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March 2011 Volume V Issue 2

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Editor’s Note 24th February 2011 Room number 4005 Apollo Hospital 11-25 pm. As family and friends gathered before sunrise to share the moment of birth of a new person in their life; energy filled the room. Call it a moment, a memory and or a beginning to a story that would be narrated multiple times in years to come. A home was blessed with two beautiful baby girls. First time parents, second time grand parents, self-proclaimed godmothers waited in anticipation to get that first glimpse of the baby. A big breakfast was ordered and coffees never tasted better and the day went by with a whole lot of visitors and “awwwwww”. There’s a whole new excitement when there’s something new in your life. The birth of life, an innovation, a new idea or even a pleasant surprise pumps that energy in the room. Frappe is all brewed up for a revamp and this edition will be the last of this series. With key ingredients of style and pronounced lifestyle, Frappe March is served old style this month. Our city’s own Hanif and Sohail have managed to strike a balance with fashion and practicality; rightly called ‘Basics’. A new management in the Alliance Francais, a new menu at our favorite Thai restaurant Lotus at the Park and a whole new generation waiting to witness India host the world cup finals soon. With all this energy now and for the months to come, here’s a toast to new life, the good things in store and for the year to have had such a great start. Have a Fabulous month and months to come! Cheers,

Hema PS: Congratulations Urmilla and Adil & Farah and Ashwin

4 Frappé March 2011

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Editor: Hema Sethuraman Published & Owned by: Hema Sethuraman Creative Head: Amit Naik Marketing & Business Development: Namrata Lohiya Content Edited By: Preethi Operational Address: #14 Gems Court, Basement 24, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai- 600006. Copywriters: Anupriya D, Preethi and Nivi

Special Feature Contributors: Vidya Singh, Gayathri Short, Biswajit, Anuradha Anant, Manav Futnani, Chetna, Gibran, Divya Sivaramakrishnan and Krithika Satish. Feature Photography: Nrithya Randhir, Dwarakesh Iyengar,Nishanth R Cover Photography: Sunder Ramu On the Cover: Hanif and Sohail Stylist: Sonali Subbaiah Make-up: Noor

FrappĂŠ March 2011 7


Calendar Fashion

For March 2011 AMETHYST


23rd to 30th March 2011- Weavers Studio


Shop Timings - 11am to 8pm, Mon - Sun

1st to 10th March, 2011 - An exhibition of paintings by Anand M. Bekwad 1st to 10th March, 2011 - An exhibition of paintings by M.A. Shankaralingam 11th to 31st March, 2011 -VINNYASA's collections will be exhibited.

For details contact:45991600 / 28541917 EVOLUZIONE Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi will launch Ilhami by AMPM on 4th March. DIVVYA BHASIN brings JEWELS DE SPRING the Spring Summer 2011 collection on 9th and 10th March.

F&B COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT RHAPDODY All new Tapas at Rhapsody Make a detour to Rhapsody for a new range of delicious tapas .Whether your passion is for meat or fish, vegetables or shellfish, there is something for everyone and you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice! Validity: 7:00 PM onwards Contact: 044 6676 4499

STUDIO SAKS March 25, 2011 The House of Rose is back to Chennai to offer the jewellery aficionados of Chennai its exquisite designs and creation at an exhibition in association with Ms. Sabitha & Upasana Asrani \The exhibition takes place on the 25th and 26th March from 11 am to 8pm.

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Rhapsody Wine Flights In Rhapsody a wine flight is offered as a way for diners to sample an assortment of different wines. This flight is designed to pair perfectly with our food. Indulge in the luxury of pairing each course with a different selection of wine at the most unbelievable price.

PAPRIKA CAFE Combo meals from 4pm to 6 pm at Rs.426 Nett. Paprika will be serving up a treat for children and adults alike. Choose from range of combo meals or make your own to suit your taste. Contact: 044 6676 4488 MUFFIN TREE Sweet, fresh temptations of strawberries The Muffin Tree presents a lusciously appetizing strawberry festival. Enjoy a wide selection of strawberry infused chocolates, dips, tarts, sorbets and pastries that will be available. Validity: 30th March 2011 Contact: 044 6676 4414

RADISSON HOTEL GRT GARDEN CAFÉ Sunday Brunch deal! Visit Garden Café on Sundays for Brunch and be our guest to raise a toast for our Bacardi Mojito brunch, remember to grab your complimentary Mojitos Adult: Rs.925/- + Tax, Child: Rs.475/- + Tax Every Sunday from 12.30 to 3.00 pm Enjoy Weekend Dinner Buffet at Garden Café, A place to be with family and friends to pamper your taste buds! Adult: Rs.675/- + Tax, Child: Rs. Rs. 475/-

Rs.1475/- + Taxes (seafood on limited portion with unlimited servings of rest of the package) YALLA! YALLA!! Yalla! Yalla!! - Radisson’s newly opened Middle Eastern Street food Restaurant at the Poolside. Enjoy the Alfresco seating, informal ambiance with the best of Middle Eastern delicacies from the live Kitchen along with beverages and your favorite flavor of Shisha! GALLOP Its Party Time! Visit Gallop with your friends and buy a full bottle of Bacardi / Smirnoff or other chosen brands and get 6 red bulls absolutely free on an iced boat. “Spirit of Sports”- World’s most watched sporting action! Be there to watch ICC World Cup matches with your favourite drink. Gallop offers Special menu, attractive rates and total Cricket atmosphere. CHAI CLUB (lobby Lounge) Visit Radisson’s CHAI CLUB and explore the carefully selected world’s best Teas & Tisanes under one roof! To name a few Imperial Jasmine, European Peppermint, Tulsi Mint, Vanilla Classic, Strawberry Mango and the list goes on! It’s your turn to explore the world of Teas!

Entertain your friends or business clients for Lunch at Garden Café featuring Top 10 of the world’s best cuisine on the buffet everyday – a unique place to dine the world’s best cuisines at one go! Adult: Rs.750/- + Tax, Child: Rs.450/- + Tax THE GREAT KABAB FACTORY At The Great Kabab Factory you have one more good reason to dine, Kingfisher Bohemia sold at a special price with your favourite Kababs – All days throughout March 2011 Come experience City’s award winning restaurant featuring choice of best Kababs! - The Great Kabab Factory. Enjoy your favourite choice of unlimited Kabab package! All days open for Lunch and Dinner except Monday Lunch Seafood Sizzler available on all sessions for

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Dinner For Two

Lotus Love Kiran Rajani Photography: Dwarkesh Iyengar

Sumptuous aromas, unique flavours, innovative new elements and a dash of style spells the new menu at Lotus Thai at the Park. Here’s why you should indulge yourself in the food inspired by the land with a gentle soul. Fine dining and gourmet touches are almost expected by today’s discerning customer and a restaurant must rise to that challenge. Presenting a classic in its most perfect form is demanding enough but reinterpreting them, experimenting and creating something absolutely new is really what it’s all about. Chef Peter Tseng, Chef de Cuisine and Chef Rajesh, Director – Food Production at the Park, have set out to do exactly that at Lotus Thai. At this familiar masthead, they are all set to introduce food that isn’t just irresistible but which might actually just push you over the edge. New techniques, ingredients and confluences from around the world, combined with the freshness that is Thai cuisine makes for exquisite new creations and additions to a menu that will hold on to the classics. The team at Frappé had an exclusive opportunity to preview some of the new dishes that will soon grace the menu at Lotus Thai. Prepping for the Kill Appetisers are tricky business. They could overwhelm you in a jiffy or completely disappoint you, both ways they are indicative of things to come. We began with a selection of appetisers from the new menu that included Rhum - egg net parcels with chicken and beansprouts, Koong Phan Kati - coconut crusted prawn spring rolls and Satay Phak Ping charcoal grilled vegetable skewers. Each of these tasted as different as they looked, and combined with the accompanying salads and hot sauce made for a plethora of flavour and a very promising beginning. Next came along the soup,

10 Frappé March 2011

Kaeng Woon Sen Taohoo, a spicy glass noodle soup swirling with silken tofu threads and fresh coriander. This particular soup is a creation of the restaurant and with its mild consistency, lemony hits and tofu that simply melts on your tongue, it was a runaway hit. This one is highly recommended when you choose to sample the new that Lotus Thai has to offer. When You Wish You Had Two Stomachs... With years of experience and training from the best in Thai cuisine, Chef Peter seemed proud and excited about the new techniques and ingredients that he has been able to almost play with. “The Truly Lotus part of the menu is a modern interpretation of Thai cuisine and with new ingredients like yam, snow peas, morning glory and Chilean sea bass, the dishes which are part of the new menu become more unique in taste and presentation” says the chef. And the main course was all that and so much more. We started with Pla Khao Yang Lao Daeng Manao, a classic Thai grilled Chilean sea bass with chilli and kaffir lime. The fish was cooked to golden perfection and paired with the bokchoy and mango salad was an exceptionally light and delightful dish. The Pet Yang Lard Nahm Phun was interesting to say the least but what made this duck dish stand out was that it was cooked using a technique called sous vide. Sous vide uses low or constant temperatures (and sometimes long hours) to cook various ingredients to perfection while retaining all the moisture and nutrients like nothing else can. Chef Rajesh adds “Sous vide is a thirty year old technique, that is finding its popularity now. We are easily the first restaurant in the country to use this technique in an oriental set up, and definitely in this city.” The sous vide cooked roast duck breast was served with basil scented red cabbage, asparagus and a spiced plum sauce and was simply moist, sinful and perfect.

The Tua Nan-Tao Phad Cha, essentially dry stir fried snow peas and water chestnuts in a pounded Thai herb sauce, would make any vegetarian proud to be one. The eclectic mix of a crisp and fresh vegetable like snow peas with the herb sauce and chestnuts was spicy, tangy and almost charming. The elaborate main course left us yearning for more but with the pleasant inability to consume another morsel. The Cherry on Top For that complete experience of having dined well, the meal must end with the perfect dessert; we on the other hand were served a slice of heaven. The Sago pudding accompanied by mango gelato is made with the Thai equivalent of Indian sabudana and combined with the cold mango gelato was easily the show stealer, and left us all wishing we hadn’t eaten as much before. What lent to its attraction were the combination of warm and cold and the contrasting consistencies of pudding versus gelato. It was gourmet, with a hint of that ‘homemade’ feel and it made for a happy ending like none other. With this and so much more to choose from, Lotus Thai is easily the best Thai stop in the city, and its new menu is all set to push it over that edge. Both Chef Rajesh and Peter advice to stick to the basics if you’re trying Thai food for the first time and if you’re a more seasoned foodie to indulge and experiment in the uniqueness offered here. Rest assured, when you decide to dine at and sample the all new menu this March at Lotus Thai, you will notice details in every single aspect. Just as the lotus motive is seamlessly and splendidly splashed across the whole restaurant, the flavours of the food here are almost puzzlingly divine, while staying effortlessly true to its inspiration.

Chef Rajesh Chef Peter

Frappé March 2011 11

For The Love Of Food I met up with Brent Savage, Owner-Chef, Bentley Restaurants and Bar, Sydney at On the Rocks, Sheraton Park and Towers for a chat. The Bentley is rated as one of Australia’s top 20 restaurants by the Australian Gourmet Traveller. Chef Savage’s forte is the sous-vide (under vacuum) technique of cooking where food is cooked in a water bath for a long time at an accurately determined temperature. The intention is to maintain the integrity of the ingredients, without using oil or butter and with very little flavouring. Earlier, I had lunched upon his aesthetic creations-a mélange of natural flavours and all very healthy. The smoked potato mousse with baby globe artichokes and green garlic almost evaporated in my mouth; the parmesan custard with truffled asparagus was delicate and the beetroot with broad bean, mustard and sprouts was not only visually stunning but like nothing I’ve ever tasted before ! Chef Savage is a man of few words. He directs all his energies towards his art and craft. It was a pleasure to watch him with his gadgets and ingredients and later, have him interact with me, with a beautiful shy smile and gradually, with lots of laughs too. Anu: For a celebrity chef, you are rather low-key. Chef Savage (laughs) : Well..I’m a hands-on chef and like to be mostly in the kitchen. It keeps you

12 Frappé March 2011

Anuradha Ananth NDTV - Hindu Head Features

well grounded and not get caught up in all the hype. Also, I grew up in small place and had a very grounded upbringing. My sister is also a chef and when we were younger, we’d get a clip on the ears if we didn’t adhere to family rules. Anu: You carry a lot of gadgets with you. Chef Savage: It’s to do with being organized. I work with specialized equipment which is made in Europe but is available in Australia. For me, it’s as indispensible as the internet. So, I mainly carry the Thermomix which is a blender which cooks and blends. This is good for custards; and the thermoregulator which is a water circulator for sous-vide cooking. Anu: What would you do if you didn’t have them. Would you lose it and turn true to your name? Chef Savage (laughing aloud) : Possibly because it would be incredibly frustrating. I can’t cook without them as the consistency would vary. My gadgets eliminate variations so it doesn’t matter where I’m cooking. Everything’s regulated. Anu: A one line ad for Bentley. Chef Savage : A ground-breaking concept and a one-of-its-kind restaurant. Anu: Your signature dish. Chef Savage : Chocolate ganache with orange oil and salt. Anu: Are you this calm and composed in your kitchen or are cooking implements and ingredients flying fast and furious all over the place. Chef Savage (laughing aloud again) :We have moments. I stay level-headed. To improvise, you have to be organized. I work from 8:30 am-1am since we serve lunch and dinner at Bentley. We love what we do. Working hard is a way of progressing. Lot of places in Sydney just do dinner and serve lunches only on Fridays. We close on sunday and monday but I work on mondays. In my leisure time, I play basketball. I also ride my bicycle to work.

Anu: You have won many accolades and the Bentley has consistently been rated one of Australia's top restaurants. Has it been an easy ride to the top? Chef Savage : No no ! Cooking is a tough industry, you have to be really committed. 100% commited. Cooking is all I know. And it has been a life time decision… like marriage. Anu: But marriages break up. Chef Savage : Have you had bad luck? (My turn to laugh) Anu: You started your career working in the Blue Mountains under Phillip Searle of Vulcan`s before moving to Sydney to work at Marque Restaurant. Invaluable lessons from these places. Chef Savage : Both restaurants are at opposite ends of spectrum. I learnt the basics very well and then polished those basics well. The Vulcan serves rustic flavours and the Marque is a fine-dining place so I got a good grasp of both these styles. My philosophy is: don’t be a sheep, a follower. I don’t follow anyone. I create something from within myself. Its not enough knowing the classics; you must constantly innovate and improvise. Anu: Your 5 must have ingredients in the kitchen apart from salt and pepper. Chef Savage : Garlic, artichokes, milk and spices though you guys (Indians) are the King of spices ! Anu: Any major culinary fiascos? Chef Savage : Heaps but not in the kitchen. More while travelling with equipment and starches. I’m frisked a lot (laughs). Anu: One chef you admire? Chef Savage : Michel Bras is very inspirational. He’s very creative and pushes the envelope.

from India. Chef Savage : I like cooking in pots. I’d like to try poaching fish in a clay pot and cook it slowly. Then serve it with rice on the side. Anu: Share your favourite recipe with us? Chef Savage: Oh absolutely ! Chocolate Ganache with Orange Oil and Spice Salt Chocolate Ganache 400 g - Chocolate (53% Couverture) 350 g - Water Bring water to boil, pour directly onto chocolate and stir till all chocolate is dissolved. Cool down to 35 degrees and then whisk in a mixer until cool. Set in fridge for approx 2 hours. Orange Oil 100 ml - Extra Virgin 2 - Orange Zest Zest orange into stainless steel bowl, add the Extra virgin olive oil and set aside. (Let the oil infuse for a day or two if possible). Spice Mix 50 g - Coriander 30 g - Black Pepper 40 g - Cardamon Seeds 1 - Cinnamon Quill 1 - Star Anise 15 g - Sugar Roast spices in oven at 170 degrees for 8 minutes. Grind spices in coffee grinder. Add the sugar and pass through a fine sieve. Presentation Place 1 tablespoon of orange oil in a small bowl. Place a scoop of ganache on top of the oil. Finish with a sprinkle of salt and spice mix.

Anu: Which cuisine do you enjoy best. Chef Savage : Spanish. I like eating in small portions and taste different flavours. Anu: You are on Master Chef Australia a lot. That must do your restaurant a lot of good. Not that it needs that kind of endorsement anyway. Chef Savage : Oh it really helps. The show’s been amazing for the industry in general. Anu: Your book looks very interesting. Any other projects in the offing? Chef Savage : One day, I’d like to write a vegetarian cook-book. My wife’s vegetarian and in Australia, sadly, vegetarian food is pushed to the side a little and I don’t feel that’s fair. Anu: So, you’ve enjoyed the mutton biryani here. What cooking techinique would you take back

Frappé March 2011 13

Flavoursomely Yours Preeti Arasu | Photography: Nrithya Randhir

As the title of the article cle suggests, th this month we bring to you the essence of flavou flavour in food and its glorious mystique. What is food od without flavour? Nada, nothing! If, food is lauded as the visible aspect of love then flavour is the epicenter of this masterpiece of love. It is almost as if flavour is the glue that’s sticks all the components together. Once this is accomplished, all your fresh ingredients blend in beautifully together and create sumptuousness as you enjoy like a true epicurean, “the plums of your pudding”! There are almost infinite ways and ingredients to collaborate a magical flavour. From simple yet holding the ace - Salt as seasoning to beautiful and plush herbs and spices, finding the right flavour to a dish to anyone is like being a kid led into a castle, constantly discovering and being amazed with its colourful presence. Here, we bring you a spiceherb combo that truly will create an everlasting satisfaction on your palate. Pepper and Thyme work as well as yin and yang. One is truly the King of Spice and the other a supremely fragrant herb, both have a lovely charm and is an inimitable flavouring agent to many dishes. This month we also take a slight detour from the path usually relished by dessert devotees! Because this duo is so delightfully exclusive, we bring to you a savory recipe that combines them in all its true shining glory! Read on, re-discover and get inspired… The King of Spices has many avatars. Pepper is available as Black, White, Green and Pink, due to the process of harvesting and ripening. Each colour has a distinctive pungency and fieriness and varied degrees of hotness. Pepper was born in India and was considered a “master-spice” right from its earliest usage, and why not?! Even today, in these times of cool and windy outdoors, a nice big bowl of Pepper Rasam seems idyllic. Although, this is not the only way to relish the spice and its spiciness! Black Pepper is a unique spice that adds an invigorating flavour to the world of gastronomy. • Use white pepper to flavour your white sauces rather than black, which would give the sauce a speckled appearance

14 Frappé March 2011

• Green peppercorns can be crushed and delicately intertwined with garlic and cinnamon to make a spiced butter or with cream to make a tasty sauce to accompany your fish preparations. • Pepper can be used in multiple ways to enhance cooking with winter vegetables as they impart warmth and soothes our body during the winter months. • Grind in fresh black pepper instead of pepper powder to flavour soups and barbeque sauces for blasts of brilliance in aroma. • A great ingredient and consummately suitable for preparing marinades for all kinds of meat and vegetables. It can be used alongside other prominent and strong spices like ginger and turmeric too, without any imbalance. • Green peppercorns add sophistication to beautifully constructed terrines. Having a green peppercorn sauce with a beef steak is an unspoken ritual. Pepper was originally a luxury spice affordable only to the affluent. The value was higher than gold and was even used as currency in some parts of the world. A man’s wealth could be determined with his stock pile of peppercorns! A recent research shows that Pepper is the third most used ingredient after Water and Salt. With multiple options and colours, you may not be able to pay your bills with it but these pretty pearls are the hottest thing in your spice rack and are certainly nothing to sneeze at. Reach for that pepper-mill and grind away as it is conducive to adding exotic flavour and depth to any dish. Thyme is a pretty and dainty member of the herb kingdom. Its penetrating aroma and fragrance has not failed to entice any cosmopolitan gourmand. It is used as a popular ingredient in many international cuisines and could also make a decorative and functional plant in your home garden. The blushing lilac flowers from a thyme shrub remind you of spring during summer and act as a pretty ornament to further enhance a regal presentation. “Smell of Thyme” is an expression reserved not only for the Chef in you but used as a common expression of praise, applied to those whose

courage and style is admirable! There are over 100 varieties of thyme, the most popularly used ones being Garden Thyme and Lemon Thyme. • The distinctive bouquet of thyme is a crowning accompaniment to pasta sauces, soups (especially tomato based) and stocks. Being liberal is the key! • Thyme and fish are like a cruet set, perfect together – Place fresh sprigs of thyme on/in between the fish and try your hand at your favourite cooking technique - poach, steam or bake. • A wonderful fragrance to your egg preparation is just a sprig of thyme away. • It is also believed that honey from bees that feed on thyme flower nectar is a bon vivant’s delight. • Brew thyme along with your tea in a pot for a warm and soothing beverage. • Use rosted and ground thyme combined with other spices like black pepper, coriander and cumin as a rub to flavour meats suited for grilling. • Improve your green salad by leaps and bounds with a simple addition of thyme. Apart from providing inimitable flavour to dishes, yore has it that thyme was used to enhance luck. You could wear a sprig of thyme in your hair to make yourself irresistible or try using a pillow stuffed with thyme to promote positive dreams! Thyme is also associated for money-drawing skills…we have tried the money plant, how about a thyme plant at your home now?! The heady combination of pepper and thyme prompts Krithiga Nandakumar at Kirkys Adyar in creating this uberlicious Stuffed Chicken Roll with Cream Caper Sauce. Go on, indulge!

Crushed pepper corns : 10 Capers : 1 tsp, finely chopped Butter : 1 tbsp White wine : 2 tbsp Salt and pepper to taste Method: • Wrap the chicken in cellophane paper and beat with a heavy saucepan bottom until evenly spread to a thickness of ¼”. Ensure no tears. • Mix together oil, fresh cream, ½ tsp of thyme, salt and pepper to form a marinade. Marinate the chicken in this for half hour. • In another bowl mix together the veggies, grated cheese, crushed peppercorns, ½ tsp of thyme, salt and pepper. This mixture should have a firm consistency. • Take the chicken out of the marinade, place the stuffing at one corner and start rolling together to form a log. If necessary, seal the edge with toothpicks. Wrap the roll in aluminum foil and sear it on a 400 degree F grill for 10 minutes. Later, transfer to a preheated oven and bake at 250 degree F for 15 minutes. • Heat butter in a saucepan, add fresh cream and white wine and cook for 2 minutes, add capers, salt and pepper. Cook for 2 minutes and pour over hot chicken. Can be served hot with gooey cheese oozing out, or it can be chilled and sliced thin to make a nice cold cut. As your eyes begin to dilate with deliciousness and as you cease to think with your brain and tune into your heart, you know that you have plunged right into this exquisite creation. Buen apetito!

Ingredients: Chicken breast : 2 pieces (deboned) Fresh Cream : 2 + 2 tbsp Oil : 1 tbsp Fresh thyme : ½ + ½ tsp Broccoli : 50 gms, finely chopped Zucchini : 50 gms, finely chopped Colored bell pepper : 50 gms, finely chopped Grated Fontina (Cheese) : 100 gms

Frappé March 2011 15

The Coffee Diary

Flying Solo Chetna

These are exciting times. Everyone I know is starting something on their own. Walk in to any coffee shop and you'll see budding entrepreneurs lost in their laptops or conducting meetings at these make-shift offices. It took me 5 years to figure out what I really wanted to do. But now that I have, it's an awesome feeling. Having recently launched my own eMagazine for NGOs and CSR programmes, this month's Coffee Diary is a conversation I repeatedly had with different people every time I told them about Bubble Wrapped (umm, that's what it's called). "Wow!" That's the first reaction I got almost every time I told someone I was starting my own firm and my own magazine. "Who are you doing this with?" Umm, doing what? "As in is this your own or do you have a partner?" No, it's my own. "Wow! You are doing this all alone. Damn nice." Initially I wasn't sure why the 'on my own' bit was so fascinating for people. Maybe it was the investment factor. I mean how do you start something with no money? Fortunately for me, the Internet is a playground for businesses low on capital. But responding with this justification only led to another question. “But how are you going to earn?” Obviously I have a revenue model in place. Isn’t that what any businessman first creates? And then a few more “buts…” were thrown at me (funny as it may sound, it’s true). “But are you sure this will make money?” No, I just decided to commit suicide on a whim. Hello! Business is about calculated risks and surely no one takes the step to intentionally go bankrupt, right? Yes, I agree it’s a leap of faith to some extent. But one that has a safety net called a ‘plan’. By now I’m starting to find people’s reactions a tad bit annoying. Not because they aren’t happy for me because they actually are excited; more because they have this look of envy, almost to say “lucky you”.

16 Frappé March 2011

What has luck got to do with choosing to be an entrepreneur? And then one statement suddenly made sense of it all. “It’s a little late for me now; I have too many responsibilities.” Ah! So that is it! And sadly for many it is the truth. I don’t have bills to pay yet. (And mobile bills don’t count.) I’m lucky enough to not have to worry about making ends meet or taking care of my family. Today, I have the opportunity to do concentrate on my firm without the daily stress that many deal with. Having said this, I also think these are times when ‘taking a chance’ is a good thing. There are a lot of positive factors that make entrepreneurship so enticing. If you are young and have been wanting to start a business of your own, there’s no better time than today. Those who think they’ve passed their prime, well, I can only give you the example of Capt. Nair of the Leela Group of Hotels (who, by the way, I had the fortune of meeting). He started his first hotel at the age of 65! You may argue that he was already a rich man by then. But money is not everything. Faith in yourself and the courage to take a chance on yourself irrespective of your age or the stage of life you are in are more important. Take that step and you’ll see how many helping hands reach out to you. As for me, it’s been two months since I started Graffiti Publishing House and launched Bubble Wrapped, and believe me, the feeling of seeing your hard work out there is indescribable. Do log on to and tell me what you think especially if you are a part of the social sector. Also, please pass on the link to friends who work for or volunteer with NGOs or have their own organizations. You can write to me at I hope you find the spark you’ve been looking for through my teeny experience. All the best to the entrepreneurs hidden within you!

I also think these are times when ‘taking a chance’ is a good thing.

FrappĂŠ March 2011 17

Diary of an Expat Chennai-ite I left Chennai 14 years ago for a flying career with an international airline but have never really lost touch with this city. Here are excerpts from my diary, life experiences as a flight stewardess with a leading airline, a stint in the advertising world showcasing top brands, finding the love of my life and taking time off from everything to just be a mom.

Blissful Bali Gayathri Short

I was looking up at the flight departure monitor with total disbelief at the flight ‘Cancelled’ status for SQ 946 to Bali. I had just finished my duty free shopping and wanted to check if I had time for a mocha frapuccino from Starbucks before getting on the plane when I saw the flight cancelled status on the screen. It just couldn’t be happening to me. Oh no way! Not on my flight, is the thought hitting me when my husband just walked up to me and saw me standing there staring at my boarding pass and then the monitor and back at the boarding pass again. Did I really think that if I looked long and hard enough and wished it to change it would? Even though my husband and I have been married for 10 years, its not that easy just taking off on a holiday. We have two little ones who are the centre of our universe and everything revolves around them. Despite having a wonderful nanny we still don’t leave the country without either one of our parents staying over with the children. Since his mom lives in Australia and my mom is conveniently just 3 hours away plus ready to hop on a plane at the slightest excuse to see the grandkids,

18 Frappé March 2011

she gets to see them a lot more often. So we had arranged for my mom to come over from Chennai and stay with our two kids allowing my husband and me to get away for a holiday. We learnt that Mount Bromo on a Javanese island near Bali had erupted. All international flights into Bali were cancelled as the volcanic ash could cause serious damage to aircraft engines. Within a few hours of getting to the airport, we were clearing through immigration again. I was amused to hear the Immigration Officer call out our status to the senior officer as 2 PR u-turn. He meant here are two permanent residents returning back from the departure hall without taking off on a flight, so he could make the required changes to the system that had recorded our departure just a short while ago. I have no qualms admitting I am a control freak and I like being in charge of things because I believe no one else can do it better than me. Its certainly no fun having your flight cancelled at the last moment but we were at least glad it happened on home ground rather than leaving us stranded

overseas. Both the kids shrieked out in delight when we walked into the house. Our daughter even claimed to have made a wish and that’s why she believed the volcano erupted. Luckily the Balinese Gods smiled upon us and the Denpasar airspace was cleared for flights the next morning. Wasting no time, we got ourselves on the first flight out at 09:30am. Every time I have been to Bali, which is not surprisingly over 20 times in the last 10 years as I’m married to a surfer, I have always been amazed by how much it reminds me m off my my father’s ancestral home ho ome in Kumbakkonam. The paddy fields are bright green

and lush with a myriad of waterways channeling through them. Make-shift scarecrows attempt to keep the crops safe. Cyclists and bikers navigate the narrow and winding roads they share with trucks and countless cars ferrying tourists. A vast majority of Balinese are devout Hindus and some of the women I’ve met remind me of my Brahmin aunties as they rise before dawn for prayers and offerings to the Gods, prepare meals for the family, complete all the household chores and don their helmets to ride their bikes to work. Dare anyone say women can’t multi-task? There are numerous quaint little villages scattered around the ever-growing montage of boutique hotels and luxury villas and that’s of-course one of the biggest differences. I love the way you can experience world class cuisine in the most rustic setting. Environmentally conscious resorts are the way to a guilt-free holiday whilst they still offer modern amenities and the ultimate quality of service. I had the best frozen margarita at our favourite bar in Bali overlooking the ocean and surrounded by frangipani trees. The drink is almost like a slushy strawberry sorbet with the intensity of the strawberry complementing the heat of the alcohol. The convenience of purchasing your visa on arrival for most nationalities including Indians is another crowd pulling factor for this tourist haven. I had to make two trips to the Indian High Commission in Singapore & wait 5 working days for my Filipino helper to get a tourist visa to join us on a family holiday to Chennai two years ago and the visa situation hasn’t changed since. I’m sure there are so many entrepreneurs out there who see the potential in Southern India’s stunning coastline. Someday, I would love to see Chennai listed as one of the top travel destination for beautiful beach resorts, rich cultural experiences and its warm hospitality.

Frappé March 2011 19

Back On Track

Vidya Singhs Fitness Mantra

Finally the holiday season ason has wound down, and life is back to our normal mal routine. We need to assess the damage from the h past two months h off partying and holidaying! Let’s not bring a guilt factor into this introspection, as there is absolutely no need for that. Hey guy’s we had fun – and now let’s get back on track! For most of us, it is the food, or rather the excess of it, that we are now left with. Of course, we all probably need some detox from all the drinking that went on as well. This is a part of the fall out from any holiday season and I say, while you are doing it – just have a great time and enjoy all of it. But now, let’s step back and see what we each of us need to do, to get ourselves fighting fit and looking our best again. The best way to ease back into an exercise routine is to look at doing a cardio routine that is relatively easy to set up. The regular cardio will get your heart pumping, fresh air coursing through you lungs and an incredible sense of wellbeing. This is probably the best way to get the calories burning and begin the process to knock off some of those pounds that we may have piled on during those couple of months of indulgence!

20 Frappé March 2011

Plans for a cardio workout A consistent and is i d regular l weekly kl workout k i essential. You could use any one type of exercise, or do a cross- training combo. Learn to stretch it out before and after any session, you have muscles that may have been relatively unused during this holiday season. Begin at a gradual pace in anything that you choose to do and then pick up the pace and tempo as you begin to feel stronger and fitter. Set a time and place, that will help you to become consistent. You would have to have made commitments to yourself and this will help you to keep the workouts going regularly. Find friends to work out with as that will also help in keeping the motivation high. Chennai has now several wonderful places to exercise in and every area has their special places. You could either use outdoor spaces or there are now several excellent gyms dotted everywhere in Chennai. Always choose to do something that is enjoyable as that is the one motivation that will help you to stay with the routine.

Benefits of a cardio workout There are an infinite variety of great cardio exercises to choose from that it will be up to each individual, to choose from what ever will suit your ability and interest. Any cardio vascular exercise helps to build up the strength of your heart and lungs. This will allow the heart to pump blood through the body using less effort, as your heart muscles become stronger. Your lungs too increase their ability to pump in more oxygen through the body. The general fitness level of the person will increase very rapidly; you will find yourself able to keep your energy levels very high through the day. Exercise increases endurance and strength. Legs will develop and become strong and muscles will be tight and toned. Cardio Options There are several types of cardio exercise available to us and I would recommend a variety to keep a cross training benefit. If one uses only one thing as in walking, the muscles tend to become lazy as they get used to that particular activity and the eventual benefit will be reduced. Walking This is probably the one exercise that can be done by anyone at any age or ability. It is probably the one thing that you can do anywhere, at any time, at any pace that suits each one of us. It is also certainly the one form of exercise that we can do for the rest of your life! All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, a companion, if you should find the need for company, a place that you can go to that is easy to get to. Walking can be done in any weather, sun or rain { get out that umbrella! } There are morning walkers and there are those that swear by an evening session – so be it!! To some walking is a time or introspection, highly meditative, may be a time to plan your day. Walk at a brisk pace, begin at a speed that you find comfortable, and gradually pick it up. You could build up to walk at a speed of about 6.4km per hour Try to build up your stamina, to be able to walk at least one hour for each session. The cardio and fat burning benefit kicks in only after a 30 to 40 minute period, when the body gets in to the zone. Until then the effect is only anaerobic, when the body is using oxygen for fuel. It only goes into the fat burning zone after that period, when it becomes fully aerobic and begins to pull fat from the body for fuel.

You need to build up your endurance and stamina to be able to go long enough and at a pace that will be aerobic to gain the benefits. Other Cardio Options Swimming Swimming is an excellent work out as it benefits the entire body, as you are swimming against the resistance of the water, using almost the entire body and it’s muscles to propel yourself through the water. Again try to build the stamina and endurance through a consistent training. Try to use different strokes ads in the free style, the breast-stroke, the back stroke and the butterfly as these four strokes all use different muscles. Jogging This is a choice for the fit and those who have already exercised previously. Get back into it and again build up speed until you can do 10minute miles with ease. The cardio benefits are amazing and needless to say pretty rapid fat burning and weight loss. Remember that you do need good carbs in your diet to give you the fuel for the body to power itself. You could use a track, the street or a treadmill in the gym for this. EFX This is a most amazing machine that mimics climbing stairs. Remember that whether you use a machine, or live in a building that is high enough to do at least 8 to 10 flights of stairs, you will be carrying your body weight up those stairs. A very high fat burning session and it has enormous benefits on those hips, butt and thighs, where most of us pile on all the excess fat. Aerobic classes There are a variety of classes out there to choose from and it would help to get recommendations from friends to see which are the most effective. Take care of the high impact ones, as there can be injuries resulting from that, depending on your age, size and ability. From step aerobics, to dancercise, to high impact, to low impact, interval training, power yoga, and a host of others, there is a wide choice for you out there. There are no short cuts to fitness and it has to be consistent, regular, and efficient effort in order to gain the long-term benefits. As you get back on track, you could begin to cross train and then gradually add weight training and power stretching, yoga and then play some sport as well in your weekly exercise plan. The end results will be a new and improved fit and strong you; a person that will have the strength and ability to deal with life as it comes, looking fab while doing all of that!!

Frappé March 2011 21

Artistic Yoga


balance By Divya Sivaramakrishnan

“Why do we need to do balancing asanas?” is a question I get asked frequently. Why is balance even considered an aspect of fitness? The task of maintaining equilibrium of the body, whether stationary or moving, is not easy. Balance, along with agility and coordination, falls in the category of motor fitness, which involves skills of voluntary movement. Most people are not very coordinated in their movement, so they end up expending a lot of energy to even accomplish day-to-day tasks. Balancing asanas improve muscle coordination and still unconscious movement thus achieving grace and fluidity of motion. Practising balancing asanas enhances concentration and develops balance at physical, emotional and psychic levels. They also help the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety. But more importantly, the asanas we are going to look at today helps one develop a balanced mind and a mature outlook.

Ek padasana • Stand with feet together, inhale and raise arms above head, palms together. r. • Exhale and bend forward.. Lift one leg up simultaneously. Keep head, arms, trunk and d leg in one straight, horizontal line. Focus on hands or some me point in front of body. • Hold for 10-30 seconds, breathing normally. • Repeat with other leg.

22 Frappé March 2011

Santolanasa (variation) Santolanasana • Lie down o on stomach with hands by chest. • Push yours yourself off ground, using arm strength. Keep elbows straight. straig You are now on palms and toes, with body off gro ground. • Turn entire body to one side, feet in same direction and one palm on floor. • Extend upper upp arm above head so both arms are in straight line. • Hold for 10 10-30 seconds, breathing normally. • Straighten body, place knees on floor, relax hands and sit back on heels. • Repeat on other side.

Natarajasana • Stand with feet together. • Bend right knee and grasp ankle with right hand behind body. • Slowly raise and stretch right leg backwards as high as possible. • Reach upward and forward with other hand. • Hold as long as possible. • Slowly lower left arm. Lower right leg and release right ankle. • Repeat with other leg.

Ardha bada padmottanasana • Stand straight with feet together. • Bend right knee and place foot as high up as possible on left thigh. • Raise arms upwards with elbows straight. • Slowly bend forward still keeping arms straight. • Place palms on floor and bring forehead to left knee. • Hold position for as long as comfortable. • Raise torso and hands upwards, with hands stretched straight above head. Release right leg and relax. • Repeat with other leg. Initially, these postures may be difficult to perform, but with regular practice, we will be able to hold them for longer periods of time. To steady the mind while practicing the asanas, focus on just one point – this helps to achieve better balance. So practice these postures and take a step towards a balanced body and mind!

Frappé March 2011 23


Style Quotient Haute Silver Jewels (p) Ltd, established by a young entrepreneur Mr.Rakesh Malik specializes in manufacturing / importing & wholesale of fine silver jewellery and watches across india. They are the authorized dealer for Dirolls watches in India from the House of Royal Crown. “Theia” brings to you its latest collection of equisite italian jewellery titled “extraordinaire”. As Women’s day is a major reason of lavish celebration, we offer our very exclusive range of Italian

24 Frappé March 2011

necklace sets, earrings, love bands, rings & swarovski studded jewellery in different forms, which are a must have for a festival trousseau. The jewellery is available in various designs, patterns & styles to make you beautiful eternally. Browse the bewitching “extraordinaire” collection to pick up pieces. That capture imagination, beauty & purity. Make your silver destination & investment in ‘theia – the silver store’ & avail 10% flat discount on all products… “Go ahead, silver your style!”

Frappé March 2011 25

4th Annual

Frappe Food Drive By Hema Sethuraman Valentine’s weekend.. A hallmark creation that kicks teenagers with steroids? Why not? In this crazy world, we probably need a calendar event to reassure the people we love that we love them. I am a complete food person. I look forward to Sunday brunches with friends or a lazy biryani and movie marathon on my couch. Its that one day of the week sans diet food sans work. We through Frappe are always recommending the best places to dine at, by reviewing restaurants, feature conversations with chefs and the aspect of food is very imperative to the lifestyle bracket. The Frappe food drive started as a small initiation to reach out to 300 kids, moved to 500, then 800 and finally reached a number of 1200 this Valentines weekend. This was something we personally pursued by collecting donations among friends. The quality of food, ice cream, chips and colas was looked into as we would for our own Sundays. Being a personal endeavor, I got my close friends to be part of this. My grandmom used to tell me, “When you are creating goodwill, make sure your loved ones are part of it.. So the blessings will be threefold” Thank you Vinaya and Ramya Krishnan for constantly supporting us for this food drive and also actively participating on the day. Thank you Trisha and Uma Krishnan for never hesitating to reach out, and constantly being part

26 Frappé March 2011

of many social organizations. Thank you Anosh Agarwal, for organizing an Agarwal eye camp for 1200 people and contributing towards the food drive this year. Thank you Dr Sai Satish, your constant contribution has only helped us reach bigger numbers. May you stay blessed. Thank you Karthik for instantly helping us to put the funds together and your contribution was the final call of confirmation. Thank you Sandesh Reddy for helping us put together the lunch for our souls Thank you Shweta, for volunteering on Sunday, serving the food with us and spending your Sunday with people who appreciated it the most. Special thanks to Pranay & Kushali, Neeti & Pakshal. Mukesh Hirani and Ajit Kothari responded through a facebook mail and got RMP a multi national company to sponsor 50% of the cost incurred. These were my friends who I had lost touch with in the last ten years and miraculously offered and organized our 4th annual food drive. Old friends found and current friends continued their support.. it sure was a fantastic Valentines weekend. We couldn’t have organized a lunch of this size without the assistance of Loyola’s Student Union of Sterling Street. Their warm welcome and the Principal’s vote of thanks, was extremely gratifying. The union is constantly running programs on a

monthly basis and we at Frappe are dedicated to support them all through. A sudden last minute donation that we received on Sunday morning was quickly contributed towards the unions trust for their future endeavors. All the best Loyola and thank you again!! With loads of love, Hema, Amit & Namrata The Frappe team

FrappĂŠ March 2011 27

Five Glorious Years ... Courtyard by Marriott celebrates its five glorious years in the city and what it takes to become one of the finest hotels in town! It’s been five years since Courtyard by Marriott began its operations in Chennai, yet it has managed to keep itself upbeat with the pulse of the city. With the booming hospitality industry and mushrooming of so many new hotels in town Courtyard by Marriott has managed to make its mark amongst all. From the most sumptuous Sunday Brunch to a delectable deli and pastry shop, to a state of the art business centre to a blissful experience at the spa. This aesthetically designed space has something for all. And not to forget the wonderful reception you get every time you step into this place. WE CARE “It’s not just about the associates and guests, we believe in giving it back to the society” says Karan Berry, General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott. In association with an organization called Rising Star Outreach / Marriott Home they shelter and educate children of families affected by leprosy. They work closely by pitching in to raise funds for the cause. It’s just not all about corporate social responsibility for them. The spirit to serve is something which everyone in this organisation believes in. “We had a front office trainee give his entire first salary for Marriott Home, out of his own free will.” acclaims Karan.

28 Frappé March 2011

Anupriya D

They organise various events from time to time to raise funds. A special fund raiser dinner, ‘jazz and the joy of giving’ on 1 October, 2010 at Rhapsody collected a total of 1.6 million Rupees and all proceeding from this evening were donated to Marriott Home. During environment month initiatives like ‘the speaking tree’ invokes a sense of responsibility towards safeguarding the environment among the guests and associates. Recognising its commitment towards social responsibility and working towards the upliftment of the under- privileged in the past few years, Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai was awarded the coveted Alice S. Marriott award for Community Service from over 3600 hotels worldwide. THE MARRIOT FAMILY “I have been in Courtyard by Marriott for five years now and I would say that this the best place to work” says Chef Amit Dash who has been a part of the Marriott family right from day one. And he is not the only one. Almost everyone who has been associated with Marriott have similar things to say as they recall the time they welcomed their very first guest to the hotel. Conversations bursts and laughter fills the space as they go down the memory lane. They call each other by their first name across horizontal and vertical hierarchy; carry a warm smile and unmatched desire to serve

which transcends to every element of their work. “We empower our associates and help them grow within the organisation.” says Kishore, F & B Manager. Events like the ‘Associate Appreciation Week’ are celebrated to recognize and appreciate their associates and their contribution to the organisation and also to thank them for all they do. Associates are a core part of this family and the management doesn’t leave any opportunity to integrate them with every aspect of their business. They believe that ‘the management takes care of the associates, associates take care of the guests, the guests take care of the business and the business takes care of itself.’ Courtyard by Marriott is known for the most innovative ways to involve their guests in various activities. Special events like be your women’s chef held on women’s day where the men need to be a chef for the women in their life or may it be cocktail culture festival at Rhapsody, it all boils down to just one thing, to give their guest the best of service and the best of experience. They believe that it’s all about the experience you take home and that you relish! Things like the Cook and Dine Club have become a trademark of Marriott. Five years and they have so much more to offer than just, what you expect. They go beyond their financial goals to make a difference in the society and set standards in this ever growing industry that only they could break. It’s not just a hotel, it is an experience!

BON ANNIVERSIARE! Stars shone down as Courtyard by Marriott celebrated their five years and also commemorating World Leprosy Day with a fund-raising dinner on January 31st 2011. Apart from the sumptuous buffet dinner designed by the Executive Chef Suresh Thampy, renowned celebrities and personalities from U.S.A had come to partake and spread the spirit to serve initiative of the Marriott group. Veteran Broadway artist Shaun Perry and choreographer Stacey Tookey flew down all the way to train the students of the Rising Star Outreach (RSO) for this anniversary show. To add on to the spectacular performances by the students, 20 year old American Idol sensation David Archuleta sang his best tunes for the crowd, all for a cause!

Frappé March 2011 29

Absolutely Sunbrunt!!!

Anupriya D

Like Goa was not enough, Sunburn came up with yet another session, ‘Sunburn Hangover Tour’. For all the crazy party people in town, who missed out or may be, haven’t had enough of all that fun at Candolim beach last year end, Pasha at The Park witnessed Funkagenda, bringing the house down with high octane music and bringing the festival to an electrifying closure. Chennai couldn’t have asked for more. English DJ & Producer Funkagenda had delivered one of the best sets of Sunburn 2010 and here he was, yet again to kick off the Sunburn Hangover tour, playing the best of pure house-fuelled bliss. Apart from our own C-town this tour happened in four other major cities across India. The unbeatable ambience at the venue, energy, the psychedelic lights and the underground feel, all set the mood for absolutely fun-filled evening. With the city embracing EDM like never before this hangover tour was just the right antidote to kill those mid-week blues. If Funkagenda was not enough, this tour also featured Nikhil Chinapa, Manny and VJ Alive. While Sunburn fans were still abuzz after a good month and a half, this tour certainly did not disappoint them. It left us wanting for more and yet again ABSOLUTELY SUNBURNT!

30 Frappé March 2011

FrappĂŠ March 2011 3

Cover Story




It’s a story that excites the imagination and inspires us all to dream and shape our dreams into reality. The story of Hanif Sattar and Suhail Sattar of Hasbro Clothing is a classic tale of how an idea can change your life when it is executed with passion, a belief in yourself, team work and of course, loads and loads of hard work! Vinita Nayar

Two brothers with a passion for designing clothes. Today Hanif Sattar and Suhail Sattar have achieved tremendous success with their men’s fashion brands. On the retail front, they have the hip Basics Life; the store brand has 65 stores and by end March, this figure will shoot up to 75. By March 2012 they are aiming for 100 stores. They have three clothing brands which are retailed within Basics Life – the formal wear brand Genesis, Basics 029 which is into men’s casuals and Probase, the youngest of them all . Cut back to 1987, when the brothers started with an unpretentious tailoring shop. As the years rolled on they dreamed of doing what they loved best – designing clothes. In 1992, they decided to launch their own brand Genesis. Operating out of a

36 Frappé March 2011

miniscule 400 sq ft store in Prince Plaza, Genesis was born. And thus began their incredible journey. Says Hanif, “Genesis caters to the requirement of a classic formal customer. This means both day / night classic formal wear and evening party wear. All fabrics and designs used in Genesis are exclusive to us….all design elements starting from the fabric to the trim and garment engineering are all designed by in-house designers keeping in mind current trends and local flavour. The fabric content, quality and presentation are comparable to the best brands in the world. In our own stores, distinctive variation is adopted to differentiate the formal Genesis line from the Basics line of casuals.”

Photography : Sunder Ramu Stylist: Sonali Subbaiah Make-up : Noor

1 FrappĂŠ March 2011 37

“Basics 029 is more of a lifestyle brand and has a whole gamut of products,” says Suhail as he proudly shows me a range of trendy merchandise. “It is Hasbro’s flagship brand and has tonnes to offer in terms of lifestyle product range solutions to the customers. The widest and the most exciting product range falls under this brand.” From trousers and T-s, to denim and non-denim top and bottom wear, caps, belts, innerwear, sunglasses, socks, shoes, bags and flip-flops – Basics 029 exudes this cool but edgy image. (I must confess, usually men’s wear doesn’t particularly excite me but some of the tees that Basics 029 offers had me hooked! And I loved the colourful, funky boxers). They even have chic towels – face towels, hand towels etc. “They are like a style statement you can use in a gym,” says Suhail. “We are cueing the sporty lifestyle with Basics 029.” Explains Hanif, “Basics, being a player in the casual wear segment, has the potential to add as many products as it likes into its fold. Being lifestyle driven, the solutions that it can offer the consumer can vary to suit his different needs…and we are very quickly working on the same. Expansion of product categories is an ongoing affair.” Basics 029 also launched ‘Chennai Matter’...a limited edition of T-shirts dedicated to the colourful city and its myriad expressions...this has been a huge hit and is now three editions old. Probase is currently being revamped. Talking about the brand positioning, Hanif says, “The youth brand Probase is the youngest brand and sports the coolest and funkiest collection, very edgy and a perfect fit for the youth. Probase

38 Frappé March 2011

sports a wide variety of clothing.” Nevertheless, he candidly explains that, “Over the last few seasons we noticed an overlap between the lines of Probase and Basics so it was back to the drawing board for us, the new results have been overwhelming and are to hit the stands April 2011.” And what is it that drives their success? Chatting with the two brothers one observes the pride – no, not just the pride but the passion and love they evince for their work and their brands. It shines across in the interactions one has with them – they are very driven, very focussed, and very much on the ball. And they work in perfect tandem together – that has most certainly been a fillip for the success they have achieved today – their partnership and the respect they have for each other. Suhail points out, “It’s been 25 years; I have worked with Hanif all my life. We started together and we’ve been together.” “Suhail and me are like chalk and cheese,” says Hanif. Grinning he adds, “But it works! In spite of being chalk and cheese, we have been trying to find an equilibrium – ‘agree to disagree’ - and for the most part, it works. We are very different personality wise but our thinking is the same. If you came to my room and took my inputs and then went across to Suhail, he would mirror my thoughts.”

In spite of being chalk and cheese, we have been trying to find an equilibrium – ‘agree to disagree’

FrappĂŠ March 2011 39

There’s a lot of times there’s a perspective Hanif has and we leave it at that. Several months, weeks, years later, I am relieved that I let him have his way or vice versa – that he let me have my way.

42 Frappé March 2011

“We are as similar as two human beings can be,” chips in Suhail. “We may think differently but that brings two sides to the story.”

is no entrepreneur wants to lose money.” Suhail nods in agreement, “That is very difficult to digest.”

“I’m a very outdoor guy,” states Hanif. “I’m a little conservative. I make it a point to say ‘black’ to everything he says ‘white’ to. I think I am the stabilising force in the relationship.” “Ditto” exclaims Suhail. “There’s a lot of times there’s a perspective Hanif has and we leave it at that. Several months, weeks, years later, I am relieved that I let him have his way or vice versa – that he let me have my way. I am glad that I let it be. In terms of our learning and growing up, we’ve had lots of shared experiences. We arrive at the same point of view at different speeds! But where we come from is the same place. It makes me admire him and we have the common trait of giving and taking.”

Hanif says, “The magic however is in bringing the future forward. The investment / effort in doing so will eventually dictate where you will get to. It’s a fine balance between short term and long term and for the most part you have to rely on your gut which is why we are so hands on.”

“Disagreements happen everyday,” says Hanif candidly. “But we never say ‘I told you so’. There is no point talking about it.” “I look forward to the disagreement,” says Suhail with a grin. “I arrive at a possible decision with a certain logic. I look forward to his disagreement, to his poking holes in the idea. After all, you can’t be right all the time.”

Also, he continues, “It’s not important these days to have an enormous amount of merchandise as opposed to having the right product mix, most important - the store should be able to offer an experience for the mind and eye of the shopper visual merchandising, drama through displays, buyer engagement through world class service standards are bare minimum expectations of today’s discerning customer. Eventually, the people who have great retail stores and offer world class products will garner mind share. All you need to do is put all the dots together, easier said than done ...but doable ... it’s all about good product, great communication and building consumer aspiration through excellence in product, communication and retailing.” He continues, “Retailing itself is a huge umbrella and includes ambience, service standards, virtual merchandising, cleanliness and packaging. Our focus is clear – our retail should be of global standards. We package products in such a way that everything is visible.”

Hanif believes patience is one virtue that has stood them in good stead. “I can dig very deep and I can stay there. It’s called ‘sabar’(patience) which is an Arabic, Urdu and Hindi word .It’s taken us 25 years to come this far. It couldn’t have happened without patience.” So how challenging has the journey been? “The largest challenge is staying relevant to the consumer,” replies Suhail. “There are so many influences and the consumer is changing. If you are not watching constantly, you can easily get caught off guard. What worked yesterday may work tomorrow….but one year down the line?” He leaves the question hanging in the air. “There are constant challenges,” articulates Hanif. “We started in the South – Chennai and Tamil Nadu are our primary markets. We then moved to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and then Karnataka.” They also have stores in Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Qatar and the Maldives. “The current and clear challenge is to go West and North. The South has been mapped,” adds Suhail. Hanif continues, “We are conscious of the fact that we will lose money initially and the tough one

Nevertheless, challenges notwithstanding, the brothers are resolute on growing the brands in their stable. Hanif says, “Everybody is looking at garnering mind share; the future lies in having a huge mind share in the minds of the consumers. Clearly the way forward is retail as owning the consumer is what it’s eventually going to come down to.”

And the stores themselves are standardised and the brothers have set the bar very high in terms of those standards. “Stores are the last mile in retailing. A good looking store will and can do wonders for the product,” declares Hanif with conviction. The highlights of a good store, he believes, include lighting, flooring, ceiling, visual merchandising of the apparel, fixtures on which the merchandise is displayed, music and mannequins to display the attitude of the clothing being retailed. He says, “The inspiration for all these parameters is essentially from the various international brands that the in-house design team visits,

Frappé March 2011 43

studies and researches down to the finest detail for inspiration. However we finally always arrive at a unique signature which is exclusive only to us “God is the details” – a favourite quote of Hanif’s! And the retail outlets stand testimony to that. The music thy play is standardised - instrumental, peppy, high energy stuff that has you swaying to it but not loud enough to detract or distract from the shopping experience. Even the decibel levels are uniform across stores. In terms of visual merchandising, colours are grouped together – so you see a cluster of greens or blues or reds and oranges. Mannequins abound in the stores displaying the latest stuff artfully and enticingly. “The point is to be as lifestyle driven as possible in our retail concepts,” says Hanif. “We don’t sell clothes; we sell fashion. The point is to keep on innovating.” And he proudly says with quiet confidence, “We feel, as an Indian brand, we can take on the biggies.” A sentiment echoed by Suhail, who lovingly takes out different products to show me. “I sincerely believe, as an Indian fashion house, there are very few Indian men’s clothing brands that can compare to us - be it in terms of product, store, design, display, technology or imagery. I don’t think we have any equals; we are way ahead. The fight is international as the world turns into a global village so we better be ready. We want to take it to that level. We are taking the benchmarks higher and higher and the benchmark is not our Indian peers.” In keeping with the times, they have a Facebook page with close to 100,000 fans. They also have an ecom web page. “We are probably the first company in India to have an ecom web page,” informs Suhail. Edgy, innovative, trendy – the brothers ensure that the brands in their stable stay relevant to the times and to the youngsters who are their prime target audience. They have four lines every year in contrast to most brands that have two lines and they are constantly adding new products into the

We are probably the first company in India to have an ecom web page

44 Frappé March 2011

brand mix to engage with their target audience. As I sit with the brothers, it’s refreshing and inspiring to watch their easy camaraderie. As the interview progresses, it interspersed with chit chat, plans for their new office space, talk of music, video games, kids…sometimes they agree, at other times they put forward different points of view. But, it’s easy to pick up on the strong bond that they share. They work together everyday but the families meet every Sunday for lunch. Hanif says, I am most relaxed when I’m with my family. Minna my wife is my soul mate and I love spending time with her and my boys. My mother, sister and my brother’s family play a very important role in my life.” When Suhail shows me around the office, showcasing products and drawing my attention to detailing and features, his face lights up and animatedly he tells me, “I am so fortunate and so blessed to come to work everyday and love every bit of it. How many people can say that? For me, it’s not work on one level. I love every aspect of it. I love what I am doing and I make money doing what I love.” Amazingly, at a later stage, when I ask Hanif what he loves about his work, the answer is eerily similar to what Suhail said: “Very few people have the good fortune of making money working in the area of their love… our case its fashion. Suhail and I are two of the very few individuals who are as fortunate to have followed our passions in the area of fashion and created wealth doing so. Our ‘work’ has always inspired us, pushed us to achieve greater heights in turn adding immense value to our lives and to the lives around us. Little wonder that we love what we do,” he says with a happy smile. As we wind up, Hanif says with deep conviction, “We are always looking forward. In business, there is an inflexion point – at some point everything starts multiplying. I think we are very close to that point. That’s because we look ahead and see a little of our future.”

Very few people have the good fortune of making money working in the area of their love… our case its fashion.

Frappé March 2011 45

M rch Ma h 2011 38 FrappĂŠ March


Benoit Olivier Director Alliance Française

Chennai’s French Connection Preeti Arasu | Photography: Nishant R

Chennai as a city wears many hats – A bustling cosmopolitan, an IT and automobile hub, cultural capital and also a welcome home for many people from far and beyond. With plenty of foreign investment, multinational companies, a healthy community of expatriates, the need for a localite to learn new languages has risen to more than just a passion. French is one such language that has stood its time in the city and there are plenty of institutes that offer learning classes. One particular institute that has quite clearly held firm is Alliance Française. For this hub, it is more than just an institute offering French classes. This month Frappe caught up with two eminent personalities in the city – Benoit Olivier, Director - Alliance Française and Kausalya Devi - Honorary Consul of France in Chennai and a member of Board of Trustees at the Alliance Française of Madras. As one makes way into the institute at Nungambakkam, you are immediately overwhelmed with pristine settings, plush greenery and inspiring facilities. It comes as no surprise that this is one of the most sought after centers. The institute’s young and charismatic director Benoit was at his best as we spoke about his role at the institute along with his colourful experiences in Chennai. “Not many people know that Alliance Française is an association. We are a local organization,

48 Frappé March 2011

promoting French language and its culture, which has been established by the people of India along with support from the French Government. People join us to promote the association” As our winsome guest Kausalya reasons on what makes Alliance so special “It is seen as a window to the West. People coming from traditional upbringing saw this as a centre to express themselves, surrounded by freedom, a place that you could really find yourself and be an independent person” This clearly shows in the galactic array of events that take place here. Regular French learning classes by qualified instructors, students being encouraged to actively take part in creativity by enrolling in cultural programs ranging from theatre, dance and music to even the commencement of corporate training programs for French language and culture, it is truly, as Benoit beams “ a place promoting partnerships between the people of India and France, an exchange of thoughts, culture and friendship” For Benoit, heading the institute at Chennai was an exciting assignment to get to know the cultural influence & its impact on India and is completely enjoying his role here and not regretting the move at all! “Chennai is constantly moving and never boring! People here are patient and optimistic which has really struck a chord and I am

fascinated about a lot of things in Chennai – from December Margazhli season to the parts of the old city at Mylapore, Luz Church, I love it all!” It is more than an office for Benoit realizing the extent of challenges on a daily basis, meeting a number of people everyday from different walks of life- he feels that Chennai is a great place to establish contacts and is fascinated by the job in nurturing the partnership. For Kausalya, it is has been an emotional rollercoaster and literally her second home. Her association with the institute dates back to 1983 when she joined as a student, for the sheer pleasure and passion to converse in French when visiting France, and slowly made her way as representative, Vice President, President and eventually to the Board of Trustees, all along falling deeper in love with the French language, people and culture. “As and when the institute approaches me on inputs on welfare I am only happy to offer my suggestions” says Kausalya who is now also the Honorary Consul of France in Chennai. As our conversation moves slowly to the extent of learning foreign languages and its adaptability in

India, Kausalya adds with aplomb that Indians have always had a history of picking up new languages – Right from the British days when local interpreters conversed in a then foreign language English, which slowly got revamped to the language for medium of instruction due to a passionate movement, the trend has come a long way. “Today, people realize that when you speak to another person in his own language, it goes straight to his heart!” and thus began the journey of this seamless amalgamation. When quizzed about the future plans of Alliance Française, Benoit fervidly responds “to share the essence of the language and culture to new corporates making their way here and to work towards a more fruitful relationship between India and France. Culturally the institute will continue to bring into the city some great shows and work towards better visibility for them.” Benoit’s favourite food is Idly and Kerala Fish curry and Kausalya’s French version of her likes include visiting Nantes located on the Atlantic coast in Western France and loves to gorge on fresh seafood and most definitely wine, when in France – Clearly, living the characteristics of encouraging cultural exchanges.

Kausalya Devi Honorary Consul of France Frappé March 2011 49

Nouvelle Nouvelle creats a platform that showcases new talent and creativity in all genres. If you interesterd in featuring your work, please do email your profile and portfolio to Contact - 044 43099630

Avinash Shroff 98400 52754 | |

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Srivathsan Selvarajan Mobile: +91 - 9894225133 | Email:

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Notes From A Traveler

All Things Polo Manav Futnani Photography: Gaurav Chand

52 FrappĂŠ March 2011

I landed in a very chilly Jaipur at 8pm, about the same time that I was expected at the City Palace for a party to celebrate the finals of the Vodfone Sirmur Cup, one of the most prestigious events in India's polo calendar. Polo is a relatively exclusive sport anywhere in the world, but in India, it is even more so. Over the course of the evening in the courtyard of the City Palace, I probably met about 80% of the whose-who of the Indian polo circuit. I actively played the sport when I was younger and was surprised to see that the same names (the Godhara brothers, the Kalaan brothers, Samir Suhag, Lokendra Singh, etc) continue to dominate the scene, notwithstanding the 17 years that had gone by since I last attended such an event. The sport attracts more patronage from exclusive brand names like Cartier and Hublot and there are a growing number of private 'patrons' sponsoring teams - as a result, and egged on by movies like Aisha, where the hero is the quintessential high society polo playing investment banker, more people are now aware of the game. This translates to higher attendance, compared with when I was younger when the bleachers would be almost empty at the most high profile matches in Chennai - even the free high tea after the match was not enough incentive for people to show up to polo

ground at St. Thomas Mount. In Jaipur however, for this weekend, there was no shortage of spectators - well-heeled locals, the royal families from the region, and scores of polo enthusiasts from all around the country showed up to watch and cheer the match. They were all dressed up in their finest clothes and it was immediately obvious that the grandstand of Jaipur Polo Club that weekend was the place to see and be seen. One of the reasons that the sport suers from low spectator following is the perception that the rules are complicated. For the uninitiated, it is very irritating to hear the umpires whistle regularly go o and have the game stopped for a foul when you cannot understand the reason. The basic rules are very simple - 4 players to a side trying to hit the ball into the opponents goal - much like hockey, but on a horse. The game is divided into 7.5min 'chukkers' - in India matches normally comprise 4 chukkers, in England they are 6 chukkers and in Argentina, they are 8 chukkers long. The main rule, of which the spectator should be aware is the 'line of the ball'. When the ball is in play, the actual and projected line on which it travels is sacred - a player on the line of the ball has a 'right of way' that cannot be crossed unless far away enough to not pose a risk of getting in the players way.

Therefore, the most common way to get the ball away from a player on its line is to ride them off the line by lining up your horse alongside the opponent and literally 'bumping' them off the line. 'Bumping' a rider in this manner at high speed requires courage from a rider but success equally depends on the strength and ability of your horse. Speed also matters - if your horse is fast enough, the opponent may never be able to catch up with you to bump you off the line! The game is obviously very tiring for horses and typically, one cannot use the same horse for more than a single chukker. Jaipur is also the home base for the 61st Cavalry, which I am told is the last mounted regiment in the armed forces anywhere in the world. For the equestrian enthusiast, their campus is as close to heaven as it gets. Hundreds of horses, 3 full sized polo fields and the most awesome terrain across hundred of acres that will challenge the strongest horses and the most experienced riders. For much of my childhood, I had only aspired to be an officer in the 61st Cavalry and spend the majority of my life on these grounds. I had obviously given up on that ambition a long time ago but for nostalgic reasons, riding here for several hours over the weekend was a very special experience for me. It is largely because of the continued existence of this regiment that that equestrian sports have stayed alive in India - it is only recently that the private sector in India has become wealthy enough to engage in the sport seriously. It is only a matter of time before the private sector takes over the sport but for now, the armed forces remain the only entity with budgets large enough to take this expensive sport very seriously. The final match on Sunday was probably the fastest polo I had seen first hand. The underdog team Equisport did a great job of getting ahead of the Cavalry Carysil team briefly before Cavalry took back the lead in the final chukker to win the match. Polo may be an elitist sport, but in Jaipur, even the common man fully understands the rules and comes to watch from the sidelines. On more than one occasion over the run up to the finals, they stormed the ground protesting what they considered a bad umpiring decision against Vishal Singh, one of India's top players and a local hero in this city. When the bugle was blown to mark the end of the match, the spectators ran in to get close to the players and cheer them at the prize distribution ceremony. Some of us made our way back the 61st Cavalry's campus to celebrate their victory and before I knew it, it was time to head back to their airport and get my flight back home. This may have been my first polo weekend in Jaipur, but it certainly wont be my last.

Frappé March 2011 53

Shopping with Krithika

Krithika Satish is an eclectic mix of talent and passion. A self-confessed shopaholic, and an avid traveller, Krithika loves frequent shopping trips and has a keen eye for detail which keeps her style sense in check. Her love for clothes, accessories and a desire to create something new and dierent remains unparalled.

A white shirt is always in vogue. Get the classic corporate look teaming it up with a high-waist trouser. Trouser- Gatsby White shirt- Model's own

Photography: Sunder Ramu Model: Raka Chakravarthy Hair & Makeup: Page3

54 FrappĂŠ March 2011

Get boardroom chic teaming up a pair of nice fitted trousers, printed top and jacket to add a hint of sophistication Jacket and top- Benetton Trouser- Model’s own

FrappĂŠ March 2011 55

Your day look is now never too boring for the evening. Keep up the style quotient after a hard day at work, with this day and evening look. Skirt and Waistcoat- Gatsby White t-shirt- Benetton

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Gibran’s Column

What’s cooking on Facebook? We are all addicts, border-line toxic and our substance of abuse is not just a pretty Face or an page-tuning “Book”... it’s is big bubble called Facebook! Can’t live with it and can’t live without it.. So what’s the News-Feed? Nadia Cassam’s “Culinary Cafe”: where your mind is immersed in bowls of lather-some butter, and you are transported to a virtual Bistro bringing succulent recipes, food travels, videos, nutritional facts, historical anecdotes on gourmet culture and much more. I am a veritable witness to the years of goblet gossip and flavorful flirtations with food that Nadia & her family have indulged themselves in. Creating a platform for culinary interactions, sharing the experience a “Honey Glazed Lamb Chops” under the romantic twilight, laughing over haughty sessions of “Top Chef” and bringing the latest on “how to curve that svelte body” was the vision that inspired this cookalicious expedition. As Nadia aptly says “Facebook brings an eclectic commingle of personalities from across the globe and all we need is a “kitchen” to keep our grueling appetites alive, voila ‘Culinary Cafe’. It juggles woks’, wontons and ....women (Nigella Lawson) between the “Walls”!

58 Frappé March 2011

Over the years of travels and tastings’ Nadia remains passionate about pampering both her palette and pen to an enthused audience- be it friends, foe’s or Facebook woes. As she best frames it “Zuckerberg created a virtual globe where continents represent conglomerates of hobbies, talents, cultures, events and fashion. Culinary Cafe is one such continent in the spicey f’booker’s map that can answer almost any gastronomic query, discuss quirky & delicious insights, where zealous chefs and infatuated restaurateurs can cultivate formidable friendships and brew some “Cocoa Convo’s” online!”

What began within the Haddows Road halls is now ready to break all Walls with a toast, tribute and a tickle to all our terrible tummys. This Facebook page is evolving like foodie's blog- accessible, easy and quick to "click" onto what's happening and new in the culinary world.

Become a fan of “Culinary Cafe” and twirl with some wine and fromage online...!

Bon appétit..!

What the..?? FrappĂŠ March 2011 59


The King's Speech

Black Swan

True Grit

After the death of his father King George V (Michael Gambon) and the scandalous abdication of King Edward VIII (Guy Pearce), Bertie (Colin Firth) who has suffered from a debilitating speech impediment all his life, is suddenly crowned King George VI of England. The King will overcome his stammer and deliver a radio-address that inspires his people and unites them in battle. Based on the true story of King George VI

A psychological thriller set in the world of New York City ballet, BLACK SWAN stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a featured dancer who finds herself locked in a web of competitive intrigue with a new rival at the company (Mila Kunis). Nina fits the White Swan role perfectly but Lily is the personification of the Black Swan. As the two young dancers expand their rivalry into a twisted friendship, Nina begins to get more in touch with her dark side with a recklessness that threatens to destroy her.

A tough U.S. Marshal helps a stubborn young woman track down her father's murderer.

Consensus: Colin Firth gives a masterful performance in The King's Speech, a predictable but stylishly produced and rousing period drama. Genre: Drama Rating: 94%

60 Frappé March 2011

Genre: Suspense Drama Rating: 88%

Consensus: Girded by strong performances from Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld, and lifted by some of the Coens' most finely tuned, unaffected work, True Grit is a worthy companion to the Charles Portis book. Genre: Western Drama Rating: 95%

Book Review

Tick Tock By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Water for Elephants By Sara Gruen

Alone By Lisa Gardner

Detective Michael Bennett, his ten adopted children, his grandfather and nanny Mary Catherine are on vacation at a seaside resort. He was called in to help investigate the case of an unexploded bomb at a library. The bomb turned out to be a "teaser" for what was about to happen. A series of crimes start to occur. The city is now terrorized with everything that is going on. It soon becomes clear that all of these incidences could not be the work of an amateur. There is a serial killer in the town and this person is recreating serial killers from New York's past. Michael Bennett asks FBI agent, Emily Parker, for assistance.

With its spotlight on elephants, Gruen's romantic page-turner hinges on the human-animal bonds that drove her debut and its sequel (Riding Lessons and Flying Changes)—but without the mass appeal that horses hold. The novel, told in flashback by nonagenarian Jacob Jankowski, recounts the wild and wonderful period he spent with the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth, a traveling circus he joined during the Great Depression. When 23-year-old Jankowski learns that his parents have been killed in a car crash, leaving him penniless, he drops out of Cornell veterinary school and parlays his expertise with animals into a job with the circus, where he cares for a menagerie of exotic creatures.

Alone . . . Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge watches a tense hostage stando unfold through the scope of his sniper rifle. Just across the street, in wealthy Back Bay, Boston, an armed man has barricaded himself with his wife and child. Alone . . . that's where the nightmare began for cool, beautiful, and dangerously sexy Catherine Rose Gagnon. Twenty-five years ago, she was buried underground during a month-long nightmare of abduction and abuse. Alone . . . a madman survived solitary confinement in a maximum security prison where he'd done hard time for the most sadistic of crimes. Now he walks the streets a free man, invisible, anonymous . For a killer is loose who's woven such an intricate web of evil that no one is above suspicion, no one is beyond harm, and no one will see death coming until it has them cornered, helpless, and alone.

1 FrappĂŠ March 2011 61

Foreign Pick

Copie Conforme

Swarupa Pillaai

Language – French / Italian Director – Abbas Kiarostomi, Cast – Juliette Binoche The very powerful performer Juliette Binoche, who won the Best Actress award for this film last year at the Cannes Film Festival, carries this film on her shoulders with aplomb. The backdrop for the film is a small Tuscan village, and revolves around a romance in a single day. When Binoche attends the lecture of a British author, she leaves her number for him to call her. They both meet the next day, and travel on their first date. When someone mistakes the couple to be married, the couple plays along and the director uses this as a metaphor to the title he uses for the film. That fact that everyone plays roles in their lives, and how we pretend to be what we are actually not, is what the director tries to get across to the viewers. The director then masterfully weaves a strong situation between two people, and projects “copies of lives” through the eyes of these two characters in a poetic manner. What follows is a journey that is deep, and one that cuts across as a poignant tale of love, and yet not love, romance and yet not romance, bonding and yet not bonding. This film is a classic example of what a filmmaker does for himself, not caring about what the audiences think, and only relating to what is inside of him. The film is not only beautiful from the inside of the director’s mind, but is also exquisite

62 Frappé March 2011

in terms of visuals, and the locales where they have shot the entire film. There are some long shots which are filmed without a break, and many moments that leave you breathless, for the combination of visual excellence as well as beautiful moments between the actors. Both the lead characters Binoche and Shimell live their roles, and are a total revelation. While the former is emotional, the latter is brave, in terms of characterization in the film, and the two balance a beautiful quotient which comes across as very genuine in terms of performing. One will have to be submissive to this film, to tally “get across” to it. It most definitely needs a second viewing, if one wants a better perspective. This film may not go down well with certain individuals because of its narrative style. For those who willing surrender to this style of filmmaking, the experience is very rewarding and rich, emotionally as well as visually. The director is very thoughtful in the way he relays the story to the viewers, and he also makes it very touching. Because of the nature of the film, it is not for viewing for everybody, and some could find this film difficult to follow simply because they cannot relate to it. One will have to understand the sensibilities of this filmmaker, who examines human relationships through a microscope. The film is not pretentious, but an examination of the relationship between the couple, in a very realistic perspective by the director.

Classic Pick

Swarupa Pillaai

Dog Day Afternoon was a film that sealed Al Pacino’s reputation as a classic actor, who delivered. This film, based on real life events of a gay bank robber who held a bank in New York (Brooklyn) siege, is refreshing and breathtaking in terms of writing as well as performances. The very first thing you will notice is Al Pacino’s unique standing as an actor, and his undying originality as a performer. Thoroughly entertaining from the first scene to the last, and very gripping with the move from one scene to the other, the screenwriter weaves in not only the element of a thief, but also the caring side of the lead character. Al Pacino as the gay bank robber wants to steal money for his lover’s operation, and Pacino decorates the script for the screen in his own vision with plenty of stylistic dialogues that are an absolute delight to sink into. Sidney Lumet, one of the most established directors seen in Hollywood, dared to make a film on homosexuality and undying love, at a period when even America frowned on such individuals. Lumet scores and how! He makes the audiences succumb to the actors and situations, and breathes so much reality into the film, that his direction skills seem surreal. Bank heist movies according to audiences are supposed to be completely action packed, with guns galore. But in Dog Day Afternoon, you witness the subtle use of smart writing as the

weapon to put the film together on a phenomenal scale. Al Pacino makes love to the camera with his eyes, and this is when he hardly has any dialogues to deliver. This film reminds you why he is called a legendary actor. The guns are real, and not cinematic. Lumet has a vision from the individual’s point of view, and he doesn’t make this “Hollywood”, but breathes life into the film through his soul and inspiring talent, which is very hard not to see. Post “The Godfather”, Al Pacino was already a huge star, but this incredibly talented actor, doesn’t allow his star status to seep into the character at all. What you see is a gay bank robber; desperate to steal money and get away scot free, just so that his lover can be who he wants to be. The film is totally unobtrusive in every sense, and the plot sinks in from the very beginning. At no point does either Lumet or Pacino rub “homosexuality” into the faces of the audiences. And considering the fact, that the 70s era in America still had reservations about the same, hats off to the makers of this film who pull off this subject with total ease and sincerity. This film has been made with great flair and good editing for the extremely well written screenplay make for a near perfect film. The film won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars that year, and was also nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Film.

Dog Day Afternoon – 1975

Director – Sidney Lumet, Cast – Al Pacino

Frappé March 2011 63

Communiqué Board

STAY TUNED For the ICC Cricket World cup this entire month and grab your tickets as Chennai hosts the India WI match on the 20th of March.

DINE AT Fusion 9 a recent multi cuisine entrant which boasts of some great menu variations and sticks to its franchise’s expectations.

TRY OUT The reflexology therapy at Kenko Spa in Express Mall and experience a soothing 90 minutes after a hectic week.

OSCAR MARATHONS Make sure you catch up on all ten nominees for the best motion picture at the Oscars over indoor weekends.

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SPA & GYM DIVYA SIVARAMAKRISHNAN (Bharat Thakur-Founder Of artistic Yoga) 3A, Riviera Park Apartments, 11,4th Main Road Extension, Kotur Gardens, Kotturpuram,

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