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“Bicycle Network Victoria is a charity that promotes the health of the community. We work with our supporters to get More People Cycling More Often and measurably grow the bike riding world.”







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OUR ORGANISATION Bicycle Network Victoria mobilises thousands of volunteers out on bike routes, on events, in workplaces and at our office. The organisation employs around 60 permanent staff and a number of contract staff for events and special projects.This section includes: Our Strategy; Our status as a Charity; Our name and logo; Our people; About our website; Our base and other sections that describe who we are.

BOARD AND GOVERNANCE This section includes: Establishing documents including our Constitution; Board Regulations; Board Committees; Board reports (including the Annual General Meetings; Board Members and Board elections. Our Board is made up of nine members, of which three are elected each year to a three-year term. These Directors elect the President from among their number.

BICYCLE COALITION This section contains the Charter of the Bicycle Coalition, the current activities, FAQs and press releases. We are one member of the Bicycle Coalition along with other member-based bike riding groups in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

REGULATING ASSOCIATIONS This section describes our efforts to improve the regulatory regime for not for profit associations in Australia. Broadly, we support a a single Commonwealth statutory regime overseen by a dedicated national regulator.



FROM BICYCLE NETWORK VICTORIA’S FOUNDATIONS Bicycle Network Victoria is a charity that promotes the health of the community. We work with our supporters to get “More People Cycling More Often” and measurably grow the bike riding world. Our ultimate goal is to make riding a normal part of everyday life, so we have healthy people in a healthy society.

BENEFITS TO THE INDIVIDUAL We communicate a vision of a society where more people ride more often because ‘Life is better on a bike’.There are significant benefits for everyone who takes up bike riding – especially improved physical health, better mental health and a greater sense of well being, fulfilment and happiness. Riders consistently report that they are motivated to ride by the health benefits as well as a sense of connectedness and belonging, new friends and closer neighbours. Riders also enjoy the savings and convenience of using a bike for transport.

BENEFITS TO SOCIETY The community benefits when more people ride bikes.The more people ride for transport the more time is saved, the lower the costs of transport infrastructure and the less congestion on our roads and in public transport. These benefits are matched by a reduction in transport related pollution including greenhouse gases. Bike riding for pleasure creates jobs in tourism and recreation. Bike riding for transport improves productivity and reduce time off work for illness. Above all the community benefits from a reduction in disease and pain as well as the financial costs of poor health.

WHAT WE DO Our aim is to make significant measurable change at a societal scale - in perceptions, behaviour and bicycle infrastructure. We use societal measures such as the census to see if bike riding is growing. We have developed other measures such as Super Tuesday and Hands Up! to monitor progress and evaluate our activities.

We look for initiatives that will provide a high return on our effort. As a result we emphasise, increase and improve bicycle infrastructure and run large scale behaviour change programs such as Ride2Work and Ride2School. We will go anywhere to make these things happen.



We try to be well networked everywhere to attract a wide range of support and contributions to leverage and multiply our effort. We work to change perceptions through marketing, promotion and communication. We look to attract contributions of all types as well as develop great talent in our volunteer and paid staff.

The first change we have made is to gain recognition as a charity. It was fantastic to be recognised unambiguously and formally as an organisation that works to benefit the general community. More importantly it will help us climb the hill. The formal title will make it easier for people to understand why we do all the things we do. It will also help correct common confusions that we are ‘the government’ or a union of self interested cyclists. Charity status also provides some tax advantages. We can receive donations from supporters but, at the moment, those donations aren’t tax deductible.

We aim to speak up for riders and provide a point of reference on bike riding. We provide expert services to individuals, organisations and government agencies as well as to other bike groups. Using our evidence-based expertise we provide advice on policy, on projects, offer practical suggestions and provide media comment.

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RIDE2WORK PROGRAM The Ride2Work Program is a nationally run, year round program that actively encourages thousands of Australians thinking of commuting by bicycle to give it a try. Existing riders can share their knowledge and experience with peers, as well as support and encourage those starting out. Ride2Work has a strong influence in the dramatic increase of people choosing to ride to work, with 38% of new riders registered in 2011 still riding to work five months later. The big event on the Ride2Work calendar is Ride2Work Day, the only nationally recognised event of its kind which provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to join over 115,000 Australians celebrating riding to work and encourages people that don’t currently ride to give it a go.

RIDE2SCHOOL PROGRAM Although thousands of students ride to school on National Ride2School day each year, the Ride2School program is working hard to promote riding to school all year round. The Star Rewards and Barrier Buster programs were launched in 2010 to encourage and assist schools in building a long term ‘active travel’ culture. Schools are awarded monthly, based on their level of commitment to encouraging students to ride, walk, skate or scoot to school and in collecting survey data through HandsUp!. The program aims to tailor its assistance to suit the needs or overcome the ‘barriers’ faced by each school. Rewards have included bikes, helmets, bike parking facilities, bike education training for teachers and grants toward participating in activities such as the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride. Since its inception, a diverse range of schools have been rewarded. The program is inclusive and encourages participation from metro, regional and rural primary and secondary schools, regardless of school size.

SCODY 3 PEAKS CHALLENGE On Sunday 9 March 2014, you get 13 hours to prove yourself. This is the SCODY 3 Peaks Challenge, Australia’s most challenging one-day ride. If you’re up for it, you’ll tackle a 235km course through some of the world’s most picturesque and challenging terrain, with three major climbs: Tawonga Gap, Mount Hotham, and the beast that is the back side of Falls Creek. You’ll have the opportunity to ride on the back wheel or alongside a 3 Peaks Pro Team or Team Bicycle Network member and you’ll have Bicycle Network as your domestique. But staying ahead of the Lanterne Rouge and that 13-hour cut off is up to you and your determination.

GREAT VICTORIAN BIKE RIDE Take on the challenge and ride with your friends on the 30th year of the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride. This year’s ride offers you something truly special: a journey along one of the world’s most iconic coastal routes, the Great Ocean Road. Starting for the first time in South Australia, the ride takes you from the rugged terrain of Mount Gambier, along the famous Shipwreck Coast, winding around the Great Ocean Road and into the lush hills of the Otways for a total of 610km, with a rest day at Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles. The final day will see you travel from Torquay into Geelong.



MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Members of Bicycle Network Victoria are protected with crash cover and support, kept informed with what is happening in the bike riding world with rider information and deals and help to improve riding conditions.

INSURANCE COVER As a member of Bicycle Network Victoria you are covered any time you ride in Australia and New Zealand with personal injury and third party liability insurance. See how you are protected as a Bicycle Network Victoria member.

CHANGING THE BIKE RIDING WORLD Our aim is to make significant measurable change at a societal scale - in perceptions, behaviour and bicycle infrastructure.




PO Box 24013 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia


Bicycle Network Victoria  

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