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14th National Selection Conference EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3


Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

Editorial the personalities of this session we love most: The Press Team itself and our laptops. The journalists have contributed endless energy and enthusiasm, admittedly with the help of an Energy Drink called “Big Energy Shock.” They were the angels of the session when they were with you and the devils when playing pranks as Bad Carl and they opened up to you with their personal passions. Anna, Dario, Fredrik, Julia, Kristýna, Martin and Voky have blown us away. It is time to take a bow before the curtain falls - before the journalists just as much as before the organisers for their month-long planning, sleepless nights and nerves of steel, the chairs for their reflection, empathy and genius minds and, finally, you: For filling this session and Bad Carl with everything that it has been. Thank you.

Farewell and goodbye, over and out, the final cut: The session is as good as over. All the while, your involvement in the EYP does not have to be. In a joint effort, the amazing Press Team of the session will show you a couple of the many further opportunities. We in the editorial team have gotten to sit down for a coffee with very few of you as we Your Editorial Team, have spent most of our time with Franzi & Leo

The Nerd’s Corner Evaluation of Projections on the Session, Theme Party Peace Out, Interview Who said Germans were cold-hearted, Committee Topics The magic of number twenty, Ice-cream land, Sitting down for a coffee with Jirí Stehule, Jakub Caloun, General Assembly Going to parliament, An apology, Goodbye Getting over PED

Absolute Number

Hours of sleep Cups of Coffee

Number of Delegates Total number of participants: 60 Did you understand the graphs in the first issue? Did you like them? Did you find the predictions accurate? Would you call yourself a nerd? Do you like nerdiness?

YES: 84,2% YES: 94,4% YES: 85,1% YES: 20.0% YES: 59.1%

Carl of the Day Kristián Kraevski stood out during the school presentations with his charming guitar solo. Holding a guitar, we know that he would be able to charm anyone, as he certainly managed to charm us, which is why he was named the Carl of the Day on Friday. When an Organiser’s cell phone breaks, the session stops. It is fortunate then that the Delegates are prepared. One Delegate had even brought an extra cell phone to the session and he was more than happy to lend it to the Organiser. Such kindness and forethought must be rewarded somehow which is why our next Carl of the Day is Robin Semrad.


The Nerd’s Corner Dario Feliciangeli and Martin Neumann

Julia Huong Lan To


out OUT

Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

Impressions from the Hippie Party

After a day full of work and hardship it is finally time for the longawaited Hippie Party. Everybody moved back to the mid-1960‘s era. Now let‘s get the party started! Being all dolled up with flowers and batik cloth, I must fully reckon that our Delegates and Officials are really pretty. After getting our tummies filled with an awesome dish of goulash we are now ready to party hard! But before that, the winner of the Carl of the Day award had to be announced and for today it is the amazing guitar boy

from Gymnázium Nad Kavalírkou – Kristián Kraevski who made a hilarious speech for his grandma. Congratulation and enjoy the gorgeous prize! After the fancy ceremony, it is time for what? Of course dance time. And the winner in the category Best Hippie Dancer, based on an independent survey, is Jakub aloun from the committee of ITRE. Way to go, Jakub! Hope you all enjoyed the party as much as I did and remember – Make love not war! Yippie!


Interview Dario Felicioangeli Italy France

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Heaven Hell

Rock Rap

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Pizza Wiener Schnitzel

Music Literature

Disco Pub

Michael Jackson Freddie Mercury

Plane Train

Beer Wine

Attack speech Defense speech

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Change Order

Lord of the Rings Star Wars

Who said Germans were cold-hearted?

Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

An Interview with the passionate President of the Session Even though you are still new to the European Youth Parliament, probably you already noticed that EYP sessions tend to slightly alienate the participants from their own lives. The EYP is definitely like a parallel universe in which we merge, oblivious of our everyday life. Thus it often happens that you get to know an incredible amount of people in a blink of an eye, still you only know few basic facts about most of them. You get to meet the EYPer, but you often miss meeting the person behind. As any worthy journalist we, the members of the Press Team, are ceaselessly seeking truth. That is why we could not bear the thought that some of you could leave wit-

hout getting to know the real person behind the President of the session: Benjamin Gradhand. Benjamin, who is called Benny by many of his friends, 22 years old, was born in Hamburg and is now living and studying in Friedrichshafen, a rather small city in southern Germany on the banks of Lake Costance. Even though Benjamin is actually having some time off from university in order to have an internship, he will get his Bachelor‘s degree in Public Management and Governance with a specialisation in Communication and Cultural Management in December. He is very passionate about what he is studying especially because as an


interdisciplinary degree, it gives him the opportunity to focus on the big picture. This is the first time Benjamin is presiding a session but you can bet he is hugely experienced, especially when it comes to chairing and organising. His favourite role in EYP is being a chair because that is the best way to be close to the delegates who are the real core of and reason for a session. Apart from studying to save the world and the EYP, Benjamin is also very passionate about music. He loves it so much that sometimes when he has nothing to do he starts doing random things like cleaning his room or driving to the next supermarket just to have the

chance of pumping some music out of his loudspeakers. He even started an independent internet radio together with some friends where he also worked as a DJ. Final analysis: A total music addict. Benjamin left us a special piece of advise for all of you: Try to imagine that the experience we are having here in Carlsbad can be multiplied by the possibility of attending sessions with participants from all over Europe. You should keep up your engagement in the European Youth Parliament because you would be a great addition to any session. I do not know if you agree but I would be very flattered when receiving such a compliment from such a passionate, great EYPer.

Committee Topics Kristýna Stejskalovå

The magic of number 20

Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

Committee on Industry, Trade, Research and Energy

Facing the biggest problem in the history of mankind, we tend to trust in numbers instead of ourselves. At the beginning, there was just innocent human and pure nature. Now there is Superhuman and the remainders of nature. How did it all happen? Since we discovered crude oil and other fossil fuels, we took the biggest step forward in history. We developed unbelievably and proved that we are more than animate beings. Now facing one of the greatest challenges ever, we are wondering where we went wrong. The answer is quite simple - as we evolved, we forgot to care about a very important fact. The European 20-20-20 plan is a good idea. We need to cut energy consumption through improved energy efficiency as well as increased use of renewable energy in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions. And why the number 20? It is nice number, so why not? But we need to realise that there is more to do than just reduce the con-

sumption of fossil fuels and replace them with renewable resources. We need to change our minds. We need to realise that the biggest problem is our constant and unsatisfiable demand for more. Surprisingly, there still is hope for the future. And paradoxically we have to do the same thing we did in the past. We must continue to evolve. We must improve our technologies. We must consider ourselves as Superhumans because we achieved incredible progress. All we need to do is make a small but necessary change – bear in mind the fact that we will never be happy while nature suffers. Why? Because we are part of it and if nature suffers, so do we.

Ice cream land

Everything has got two sides - a coin, a paper and even the question of the integration of a new country into the EU. The Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) has a difficult task to solve. They should come up with their opinion on the future enlargement of the Union in order to answer the question of the integration of Iceland. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider all pros and consequences for the EU that result from the integration. The European Union would benefit from an Icelandic membership particularly with regards to the Arctic region with its rich energy and mineral resources. And Iceland has got a lot more to offer, for example to the European labour market. On the other hand, the euroscepticism within Member States is getting higher every day. And although the economic situation of Iceland has registered an improvement after its crisis in 2008, it is still weak. Would it even be possible for the EU to support one more finan-

cially weak country? Wouldn’t an integration of Iceland take more from us than it would bring? You also have to think about this problem from the point of view of Iceland’s inhabitants. Of course being a member of the EU would be good for them in some aspects, but it would change a lot. Obligatory regulations of the EU in environmental policy, rural development and especially fishery, which is so important for the country of ice and fire, could be the big reasons for Icelanders to decide not to be a member of the Union. According to research, almost 51% of questioned inhabitants were against the integration of their country, whereas only 26% were in favour of it. During all the discussions, you would have to empathise with the situation of the EU and its inhabitants and just as much think about the people from Iceland and the point of view of their politicians in order to come up with the best solution.


Committee Topics Martin VokĂĄlek

Going to Parliament Facts and Truths about the GA Having written a kick-ass resolution, you are ready and set for the General Assembly, commonly known as GA. The GA will follow the same model as it did in the Preliminary Round to the National Selection Conference. First the proposing committee (the committee that has written the resolution) will be invited to read out the Operative Clauses before the other committees can make Points of Information. A Point of Information is a question regarding the definition of words, phrases and acronyms in the resolution. For example, if it is unclear what the abbreviation “the EU” means, one could make a Point of Information in order to learn the meaning of

the term. But remember that other questions, like for example “What do you mean by wanting to invest more in education?”, must be posed during the General Debate. A Point of Information could be “What does the acronym the EU mean?”. And make sure that you have read all of the footnotes in the resolution before making any point. The Points of Information will be followed by the Defence Speech by the defending committee and one or more Attack Speeches by the other committees. The defending committee will then be allowed to respond to the Attack Speech. Bear in mind that the attack speech is supposed to be a coher-

An apology

Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

A Defence Speech Dear Mr. President, honourable Mem- Ladies and gentlemen, this success is bers of the Board, distinguished guests, in danger. Over the last few days, refellow delegates, juvenation has been grossly neglected in favour of perfecting the session What is success? Success is reaching through hard work and the establishyour aims and fulfilling your dreams. ment of contagious enthusiasm. This What do we aim for and what do we behaviour is not sustainable! To maindream? tain this high level, we need to introWe, as the European Youth Parliament, duce an instrument that allows simple, want to provide a platform for political time-efficient re-energising. debate and intercultural and intellec- This instrument is coffee. With its welltual exchange among young Europe- understood properties it is a safe way of ans. solving the problem. It is reliable, it is To this end, we hold sessions and if the cheap and it has little to no side effects. delegates leave having gone beyond Therefore, I urge you to vote for coffee themselves and remembering us fond- today because a vote for coffee is a vote ly, we shall call a session successful. for success.

ent speech, not a brief mentioning of clauses that you disagree with. After the speeches the Open Debate will begin during which everyone is free make a Point of Debate, whether it is a question or a statement. Points of Debate should preferably be something that adds to the resolution, so be constructive. You can also use the socalled Direct Response. If someone is saying something related to what you wanted to say, you could – by using the sign – cut in line and make your point straight away. At the end of the General Debate, one or two persons will go up to the podium to answer the last round of questions and do a brief sum-up speech.

They may not use more than three minutes. Some things that are important to remember are: Be respectful during the debate (even if you disagree), do not use any curse words, speak clearly and try to use the Direct Response during the General Debate. At the end of each debate, there will be a vote on the resolution. You can then either vote in favour, vote against or abstain. Abstaining is equal to being completely unable to make up your mind. So use it sparingly, and remember that most people want to know what people think about their resolution – the result of a weekend of hard work. Martin Neumann


Fredrik Hultman

Sitting down for a coffee

Anna Diehm

Sitting down for a coffee with

Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

Jirí Stehule

For me the Hippie Party last night was one of the highlights of the session so far. Not only did I get to dance and have fun, there were also some really interesting people to talk to. One of them is Ji í. He is 17 and goes to school in Pilsen. Carlsbad is his first EYP session, but it hopefully will not be his last. He had never heard of EYP until one of his friends approached him and asked him if he did not want to join their delegation. And we can be very grateful that he did, because Ji í has some interesting things to talk about. Ji í is very passionate about singing and is already doing it professionally. He started singing when he was only five years old and is currently performing in a choir, solo in a band and in theatre. Additionally, he takes singing classes twice a week. He sings both

classical and modern music, but prefers the latter more because it has more emotion. He loves the heady feeling of standing on a stage in front of a rambunctious audience. That’s why he dreams of either becoming a professional singer or an actor one day. Ji í is also a huge Lady Gaga fan and admires Mother Monster a lot. He has yet to see her live but it is high up on his bucket list. Indeed, he would actually travel to Vienna or Berlin just to experience one of her concerts. His favourite song is – of course – ‘Born This Way’. He even says that the anthem changed his whole perspective on how he sees the world. Therefore, you might really want to get to know Ji í , because after what he told me, I am sure that he has a pretty high chance of achieving his dreams.

Kristýna Stejskalová

Sitting down for a coffee with

Jakub Caloun

While talking to the future politician Jakub aloun from the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, I got to know that he is currently studying at the Gymnázium Jana Keplera in Prague. He plays the piano as well as enjoying squash. Due to his interest in politics, he would like to study political science. As we discovered last night, the impressive ability to combine dance with the elements of aerobics also belongs to his strengths. This session of the European Youth Parliament is his first one and he told me that he is really impressed and enjoying it a lot. We also talked about the panel debate that took place on Saturday afternoon with three experts in the field of renewable energy: The member of the European Parliament RNDr. Pavel Poc, PhDr. Pavel Hlavá ek, Ph. D., from the Univer-

sity of West Bohemia and Martin Kryl from the movement DUHA. Jakub found this discussion really interesting and beneficial while mostly sympathising with the ideas of Pavel Poc and entertained by his quotes like: “Germans are often enamoured of some idea, but as history showed us it does not always have a happy ending” or “… and the Russian replied: We cannot stop exporting energy to the Czech Republic because then the Czechs will stop providing us with beer and guess who will survive longer.” Jakub is really excited about the General Assembly on Sunday, we can already see him participating in the Open Debate and he is also preparing an attack speech. Are you interested to know which committee is he going to attack? I guess you are, but I will not tell you – that is a secret.


Sitting down for a coffee

Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

During the upcoming week you will be feeling a sudden urge to shout “alele kita bonga” in public places, you will daydream about GA and feel a profound hollowness, as if something is missing. These are all symptoms of the well-documented Post EYP Depression, or PED as it is more commonly known. It is a syndrome that appears after EYP-sessions, when one returns to the “non-EYP world”. Fortunately, there is a treatment called “Getting-Active-In-EYP-ByApplying-To-As-Many-Sessions-As-Possible” (often abbreviated as GAIEBATAMSAP). In fact, PED is not an illness, but a permanent state of being that you can only leave temporarily by participating in another session. As you have now realised, your opportunities to stay active in the EYP are vast even if you do not qualify for an international session. Your choice is not limited to applying to sessions in the Czech Republic, but can include sessions all over Europe. In brief, the only way out of the miserable state you are left in after an EYP-session is applying to another one!




We are Germans. We are always on time. We like beer, but not as much as the Czech. Our main characteristic in the EYP world is that we like organising: We do it a lot and we do it well. Every year, we hold at least six sessions. This year, for example, there are going to be two European Forums that you can still apply to. One of them is going to take place in the beautiful city of Menden and is head-organised by Moobak, whom you have gotten to know as a chair of JURI. The other one – informally called “the Christmas Session” – is going to be held in Nuremberg in December with the umbrella topic “Human Rights”. We would love to meet you there!

15 Anna Diehm, Dario Feliciangeli, Fredrik Hultman, Julia Huong Lan To, Kristýna SteGetting over PED jskalová, Martin Neumann, Martin Vokálek




The EYP Czech Republic organises three sessions each year. One is a National Selection Conference, where you could be chosen to go to sessions abroad, the second one is a Czech forum where you can go as an individual. The third one is a Regional Forum where there are delegations also from abroad which were chosen by its NCs. And what to expect when you come to a Czech session? Be prepared that there will be a lot of fun and beer for everybody and that the schedule will not run strictly on exact timing (we are not Germans.) But be sure that everything will go well and every organiser will do his best to make a great session for all the participants! (So if you want to take a part in EYP Czech Republic, do not hesitate to ask somebody you know from it or just write directly to the Board Members because there are many possibilities for you if you are passionate.)

The Italian national commmittee can count on the help of about one hundred members, among whom I proudly stand. Only three years ago everything was different in a bad way, for example the president of EYP Italy was a 60-year-old woman. Then things got better and better and now we can consider ourselves a proper national committee. Each year we are basically organising two National Selections – to which you are kindly invited to apply as Officials – and a bunch of minor regional events. Why should you come to an Italian session? Because they are well organised, the people are great – of course they are, they are Italians - and the food is outstanding. We are waiting for you and remember: Italians do it better, at least we like to think so.


An Ode

to the Press Team Well They Say The Sky’s the Limit / And To Me That’s Really True But My Friend You Have Seen Nothing / Just Wait ‘Til I Get Through Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad, Come On / Bad, Bad, Really, Really Bad (Bad, Michael Jackson)

Bad Carl

14th NSC of EYP Czech Republic

Issue 3

I knew it when I read the very first passion article written by the journalists before the session and was blown away: This would be good. However, the Press Team of Carlsbad 2012 managed to exceed every single one of my or anyone else’s expectations, just very simply by being some of the most wonderful individuals you will meet. This I know: Until you’ve met them, you’ve pretty much seen nothing - they’re bad in the best possible way!

Thank you Franziska Maier

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Bad Carl - Issue 3  
Bad Carl - Issue 3  

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