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Community Development Plan

Introduction. At Frasers Property Australia, we’ve been creating memorable places for Australians to feel proud of since 1924. Experience tells us that what matters most is the simple joy of living in a place you’re proud to call home. The places we create are not just made of concrete and steel. They’re about jobs, connections, safety, wellbeing and education. That’s why we’ve created this Community Development Plan for Burwood Brickworks. This plan provides a framework to introduce and establish community development right from the beginning of the Burwood Brickworks community and is shaped to reflect the feedback and changing interests of residents as they move into the precinct.

The objectives of the Burwood Brickworks Community Development Plan are: 1. Facilitate community connectedness by helping residents to get to know their neighbours. 2. Promote active healthy lifestyles by creating opportunities for organised and spontaneous physical pursuits. 3. Encourage and assist with the development of resident led activities with the end goal of creation and continual development of community capacity and resilience. 4. Support local business through collaboration with and support of the Burwood Brickworks Retail Centre. 5. Educate and empower the community to celebrate and optimally benefit from the sustainability features embedded in the precinct.

Monitoring and Evaluation. The Community Development Manager (Frasers Property Australia) is initially responsible for implementing the Community Development Plan. Our community development approach involves stakeholders and local partners (eg. Council, community groups, service providers) and equipping residents with the knowledge and skills to approach and work with these stakeholders. Annually, the community development plan is updated to reflect the diverse interests and needs of the evolving community based on their feedback. As the community grows, members of the community will be encouraged to take leadership of community development initiatives within Burwood Brickworks with assistance from the Community Development Manager until the community feels empowered and equipped to take full ownership. This will ensure the community can continue to thrive well into the future.

Frasers Property Australia’s 2030 sustainability goals include the need for a consistent approach for measuring community investment and social impact. Partnerships will be sought with various providers (ie- tertiary institutions, service providers) in order to measure and determine the overall community benefit.

About Burwood Brickworks.

Our Community at Burwood Brickworks.

Located in Burwood East just 19km from the Melbourne CBD, Burwood Brickworks offers residents a wholesome, healthy, convenient lifestyle with a reduced environmental footprint to create a better future for us all.

Burwood East is rich in cultural diversity. It is also home to a wide range of age demographics with the most prevalent resident groups consisting of young families, tertiary students and seniors. This is reflective of the nearby prevalence of quality educational facilities and high access to community programs and public transport.

Comprised of apartments, detached and semi-detached homes and land-lots, there will be a diverse and vibrant community living here. As a result of tailored community and environmental initiatives that will be delivered, the Green Building Council of Australia has independently awarded the precinct a 6 Star Green Star Communities rating, representing world leadership.

Burwood Brickworks is also home to a 13,000sqm retail centre which aspires to being the world’s most sustainable, using the Living Building Challenge™ as the framework. This means creating a retail centre that gives more than it takes, one that is self- sufficient, does not exceed the resources of its location and contains socially equitable, culturally rich and ecologically restorative spaces that connect people to light, air, food and community.

There are many benefits to be had for these main resident groups through forming connected and supportive communities. Key points (from 2016 census data): • The estimated population of 11,068 in 2019 is expected to grow to 18,704 in 2041* • There are more professionals (27.6%) in Burwood East than any other occupation followed by Clerical/Administration Workers (14%) and Managers (12.5%)* • The most common industries for residents of Burwood East include Healthcare (13%), Retail (11%) and Professional/Scientific/Technical Services (9.7%)* • The Burwood East community precinct is culturally diverse. 48% of residents were born overseas with the 3 largest ancestries being Chinese (26.7%), English (17.8%) and Australian (16.5%)* • 35.6% of households are couples with children, 25.9% are couples without children and 19% of Burwood East households are made up of one person* • 18.4% of the Burwood East population participate in volunteer work • 67% of residents use their car as their primary mode of transport, followed by 16.6% taking public transport*

*Data set from ID City of Whitehorse

Community Users Guide. The Burwood Brickworks community users guide is your go-to resource for information about Burwood Brickworks and City of Whitehorse. It contains useful links and information to healthy and active living, fresh food, medical and emergency services, education, transport, business support, waste management, entertainment and other available services. It also includes information on how Burwood Brickworks takes into account climate change and strategies to improve sustainability and community resilience. The guide is available on our website, at the Burwood Brickworks Sales and Display Suite and via direct request from the Community Development Manager

Community Input To-Date. Resident and community feedback has been collected via a range of sources including: • Face to face conversation with residents • Feedback passed on from the customer care and sales teams • Direct messages via email and Facebook • Feedback received via City of Whitehorse and a variety of local community groups and organisations

The community has indicated interest in the following activities: • Community Celebrations and Gatherings • Health & Fitness Activities • Environmental and Sustainable Living Sessions • Early Childhood Programs • Cultural events, workshops and programs

Our focus for community development for 2020 to 2022 will revolve around these priorities identified by The Burwood East community, incoming and prospective residents and the City of Whitehorse.

Community Development Plan

Community Development Plan Health & Wellbeing Priorities

Vision & Objectives

Goal Actions


Stakeholder Engagement

Key Outcomes

Provide high quality connected green spaces that allow for a diverse range of recreational and leisure activities.

Burwood Brickworks celebrates nature’s cycles and all things sustainable.

Community fitness group/s in partnership with a local organisation.

Investigating options including Live Life Get Active and local fitness providers. Resident feedback to be collected to determine preferences (late 2020).

Live Life Get Active or equivalent, Internal Project Team, Aqualink Recreation, parkrun Australia

Residents that know their neighbours by name and feel comfortable interacting and asking for help.

Wayapa mindfulness program conducted in Feb 2020 and to resume from spring 2020. Relationships forming with local providers and instructors to determine opportunity and viability. First outdoor activity anticipated for late 2020.

City of Whitehorse, Local Zumba and fitness instructors, Burwood Brickworks future residents, other local fitness and sporting groups, Wayapa, Burwood Brickworks Centre Management, Ryman Healthcare, Deakin Uni health promotion team.

Meet Your Neighbour Events; focused on building social connections and interlinking to local organisations and resources.

2 to 3 events per year with first event anticipated late 2020.

Council (communities, other), Local community groups, other specialist groups as per resident interest and feedback, RSPCA.

Healthy eating program with a focus on sustainable food practices and education.

Long term strategy with potential for program to be built in partnership with the Burwood Brickworks residents. Likely to begin exploration in mid 2021.

City of Whitehorse (Communities, Sustainability, Other) Local businesses, Nutrition Australia, VicHealth, Sustainability Victoria, acre urban farm located at the Burwood Brickworks retail centre.

Healthy commuting initiativefacilitation of increased walking and cycling undertaken by our residents.

Long term strategy, increasing with availability of walking paths, increased facility and transport connections.

Internal development team, PTV, City of Whitehorse (transport, environment, others), Walking School Bus, Cycling Victoria, Pedestrian Council of Australia.

Enable opportunities for social connection and community capacity building, including a focus on intergenerational community.

The precinct feels green, with a leafy landscape, green open space and places to take respite from the day. The public spaces are a drawcard, making it an outdoor destination with opportunities for active and passive recreation.

A program of local health and wellbeing programs to be offered at Burwood Brickworks in response to resident feedback: • Zumba in the Park • Yoga in the Park • Walking Group • Tai Chi and Martial Arts

Increased physical and mental health of residents leading to longer life expectancy and quality of life. Increased sense of wellbeing of residents which allows them to contribute more actively to the community and their families. Satisfaction with the ability of Burwood Brickworks to allow residents to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, which encourages them to recommend Burwood Brickworks to friends, neighbours and strangers. A high degree of walking and cycling to local amenity and facilities.

Community Development Plan Accessibility, Community Safety & Inclusiveness Priorities

Vision & Objectives

Goal Actions

To create awareness and education and encourage residents to participate in both personal and community safety initiatives and behaviours.

Awakening a new destination, Burwood Brickworks becomes a loved social hub that is accessible, inclusive and safe.

Formation of a local community group whether it be via Facebook, in person, another form of social media or a combination of things. The group focuses on being a central point for the community where they can connect and then concentrate on priority area’s as they deem appropriate. This may be a Residents Group, Social Group, Incorporated Group or other.

Currently implementing process of making contact with incoming residents to find early resident leaders. Resident closed FB group to be set up by late 2020.

Educational series on community safety aspects provided by local specialist organisations on topics like home security, passive surveillance, emergency preparedness, car security, smoke detectors, alarm systems etc.

1-2 sessions per year to commence late 2021.

Community Users Guide for all residentsto be made available on website, at Sales office and by direct request.

Completed May 2020 and available for all residents and stakeholders.

Internal development team, City of Whitehorse, Local business groups, PTV and other relevant stakeholders as required.

Urban Farm excess produce donated to local charities and support groups.

In progress during COVID-19, April 2020-current.

Burwood Brickworks Centre Management

Introduction to Neighbourhood Watch Whitehorse and possibility of activities arising from this such as formation of own Neighbourhood Watch chapter.

Earmarked to look at 2021 in conjunction with residents.

Neighbourhood Watch Whitehorse, City of Whitehorse, Neighbourhood Watch Vic other safety organisations.

To maximise the quality of transport connections (path, road, public) in order to provide optimal accessibility for residents and shoppers/visitors alike.

The diversity of the precinct appeals to and welcomes all demographics, celebrating cultural diversity, offering new local rituals and something for everyone including families, youth and the elderly. With people -oriented design, the place is a pleasure to navigate on foot, or arrive by bike or public transport. Residents and visitors alike feel safe and take ownership for community safety outcomes “eyes and ears” in the precinct.


Stakeholder Engagement

Key Outcomes

Local residents, City of Whitehorse (communities, other), representatives from other groups who can give advice, internal FPA prosperity team.

A high degree of households knowledgeable and equipped with home security measures and behaviours increasing both the community’s level of perceived safety and actual level of security.

Goal for residents to take ownership of welcoming new arrivals to the community with support from FPA Community Development Team.

Burwood Brickworks having a reputation for being a safe and effective place to walk, ride, shop and play in, both as an individual and in groups. Neighbourhood Watch, Theft Reduction Council, CFA, MFB, Victoria Police, RACV, City of Whitehorse (Communities, Safety, Other), SES.

A lower incidence of crime incidents compared to the City of Whitehorse and Victoria levels. The Burwood Brickworks precinct being a destination of choice to celebrate cultural events and celebrations with family, friends and the wider community. The Burwood Brickworks precinct alleviates food insecurity in the local neighbourhood through its Urban Farm programs during COVID-19 and beyond.

Community Development Plan Learning, Environment & Heritage Priorities

To respect, protect and celebrate the place history through design, education and awareness initiatives. To engage, educate and encourage residents to be more sustainable and in tune with the environment in a way that enhances their overall living experience, health and wellbeing.

Vision & Objectives

There is a strong sense of place at Burwood Brickworks with residents resonating with the environmental nature and focus of the precinct. Burwood Brickworks also achieves a strong sense of place and cultural identity through interpretive elements and embedded sustainability features. This creates educational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Goal Actions


Stakeholder Engagement

Way finding and interpretive trail to be completed and promoted. Possible interaction with local schools and community groups.

Trail currently in progresspotential ‘opening’ event/activity.

Local schools and community groups, internal project team, City of Whitehorse.

Public Art play sculpture – Ladybird by Alexander Knox in the Urban Plaza.

Completed Dec 2019

City of Whitehorse Artist & Curator

Living Building Challenge learning pop up space in the retail centre.

Completed Dec 2019

FPA retail team

Implementation of nature play or similar program Including sessions dedicated to sustainability and environment education, cultural celebrations such as Chinese New Year, NAIDOC Week, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc.

Research and stakeholder engagement underway for possible opportunities. Aim to commence program in 2022.

City of Whitehorse playgroups, Kidding Around Australia, local cultural and community groups, Internal project team, City of Whitehorse community team.

Recognition of local Indigenous culture in collaboration with the FPA RAP Initiative and City of Whitehorse procedures. Identifying opportunities to engage with local Indigenous leaders in aspects of design, program implementation and resident education and engagement.

Completed Dec 2019. Artwork by Mandy Nicholson & Balarinji art in the Burwood Brickworks retail centre unveiled at the official opening event.

Wurundjeri Land Council, City of Whitehorse indigenous engagement & art/culture teams, Internal FPA Team esp. RAP Council and development director, local community groups, local artists eg Mandy Nicholson, Balarinji Art & other practitioners eg Alana Marsh, Wayapa.

To educate residents how to get the most out of the embedded sustainability features in the precinct and create awareness of behaviours that can enhance their quality of life.

Will focus on empowering and encouraging residents to champion sustainability at Burwood Brickworks. First steps include workshops, group activities (such as Clean Up Australia Day) and competitions. Ideas to be generated through residents groups late 2020, early 2021.

Wayapa mindfulness programs to continue to be offered in the community meeting space from spring 2020 onwards.

Burwood Brickworks is referenced as a partner/contributor of various targets in the City of Whitehorse’s Sustainability Strategy

Key Outcomes

The open spaces and parks at Burwood Brickworks have a strong cultural identity and meet the needs of the local community. Residents at Burwood Brickworks feel knowledgeable and empowered to make sustainable choices in their way of living. A sense of identify and community is created through environmental care, learning about the place history and celebrating cultural diversity. Increased opportunities to engage with local schools and the education department and have their infrastructure and vision complement and support the projects vision. Continual respect and recognition of the traditional owners of the land in accordance with the FPA RAP policy.

Community Development Plan Job Creation, Building Support, Skills & Leadership Priorities

Vision & Objectives

Goal Actions


Stakeholder Engagement

Key Outcomes

Delivering a new retail centre that incorporates the latest in sustainability benchmarks.

Burwood Brickworks has a strong proactive community who actively seek out new ways to enhance the area for everyone that lives in it. There are strong leaders from a variety of backgrounds who unite a diverse community and encourage participation and enthusiasm. The residents are skilled in applying for and obtaining local grants and funding, so that they are not dependent on one organisation or just council for their initiatives to occur.

Identification of both current and potential community leaders- especially of groups with low levels of participation. Utilising these community leaders to assist in the initial Community Development Program, giving them access to training and support.

Will commence in 2020 during meet your neighbour events and establishment of resident Facebook group.

Whitehorse council, local community groups with leadership programs, future residents.

Residents of Burwood Brickworks use the retail centre as their venue of choice for shopping and are strong advocates of the centre for family, friends and the wider community.

Community program initiative- residents are encouraged to come up with a smallscale idea that will help improve their local community and we will contribute funding for the winning group/individual to implement their idea

Set to be implemented mid to late 2021, early 2022.

Local residents, internal project team, City of Whitehorse, Deakin University. Other groups as deemed necessary.

Using local businesses for our community development events and activities, preferably from the Burwood Brickworks retail centre. Possible business accelerator program.

Use of the community space in the retail centre for the Wayapa mindfulness program in Feb 2020. Plans to cater and equip the first Meet Your Neighbour Event in late 2020 solely from providers at Burwood Brickworks.

Tenants and operators at the Burwood Brickworks retail centre, local businesses operated by residents of Burwood Brickworks, Whitehorse Business Group, City of Whitehorse (economic team).

Providing support for home- based businesses, promotion of local businesses, opportunities for volunteerism and awareness of and access to local services and groups available to the community. Identifying community leaders and helping to facilitate learning, education and training opportunities for these people to assist them in creating a sustainable and proactive community. Encouraging innovation and proactive thinking among our community members and giving them assistance in obtaining funding for their initiatives through community grants, FPA funding or other opportunities.

There is quality and camaraderie among local businesses (particularly those located in the Burwood Brickworks retail centre), which is supported by a ‘shop locally’ mentality by the residents, providing a healthy economic environment for the area.

Grants and funding education programFPA CD team educates residents and the community of current grants available and assist them to write grant applications to obtain their own independent funding

As opportunities arise and there are residents present.

Local, state and national grants organisations, Whitehorse Council, State Government, corporations that provide grants, local service providers that provide training in grant applications for residents.

A diverse range of community leaders who are influential to the residents of Burwood Brickworks and encourage local participation, volunteerism, innovative thinking and community spirit. The community decreases their reliance on the FPA CD Managers to fund and organise their activities over time and become proficient and skilled at obtaining funding, organising and implementing these as a team The anticipated population sector of university students living in the precinct are engaged with Burwood Brickworks as a place creating a youthful, energetic and active dimension to living there. They value the sustainability features of the precinct and embrace the precinct as a lifestyle rather than just a place to stay.

Community Events, Programs & Activities Date

6 December 2019 1 February 2020




Burwood Brickworks retail centre –

Burwood Brickworks


grand opening

Retail Centre

acreLand launch (with RSPCA

Burwood Brickworks

fundraiser) led by acre farm and

Retail Centre


eatery 8 February 2020 8 February 2020

Kids Gardening workshop led by

Burwood Brickworks

acre farm and eatery

Retail Centre

Twilight Gardening

Burwood Brickworks

Completed Completed

Retail Centre 28 February 2020 April ongoing 2020


Wayapa Wuurrk wellness (pilot

Burwood Brickworks


Community Room

Free online yoga and mat pilates

Online via Zoom


Online via Zoom


Virtual kids dance classes each

Online in partnership with

In progress, to be

Saturday at 10am

Kallista Dance Academy

completed end of

Prosperity program activities for

Burwood Brickworks Sales and To be confirmed

purchasers based on feedback

Display Suite and/or online via

from community on topics of


sessions Aug 2020

Virtual community activities in conjunction with Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre including:

Sep 2020


Know Brainer Trivia


See Make Play crafts

September. 2020 onwards

interest Late 2020/ Early 2021

Meet Your Neighbour events for

Venue to be confirmed

To be confirmed

Venue to be confirmed

To be confirmed

first residents 2021 TBC

Live Life Get Active free fitness camps

Our Contact Details Prosperity Care Team - Frasers Property Australia ProsperityCareVIC@frasersproperty.com.au P: 13 86 88

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