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Wish You Were Here: From Lake Birrabeen, Fraser Island

With an area of 184 000 hectares, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Being listed as a World Heritage site, Fraser Island joins the rank of high-profile natural sites like Australia's Uluru, Kakadu, and the Great Barrier Reef. One of the many astounding phenomena in the island is rainforests thriving on sands – a feat nothing the world has ever seen. The island‟s lower heaths have a particular evolutionary and ecological importance, providing a spectacle of wildflower showcase in the months of spring and summer. Along with the many panoramic treats at Fraser Island comes one of the main attractions, Lake Birrabeen. While most people visiting Fraser Island opts for the ever-popular Lake McKenzie, Lake Birrabeen is almost equal in terms of panoramic view and spectacles, plus Birrabeen is extra special because of the lesser crowd in contrast to Lake McKenzie‟s. Like all other lakes found on the island, Birrabeen is a perched lake which means decayed matter formed a harder layer of peat below the lake holding the water on top of it. Most of the lakes on Fraser Island have waters with a wonderful brownish yellow color, but Birrabeen and McKenzie have crystal clear deep blue, which unsurprisingly catapulted them in the 2 Most Popular list. When you visit Lake Birrabeen, you will be dropped off by the ferry on the island, and from there start walking through lush forests. After a short walk, be startled to finally seeing the real thing: standing before the lake will be those times where “too good to be true” will come to your mind first. But then, Lake Birrabeen is true; with its fine white sands and water so blue you will mistake it as some gorgeous beach in those travel TV shows, Lake Birrabeen is a fantasy come true. Also, if you‟re the type who‟s always missing important shots because of recklessness and simply too lazy to carry a camera, then Lake Birrabeen will make you miserable missing its beauty. As the water in Lake Birrabeen is slightly acidic, swimming in its water will be beneficial to the skin. Many of the lake‟s visitors will tell you a visit to the lake would also be a spa experience; while swimming in the lake nourishes the skin, sitting on the beach and sticking your feet in the water will attract tadpoles, and thus began the „exfoliation process‟ or simply biting off of the dead skin cells; this may appear painful, but it will just feel like someone‟s tickling you. Also, Lake Birrabeen‟s sands are incredibly fine you can rub it on your skin (another exfoliation treatment). Amidst all the fun in the island, remember Lake Birrabeen is a wild site, which means all rubbish and human waste should be disposed accordingly because petty negligence may result to the gradual destruction of this beautiful destination. With its long white beaches flanked by strikingly colored sand cliffs and over 100 freshwater lakes, Fraser Island is simply a place of commendable beauty. No wonder it is recognized to one of Autralia‟s best ecological and tourism destinations. If water sites are your thing, then Lake Birrabeen will be waiting in Fraser Island for you.

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Wish You Were Here  
Wish You Were Here  

Like all other lakes found on the island, Birrabeen is a perched lake which means decayed matter formed a harder layer of peat below the lak...