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Fraser Island Deep Sea Fishing

Fraser Island is indeed one of the most blessed island in the world. It is endowed with natural beauty like its profuse rainforests, abundant flora and fauna, white-sand beaches, lovely lakes and creeks as well as the healthy marine life its great seas could offer. For this reason Fraser Island has been home to multifarious fishes that breed and live in the natural beaches and coast of this island. In fact, in the part of Hervey Bay at the southern area of the Great Barrier Reef, there exist some good fishing grounds that has been famous for all those who come to Fraser island for the sole purpose of fishing. In here you can catch a wide range of tropical specie of fishes such as Estuary Cod, Mulloway, Snapper, Coral Trout, Bream, Sweetlip, Trevally and a wide range of pelagic fish such as Tuna, Mackerel, Cobia and Marlin. Aside from Hervey Bay, Great Sandy Strait is also considered as an angler's paradise. Its middle portion is packed with islands which are mostly covered by mangroves and some mud flats. However if you want to have an ultimate deep sea fishing adventure you have to stick with Hervey Bay. It is probably the most magnificent and practically untouched deep sea fishing site in Australia. In here the warm northern waters meet cold southern currents. Hence, this creates an overlap of warm and cold conditions bringing with it a doubling up of warm water and southern cooler water species. Just some of the much sort after and world renown species include Coral Trout, Red Emporer, Estuary and Maori Cod, Red Throat Emperor, Snapper, Parrot and Tusk Fish, King Snapper (Rosey Job Fish), Kingfish, Giant Trevally and many others. Certainly, deep sea fishing is a unique experience each and every fishing enthusiast must undergo. Though a little more adventurous than ordinary fishing, deed sea fishing would definitely raise up your adrenaline levels every time you will see that huge fish you are about to catch in the midst of the ocean. Deep sea fishing is an experience, while it is a known fact that many people like to fish and enjoy fishing as a hobby of deep sea fishing is a little different and provides a whole different experience of fishing for most people. For those who appreciate fishing there are many other factors that contribute to the whole thing, the solitude and peace of fishing and the mental game that is part of the waiting and planning your moves, the technical part of fishing is very different from one fisherman to the other, but the basics of the environment and the governing principals of the fishing event stay the same in almost all circumstances. On thing to remember when it comes to deep sea fishing is to choose the right captain for the fishing boat you have or you will hire because they are already experts in finding the best fishing locations which is of course well enough to guarantee a good deep sea fishing trip. Be sure that the captain and the crew has been engaged in such business for years so that they could properly advise you of the do's and dont's of deep sea fishing. Just to remind those who are very much interested in going to Fraser Island and try deep seas fishing, there are some areas which are closed for fishing. These are : The Eastern foreshore waters of Fraser Island and waters within 400m out to sea from the eastern shore at low water, between 400 m north of Waddy Point and 400 m south of Indian Head. (These waters are closed from 1st August to midnight September 30.)

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Fraser Island Deep Sea Fishing  
Fraser Island Deep Sea Fishing  

Fraser Island is indeed one of the most blessed island in the world. It is endowed with natural beauty like its profuse rainforests, abundan...