age in passenger vans.

Field Trip Information

Every Thursday we take field trips in-county or to the Denver area. We leave for field trips by 9:30am* and plan to return by 4:45pm. *Special departure/return times may be noted for some trips.

Shirts for Field Trips

For safety and noticeability of campers, children will be required to wear a brightly colored camp shirt with the FVMRD logo and phone number on all field trips. The shirts are “rash guard/t-shirts” and will be required on all field trips, including water parks. The lycra fabric is designed to provide SPF 50+ protection - the HIGHEST UVA & UVB protection

Filing a Complaint Our camp administration has an open door policy. We encourage parents/guardians to discuss any problems or concerns with the Director in a timely manner. If parents wish to report a licensing violation, they may contact: State of Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Child Care 1575 Sherman Street Denver, CO 80203-1714 ---(303) 866-5958

Personal Belongings & Money

Campers are responsible for any personal belongings they bring to camp. We do require extensive labeling of all belongings as a preventative measure for lost items. FVMRD is not responsible for missing/broken items. A “Lost and Found” box is kept at camp, where we put all recovered items. Electronic devices may ONLY be used during designated times (i.e. field trips / returning from a field trip). NO “WHEELIE” shoes are allowed. Money for vending machines during regular camp days is strictly prohibited. Money will only be allowed on Thusday field trips. Kids should bring no more than $10. We strongly discourage spending on candy or soda. Please communicate with camp staff if you send your child on a field trip with money. Daily Activities / Schedules

A camp calendar outlining activities taking place each day will be available to parents as a general guideline for our activities over the course of the summer. Detailed plans will be outlined on the daily calendar at FVE. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities and expect all children to participate. If there are certain activities that you do not wish your child to participate in, please let the Youth Program Coordinator know . ********************************************************

Our activities incorporate:

*Social Development *Emotional Development *Physical Development, emphasizing gross/fine motor skills *Cognitive Development *Problem Solving *FUN!!! ********************************************************

Children with Special Needs

FVMRD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, origin, sex, or disability. The summer camp is dedicated to supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act. If your child may require special accommodations for participation, please call us at 726-8968 at least two weeks in advance of your child’s planned participation.



Please do not pack any soft drinks or sodas with your children. Also, please be aware that we have children with severe food/nut allergies. We will make special accommodations for children with severe food allergies. PLEASE do your best to avoid packing nuts or peanut butter in your child’s lunch!


Any meal, snack, or flavored beverage that a camper may want or need during the day MUST be brought from home. All containers need to be clearly marked with the camper’s name. Drinking water will be freely available to all campers and staff, but we do suggest bringing a personal water bottle. The staff has the right to check lunches brought from home to determine if they meet one-third of the child’s daily nutritional needs. If this is not met, the staff will contact the parent/guardian to bring the needs of the child’s nutrition to attention.

Meals & Snacks

Please label all children’s articles with first & last name. Items can be kept at FVE but FVMRD is not responsible for lost or missing items! Backpacks are strongly recommended! We emphasize personal responsibility & help remind children to take care/keep track of their belongings

Pick-Up at FVE 4:30pm-5:30pm

6/11- Fishing & Lunch 9:00-11:00 Rec Center Day! 6/18- Hatchery Tour COOKING 6/25- Denver N & S Museum 11:00-11:30 7/2 Hammonds Candy Tour Lunch 11:30-1:15 7/9- Water Day & Lunch 10:00am-3:00pm 7/16- RMNP Bike, Recess, Archery Swim & Tumble 1:30-2:30 7/23- Fishing & Lunch Fitness w/ Cindy 7/30- Mad Science 2:30-4:00 8/6- Movie at Devils Thumb 8/13- South Park City Mini Golf & Games

* Nutritious Bag Lunch * PLENTY of healthy snacks (We are ACTIVE!!!) * Water Bottle *STURDY shoes * Weather appropriate clothing * Swim attire, goggles & towel (Different days for each camp) * Bikes & Helmets (TUE or WED) * Book, Blanket, or Pillow for “Rest & Reading”


6/14- Big Time 6/21- Roockies Game & Lunch Outdoor Adventure Day 6/28- YMCA 7/5 - Adams Falls Hike and Ice Cream Local Park 7/12- SPLASH! 7/19- Broome Hut Hike Hiking 7/26- Grand Lake Day 8/2- pirates Cove Outdoor 8/9-family Sports Center Education 8/16- Heritage Square

Check- In at FVE 7:30am-8:45am Snack 8:45-9:00am

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Ranger Camp Weekly Schedule 2018

Program Locations & Facilities Fraser Valley Elementary/FVMRD classroom

125 Eastom Ave., Fraser, CO 80442 From the main parking lot, enter the double brown doors located in the middle of the building as you face the school. We are based in the first classroom to the right. FVMRD Program Building

Norgren Rd. & Eisenhower Dr., Fraser, CO 80442 The Program Building is the modular building directly behind/ connected to the Fraser Historic Church (large green building with chapel on the corner).

Sign In / Sign Out

For the safety of all children, parents are required to sign their child in and out each day. The day camp staff will need written authorization to release a child to someone other than the parent or guardian (see “Destination Release” information on Counselors will ask to see a photo I.D. to verifiy names on the authorized release. Parents/guardians will need to show legal documents regarding any legal restrictions concerning contact with their child. ALL VISITORS to the center, must check in with camp staff and sign in/out of visit log.

Grand Park Community Rec Center (GPCRC)

One Main St., Fraser, CO 80442 We will visit the GPCRC on Monday-Wednesday for swimmin and tumbling! Tennis Courts - Old Schoolhouse Park Directly across parking lot from Fraser Elementary We will walk to the tennis courts for tennis each week. Fraser Valley Sports Complex & Community Gardens

Cty Rd 5 off Hwy 40, Fraser Campers will garden, play sports, or play on the playground! Pole Creek Golf Course

Cty Rd 51 off Cty Rd 5 in Tabernash Campers will use the driving range, putting greens, and course! Mary Jane Base Parking Lot

Hwy 40 / C-Lot / Adjacent to Winter Park Resort Base Campers will practice shooting at targets and hidden decoys!



2018 handbook  

2018 Parent Handbook for Fraser Valley Rec Day Camps

2018 handbook  

2018 Parent Handbook for Fraser Valley Rec Day Camps