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Relax into your beach holiday in pristine wild on the sunset or surf sides.

Your ultimate guide to The Great Sandy National Park.

With more than 1500km of tracks to explore… it’s time to lose yourself.

WELCOME TO QUEENSLAND: Just off the coast of Hervey Bay lies a sub-tropical island… but not just any island. This is a place where towering trees with a three metre girth grow completely in sand; where gin-coloured lakes – like Lake McKenzie – perch high in golden dunes; where a sandy highway doubles as a runway and a fishing hole and stretches for 75 miles; where dingoes roam free and where exotic names like Wanggoolba and Boorangoora roll off the tongue. All of this is Fraser Island... but it is so much more. Come, immerse yourself in our World Heritagelisted backyard and find out. On The Cover The SS Maheno celebrates a milestone in her history as she turns 110 in 2015. The 122m vessel was built in 1905 and was the first turbine steamer to cross the Pacific Ocean. She also served as a hospital ship in the Gallipoli campaign. Today, her rusting hulk is one of the island’s most photographed attractions.

Photography Darren Leal (p1, 5, 26) Envision Photography (p12, 13) Cody Doucette, The Matador Network (p4, 22) Hervey Bay Whale Watch (p14) Peter Meyer (p6) Reichlyn Aguilar (p25, 31) Rob Annesley (p5, 6, 7, 21, 26) The Hook And The Cook (p29)

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An island like no other


Kingfisher Bay Resort: bound by natural beauty


Island bounty

10 Fill your Fraser days


12 Wed on Fraser : and dingo makes three! 14 Into the blue: the humpback migration 16 Fraser Island map and distance chart 18 Break with convention on Fraser 20 School’s in on Fraser Island

22 Eurong Beach Resort: Fraser’s best beachside address

24 Bush to beach: three top tips for a top trip

26 Fraser Island – a guide’s perspective

28 Fraser’s tailor made for fishing

30 Getting to Fraser Island

31 Fraser : the facts

AN ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER T h e r e ’ s a u n i q u e at m o s p h e r e i n o u r b i o s p h e r e Sub-tropical rainforests rub shoulders with eucalyptus woodlands, wallum, coastal heath, peat swamps and mangrove colonies.

Why Fraser Island you ask? The world’s biggest sand island sits at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef and boasts such natural diversity, that it was inscribed on the World Heritage list back in 1992. Our Great Sandy Biosphere also has more marine and fish diversity than the entire reef itself. The island, by its very nature, has such broad and natural appeal for all age groups and travelling types. Four wheel drivers flock to test the mettle of their vehicles; Fisher folk take advantage of world-class all-season angling; Families favour the perched dune lakes and fresh water creeks; and nature lovers are enamoured with it all. Here, birds are the most abundant form of animal life on island, but the island’s pure-bred dingoes are the ones that command the most attention. Photo by Cody Doucette, The Matador Network.


Fraser Island is one of only two places in the world where humpback whales take time out of their migration to socialise on the island’s lee side. Lake McKenzie

Hervey Bay humpback

It’s a Twitchers delight! Birds are the most abundant form of wildlife on island. More than 350 migratory and coastal species have been officially recorded. A brahminy kite

New banksia flower

Wandering ringtail damselfly

Central Station

Did you know that Fraser Island’s infamous dingo population have significant conservation value as they rarely interbreed with domestic or feral dogs? Native bees feasting

Soldier crab

Wanggoolba Creek

Banksia robur

Welcome swallow

Fraser’s vegetation thrives in sand that is notoriously low in nutrients. In a symbiotic relationship, fungi in the sand make nutrients available to these plants. Stonetool Sandblow

Eastern yellow robin

Sundew (Drosera)


bound by

KINGFISHER BAY RESORT Rob Annesley grew up in Philadelphia, but now calls Australia home. For the past five years his creativity has taken him on a personal journey, working behind the camera to create strong visual imagery that can be best described as ‘life in motion’. Journey with Rob as he discovers Queensland’s best kept secret.

I had always had the preconceived idea that Fraser Island was the exclusive domain of the seriously intrepid explorer and a camper’s paradise. I had assumed that you needed to have all the canvas type gear, know how to tie knots and dig a dunny. I am chagrined that, as a practising Queenslander, I wasn’t better informed about the different styles of accommodation on the island. Fraser caters for all… from the camper to the pampered traveller who wishes to enjoy the wilderness with a roof over their head. Kingfisher Bay Resort – a multi-starred eco lodge complete with day spa and store – is ideally located on the lee side of the island. A smooth 50 minute voyage sees you disembarking on the 300 metre long pier, which doubles as an excellent fishing location. Kingfisher Bay Resort is a major part of the natural island experience. They’ve developed an exceptional synergistic relationship with its surroundings, particularly building its ecoresort accommodation to ensure the wildlife experience is within view and immediately at hand for the enjoyment of guests. The wallum wetlands are easily enjoyed from your hotel balcony, hiking tracks are well marked and the Jetty Hut is perfectly positioned to take in an evening sunset over the Great Sandy Strait. Red-backed fairy wren by Rob Annesley.


Photo by Peter Meyer.

Anywhere, other than the resort, is 4WD driveable only and the initiation to the driving conditions is immediate. The scenery across island is varied as you travel through Aussie scrub, into rainforest and finally seaside hardy plant growth. I’m so glad I finally visited Kingfisher Bay, with camera in hand – this intrepid explorer can’t wait to go back! Story originally published: Images and copy reproduced with the author’s consent.

ROOMS WITH VIEWS Choose from hotel rooms that sit lightly on the land, self-contained villas in the bush, or private and spacious holiday homes.


i (for the latest hot deals)

☎ 1800 Fraser (toll-free in Australia) or call +61 7 4120 3333.

Blue tiger butterfly by Rob Annesley.




KINGFISHER BAY RESORT: Whilst micro herbs add a touch of fancy to the dishes cooked up on reality TV shows, the chefs at Kingfisher Bay Resort draw their inspiration from the island’s traditional owners – the Butchulla people – and turn out exquisite dishes that reflect our Aussie bush heritage with a hint of Fraser Island on the plate. Each day resort gardeners religiously collect lemon myrtle, nasturtium, finger lime, lillypilly and other bush goodies and garnishes from the resort’s nursery and deliver them to a small team of talented chefs in the Seabelle kitchen. It’s here that some magical kitchen alchemy takes place as bush blends meets local produce and exotic sounding dishes – tea-tree smoked kangaroo fillet, akudjura salt and pepperberry crocodile and barramundi in paperbark with lemon aspen and lillypillies – are formed.

This is no ordinary menu and the experience doesn’t stop on the plate… it continues with the palate. On a deck edged with native ginger and other bush foods, the Kingfisher Bay Resort team take the bush education a step further and help guests re-educate their palates through interactive Ranger-guided sessions where guests see, smell, taste and touch their way through a bounty of bush tucker in its raw form. A chef then takes the reins and divulges some kitchen secrets.

From garden to plate.

And what better way to watch the mango-coloured sun go down on a Fraser day than with a bush-inspired cocktail or mocktail from the Seabelle bar.


A master class with a twist.




Here, chefs blend beautiful bush tucker with fresh local produce.

Relax with the family and enjoy hearty serves and a casual atmosphere.

Check the resort’s What’s On Guide for details.



Modern Australian served up poolside in the resort’s Centre Complex.

A pool isn’t a pool without a poolside bar serving refreshing liquid treats.


FILL YOUR FRASER DAYS Lazy days on Fraser Island are the stuff that holidays are made of – a wander through the wallum, a lazy line on the jetty or a spot of sunbathing under the big umbrella at Secret Lake, near our main pools. But life in the slow lane, doesn’t have to be, well, slow… and Kingfisher Bay Resort’s private Ranger team has developed an activity program that’ll satisfied your taste for adventure and leave you fulfilled at the end of the day. Our Junior Eco Ranger program runs over weekends and during school holidays and provides a kid-friendly and fun learning environment. Big kids (and little ones for that matter) can sample bush foods at our Talk and Taste sessions or try their luck and see if the fish are biting. And when the day is done… you can slow things down with a relaxing massage or pamper session. We call it food for your mind, body and your soul!


15 FREE Fraser Activities • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Join a Ranger-guided Bush Tucker Walk Catch a golden sunset at the Jetty Hut Cast a fishing line from our famous jetty Learn more about dingoes at our Ranger Talks Bubble away in the resort’s Jacuzzi Challenge your friends to a game of tennis Trek up to the lookout for amazing views over the Great Sandy Strait Head to the jetty and stargaze through clear skies Take a stroll to McKenzies Jetty Build sandcastles in the world’s biggest sand pit Take a dip in one of our four resort pools Hike to Lake McKenzie via the Great Walk tracks Bird watch in the wallum – it’s best early morning! Instagram our soldier crabs in the intertidal zone Explore this pristine wild on a self-guided walk.


dingo makes three REAL LIFE STORY:



Todd and Suzy’s Special Day There was plenty of green and gold to be seen at Todd and Suzy’s Australia Day wedding... but it wasn’t from the wardrobe, wedding cake or decorations... instead, Mother Nature turned on quite a show with gilded afternoon light, green wallum heathland and golden sands on the western side of Fraser. Todd and Suzy wed in a gorgeous Sunset Beach ceremony and held their reception at the upper poolside – just a stone’s throw from the striking Centre Complex at Kingfisher Bay Resort. The bride wore a stunning strapless gown and cut a striking figure on the beach with her new hubby, and bridesmaids resplendent in blue.

But it was the arrival of an unexpected wedding crasher – one of Fraser Island’s resident pure-bred dingoes – that gave their gorgeous wedding photos a uniquely Fraser twist. Planning a destination wedding? Visit our website for our bridal blog, testimonials and just about everything you’ll need to wed on Fraser. It just takes one ring from you! +61 7 4120 3311 or

Photos have been reproduced thanks to Todd and Suzy and the team from Envision Photography.


Hervey Bay’s Humpbacks

INTO the

Come calm water whale watching in paradise. Sixty Minutes’ Reporter Charles Wooley said it best back in August 2013 when he introduced a story on the humpback whales of Hervey Bay: “It’s not often we get to tell a positive environmental story… usually it’s doom and gloom and threats of extinction. But right now, one of the animal kingdom’s great comebacks is there for all to see – up and down Australia’s east coast. An estimated 16,000 humpback whales are slowly migrating north to breed and calve. And their favourite playground is Queensland’s Hervey Bay where thousands gather to make acrobatic leaps and slap their pectoral fins.” There are only two places in the world where humpbacks take time out of their migration to wallow and socialise and, you guessed it, it’s in the calm waters off Fraser Island that this magic happens.

Each year thousands of humpbacks – calves and male escorts in tow – cruise in for a spot of people watching during their 10,000km round trip. The louder you cheer and clap and click your camera shutters, the more these giants perform – after all they’re the most surface active of all the great whales. Mother Nature puts on quite a show and audiences are queuing for more.

DID YOU KNOW? • Whale numbers are expected to surpass 20,000 in 2015 with between 6,000 and 8,000 expected to enter Hervey Bay. • Humpbacks eat a tonne of food a day and newborn calves drink around 600 litres of milk. • Humpbacks can weigh up to 48 tonnes and have two blow holes – one for each lung.

what to expect Blow


Peduncle Arch

Peduncle Throw

Pec Slap


Head Slap

Tail Slap

Spy Hop

Where to Watch

Tips and Tricks

Hervey Bay is the undisputed whale watching capital of Australia and the world’s most important habitat for the survival of the species.

Combine two wonders – World Heritage-listed Fraser Island and our migrating humpbacks – into one fab holiday by booking a Super Ticket. Family prices are available.

When To Go

How To Book

The whale watching season splashes down on 1 August and runs daily until 31 October. Half-day trips leave from Kingfisher Bay Resort and whale sightings are guaranteed.

Visit or phone 1800 072 555 (toll-free in Australia) and ask about our seasonal Fraser + Whales special. For more humpback info, visit

Hervey Bay’s Humpbacks



Hervey Bay

Moon Point

Lake Allom

The Pinnacles Knifeblade Sandblow

Cathedral Beach


Red Canyon

Eli Creek

Maheno Wreck


Champagne Pools Indian Head

Orchid Beach Waddy Point

Ocean Lake

Ngkala Rocks

Great Sandy National Park

Wathumba Creek

Platypus Bay

Yidney Scrub

Rooney Point

NOTE: Only walking access to lighthouse.

Sandy Cape Lighthouse

Sandy Cape

South Pacific Ocean

Shop, gas, ice

Boat access

Ranger station

(emergency medical assistance only)

QPS Information Centre

Bush Camping

4WD Camping Zone

Barge Route

Lake Garawongera scenic drive

Southern Lakes scenic drive

4WD track No beach driving Great Walk


National park

Eurong Beach Resort

Kingfisher Bay Resort




Fraser Island

Garrys Anchorage

Central Station

Kingfisher Bay Resort Mainland Reception River Heads Wanggoolba Creek


Sa t a re


Hook Point inland road

Coolooloi Creek


Poyungan Rocks

Yidney Rocks Rainbow Gorge

Happy Valley

Hook Point

Access ramp to Hook Point inland road

Dilli Village

Lake Boomanjin

Barge tickets and permits available from Shell Service Station

Rainbow Beach




45.5 31 33.5 19.5 11

70.5 56 58.5 44.5 36









Sandy Cape Orchid Beach


Indian Head




Cathedral Beach




Happy Valley





Kingfisher Bay


Central Station





67 43


111 75



Do not swim in the ocean

Water (treat before drinking)



Police station

Barge landing

Picnic table


Private accommodation

Suitable for caravans

Parking area



This map is a guide to Fraser Island’s beauty spots and natural attractions and should not be relied upon by walkers and campers

Dilli Village





108.5 102.5


Distance Chart (in km)


Eurong QPS Information Centre

Lake Wabby

Lake Garawongera

Inskip Point

Lake McKenzie

Lake Birrabeen

tra S y d





Fraser with convention on

A CLIENT’S STORY: “As we landed in Hervey Bay, we were welcomed with nothing but warmth and smiles from the team at Kingfisher Bay Resort. After a short ferry ride, the islanders met us in white 4WDs and whisked us to our first destination – a site inspection of the eco wilderness accommodation on offer – this ranged from Treetop Villas with Jacuzzis, to Kingfisher Houses, Wilderness Lodges and Resort Hotel rooms. We were blown away by our incredible welcome interactive lunch – the freshest local seafood, bush tucker – grown in the resort’s backyard and flowing bubbles. We certainly knew on day one that this was only the beginning of the perfect island adventure. And it was. We were surprised and impressed at every turn, but you’ll just have to visit for yourselves to truly embrace the magic.” – Vilay Khounsady works in the Financial Services Industry.


There are a multitude of activities, wildlife and crystal-clear mirror lakes that combine to provide the perfect meeting, incentive and conference venue for delegates to get away.

• • • • • • • • •

World Heritage-listed Fraser Island Expect The Unexpected In Every Way Arrive By Sea, By Air, By Land Or All Three! We’ve Got Themes You’ve Never Dreamed Of Activities And Aquatic Adventures Await We’re Affordable, Creative And Laidback The Master classes, Pop Ups And Edible Gardens You’re Spoilt By Choice And Limited By Imagination Did We Mention Fraser Island?

How To Book i

☎ +61 7 4120 3333


l history, geology

ra OM: Bursting with natu NATURE’S CLASSRO is the natural choice to take learning out land ith a daily and culture, Fraser Is eat outdoors. And w gr e th to in d an s ll. m of the classroo to be saved by the be ed ne t n’ do ts en ud st planner like this, our

nd-style: Roll call Fraser Isla sh the har What creatures inhabit do they survive? w ho and e intertidal zon 15 mins

to From mangrove colonies the deep. of nts eyeballing these gia


m offers the A worm, herb and poo far in motion. per fect study for recycling 60 mins

135 mins

World’s School’s out on the d: an isl nd la rgest sa h the Hmmmm what to do wit ! urs ho t ligh day ing ain rem


Homework time:

60 mins

Ecotourism studies:

m building, Segways, orienteering, tea fishing and more!

105 mins



is a study The big gest sand island ent . in sustainable developm

30 mins

Double Phys Ed:

60 mins



1230 Lunch



Marine studies:

60 mins


75 mins

e-scenes What goes on behind-th ? ort in a working res


ges are Our custom-designed lod s and camps. per fect for school group



Wake To Bird Song:

Hospitality studies:

bookwork Time out to catch up on s. ure after the day’s advent 150 mins

Indigenous studies: legends la Aboriginal studies, Butc hul pfire. cam a and stargazing around 120 mins




REPORT ‘Amazing’ is CAR D an ac curat e w ay to Our st ude d e sc ribe ou r nts did ind stay at Kin e ed have g fish er Bay so welc om a g re at tim e, so . ing and h e t h lp an fu k you for l in ever y fa cilit y and be as in pe g c t of ou r st we are re ay. You rs is ally apprec hig h-qualit iative t hat a g reat y venue. we can st ay in suc h a – Lyn Smith -C ottrell, Nort

hside Christ

ian College

(K in

g fisher B ay T han k you Resort) for your e xc ellent or excursion. g anisation I would hav in t h e lead e no h esit -up to t h e to sc h ools at ion in rec om interested m e nd ing your c in a simila r t rip at a si om pa ny field t rip. mila r tim e W e ’ll be ne doing t h e xt year – de finitely sa m e wit h t wo be using yo c la sses – ur ser vic e an d w s ill ag ain. –R achelle Pine

se , St John’s

College Na

mbour (Euro


B each Reso We all had rt) an awesom e t im e at Frase m ou t hs). T r Isla nd (fro h e activitie m t h e st ud s, ac c omm odation Please pa ss ents’ and cateri on ou r sinc ng were fa ere t han k ou t and look ntastic. s to all of ed after us t h e staff w h o h elpe lik e it w as for next ye d us no t rouble ar! at all. We can not w ai – Terr yann t e Tayl or, Yarrilee

State Schoo

l Hervey B a

y (K

ing fisher B T han k you ay Resort) for your e xc ellent org an of ou r cam isation, supp p prog ram. or t and m As a staff anag em ent org anisation w e c ou ldn’ t be hap and logistic pi s. e r W wit h t h e e found all g enuin ely e t h ose w h o nt husia stic ran activit and c ommit ies to be ted to t h – Brendan eir role. K iernan, M arist C ollege Ashg

rove (K ing fi

sher B ay R




Beach Resort Fra ser ’s b est su rfside a dd res s

He’s a talented Chef; he’s a much-loved TV Presenter and a proud ‘new Australian’ – Alastair McLeod from Al’FreshCo Catering goes off track on Fraser Island. If I was imagining what I wanted a stay to look like on Fraser Island – it would look like Eurong Beach Resort. On my first trip to Fraser, I found myself adjusted to the pace of island life from the moment I got to Eurong. If the truth be known, with so much to see and explore on the island, you may not spend much time at the resort other than a pre-dinner tipple and breakfast and dinner if you choose not to self-cater. However, if you want to laze around the resort there is plenty to distract. There are two pools, great BBQ areas, tennis courts and a restaurant that does magnificently robust meals after a long day on the tracks.


What I found so very special was Eurong’s location. The clue is in the name as the resort is quite literally on the beach which transforms as the light and tides change throughout day and into evening. One morning at dawn we went down to the water and drew out a volleyball court in the sand with our toes. We had an imaginary net on the imaginary highway that is the 75 Mile Beach and had the place to ourselves. You could look in either direction to the curvature of the earth and it was just us. After we huffed and puffed for a wee while, we did attract a bit of attention. With the sun still low in the sky a few curious dingoes peeked out of the scrub and watched us

75-Mile Beach by Cody Doucette, The Matador Network.

toss our ball over our imagined net. It was fascinating to see these animals in their natural setting. Seemingly unimpressed with our ball skills, the mum and her pups skulked back into the scrub. About forty minutes north of Eurong is the famous Eli Creek that attracts many visitors. Follow the wooden walkway a short way and plunge up to your chest into the creek. After rainfall it becomes a fast-moving, crystal-clear waterway that carries you downstream from whence you came. It is a place of extraordinary pristine beauty the likes of which I have not seen anywhere on earth.

What’s New At Eurong:

• Our refurbished Superior rooms offer air-conditioning. • Ask about our 4WD hire packages.

Back at Eurong for a beer, we get a lesson into unloading the car of the kilos of sand it had taken on board from our travails. There’s quite a trick to it but with the guidance of the Island’s fishing guru, Andrew ‘Betto’ Betteridge, the car looked brand new. I have never been on a 4WD/fishing style of holiday but I am an irrevocable convert. 75 Mile Beach is my kind of beach and Eurong my kind of resort: great facilities, warm friendly service, knowledgeable and passionate people who have extraordinary pride in the island they are custodians of.

How to book:

i (for bed/barge deals)

☎ 1800 111 808 (toll-free in Australia)

or call +61 7 4194 9300.


75-Mile Beach is a runway, highway and a fishing hole.



There are postcard moments at every track and turn.

Fraser Island’s the place to test the mettle of your 4x4.


of golden beach highway

of Sandy 4WD TRACKS



A Guide’s Perspective

A different side to Lake McKenzie. Photo by Rob Annesley.

There’s a pretty great view from Gary ‘Gaz’ Pearce’s office… and for him, it’s the perfect job. He’s doing what he’s always done and is getting paid for it. Gaz Pearce is a Fraser tragic. Every weekend and holiday from day dot, he was dragged to Fraser Island by his parents with school friends in tow. At 16, couldn’t wait to get his driver’s licence to bring his own friends. He honeymooned on island in 1991 and later in life – and much to his wife’s wry amusement – his work clients and total strangers were taken across with great regularity. These days, the loveable larrikin can be spotted driving Cool Dingo’s trademark bright pink, green and blue buses and Fraser Explorer’s branded coaches up and down 75 Mile Beach.


This is a job? “I love the machinery – I’m sitting up there like King Tut in a big bus and I’m doing what I love,” he says. “When you have a passion it shines through and I get an absolute kick out of showing different people the different places. The island changes daily – when the sand is wet, you get a gorgeous caramel swirl; we might spot a carpet snake on a rainforest walk or fungi might be in bloom – like our glow-in-the-dark ghost fungus – and you can point that out.” Gary’s job can see him paddle-boarding at Lake Birrabeen, walking the dunes to Lake Wabby for a swim with the catfish or pointing out wildlife from the top of Indian Head. “I even got the chance to take a blind lady around the island – we sat at Wanggoolba Creek and I described the King Ferns and

surrounds. It’s pretty hard to tell a guest there are millions of litres gushing past, when it doesn’t make a sound. We felt the width of the trees and the hoops on the pines and I explained where the branches were. It was a bloody interesting trip,” he said. “My mates hate me,” he said. “They can’t believe I get paid to do this stuff… and just quietly, nor can I”.

GaZ’s Touring Tips


• Fraser Explorer Day Tour: A taste of Fraser… there’s lots to see and you can do it from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. • Cool Dingo Tours for 18-35s: With three days you get to see the absolute best of the island. • Fraser Explorer Two Day Tour: There’s time to absorb, enjoy and explore. • Both tour companies have just been inducted into Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame for service excellence.

Coming from Brisbane? We can help with that too!

i i

☎ 1800 FRASER (toll-free in Australia)




MADE for ISHING Three blokes named John walked into Eurong’s beach bar. No, it’s not the start of a bawdy joke, but rather the end of a fabulous day’s tailor fishing on Fraser Island for the fellas. World-class all-season angling sees fisher folk – like the Johns – flock to Fraser to test their rigs and rods when the tailor run. Many addicts prefer to beach camp on 75-Mile Beach, whilst a great majority prefer the creature comforts and welcoming atmosphere of Eurong Beach Resort. It’s an added bonus that there’s great fishing within a coo-ee of your hotel room. EVERYBODY’S DOING IT Former Australian batsman, Matty Hayden, grew up fishing in and around Fraser Island with his brother. As he said to the folks at in a recent article about his favourite fishing spots: “It was all bloody good. The estuary fishing, picking up trevally, mackerel and spangled emperors off Moon Point and mangrove jack in the creeks.”

The Fraser Coast is a top spot where anglers can readily catch Bream, Bass and Barra. 28

For world class fishing, you can’t beat Fraser Island.

Golden trevally


The Hook and The Cook on Fraser.


Sand whiting

Flathead The Maheno’s a top spot! Pic by the Hook and the Cook.




4 1


1 The Maheno wreck


2 North Spit 3 Indian Head (Tailor Bay) 4 Cathedral Beach 5 Sandy Cape

6 NEED BAIT AND TACKLE? Fraser Island worms make the best bait and are available from both resorts. Eurong Beach Resort stocks a great range of supplies and is located right on the beach.


7 FISHING CLINICS Kingfisher Bay Resort offers lessons for beginners and both resorts offer fishing rods for hire.


all the ways to fraser island Fraser Island lies just five nautical miles from River Heads and is easily accessible with ferries providing access from River Heads and Rainbow Beach/Inskip Point to the south. From the north: Join the Bruce Highway and follow it south through Bundaberg. Turn off at Torbanlea and follow the signs to Hervey Bay. At the large roundabout take the second exit onto Booral Road. Travel for approximately 12 kms, then turn right into River Heads Road and travel 9.6kms to arrive at Kingfisher Bay’s Mainland Reception located at River Heads Shopping Village (on your right hand side).

Planes, Trains and Automobiles • QantasLink and Virgin Australia fly daily to Hervey Bay (Fraser Coast). Airport transfers to River Heads are available for resort guests and must be pre-booked. • Queensland Rail runs daily train services to Maryborough West Station, with Rail Bus transfers to Hervey Bay Coach Terminal. Resort guests can pre-book a transfer service to meet the ferry service from River Heads. • Coach companies run daily services to/from Hervey Bay.

Checking in to Kingfisher Bay Resort? The resort’s Mainland Reception is located at Shop 7/54 River Heads Village on River Heads Road (also known as Ariadne St). Secure car park facilities are available. Bookings are highly recommended and can be made on 1800 072 555 (toll free in Australia).

Self Drive from Brisbane: The journey is approximately 4 hours north of Brisbane CBD. Join the Bruce Highway, take the Maryborough exit and follow the signs to Hervey Bay. Once on Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road, follow for 16.8km. At the large roundabout, take the Booral Road exit and travel for approximately 12 km. Turn right into River Heads Road and drive 9.6kms to Kingfisher Bay Resort’s Mainland Reception located at River Heads Shopping Village (on your right hand side).

Checking in to Eurong Beach Resort? You’ll need a 4WD to drive to Eurong Beach Resort or you can pre-book a 4WD taxi on 617 4127 9188 to meet your barge and transfer you to the resort.

Barge If you’re coming over to Fraser for a 4WD adventure, a spot of beaching fishing or to enjoy the great outdoors, then Fraser Island barges can get you there with the minimum of fuss. MULTIPLE RETURN SERVICES RUN BETWEEN River Heads and Kingfisher Bay Resort River Heads and Wanggoolba Creek


☎ 1800 BARGES (toll-free in Australia) i 30

(Timetables, pricing, schedule changes)



There are a number of designated campgrounds, hiker’s camps and beach camping zones on Fraser Island and all require a camping permit. Sites can be booked and permits must be purchased online before you arrive. Visit: fraser/camping.html.

There is more to driving on Fraser Island than just putting your 4WD in gear and going for it… so here are some great tips to help you get the most out of your island holiday.

Campervan and trailer sites are found along 75-Mile Beach, Dundubara, Waddy Point top and Waddy Point beachfront campgrounds (see map on Page 16).

DINGO SAFETY Our Fraser Island dingoes are in and out of the headlines – and mostly for the wrong reasons. Always remember, they might look like dogs, but they are wild animals and treat them accordingly. • Please don’t feed the animals. • Always stay close to your children, even small teenagers. • Watch dingoes from a distance – don’t engage or interact… don’t run and don’t wave your arms. • Lock up your food stores and iceboxes, pack away scraps and keep fish and bait in sealed containers.

on Stay ‘Dingo Safe’

Fraser Island.

1 Vehicle permits are essential. These can be bought from the River Heads Barge Ticket Office, the Shell Service Station at Rainbow Beach or Kingfisher Bay Resort. Even better, book them online: vehicle_access_permit_fees.html 2 Queensland Parks Service update their online condition report fortnightly – it’s worth a look: fraser/pdf/fraser-conditions-report.pdf 3 Check your tides and avoid driving on 75-Mile Beach two hours either side of high tide and beware the rising tide. For safety, avoid travelling at night. 4 Before driving on the beach, check that your wheel locks are in the right position to engage four-wheel-drive. Tyre pressure should be adjusted to the conditions before driving on the island. 5 The eastern beach is a gazetted highway and normal road rules apply. Be wary of pedestrians – surf and wind make it hard to hear vehicles approaching. Remember to buckle up! 6 Dry conditions make sand tracks soft, and progress difficult. To maximise traction, engage 4WD, engage your limited slip option and a suitable gear before attempting to negotiate soft sand.

Road rules ap ply and beach high on the tracks way.

USEFUL CONTACTS • • • • • • •

All emergencies: 000 or try 112 if you have no coverage Eurong Beach Resort: 4120 1600 Kingfisher Bay Resort: 4120 3333 Fraser Island Barges: 1800 372 737 (toll-free in Australia) Fraser Island Taxi: 4127 9188 Police (Eurong): 4127 9288 Fraser Island Towing / Minor mechanical (Eurong): 0428 353 164.

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For international calls to Queensland, please use the prefix 617.


Discover Fraser Island

Where else on earth can you swim in more than 100 dune lakes; see rainforest growing completely in sand; or spot up to 354 bird species in 12 different habitats? And all with that sub-tropical Queensland climate. With hotel rates like these, there’s no reason not to immerse yourself in Fraser’s pristine wild.

AT EURONG BEACH RESORT Fraser Island’s best beachfront address is Eurong Beach Resort. Take a short 4WD along 75 Mile Beach or take your time and explore the inland tracks. Once here, slip into island living. Cast a rod, tube down Eli Creek (if you dare) or soak up the World Heritagelisted wilderness whilst testing the mettle of your 4x4. RESORT HOTEL ROOM FROM



per room per night


19 8


per room per night

* Conditions apply, subject to availability.


Fraser Island in a day or two See all the top spots including Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, 75 Mile Beach and Champagne Pools. Tours depart Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach daily.

The Fraser Island Specialists ☎ 1800 FRASER (372 737)


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Immerse Yourself In Fraser  

WELCOME TO FRASER Island: a living, breathing natural treasure and the perfect choice for your next ‘overseas’ holiday. This magazine is you...

Immerse Yourself In Fraser  

WELCOME TO FRASER Island: a living, breathing natural treasure and the perfect choice for your next ‘overseas’ holiday. This magazine is you...