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2012 Annual Report

Our Mission To make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of children, adults and families with special needs. We accomplish this by providing education, healthcare and housing services.

Dear Friends of Fraser Fraser is at a very unique place in its history. Forged by overcoming adversity, our organizational life reflects the lives we impact. In 1935, Mrs. Fraser founded the organization against all odds, and it survives to serve our community today. Nothing was easy for Mrs. Fraser. There were no large donors who lent their fame or fortune to the organization. But Mrs. Fraser had grit. Grit is defined as firmness of character, an indomitable spirit. In her research, psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth defined grit as “having stamina. Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is sticking with your future, and working really hard to make that future a reality.� That spirit of grit lives on at Fraser. Over the years we have dealt with funding threats to our programs, and ever-changing rules and regulations. But like our successful clients, we keep striving forward. Today Fraser directly serves over 9,000 clients with our healthcare, housing and education services, and indirectly reaches hundreds of thousands more. Although we continue to serve children and adults with a variety of special needs, 70% of our clients have autism. Fraser is recognized as an Autism Center of Excellence, and we continue to grow and innovate to achieve our goal that no family in Minnesota will have to travel more than 35 miles or 35 minutes statewide to receive Fraser services. Thanks to the families we serve who have grit, and thanks to all who believe in ours! Warm regards,

Diane S. Cross President and CEO

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“I felt like this was the answer.” Max and Cameron were born extremely premature. When their parents, Charity and Ken, were finally able to take them home, “we couldn’t have visitors because the boys cried, but we also couldn’t go anywhere because the boys cried,” Charity said. Charity and Ken decided to take the twins to Fraser for an autism evaluation. They liked how the staff asked questions and observed the twins separately. “The evaluation was very detailed. We felt actively involved in the process,” Charity said. Fraser customizes each evaluation to fit the needs of the each family. “It’s a scary time and we just wanted answers,” Charity said. “Fraser eased our fears, and got the boys the help they needed.”


Fraser Evaluations


raser provides evaluations and diagnoses in the areas of autism, mental health, pediatric therapy, and neuropsychology for thousands of children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of special needs. These evaluations include interviews, standardized testing and clinical observation. Fraser takes a team approach, with

Evaluations over the past 3 years

parents actively involved in the evaluation process.

2012 Service Accomplishments




1500 1200

• Significant reduction in wait list times


• Creation of joint autism/ neuropsychology evaluations for adults with Asperger’s

600 300 0


 

 

Autism Program Mental Health

  Neuropsych

Total Evaluations 2010-2012













“I must never stop learning!” Like many teens and young adults with Asperger’s disorder, Devin was unprepared to navigate the work world. “I did not know how to create portfolios, dress professionally, or how to answer the most hated question in every job interview: tell me about yourself.” Devin enrolled in Fraser Adult Transition Services for help. Participants can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and then practice needed skills in a safe environment. He learned how to handle himself professionally, and how to communicate with others about his sensitivities. Now 23, Devin is finishing his associate degree and has an internship at Shoemake Company, a CPA firm in Burnsville, Minn. “The Fraser classes were intense, but the final product was worth the effort.”


Fraser Autism Center of Excellence™


raser is the largest and most experienced provider of autism services in Minnesota. Each year, Fraser provides evaluations, diagnoses, multi-disciplinary treatment, and support services to thousands of children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Our staff are highly trained and credentialed in areas including dual diagnosis, medically complex children, Down syndrome and autism, ADOS, culturally and linguistically diverse evaluations, BCBA, TEACCH, and the Denver Early Start Model. Fraser’s programs include active family involvement leading to individualized treatment plans for each person.

2012 Service Accomplishments • Adult Transition Services for teens and young adults begins serving clients • Fraser Bloomington expands to accommodate more clients and services • Staff trained in specialized programming, including Early Start Denver Model and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy • Dedicated phone and fax line created for physician / professional referrals


Clients Served

1,672 1,501 2010


2012 Client Ages






• Participated in collaborative study on autism prevalence in Somali community


0-4 yrs

5-9 yrs

10-14 yrs

15-19 yrs

20+ yrs


“I believe there are issues that I am not equipped to handle.”

Like other six-year-old boys, Eli likes basketball and toy cars. He also has had issues with “temper tantrums and big explosions,” so much so that his parents, Jodi and Steve, had to hold him to calm him down. “We adopted Eli from Ethiopia when he was 10 months old, and we aren’t sure what he went through before the adoption,” Jodi said. Fraser Adoptive Family Support has helped Eli work through his behavioral issues. “There is always a possibility of mental health issues, whether a child is adopted or biological. Fraser therapists were a great resource, and we will go back if we need them.”


Fraser Mental Health


raser provides services for children and adolescents whose parents or caregivers have concerns about their developmental, behavioral and/or emotional well-being.

We provide evaluation, therapy, preschool day treatment and support services for a variety of mental health diagnoses, including Adjustment Infographic #1 - Clients Served OverStress Disorders, Posttraumatic

Disorder, Mood Disorders, Conduct Disorders, ADHD, and Reactive Attachment Disorder. Some services are co-located and coordinated with Minneapolis Public Schools and Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties. Fraser also offers a unique program for children who are adopted or in out-of-home placements.

the Past 3 Years 2010 = 353; 2011 = 443; 2012 = 507

2012 Service Accomplishments • Staff completed Adoption Competency Training with the University of Minnesota • Added Spanish-speaking and Southeast Asian mental health case managers • Extended the mental health collaboration with Anoka/ Washington County Head Start

Clients Served Over the Past 3 Years

507 443 353












“It’s the key that opens the door.”

Caroline couldn’t understand why her young son Noah struggled when they would leave the house. It always turned into a hassle. She also noticed he had a speech delay.


When Caroline and her husband Paul received Noah’s autism diagnosis, they grieved, but quickly realized it was okay. Noah started receiving occupational and speech therapy, which are pediatric therapy services that can benefit children on the autism spectrum.

Noah began to develop coping and listening skills after working with therapists at Fraser Anoka. “We were amazed at his progress. They worked with Noah’s strengths, and he started to do things we’ve never been able to do with him before,” said Caroline.


Fraser Pediatric Therapy

raser provides comprehensive rehabilitation services for children with motor and sensory dysfunction, decreased functional and developmental skills, feeding and swallowing difficulties, and speech and language delays. Our pediatric therapy department provides evaluation, consultation, and treatment services tailored to each child. Our highly-trained, licensed occupational therapists, physical therapists, speechlanguage pathologists, and music therapists collaborate with parents, caregivers, teachers, and behavior and mental health professionals to maximize results.

Infographic #1 - Clients Served Over the Past 3 Years 2010 = 353; 2011 = 443; 2012 = 507

2012 Service Accomplishments • Expanded Learn Play Talk, a small group therapy program for pre-school age children • 85% of therapists received advanced training in specialty areas







Clients Served Over the Past 3 Years 1500 2012



• Created inter-disciplinary evaluations in partnership with Fraser Autism Services

Infographic #1 - Clients Served Over the Past 3 Years 2010 = 465; 2011 = 564; 2012 = 638


1000 2011



500 2010




“We didn’t have our own space.” Sean and Kelly are siblings who both have developmental disabilities. They have experienced quite a few living arrangements, with lots of other people that neither enjoyed. Through Fraser Supportive Living, a housing program that customizes services to the individual, they were recently able to move into an apartment together. They are now happier and better adjusted.   After a busy day, they can now come home and relax. Kelly enjoys cleaning and caring for her dolls. Sean likes listening to music and playing his guitar. “You can tell they’re relaxed and comfortable living here,” a Fraser staff person said.


Fraser Housing


Clients Served In 2012

raser operates group homes, apartment buildings and other housing options for adults with disabilities, and provides services to address the developmental, health, safety and social needs of each person living here. These homes are located in various suburban and urban neighborhoods.

Independent Living: 111

Residential Living: 104 Supportive Living: 8

For certain housing options, staff develop and manage day-to-day services to assist each person to participate in the community at his or her highest ability. Family, friends, and a receptive community play a large part in helping each person to achieve their goals.

2012 Service Accomplishments • Featured in University of Minnesota study on autism residential support models • Added four apartments to our new, innovative Supportive Living program • Director of Residential Living, Lisa Zaspel, named to the ARRM Board of Directors, an association dedicated to people with disabilities in Minnesota. • Accommodation of aging clients through training and home adaptations


“The sky is the limit.” Danielle immigrated to the United States from Ghana when she was 10 years old. She has lived in foster care for most of her time in this country, and was diagnosed with a developmental disability, adding to her challenges. Danielle connected with Fraser through Contracted Case Management, a service that helps people with disabilities navigate the social service system. Together with her Fraser Case Manager, Danielle has been able to work toward her goals, find housing, and hold a stable job working in the community. After lots of effort, Danielle also recently passed the test to become a U.S. citizen. “I’m so proud of what it represents,” Danielle said. “Becoming a U.S. citizen means everything to me.”



Fraser Home and Community Supports

raser assists people with autism and other special needs of all ages with maintaining their health and well-being, and increasing their independent living skills so that they can participate in the community. Fraser staff members work with individuals and families to design custommade programs that allow people with special needs to stay in their own homes.

2012 Service Accomplishments • Involved in the creation of Community First Services & Supports (formerly PCA Services), to begin in Minnesota in 2014 • Implemented a wellness initiative to address health disparities for adults with disabilities, with funding from UCare • Relocated HCS offices to prepare for future growth

1 ge-

Contracted Case Management Clients Served 600







Fraser Home and Community Supports offers the following services: • Contracted Case Management


• Support Planning • In-Home Family Support



• Personal Support 2010



• Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Services • Connect for Rec (children) • Connect for Rec (teens/adults)

• Respite Care


“It felt like a sense of community.”

Kim and Robert were looking for childcare that could handle their daughter’s medical needs, but also make her feel like a typical child. Evey has a genetic skin condition that requires correctlyadministered ointment, bandages and eye drops. 16 • FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

They found Fraser School, and liked that there was a Health Services Coordinator on site. “Fraser School staff had a plan right from the start,” said Kim. “They were all working together to provide the right care for Evey.”

Fraser School is inclusive, with special-needs children and typical-needs children in the same classrooms. “Evey isn’t seen as different,” said Robert. “She has lots of friends, and plays and learns like any other little girl.”

Fraser School


t Fraser School, children of all abilities learn, play and grow, side by side. Our highly skilled staff, classrooms, and wonderful indoor and outdoor play facilities help create a fun, challenging, and safe environment. Fraser School is known for its inclusive environment, where children with typical needs (without disabilities) and children with special needs contribute to each other’s development in unique and life-changing ways.

Ages of Fraser School Students in 2012


number of students




59 46







2012 Service Accomplishments

1 yr

• Arranged the classrooms using play-based Creative Curriculum philosophy • Pre-K classrooms moved to a project-based approach, where children show parents what they have accomplished

12 >1 yr

• Conducted NECPA Accreditation site visit, which included maintaining high-quality curriculum, improving training, and modifying policies (NECPA Accreditation approved early 2013)

2 yrs

3 yrs ages

4 yrs

5 yrs

6 yrs

• Teachers and therapists partnered with landscape architects to begin planning for a new therapeutic playground FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT • 17

2012 Contributors Our heartfelt thanks to all of our donors who help Fraser make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of children, adults and families with special needs. The following individuals, corporations and foundations made contributions of $100 or more to Fraser in 2012.

Names with 5+ indicate a donor of 5 consecutive years or more.

GIFTS IN HONOR OF All listings under a bold name are in honor of that name.

Trevor Allen Nikki and Steve Wendt Cyndi Anderson Taryn Anderson Tatum Anderson Shirley Nelson William Beddor, Jr. Cathy and Jim Robin Anne Booker Elizabeth Ohrn and Gary Booker Larry and Kay Brady's 56th Wedding Anniversary Kay and Larry Brady 5+ Amanda Brunsvold Warren and Deloris Burstrom Joan and Bud Butler Jeff and Karen VanMeter Jeffrey Davis and Amy Ebnet Naomi Duval and Timothy Gunn Ann Dronen Audrae Rosenzweig Todd Enerson Lindsay Finley Shane Frantz Clayton and Charis Jensen Fraser Mandy Henderson The families who cope with challenges 24 hours a day, seven days a week Heidi and Jose Gaibor 5+ Rachel Gardner Jennifer and Dennis Donnay Jill Gillis' Birthday William Wallace Sheryl Grandprey Anonymous Lloyd and Betty Grandprey 5+ Frederick Heitke The Tom and Mary Gerry Lee Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation 5+ 18 • FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

Aidan Henchen Tamara Pollock Elena Holm Scott and Melissa Holm Lauren Holm Scott and Melissa Holm Jason Jacob Jim and Barb Jacob Samuel Johnson Gregg and Kristen Johnson Adam Wilford Margeaux King Kathleen Corley Karen Koenecke Renee Aldecocea Wendy Lutter Stephanie Ross and Ted Zuhlsdorf Gannon Lynch Julie and John Lynch Jana Noreen Patricia Eckblad Teri Roberts Jeff and Karen Van Meter Don Schultz's 80th Birthday Laura Kowalsky Jim Schwert's 25th Anniversary Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnely LLP Dr. James Skridulis Kevin and Mary Skridulis Ellie Soderberg Cory and Sandy Buckman Bob and Francy Van Meter Jeff and Karen Van Meter 5+ Dane Williams Steven and Debra Williams GIFTS IN MEMORY OF

All listings under a bold name are in memory of that name.

Jack Ahern Carrie and Walter Ahern Kathleen and Tim Ahern Walter Ahern Dea Anderson Carol Barthelemy 5+ Christine Bentley 5+

Mark and Denise Brecheisen Jon and Amy Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brundell Lee and Karolyn Brundell Heidi and Stephen Burch 5+ James and Karolyn Busacker Siew Choong Wong and Chew-Hung Mak Carroll Cisek Charles Cliffe, II and Elizabeth Cliffe Patricia Cullen Patricia Cumming Rita Ann Degnan Lori and Bill Dossett 5+ Paulette Durose Hugh and Kathleen Gallagher Anne Gandrud and Brian Daunheimer Howard and Lynn Goldman William and Cynthia Graham Robert and Debra Grill Teresa Hessler Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Hoffman James and Lisa Huninghake Frederick and Janet Jacobs Dan and Denise Jacobus Constance and David Johnson Curt and Tisa Jones Jennifer and Dennis Kim Claudine Knoblauch Sharon and Paul Lovegren Janet Madrigal James and Laura Mattsson Mark McConville Jody McDonough Geoff and Bonnie Nelson Dr. and Mrs. Michael Petersen Lucille Phillips Gregory Prom Daniel and Rita Richgels

Ann Roddy and Paul Marinac Wayne and Sharon Sarappo Joseph and Maureen Seliski Stephen and Caroline Stroh Leif and Katherine Thorson Lisa and Joseph Treleven Kathleen Wandersee James and Deborah Wilmes James and Kimberly Wolpert Scott Wong Gary and Susan Zdon Cheryl and Michael Zimm Darlene Anderson Roger Anderson Dick Bauman and Gregory Kuhnmuench Margaret Bauman 5+ Michael Bowen Anne Bowen-Olson 5+ Paul Bowen Anne Bowen-Olson 5+ Henry Brown Paul Brown 5+ John Butterworth Kay and Gerald Johnson 5+ Milly Carlson Rita and Norm Miller Ross Churchward Anonymous Judith Anderson and Harvey Ginsberg Martin Andrusiak Carol Barthelemy 5+ Christine Bentley 5+ Betty and John Bullion Marcella Checco Melissa Cusick Paula and Patrick Dalton Jeanine and Charles Evenson Janice Frankman David and Mary Franske Virginia Gliedman Marilyn and Carl Halker Robert Hennesy Nancy Hirshfield Julie and William Hoeft

Lockheed Martin Friends Inella Jack Barbara Klaas Kathleen and Jeffrey Koll Molly LeVoir Gail Lundeen Brand and Ronald Brand Hilary and Fritz Magnuson Liz Misura Erin and Steven Paulsen Donald Potter and Janyce Potter Erickson Peter and Helen Raudenbush Brenda Raudenbush Griffin Lisa and Fred Rondeau Linda and Paul Schelin Janelle Schlick Katie Simon-Dastych Peggy Smith Jillean and Douglas Spong Amy and Kenneth Steinke Holly Woodhull Churchward Micah Dahlin Anonymous Gerald Donnay Jennifer and Dennis Donnay William Fleming Carol Pohle Roy Groninger Carol Pohle Betty Gundersen Susan Maurine Phillips Barksdale Janice Brisbin Janet and Edward Brownell Jane Eschweiler Karen and Clifford Fraser Lois and James Jones Chun-Jo Liu James and Harriet Skarie Richard Skarie and Elizabeth Dorn Susan Tettemer and Clair Tettemer, Jr. Mary Weinand Sylvia and David Weiser Zim Gunderson Nancy and Eugene Booker 5+ Betty Petersen Steve Hall Margaret Bekkers and Thomas Feavel 5+ Paul Heckt Karen Anderson Leslie Anderson Todd and Katherine Bloomfield Jeanne and Charles Brush Diane Cording Nancy Countryman Marie and Thomas Crusinberry Barbara Forsman Judith and Ronald Groff Kathleen Heckt Margaret Ingalls William and Rosemary Kubicek

Lynda and James Murray Elaine Napiwoski Thomas Napiwoski Phyllis Preisen Georgia Simons Richard Simons Target 5+ Sally Holland Dorothy Boler and Family Ruth Kaskowitz David and Arline Wolansky Michael Kennedy Mark and Marilyn Christianson Theodore and Alpha Erickson Patricia Jones John and Sandra McDonough Eloise Mosely Friends and Family of Maryan Williams St. Mary's Balalaika Orchestra Kathleen and Gregory Stattine Shirley Sternquist Erma and Robert Truhlar Tony King Jean King Shirley Poliquin 5+ Bruce Larson Nancy and Eugene Booker 5+ Carol Ratelle Leach Patricia Ratelle Suzanne Ratelle Judy Lundberg Anne Bowen-Olson Ginnie Curtis 5+

David and Dorthea Doty Steven and Geri Hoag Dr. Sherman and Helen Hoyt 5+ Richard and Laurie Kastner Jim and Anne Lundberg Dorothy and Francis McMahon Roland and Betty Rasmussen Lynn and Gary Schultz Luella Malknecht John and Lynne Malknecht 5+ Lynn Nordgren Sandi Olson Darlene Noreen Catherine Ahnert Laurie and Craig Anderson Lyle and Ruth Anderson Lynn and Gregory Benson Lois and Frank Cardarelle Ginnie Curtis 5+ Patricia Eckblad Margaret Filipczak Nancy and Tom Hanneman Lucille Jensen and Julie Ann Mjolsness Mary Ann and Alcuin Kilian Ellen and Kenneth Kortz Wayne and Maureen Lindholm 5+ Jeanne and Christopher Nordby Arnold Odefey Earl and Genevieve Osborne Mary Pert Allan and Lois Peterson Gloria Peterson Tom and Patrine Shadick Audrey Simmons

Phyllis Sinks Marion Thayer 5+ Dr. Thomas O'Kane Mickey O'Kane Terry Olson Sandi Olson David Pohle Norman and Ellen Batt Dorothy and B. J. Smith Nancy and Bob Sexton Kloehn William and Mary Knoll Ronald and Evie McLean Carol and Ron Olson Carol Pohle William Tatman Julie Tipton Jean and Paul Pohle Carol Pohle William Pohle Carol Pohle Lulu Primm Naomi Duval and Timothy Gunn Alex Ratelle Walter L. Brown, MD and Margery A. Hurst Julie and Duane Cologne Great Northern Twin Cities, LLC Stuart and Gail Hanson Eleanor and Robert Hattery Dr. & Mrs. Jon W. Joseph Deborah and James Larson Addie Mattson Jennifer and Eric Schaefer Heather and Daniel Schmid Amber Serwat David and Ina Sickels Mark and Lacey Wellens


Dick Revord Nancy and Eugene Booker 5+ Cindy Robb Gayle Rupp Ruth Schultz Donald Schultz 5+ Vicky Solomonson Skip and Lee Humphrey William Wallace Mary Strother

Leo Bruhl 5+ Carol Sturm Patricia Hausmann Warren and Judy Sturm 5+ Jenelle Telschow-Hawley Rick and Connie Ferris 5+ William Thayer Leslie and Todd Anderson Michelle and Craig Benson Beverly and Richard Burman H. Elaine Buzby Karen and Dan Carlson 5+ Catherine and Joseph Caron David and Holly Colwell 5+ Martha and Mark Comeau Mary Couch-Hollerman and John Hollerman Cheryl Curtis Maureen Edwin Sylvia and Dick Eisler Stephen and Rita Fiebiger Kathryn Gerber Carol Gerber George Hast Nancy and Don Hutchison Paul and Jane Jaeger Carol and Ed Johnson 5+ Rosella Johnson 20 • FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

Robert and Irene Johnson Maureen Keegan Gloria Korn Beulah and Howard Kreger Carl and Nancy Larson Wesley and Mary Kate Laseski 5+ Wayne and Maureen Lindholm 5+ Mary Mathison NAAS Chiropractic Clinic

Diane Naas Darlene Noreen 5+ Allan and Lois Peterson Susan and Thomas Pilon Dawn Sims Jan and Mary Tanghe 5+ Ann and Robert Tellander Marion Thayer 5+ Nancy Kay Thorvilson, MD Mr. and Mrs. Thorvilson Elaine and Delmar Yetley Lois Vogt Dea Anderson Carol Barthelemy 5+ Christine Bentley 5+ Heidi and Stephen Burch 5+ Shirley and Ross Dinham 5+ Mari and Allie Duda Eileen Ann Wagner Carol Barthelemy 5+ Robyn and Andrew Hannan Doug and Molly Van Metre 5+ Gary and Nancy Wagner 5+ Kari Wagner Walt West Brian Mark Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation 5+ Harold Wulf Michael and Karen Frey

Timothy and Bonnie Johnson Ruth Zimdars Dorothy Boler and Family

FINANCIAL GIFTS FROM INDIVIDUALS Anonymous (11) David and Katie Aafedt Katie Aaltmann Peggy and Jon Abram

Amy Adamson 5+ Steve Agrimson and Sam Decker Douglas and Joan Ahrens David Aller Amy and Scott Anderson 5+ Brent Anderson Cheryl and Al Anderson George and Barbara Anderson 5+ Greg Anderson Jack Anderson and Marsha Niebuhr Jan Anderson Pamela and Arne Anderson 5+ Roger Anderson Taryn Anderson Tiffany and Sam Anderson Glenn and Jennifer Andis 5+ Bruce and Paula Andrews Sally and Peter Anson 5+ Gregory and Janice Aplin Nancy Archer Ruth Arneson 5+ Richard and Cynthia Atkinson 5+ Melinda Aurandt 5+ Jane Baer Tyler and Becca Bair Bryan and Kimberly Baker Lyle and Margie Baker

Sheila Baldwin Dawn Barber Jacob and Sherri Barker Joel and Emily Barker Catherine Barr 5+ Jennifer and James Barrett 5+ Bob Barricks Carol Barthelemy 5+ Nick and Karen Basil 5+ Margaret Bauman 5+ Sarah and Dan Beaty 5+ Elaine and Wilbert Becker 5+ Marilyn Beddor Bill and Bea Beddor 5+ Prashant Behl Michael and Karen Bender David Benditt and Mary Ann Goldstein 5+ Kevin and Janine Bennett Andrea Beno Christine Bentley 5+ Rick and Mary Beresford Jessi and George Bergh 5+ Helen and Gary Bergren Jo and Tom Bergstrom 5+ Emely and Marty Berkowitz Thomas Beyer and Jade Chong 5+ Jerry and Diana Bible Rebecca and Greg Bikfasy 5+ John Binder Christina and Mads BjornRoli 5+ James Blue Paul and Vicki Blum 5+ Josh and Anne Bobich Gregory and Jodie Boderman 5+ Bruce and Amy Bodine Tony and Tracy Bohmert 5+ Kimbra and Chad Boitnott Michael Bono and Kathie Constantine 5+ Bev Bonte Nancy and Eugene Booker 5+ Katherine and Nick Boosalis Jill and Richard Bosler 5+ Wendy Bouchard-Nelson and Robert Nelson Magdaline Bovis Anne Bowen-Olson 5+ Sarah Bower Brad and Patty Braaten Kay and Larry Brady 5+ Rochelle J. Brandl 5+ Neil Brastad Tony and Celeste Brausen 5+ Charles Breer and Holly Brackett Kris Brehm Cynthia and Dennis Bremer 5+ Mark and Jenny Bretheim Brian and Diana Beutner 5+ Brian and Susan Mark Lenen Brier Brigid and Kevin Brindley 5+ Loren Brockhouse Hudie Broughton Barry and Theresa Brown

Names with 5+ indicate a donor of 5 consecutive years or more.

Brad Brown Laura and Tim Brown 5+ Richard and Kim Brown Robert Brown 5+ Martin and Donna Bruhl 5+ Mary Ann and Roger Bull Marc Bumgarner Ann and Thomas Buratti Lou and Allan Burdick 5+ Brian and Nicole Burke Kristen and Jamie Burnett Bruce and Pauline Burnham Bryan and Patty Burns Doug Burns 5+ Mary and Rick Burnton Rick and Barbara Burrock Armi and John Busch Kathy A. Busch Peter and Lori Bushman Scott and Stephanie Buss 5+ Terry and Debbie Busson Barry and Joni Butzow 5+ Bryan and Julie Butzow 5+ Karen Cain Peter and Joan Calott Amy Canfield Jayne Carey-Peterson and Jerry Peterson 5+ Dan Carlson 5+ Gregory and Nancy Carlson Karen and Dan Carlson 5+ Steve and Rose Carlson Donald and Yvonne Carlton Tonia and E. Charles Carpenter Janice and Gerald Carroll Dane and Kelli Carsen 5+ Patricia Carson Dede Carter Jammie Carufel Julie Herrmann Casey and Tim Casey 5+ Lorraine and James Cegla 5+ Lois Chalupsky Colleen and Jeffrey Cheever Dale Chellis and Toni Sergott Marica Chen Eddy and Karen Christensson Matt Christianson and Robert Williams Karen Christopherson 5+ Amanda Chrysler Janelle Cikanek Clare and Bill Cizek Carter Clapsadle and Julie Baugnet Kevin Clark Mary-Louise and Bradley Clary Timothy and Debra Clayton Debra and John Clotfelter Penny Cody 5+ Roberta Cole Heather Collen David and Holly Colwell 5+ Linda Comiskey 5+ William and Nancy Conley Erika and Steve Connelly Suzanne Cook Anne Cooper

John and Kathleen Cooper Nancy Given Copeland Zabeth Cornelius-Knudsen Dixie Courant 5+ Ellen and David Cousins Russell Cowles and Josine Peters Christine Cox Lawrence Cox 5+ Melissa and Norman Cox Jim and Lori Cram Scott Craven Diane Cross and Jan Andersen 5+ Shon Crowley 5+ Barbara and Jay Darby 5+ Della Custer Stacey Dahman 5+ Dan Berg and Welcome Jerde 5+ Barbara and Jay Darby Athena Dascalos Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton Anne de Rovere and Emmanuel Darne 5+ Joyce De Vries Owen and Susan deCathelineau Kevin and Emily Decker Ruth Dessel Teresa DeVries-Carter and Derek Carter 5+ Pamela Dewall Jay Dienst Craig Dillon and Hailey Gabriel Gina and Dave Dillon 5+ Shirley and Ross Dinham 5+ Teresa Divine 5+ Scott Dobbins Frank Docherty 5+ Nancee Doepke Charles and Caryn Donly Edward Donnay John Dovolis George Dow and Bonita Hill John Dow Kevin and Cheri Doyle 5+ Ryan and Emily Doyle 5+ Cheryl and David Dragotis Jack Duncan Scott and Christina Dunnewind Diane Dunning 5+ Cathy Dusatko Margaret and David Duxbury Jane Eastlund Patricia Eckblad Steve and Beth Ecklund Susan M. Eich and James C. Pohle 5+ Heather Elliott-Heath Dave Ellis Eric Emmette and Jennifer Lundblad Elizabeth and Mel Eng Susan Engebretson and Scott Carlson 5+ Stephen and Mary Kate Engel 5+

Jessica and Jim Enneking 5+ Michael Enzenauer Dawn and Brian Erdman 5+ Mike and Dawn Erlandson Nick and Kelley Esch 5+ Jane and Laurence Eshleman 5+ Arne and Jeri Espeseth Armantina Malvarez Espinosa, M.D. 5+ Kenneth and Rosanne Everson Letty and Leo Faller 5+ Sandra Farmer Denise and Frank Farr Gus and Pat Fenton 5+ Tamar Fenton and David Pink Maria Fernandez de Arriaga and Sanjay Ingle Rick and Connie Ferris 5+ Sheba Fideler Cynthia and Bruce Field Luke Fielder Matthew and Meghan Finn Sara and Chad Fitterer 5+ Rachel Flaherty Grant Fleming Craig Flom and Susan Bowman 5+ Eileen and Brian Foley Michael and Sandra Foley Joan and Keith Folkert Barbara and Ken Ford Sara Ford and Kim Klose James Forman Judith Forshay Barbara Forster and Larry Hendrickson Anita Foster Eldon and Geraldine Foster Bill and Katherine Fox John and Deborah Fox 5+ Nick and Jocelyn Frank Wallace Frantz Rebecca Fraser 5+ Tim Fraser and Lee-Anne Famolare 5+ Bert and Shirin Fristedt Michael Frommelt and Brenda Beukelman 5+ Irene and Thomas Fuchs Cindy and David Furda Cindy Fussy Amy and Eric Gafkjen Ernest Gafkjen James M. and Barbara M. Gahlon 5+ Heidi and Jose Gaibor 5+ John Gainor Noel and Sarah Gallagher Mikhail and Sophie Ganevitch 5+ Barbara and Peter Ganzer Jennifer Garber Rachel and Nick Gardner 5+ Diane Gates and Shelley Buss 5+ Michele Gatien and Nevin Dikel 5+ Karen and Bob Gerdes

Lois Gernbacher 5+ Jill and Jeff Gillis Wayne Gisslen Karla Gluek Anjali Goel and Mike Alter Mark and Elizabeth Goin 5+ Maria Golden Phil Goldman Chuck and Judy Golla Richard Gonion Lawrence and Carol Goode Jennifer and Todd Gordner 5+ Kathi Gordon Mike and Meredith Gordon Jeanna Gorka Lindsey Gorski 5+ Michael and Judith Graceman 5+ Carol and Jeff Grady 5+ Roger and Ruth Granberg Lloyd and Betty Grandprey 5+ Amy Grandstaff Mindy Grantham Hazen and Kathy Graves 5+ John Greener Bob, Kim, Jason and Matthew Gregg 5+ Mark and Pamela Greiner David and Kathleen Grey Kim and Marie Griesman Donald and Shirley Grindstaff Sheila and Corey Grisim 5+ Marilyn and Wilbur Grunewald 5+ Judith Gundersen Anna Gunderson Dorothy Gunderson Beth Gunderson 5+ Jeremy Gurney Lilly Haagenson Roy Hakala Marchael Haldeman Mark and Lana Halldorson 5+ Alison and Mark Halley 5+ Tom and Pam Halpern 5+ Barb and Dave Halsey 5+ Tim Hanline Lacey Hanson Michael Hanson Eric and Jennifer Harkins Kimberly A. Harms Michele Harris Scott Harris Mary Harrison 5+ Katie and Philip Harry Glen Harstad David Hart Marge Hartfell Edward Hathaway and Pamela Haiden 5+ Cynthia and Troy Hatlestad Robert and Kate Hauer John Hawley and Jenelle Telschow-Hawley 5+ Richard and Claudia Hawley Barbi Hayne Christine and Frank Hays 5+ Michael Healy Tom Healy FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT • 21

Heidi and Frank Heard Kathleen Heckt Melvin Heckt Stephanie and James Heidtke Jim and Rochelle Heinz 5+ Fred Heitke 5+ Jack and Jody Heitzman Sheila and Thomas Helm Stella Hemann Stephen Hemsley and Janis Leafgren Jennifer and Mike Hendel Lili Herbert and Tim Sheldon Lynn and Blake Herman Julie Heyd and Michael Weber Jim and Darcy Hield Shelley Hill and Kristine Berndt Adam and Sue Hjerpe 5+ Ann Hobbie and Jeff Benjamin Bob Hoeppner 5+ Steve and Beth Hoeppner 5+ John Hof David and Carol Hofstad George Holden Jeff and Cindy Holker 5+ Melissa and Scott Holm John and Linda Holper Shelley and Kenneth Horstman 5+ Suzanne Howe-Dostal and Mark Dostal Chrisy Hughes Bryan and Nadine Huisman 5+ Skip and Lee Humphrey Todd Hutson Martha and Rich Ingram 5+ Steven and Michelle Inman Harold Ireton 5+ Laura Jaap and James Senst Michael and Kimberly Jackelen Abe Jacob Jim and Barb Jacob Kirsten and Bob Jacob 5+ Courtney and Tanner Jacobs Paul and Jane Jaeger Richard and Cathleen Jaeger 5+ Jenna Jagusch Margaret Jakubik Christine and Steven Jansen Debra Jergenson Amy Johnson Audrey Johnson Carol Johnson Carol and Ed Johnson 5+ Cheryl Johnson Deron Johnson Erik Johnson Gary Johnson and Lynne Cecil-Johnson Gregg and Kristen Johnson John and Cathy Johnson John and Cynthia Johnson Kay and Gerald Johnson 5+ Lori Johnson Nicholas Johnson Restor and Sally Johnson 5+ 22 • FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

Timothy and Bonnie Johnson William Johnson Ann and David Jones Nancy Jorgenson Mary and Charles Jungmann 5+ Matt Kading 5+ Paul and Roberta Kady Art and Martha Kaemmer Dave and Jean Kaiser Anne Kaldun Sandra and Brian Kamin Donna and Michael Kaplan 5+ Colleen Kargel 5+ Brent and Carly Karjala Joan and Nathaniel Karlins Victoria and Ira Kasdan 5+ Shawn Kearney 5+ Garrison Keillor and Jenny Lind Nilsson Thomas and Victoria Keller Joan Kelley Marty Kelley Charles Kelly Kay and Robert Kennedy Jill Kester 5+ Emily Kinser Bob Kirchoff Mary and James Kirtland Keith Klein Barbara and Rich Klish 5+ Vonda and Keith Knefelkamp 5+ Clifford Knippel Deb and Phil Knutson 5+ Jennifer Knutson 5+ Ted and Mary Koenecke 5+ Paul and Nancy Koepcke 5+ Kristine Kohman 5+ Bruce Komplien Jason and Janice Korstange Stephen Korthals Dennis and Jodi Kortsha 5+ Lori and Peter Kosek Irene and Marv Koski Corey and Bobbi Kotek Steve and Karen Kowalke Peter Kronschnabel Theodore and Stacy Kronschnabel Rosanne Kropp Michael and Carole Krutsch Sara and Ron Kuehn 5+ Susan Kunach 5+ Daniel and Constance Kunin 5+ Pamela and Richard Kunkel 5+ Lori and Tom Kuschel Jon LaCount Tim LaFleur Gaetan and Cheryl Lambiase Richard and Susan Lanahan Ann Marie Lang Sara Langenfeld Colleen Larson Kirk Larson Wesley and Mary Kate Laseski 5+ Kate and Tom Law The Law Family Mark and Susan Leder Mike and Cathy Lee

Tom and Mary Lee 5+ Thomas Leffert Rick and Anita Leggott Jane Lehar and William Ikola Amy Lemieux Meg and Patrick Lennander 5+ Kristin and Andy Leonard Anne and Brett Letourneau Tina and Eric Leuthardt Rebecca and Christopher Levine Chris and Marion Levy 5+ Ann and Michael Lichty 5+ Heather and Dennis Lider Gus and Jane Liepitz David Lima 5+ Nancy and Bill Lindberg Marcia and Wayne Lindblad 5+ Gordon and Bernadette Lindholm 5+ Sharon Link and Robert Lewis 5+ Peter and Karen Loewenson 5+ Mark and Kathy Lomen 5+ Matt and Tina Loskota Holly Lott and Dennis Vogen Roland and Cheryl Lott Liberty Lucken Kay Luedtke-Smith and Ken Smith Thomas Lujan Jan Luker 5+ Jennifer Lundblad and Eric Emmette Eileen and Mike Lundin Dale and Connie Lundtvedt Walter and Jacquie Luoma Judy Lutter and Hap Lutter Wendy Lutter and Eric Bosler 5+ Julie and John Lynch Scott and Andrea Madson 5+ John and Lynne Malknecht 5+ Elizabeth Maltby Stephen and Alicia Mann 5+ Marie Manthey Susan Maples and Lorrie Louder 5+ Theresa Marble Rebecca and Timothy Marchand Krishnan Margabandhu Amy Marks 5+ Carolyn and Bobby Marshall 5+ Kari and Christopher Marshall Kristen and Peter Martin David and Margret Martodam 5+ Linda Mason Charles J. Maxwell, Jr. & Tara D. Maxwell 5+ David Maynard Maynard and Madeline Johnson Douglas Mayo and Susan Long Rep. Pat Mazorol Matt and Julie McBride Laura McCarthy 5+ Cathy and Mike McCarty

Heather McConaughey Kim and David McConnell 5+ Sheana and John McCoy Heidi and Andy McDonald Bridget McGreevy Tracey and Patrick McGuinn 5+ Patricia McIlvenna Cindy and Terry McInroy 5+ Jane Meeker Sue and Joseph Meier 5+ Tigist Melaku and Abayneh Woldeyes Jean Melton Koch Jean Menard Sandra Menning-Glavan 5+ Paula and Tom Mertens Todd and Katie Messerli 5+ Claire Metter 5+ David Meyer Jeffrey Meyer Jennifer and Eric Meyer 5+ Margaret and Brian Meyer 5+ Rick and Sara Michel Cindy Miklos Erin Miller Richard Miner David and Mary Mingo Amy and Douglas Mitchell Steve and Mary Moen 5+ Eric Moleski Molly and Ronald Poole 5+ Stacey Monsen Lisa Guzek Montagne and Guy Montagne Jim and Betsy Moore 5+ Shawn Moore Rick and Jan Moser Tom and Lisa Moser Jack and Judy Mowry Jody and Sean Mowry Michele Moylan Marko and Bobbi Mrkonich Judy and Paul Mullaney 5+ Sharon and Donald Munson 5+ Jerome and Bonnie Murphy Ruth and Lawrence Murphy Robert Murray Charles and Denise Musech Vicki and Darrell Musech Kathleen Swendsen and Stephen Nazian 5+ Bruce and Jayme Neary Kathleen Nelson 5+ Lisa and Todd Nelson 5+ Russ Nelson Shirley Nelson Tara Nelson Todd and Jana Nelson Kirsten Nesbitt 5+ Kay and Dennis Netland Karen and John Newman 5+ Amelia Nielsen Matthew and Melissa Nielsen Scott Nieman 5+ Tami Nitzschke 5+ Jane Nofer and Steve Poskanzer Drs. Steven and Anna Noran 5+ David and Carol Nordli 5+

Names with 5+ indicate a donor of 5 consecutive years or more.

Darlene Noreen 5+ Andrea Novak Dan and Joy O'Bresky Jean and John O'Connell Kevin Odefey 5+ Christie and Roger Oettinger 5+ Jim and Sharon Ogle Elizabeth Ohrn and Gary Booker Ashok and Smita Ojna Mickey O'Kane and Richard Rosenberg Robert and Megan O'Leary David and Valerie Olheiser Ben and Rita Olk 5+ Ann Olmsted Janet and Rick Olsen Barbara F. Olson 5+ Gilbert Olson Kathy Olson Robert Olson and Joy Shimmin-Olson Sandi Olson Nan Owen and John Lavander 5+ Nicole Padget Judith and Michael Parock Peter and Kathy Parten Lisa Paulson Tom and Ginny Paulson 5+ Elaine Peik Lynne and Petros Pelos 5+ Martin Perkins Josine Peters Marion Petersmeyer Paul Peterson 5+ Gregory Peyer Taylor Phelps and Laura Pfeiffer Timothy and Susan Phillips Pete Pielow Mark and Elizabeth Pihart 5+ Nina Pilcher Ross and Laura Plaetzer Tamara Pollock Colleen and John Polson 5+ Martha Pomerantz Linnea Poretti 5+ Adam Powell Edward Prigge Jennifer Puckett Patricia and Joe Pulice 5+ Jacqueline Tschida Punch 5+ Debra and Gordon Purcell 5+ Nicholas and Gail Puzak Kathryn Ramstad Sheryl A. Ramstad Steph Rand Suzanne Ratelle 5+ Joanne and Steve Rempe 5+ Richard G. Revord 5+ Margaret Reynolds Kevin and Nancy Rhein 5+ Howard D. Richards 5+ Lori and Drew Riley 5+ Elizabeth and Harlan Rise 5+ Berni and Roger Rivard Robert and Rita Rivard 5+ Ruth Rivard

Jeannine Rivet and Warren Herreid Peter Robb 5+ James and Susan Robbins Cathy and Jim Robin Amy and Jonathan Robinson Mary Roepke Randy Rogers Tammy and Dustin Rogne Diane and Anton Rohan Douglas Rohkohl Andrew Rolnick Dan and Lisa Rooney Rose and Michael Rosario 5+ Ken Rose Stephanie Ross and Ted Zuhlsdorf Jacqueline Rossi Carol Ward Rossman 5+ Adam Ruben Derek and Diane Rucker Michael and Harriet Rucker Tammy Rudquist Colleen Ruegermer Karine and Jason Ruis Gayle Rupp Peggy Rupp Karilyn and Terry Ryan Kira Sabot Scott Salmon Janice Sanner 5+ James and Susan Sathre John and Colleen Sathre Stephanie Savage Ms. Carolyn L. Schaefer Michael and Lori Schaefer Avery and Dervis Scheib Alan and Leah Schelin Nancy and Richard Scherer Tricia and Skip Schimek Laura Schmidt Beth Schmieg 5+ Wayne and Anne Schmieg 5+ Mary Schneider and Matthew Jones Justin and Magan Schoeben Marjorie and Bradley Schreier Bernice Schroeder Kathleen and Mark Schuchardt Michael Schuchardt David Schulman Chris Schultz 5+ Donald Schultz 5+ Mark and Ann Marie Schultz 5+ Victoria and Timothy Schumann 5+ Elizabeth Schwie Jessica Schwie and Lawrence Peltier Terry and Bev Scully 5+ Fred and Alice Seagren Greg Seagren Scott Searl Greg Sebald and Patricia Docherty Gayle Seefeldt Troy Seefeldt Raymond and Barbara Seguin

Amy Seidel and Michael Coddington Sarah and Dimitri Senaratna 5+ Douglas and Ann Sewich John Seyer 5+ Nancy Shafer Sarah Shafer and Amy Kirby 5+ Lee and Jerald Shannon Krista and David Shaw 5+ Brian Shea Robert Sherwin 5+ Robert and Lois Scheerer Tonia Shupien 5+ Helen Silha Kara Sime John Sjolander 5+ Ed and Lucille Skluzacek 5+ James Skridulis 5+ Carrilyn and Tim Smith Jay and Diane Smith Kristin and Kevin Smith Sarah and Justin Smith 5+ Tom and Peggy Smith Donna and Myron Snyder Bob and Lana Sorensen Sheree Speer 5+ Jenn and Justin Spinler John Splavec Bob and Connie Spreigl 5+ Susan St. John Scott and Ruth Stangeland 5+ Patrick and Jill Stapleton Victoria and Lee Staudt 5+ Susan Stehling and Daniel Alms

Susan and Kip Steincross Jon and Roxanne Stender 5+ Cathy Stepanek Michelle Stephenson Deedee Stevens-Neal and Scott Neal 5+ Don and Leslie Stiles Marcia and John Stout 5+ John Stoxen Stephen Streng and Electra Coucouvanis Judy and Jim Strommen Warren and Judy Sturm 5+ Steve Suckow Stacy and Michael Sullivan Bob Sutter Sara and Rich Svir Vickie Swanson and Tom Vogel Theodore Sweetser Peter Swenson and Pam Jewson Sunny Talbot and Joel Walker 5+ Jan and Mary Tanghe 5+ Lance Tarran Maggie and Leif Taubenberger Denine Taylor 5+ Susan and Paul Taylor Jane Terpstra and Charles Stark 5+ William and Gail Thedinga 5+ Colleen and David Theisen 5+ Jon and Lea Theobald 5+ Dee Thibodeau Emily and Matthew Thomas 5+


Jennifer and Shane Thompson DeAnn Thyse 5+ Audra and Jeff Timm Richard and Kathy Tonn 5+ Bill and Marge Traiser 5+ Mai Tran Tony and Mary Tripeny 5+ Barb and Louis Turner Jacki and Robin Uithoven Jean Ulness 5+ Rick Urquhart Candice and Luis Urrutia Marty and Sue Valasek Deborah and Mark Van Julie and Brandon Van Dover Doug and Molly Van Metre 5+ Jody and Brian Van Ness Tina and Tim Vanderhoff Frances and Robert Van Meter Jeff and Karen Van Meter 5+ Sashank and Keisha Varma Gabriella Vasquez Michelle and Ron Veith

Judy and Radm Weiss Richard Weiss Kathy Wellington Sarah Welsch Nikki and Steve Wendt Paul Werler 5+ Mary Jo West Kevin and Holly Westbrock Leon and Patricia Westbrock Micah Westby Aura Wharton-Beck and Joel Beck 5+ Matthew and Barb White 5+ Beverly Whitehouse 5+ Sarah Wiczek Randy and Lisa Wilcox Adam Wilford Mike and Michelle Wilhelm 5+ Laura and Robert Willette 5+ William and Susan Sands Brian and Jona Williams David Williams Steven and Debra Williams

Bill Venell Theresa and Brook Vickery Linda Videen Tammy and Tracy Voigt Gina and Patrick Votel Rodney and Nicole Vucenich Gary and Nancy Wagner 5+ Robert and Sandra Wagner Amanda and Donald Walbridge 5+ Barb Waldoch Sandra Walker Yolanda and Daniel Wang Frank and Valerie Warner Carol and Douglas Watson Eric Weatherman and Theresa Eichhorn Priscilla and Charles Weigel 5+ Richard and Elizabeth Weigel 5+ Dana Weise 5+ Jean Weiss and David Kester 5+

Tammy Williams Mark Williamson and Lynn Bebeau Heidi and Misha Wilson 5+ David Witzig Pete and Tamara Wold 5+ Allison Wolf Morgan and John Wood Monique and Sheldon Wood Christi and Paul Wooderson Kirtland and Nicole Woodhouse Kathryn Woodruff and Paul Luehr 5+ Brad and Julie Woodstra Charles Woosley John and Joan Wright 5+ Walla and Chris Wright Dusty Wulf 5+ Jackie Wulf Katherine and Matthew Yost Andy Young


John, Connie, and Michael Young 5+ Andrea Zachman Jade Zavatkay Steve and Barb Zawadski Bernhard and Anna Zimmermann Terrie and Mike Zirbes Colleen and Richard Zvosec

FINANCIAL GIFTS FROM ORGANIZATIONS Anonymous 3M Foundation, Inc. Activstyle, Inc. 5+ AgriBank, FCB 5+ All-American Fastpitch Softball Camps Backpack Tactics LLC Baker Foundation The Barker Family Fund Best Buy 5+ Best Buy PAC Match Program The Bieber Family Foundation 5+ Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota BlueWater Manufacturing BMO Harris Bank Boulay, Heutmaker, Zibell & Co. 5+ Brackett's Crossing Country Club 5+ Brady's Brewhouse Brian and Diana Beutner Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation 5+ Brian Mark Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Burdick Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation 5+ The Butzow Family Foundation 5+ C.H. Robinson Worldwide Foundation Caliber Foundation 5+ Carl & Aune Lind Family Foundation Catalyst Foundation Charles J. Maxwell, Jr. & Tara D. Maxwell Fund 5+ Citywide Service Corp Coborns Delivers, LLC Community Health Charities Minnesota Community Shares of Minnesota 5+ Coordinated Business Systems, Ltd 5+ Corporate Commission of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians Courant Gift Fund Craig J. Alexander Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation The Dan Berg and Welcome Jerde Family Fund Delta Dental of Minnesota 5+

Eddie'z Southdale Car Wash, Inc. The Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation, Inc. 5+ The Emanuel and Anna Weinstein Foundation 5+ Emerson Engelsma Family Foundation 5+ Environmental Resource Council Famous Dave's of America, Inc. Filtration Engineering Co, Inc. The F.L.A.G. Foundation, Inc Flint Hills Resources 5+ Fox Den Salon Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation 5+ Free Spirit Publishing G&K Services Foundation Gallagher Benefit Services Gamco Investors General Mills Foundation 5+ Geritom Medical, Inc. 5+ Goetz & Eckland, P.A. 5+ Goldstar Events, Inc. Gordon and Bernadette Lindholm Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation 5+ Grant Thornton Greystone Foundation Gustafson Gluek PLLC HealthPartners Hennepin County Children's Mental Health Collaborative The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation Hubert H. Humphrey Foundation 5+ Hutter Family Foundation 5+ International Parts Supply Corporation IT Catalysts, Inc. IWJ Foundation 5+ Janus Foundation Duane and Lynda Jergenson Family Foundation KeyStone Search 5+ Kohl's Cares for Kids Kopp Family Foundation 5+ Laird Norton Family Fund 5+ James A. Levine Trust 5+ Life Time Fitness Foundation 5+ Lifetouch, Inc. 5+ Lindquist & Vennum 5+ Mairs and Power, Inc. 5+ Mann Theatres, Inc. 5+ Margaret Rivers Fund 5+ Maynard B. Johnson Foundation Medica Merchant & Gould Meristem 5+ Metal Craft Machine & Engineering, Inc. Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities Minnesota State Arts Board

Names with 5+ indicate a donor of 5 consecutive years or more.

Minnesota Vikings Children's Fund, Inc. The Molly and Ronald Poole Family Fund 5+ Morgan Stanley Foundation 5+ Mosaic Company Noran Neurological Clinic, P.A. 5+ Nordstrom NovaCon Solutions Olivia Carsen Memorial Foundation 5+ Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnely LLP Optimist Club of Richfield Otting House Movers, LLC Paradigm Services, Inc. Parkview Heating and Air, Inc. POPP Communications Ray Edwards Memorial Trust 5+ RBC Foundation - USA Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. 5+ Revord Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Richard & Elizabeth Weigel Family Fund Richfield - Bloomington Eagles Auxiliary Richfield Bloomington Credit Union 5+ The Richfield Foundation Richfield Rotary Foundation Riverway Foundation Roles Family Foundation 5+ Royce N. and Janice L.Sanner Charitable Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation 5+ Saint's Commercial Food Service The Saint Paul Foundation 5+ Schermer, Inc. Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A. 5+ Select Evergreen Construction Shapco The Shared Fund 5+ Sica's Clients Sieff Family Foundation 5+ Sit Investment Associates Foundation 5+ Steven and Karen Kowalke Fund Syntax, Inc. Target 5+ Tennant Foundation 5+ Tetrapak Thiel, Campbell, Gunderson, Anderson and Levine, PLLP Thomson Reuters 5+ The Tom and Mary Gerry Lee Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation The Tom S. Detwiler Foundation, Inc. Tonn Family Foundation U.S. Charitable Gift Trust 5+ UCare Minnesota UnitedHealth Group 5+

Uponor Upper Sioux Community Vincent - A Restaurant Walser Foundation Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 5+ William and Susan Sands Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.


The following organizations matched employee gifts made to Fraser.

Aetna Foundation 5+ AgriBank, FCB 5+ Ameriprise Financial 5+ Aon Service Corporation Bank of America Charitable Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota BMO Harris Bank Corning Incorporated Foundation Delta Dental of Minnesota 5+ Dunn Bros Follett Corporation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation 5+ ING Jostens Foundation McDonald's Corporation 5+ Metes & Bounds Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 5+ Piper Jaffray Employee Giving Program Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation 5+ RBC Foundation - USA SFM Mutual Insurance Company 5+ TCF Foundation Tennant Foundation 5+ The Humana Foundation Thomson Reuters 5+ Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 5+ U.S. Bancorp Foundation 5+ UnitedHealth Group 5+ Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Foundation 5+ Xcel Energy Xcel Energy Foundation

GIFTS IN KIND FROM INDIVIDUALS Anonymous Cynthia Ali Eden and Steven Amos Stacy Baker Nancy and Eugene Booker 5+ Mary Breitenstein Laura and Tim Brown 5+ Kim and Robert Carlson Mary and Robert Crosby Charles Elsbecker Susan Erickson

Jennifer and Warren Feather Jessica Ferris Susie Friedman Sharon Gregoire Jennifer and David Gruenzner Dan Heins Karen and Christopher Hodgson Tom and Tina Jackson Susan Jelinski Lynda and Duane Jergenson 5+ Keith and Susan Jones Mary and Charles Jungmann Kerry Kelzenberg Bob and Ruth Ann Kempf Keith and Vonda Knefelkamp 5+ Erin and Robert Krukoski Greg and Carrie Larson James A. Levine 5+ Sharon Link and Robert Lewis 5+ John Maciejny Stephanie and Benjamin Magras Joe Mauer Charles J., Jr. and Tara D. Maxwell 5+ Mariah McCabe Ron McCoy 5+ Tracey and Patrick McGuinn Mickey O'Kane Pam Paige Colleen and John Polson 5+ Krystal Powers Richard Proman and Susan Sell Jimmy Reagan Pamela and Charles Reimler Margaret Reynolds Peter Robb 5+ Gail Speckmann Christopher Straub Stephanie and David Swierenga Denine Taylor Mike and Terri Trombley Doug and Molly Van Metre 5+ Kari Wagner Heidi and Misha Wilson 5+ John, Connie, and Michael Young 5+

GIFTS IN KIND FROM ORGANIZATIONS Anonymous Acadian Candle Company Aeropostale Agropur Al Vento Albert's Organics Amsterdam Bar & Hall Architecture for Humanity Minneapolis/St. Paul Arts & Flowers, Inc. Auction Harmony Bachman's Floral & Garden Center Beer Dabbler Be'Wiched Deli

Big Event Productions 5+ Big Top Wine & Spirits Birchwood Cafe Blue Door Pub Blue Plate Restaurant Company Brackett's Crossing Country Club 5+ Brave New Workshop Theatre Breadsmith Brian Graham Salon Broders’ Pasta Bar & Cucina Italiana Bruegger's Bagels Brunswick Zone XL Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater Buttery Bakery Cafe Cafe Maude Cal's Market and Garden Center Cannon River Winery Cascade Lodge and Restaurant Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Chez Daniel Christ Presbyterian Church Circus Juventas Coffee & Tea, Ltd. ComedySportz Common Roots Cafe Contempl8 T-Shirts Coordinated Business Systems, Ltd 5+ Crooked Pint Ale House Crowne Plaza St. Paul Riverfront Hotel The Day Spa Deirdre's Handcrafted Jewelry Down in the Valley Bakehouse East Lake Liquor edgPRODUCTIONS 5+ Eisele Greenhouse, Inc. FACES Mears Park Fantesca Estate & Winery Fat Lorenzo's Flint Hills Resources 5+ Foundations Worldwide, Inc. Fox Den Salon Fresh & Natural Foods Fulton Brewery Future Concepts Studio & Spa Gallagher Benefit Services Gandhi Mahal General Mills 5+ Ginger Hop GLITZ Gold Nugget Guthrie Theater Haskell's Hell's Kitchen Hilton Hotel - Bloomington Hilton Hotel - Minneapolis 5+ Holy Land Hot Plate Ichiban Japanese Steak House Illusion Theater International Dairy Queen, Inc. Izzy's Ice Cream Café Jack Link's Japs-Olson Company 5+ FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT • 25


Bright Futures Circle

PLANNED GIFT DONORS The following donors have included Fraser in their estate plans by naming Fraser as a beneficiary in their wills, life insurance policies, retirement accounts or trust arrangements.

Anonymous (11) Sharman Davis Barrett 5+ Dr. Robert Barricks Margaret Bauman 5+ Bill and Bea Beddor 5+ Margaret Bekkers and Thomas Feavel 5+ Anne Bowen-Olson 5+ Shelly and John* Brandl 5+ Christine A. Brown Paula M. Carlson Diane Cross and Jan Andersen 5+ Nancy and Todd Dalaska Shirley and Ross Dinham 5+ Richard and Connie Ferris 5+ Robert M. Ferris* Richard A. Forslund Rebecca Fraser Wesley and Ruth* Fraser David and Helen* Fritz Robert G. Gunderson* Jim and Rochelle Heinz 5+ Adam and Susan Hjerpe 5+ Jeff and Jacqui Jarnes Restor and Sally Johnson 5+ Mary and Phil Krafft Anne and Brett Letourneau Annette K. Levine* James A. Levine 5+ Wayne A. Lindholm and Maureen M. Lindholm 5+ Muriel L. Lundberg* Wendy Lutter and Eric Bosler 5+ Marjorie A. Mansur Jim and Betsy Moore 5+ Barbara F. Olson 5+ Steven and Jennifer Rewey Howard D. Richards 5+ Elizabeth Rise 5+ Peter and Cynthia* Robb 5+ The Rottlund Company Inc, David Bernard Builders and Developers Gayle M. Rupp Janice and Royce* Sanner 5+ Janet and Rick Olsen 5+ Luella Shaw Maggie and Leif Taubenberger Louise M. Travis* Jody and Brian Van Ness Gary N. and Nancy C. Wagner 5+ Eric Weatherman Aura Wharton-Beck and Joel Beck 5+ Beverly Whitehouse 5+ Heidi M. Wilson 5+ *Denotes deceased individual 5+

Indicates a donor of 5 consecutive years or more


Joe's Garage Kokomo's Island Cafe KTIS La Belle Vie Lakeville Family Chiropractic Landmark Theaters Len Druskin Let's Dish Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants Lifetouch, Inc. 5+ Lili Salon-Spa Lion's Tap MacPhail Center for Music Mall of America Mancini's Char House Mann Theatres, Inc. 5+ McCoy & Associates, Inc. 5+ Medtronic Merchant & Gould Meristem 5+ Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 5+ Minnesota Children's Museum Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Minnesota Lynx Foundation Minnesota Swarm Minnesota Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation Minnesota Twins Minnesota Wild Mystic Lake Casino & Hotel Nettie's Natural Soap New Ulm Brewing & Beverage Company Nonprofits' Insurance Agency Noodles and Company Old Log Theater The Other Wine & Spirits LLC P. F. Chang's China Bistro Pappagallo Park Square Theatre Peace Coffee Peeps & Company Pepsi-Cola Co. Perry Cohn Jewelers 5+ Pinstripes Pizzeria Lola Potbelly Prima Punch Neapolitan Pizza R.F. Moeller Jeweler Radisson Hotel Red Wing Shoe Company Riverline International Corp. Riverstone Salon Spa Roca Restaurant Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Romens at the Find Room and Board Rusty Taco Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra The Saint Paul Hotel Saint's Commercial Food Service Salmon Borre Group

Sebastian Joe's Shapco Printing, Inc. Shoreview Community Center Sid's Discount Liquor St. Paul Saints Baseball Stages Theatre Company Summit Brewing Company Sunsets Sweeney Todd's Salon Target 5+ Target Foundation Tea House Chinese Restaurant The Bibelot Shops The Cheesecake Factory The Cowles Center The Fix Studio The Jungle Theater The Old Spaghetti Factory The Ordway The Phipps Center for the Arts The Schubert Club The Wine Company Three Rivers Park District Time Out Pilates & Fitness Studio The Toro Company TriBeCa Salon Valspar Foundation 5+ Vincent - A Restaurant Wagner Greenhouses, Inc. Warm Rain WCCO CBS Radio Wells Fargo Bank 5+ Wild Mountain: Taylors Falls Recreation Wine & Canvas Wirtz Beverage Company Xcel Energy Center Yogastudio Zelo

FRASER CARES CAMPAIGN DONORS Anonymous (2) Lindsey Arzt Joel Barker Carol Barthelemy 5+ Christine Bentley 5+ Jessi Bergh 5+ Jo Bergstrom 5+ Tina Berndt Kelle Bexell Kim Bowman Rochelle J. Brandl 5+ Jennifer Brown Amy Canfield Karen Carlson 5+ Katherine Carlson Julie Christenson Christine Cox Diane Cross 5+ Ginnie Curtis 5+ Kelli Danger Barbara Dansie Megan David Jeremy Derheim Shirley Dinham 5+ Ann Dronen

Jessica Enneking 5+ Andrea Erickson Anne Fleming Rachel Gardner 5+ Marion Glatzmaier Karina Golberg Becky Greeley Sheila Grisim 5+ Lynn Haight Dave Halsey 5+ Lacey Hanson Mandy Henderson Emily Honken Kristina Janssen Jill Jones Brent Karjala Tara Keegan 5+ Kim Klein Valerie Klingbey Stephen Korthals Heather Krug Nancy Larson Peter Larson Sarah Littlefield Kay Luedtke-Smith Brooke Merrow Ambre Michel Tanya Mikkelson Jill Miller Javiera Moore Jan Moser Ashley Nelsen Jody Nelson Katelyn Nichols Robin Nielsen Jane Nofer Jessica Page Patricia Pulice 5+ Amy Robinson Elisa Roiko Rose Rosario 5+ Amanda Rothstein Amy Schaffer Valerie Schmidt Bridgette Schneider Sarah Shafer 5+ Paul Silber Jessica Sinko Molly Slovnik Danielle Smith Jenn Spinler Stephen Streng Judy Strommen Kristi Swenson Ross Tenneson Emily Tibbetts Laurie Toensing Gary Wagner 5+ Jona Williams Nicole Williamson Amanda Wise Christopher Wlaschin Marley Wood Jeanne Wymer Lisa Zaspel

Names with 5+ indicate a donor of 5 consecutive years or more.

Products & Workshops

Products Fraser offers a variety of innovative, educational and therapeutic products for individuals with autism and other special needs. Proceeds from the sale of these products benefit Fraser programs. • Apps • Autism Support Products • Time Management Tools • Books For more information, visit Resources/Products

Workshops Fraser offers educational workshops and classes for families, teachers, care providers, social workers and other professionals who are interested in great training, practical knowledge, skills, and access to resources. • Child Development • Understanding Autism and Asperger’s Disorder • Transitioning to Adulthood for People with Disabilities • Safety For more information, visit Resources/Workshops, or email workshops@


Fraser Events

Events are an important way Fraser raises funds for programs and services. Thanks to all those who volunteered or attended one of our events in 2012, which were bigger and better than ever.

Fraser Annual Benefit


The Fraser Annual Benefit - Cirque du Spectaculaire - raised more than $330,000 with over 850 guests who were treated to circus performances, a wine pull, silent and live auctions, cocktail reception, three-course dinner and music.


Fraser Benefit Golf Classic

Golfers and volunteers attended the 18th annual FORE! Fraser Benefit Golf Classic at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club. Golfers appreciated a day of good company, food and door prizes, and raised nearly $63,000.


Fraser Walk for Autism The Fraser Walk for Autism brought out 1,500 participants and raised more than $95,000 to support Fraser Autism Services. Walkers enjoyed face painting, therapy animals, photos with mascots, and games throughout the morning.



Bright Gardens

For Fraser Tour

Guests of the Bright Gardens for Fraser Tour enjoyed spectacular private gardens in Saint Paul that featured a grapevine arch, a waterfall, local artwork, and Hennepin County Master Gardeners, who were on hand to answer all gardenrelated questions.

Fraser Life Time Fitness Triathlon Team Chef Vincent’s Triathlon Team for Fraser competed in the Life Time Fitness Triathlon and raised $28,000. The team had access to group workout sessions, motivational speakers, swim and bike fit clinics, a post-race massage, and a post-race party.


Team Dyna Moo Team Dyna Moo competed in the Jesse James Bike Tour in Northfield to raise funds for Fraser. Together the team raised nearly $20,000. Team members were given race jerseys, Dyna Moo products, bike fittings, and a post-race party. SPONSORed BY Division Natrel

26.2 for Fraser

Twin Cities Marathon Team 26.2 for Fraser raced in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and raised $10,000. Team members received guaranteed entry, paid race fees, race shirts, expert training and coaching advice, and a celebration party.


2012 Financial Results Combined Statement of Financial Position For the years ending December 31, in thousands Assets Current Assets Property and Equipment (Net) Investments Other Long-term Assets Total Assets

2012 5,208 18,490 3,921 1,224 28,843

2011 4,101 17,482 3,441 2,096 27,120

Liabilities Current Liabilities Long-term Debt Total Liabilities Board-Designated Operating Reserve Net Assets – Other Total Net Assets

3,240 11,330 14,570 600 13,673 14,273

2,825 11,629 14,454 0 12,666 12,666

Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Combined Financial Results

88.9% 11.1%

● Program expenses ● A  dministrative & Fundraising expenses

For the years ending December 31, in thousands

Revenues Service Fees (Government / Insurance) Service Fees (Private Pay and Tuitions) Contributions General Contributions Interest and Miscellanenous Total Revenue Expenses Fraser Behavioral and Mental Health Fraser Residential Living Fraser Home & Community Supports Fraser School Fraser Pediatric Therapy Fraser Institute General and Administrative Fundraising Total Expenses Change in Net Assets before Investment Gains, and Non-recurring Charges Net Investment Gains, Non-recurring Charges Change in Net Assets before Board-Designated Operating Reserve Transfer to Board-Designated Operating Reserve Change in Net Assets after Board-Designated Operating Reserve For the purpose of simplification, all Fraser-affiliated entities are combined here. These are Fraser (which includes Fraser School, Fraser Home & Community Supports, Fraser Residential Living and Fraser Pediatric Therapy), Fraser Behavioral and Mental Health, and the five Fraser Independent Living Project (ILP) apartment buildings. Fraser Academy is a separate entity (founded and authorized by Fraser) and is not included in these financial results. Fraser meets all accountability standards set by The Charities Review Council, an 30 • FRASER 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

Fraser maintains low overhead costs allowing more than 88 cents of every dollar to support our clients through quality programs.

2012 22,499 4,303

% of Total 79.4% 15.2%

2011 20,357 4,049

% of Total 78.8% 15.6%

1,339 195 28,336

4.7% 0.7% 100.0%

1,288 152 25,846

5.0% 0.6% 100.0%

36.6% 28.7% 9.2% 7.2% 6.6% 0.6% 8.9% 2.2% 100.0%

8,642 7,751 2,291 1,985 1,605 195 2,425 591 25,485

33.9% 30.4% 9.0% 7.8% 6.3% 0.8% 9.5% 2.3% 100.0%

9,934 7,782 2,503 1,958 1,783 153 2,428 604 27,145 1,191 416

361 25

1,607 -600

386 0



independent organization that reviews Minnesota nonprofits to help donors make informed giving decisions. Fraser is a contract provider for Hennepin county and other counties. Fraser is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to the equal treatment of all employees without regard to race, religion, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or any other factor prohibited by law.

Fraser 2012 Board of Directors Wendy Lutter

Diane S. Cross

Tony (Anthony L.) Bohmert

Jennifer Barrett Kevin C. Bennett Stephen B. Engel Cindy Holker Sharon K. Link Peter Loewenson, M.D. John Malknecht


Vice Chair

Lisa D. Nelson Vice Chair

James M. Robbins Vice Chair

Michael D. Wilhelm Vice Chair/Treasurer

Vice Chair/Secretary

Call Us Paul Novak Randall J. Pattee Mark Pihart James Sathre Emily Thomas Jeff Van Meter Molly Van Metre

Carol Johnson Restor Johnson Paul Kenworthy Claire Kolmodin Fred LeVoir Wayne Lindholm Steve Mann Charles J. Maxwell, Jr. Kim McConnell, M.D. Tammy Mencel Alejandro Montoya James Moore, M.D. David W. Pearce Jackie Punch Lori A. Riley Peter Robb

Kiki Rosatti John Schamber Nancy Scherer Janet Schroeder Greg Schultz Terry Scully Alice Seagren Dimitri Senaratna Sally Shlosberg Melanie J. Taylor Marion Thayer Doug Van Metre Aura Wharton-Beck David Witzig Heidi M. Wilson Immediate Past Chair

Past and Present Honorary Board of Directors Troy Auth Andris A. Baltins Robert Barricks Yvette Beaulieu Rick Beresford Shirley Blanchard John Bowen Fran Bradley Muriel Humphrey Brown Vicki Brunsvold Conrad Carr Gertrude Ederer Dan Engelsma Louise Whitbeck Fraser Ruth Fraser Wesley Fraser Helen Fritz William Goblirsch Bob Gunderson

Ron Haskvitz Fred Heitke Jason Hepp Anne Kelly, M.D. Dr. Robert Kowalczyk Steve Kowalke Lee Kness Donald Knutson Gale Lair Phyllis LaMay Carol Ratelle Leach Liza Leigh-Kiwus Helen Lubet Gorden Lundberg Tim Morin Marko Mrkonich Thomas Mulcahy Darlene Noreen Elizabeth Okerlund

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Fraser would like to thank the printer, who anonymously donated the paper and printing of this report.

Fraser 2012 Annual Report  

The Fraser Annual Report details the lives affected by Fraser through client stories, financial results, and donor listings.