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2 Day Tours to Fraser Island Getting a hired vehicle to take a tour around the mystical Fraser Island can never fall short in giving the tourists the island adventure they deserve on a holiday. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and it has a more natural charm than you could ever expect from just one island. It is a natural charmer, a relaxer, and a place where everyone can have an awesome time of their life. Touring around the Fraser Island on a 2-day trip is one of the best choices to enjoy the island to the fullest. The 2-day trip will give you the opportunity to stay within the wilderness and enjoy its untamed beauty. A 2-day trip will usually include, depending on your itinerary, the exploration of the majority of the island, swimming in the clear and clean lakes and creeks, walking through the verdant and luxuriant rainforest, learn about the island’s interesting history through the informative tour guides, and relax and chill within the accommodations. Fraser Island is a World Heritage Listed Site. It is the largest and the most beautiful sand island in the world. It is also the most loved tourist destination in Australia that’s why tours and day trips are very popular. Day trips will only take tourists to some of the island’s selected highlight areas. In order to savor and experience the best of the island, a 2-day tour will give tourists the chance of seeing and experiencing the majority of the place. Fraser Island is only about 400 kilometers from Brisbane and is considered to have one of the areas with the nicest climate to road trips. It is no doubt that going to Fraser Island is one of the best ways to spend your holiday vacations. The 2-day tour from either Noosa, Hervey Bay or via Rainbow Beach may include picking up the tourists from their accommodation or pick up points around the given locations.

To start off, they will be led to experience swimming in the world’s most beautiful and largest perched lake. Lake Mackenzie has very clear blue water surrounded by beautiful white sands. Its sandy beaches and relaxing water can be a great place for tourist to prepare themselves for the rest of the island’s offerings. Next, they will be exploring Pie Valley and Central Station which is a forestry camp where they can find huge satinay trees, giant kauris, scribbly gum, brush box and other green wonders that are unique to the forest. Next to the list would be walking along the banks of Wanggoolba Creek which is super clean and clear that silently crosses through the abundant rainforest. Then, they will be led to take a trek over Hammerstone Sand Blow and have a chance to take a dip on the greenish waters of Lake Wabby. Tourists will also have a great opportunity to travel the ever famous seventy five mile beach and visit the Pinnacles to see the colored sands. It is a one of a kind place where pillars of colored sands can be a good photo opportunity for tourists. From the Pinnacles, the next destination would be the famous wreckage of SS Maheno. SS Maheno was a sunken cruise ship that found its final resting place on the shore of Fraser. It is also a great photo opportunity and time for tourists to savor the shores. Eli Creek, the next location to visit would be a great place for tourists to go for a swim. It is also a nice time for them to relax. One of the most interesting highlight in 2 day tours on Fraser Island is the visit to the island beaches of Indian Head to spot dolphins, rays, sharks, turtles or if they get lucky enough they may spot some whales.

2 Day Tours to Fraser Island  

Touring around the Fraser Island on a 2-day trip is one of the best choices to enjoy the island to the fullest. The 2-day trip will give you...