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Computer chips: Warning tastes corny


INTERNET What is the internet you ask?? Well in a nutshell Internet is basically a system of interconnected computer networks that exist all over the world. All computer networks use the standard internet protocol of TCP/IP to connect billions of users together and allow them to share as well as exchange data. In addition there are many ways to connect to the Internet using a variety of different technologies such as Wifi, 3G, or ethernet for example. Many people tend to confuse the Internet and the World Wide Web to be the same thing but they are completely different. The Internet in actuality is a network which is a means to connect to the information kept in the world wide web.



Now that we have been able to define what exactly the internet is, now we must define what exactly a network is as well. So in essence a network is a collection of two or more computers or any sort of device that are connected together by different kinds of communication channels be that LAN, PAN, HAN or whatever. What this communication channel does

is allow users to exchange information with one another. Networks can be also used for easy communication, data storage, or even sharing hardware as well. Networks are classified by network topology which means devices are placed in a way that makes it more convenient for the network. These are the different types of network topologies:



A form of network topology in which each computer is responsible for both sending and receiving data. The computers in the network must cooperate with each other to exchange data in the network

The top computer is connected to many computer s on the bottom. Each computer exchanges data from a hierarchy.

A type of network topology in which each computer is connected to two other computers which allow for a single and continuous pathway for all computers.

The most common form of network topology. It is usually made up of a computer that is then used to send messages to other computers. The computer in the middle is used as a common connection for all other computers.

A type of network topology in which a group of clients are linked together a bus or a shared communications line. Bus architecture is commonly found within ethernet networks.


Types of NetworkS Body (BAN) • Body Area Network • also known as WBAN • is a set mobile and compact sensors. it can either be wearable to the human body or implanted. Personal (PAN) • Personal Area Network • is a computer network that is used for communication among other computers and devices. like telephone, cellphone, blackberry, and personal digital assistants. • the device doesn’t have to belong to the individual. Near-me (NAN) • is communication between network devices such as mobile phones that are very close to each other • Near- Me area network Local (LAN) • A computer network that links the other devices together, that are in the same building, school area or right next to each other. • an example: when you play a game like “counter strike” you can play LAN which means with people that are in the same area as you. they are “local” Home (HAN) • Home Area Network • it is similar as a local area network but within a household. • This may involve printers, computers, or mobile devices. [9]

Social and Ethical Issues

Censorship The Internet was always known to be a place where people from anywhere around the world can gather any piece of information at any particular point in time. It is a place where one can ask questions about anything, watch a video, or get breaking news all in one place and in a flash. However some people think that not everything in the Internet should be easily accessible or accessible at all. Many groups try to block information in order to, for example, protect their children prevent their children from viewing objectionable material. They do this by using a variety of different web filters that allows parents to censor certain parts of the Internet. A blacklist for example is a list of websites that parents can download in order to block whatever sites people may view as inappropriate. They can even use a method called keyboard blocking which analyzes a page and scans if it contains keywords that are deemed unsuitable and determines if a particular website is ok to go to.Sometimes censorship can even be at an international level with countries such as China for example. In China the government completely manages the flow of information by using what people are calling the “Great Firewall”. The “Great Firewall” is a complex filtering system that can search for new web pages and stop its access all in real time. A reason for why China might do this is that they want to make sure that they are in control of their people’s thoughts and opinions. However even today people are fighting to make sure that all information within the Internet can be easily accessible and never be blocked by anyone. Groups such as the OpenNet Initiative is an organization that tries to make sure that people all around the world are aware about Internet censorship and even lists a map of which countries censor content on the Internet. Other organizations also provide applications that allow you to go around whatever censor there may be. A popular one in Brent is Hotspot Shield which is an application that allows you to access a web page without letting you use your own IP address which allows you to freely go to anywhere around the web. [10]

YOUR ONLINE IDENTITY These days protecting your online identity is almost as important as protecting your real one. In today’s world being online is like displaying yourself to the whole world as anything you post on the Internet could easily come back to bite you in the butt. Anything you post online can be easily found by anyone at anytime as long as he/she searches for the right keywords. Just a thought to keep that in mind before posting pictures of that intense party you had last weekend ;).In fact your online identity can be even stolen which not only invades your privacy but has a chance of affecting your finances as well. Take for example the recent hacking of the PSN network. Due to this breach in the service the accounts of more than 74 million people have been compromised and the credit card information of about 10 million users may have been invaded as well.In addition the Internet allows people to be as anonymous as they want. While this may give people the confidence to speak out it also promotes the breeding of trolls, as well as cyberbullies.

SOCIAL NETWORKING While social networking is of course a fantastic new way of interacting with our friends as well as family, it also bring a host of new problems with it as well. One of these problems involve it being a huge distraction and time waster. Countless people all over the world are constantly fighting to control their urge to check whatever notifications, tweets, or new friend requests they may have. This is because a lot of the time sites likes Facebook, or Twitter can be hugely addicting, a sort of “crackbook” if you will. Another problem involved with social networking is the fact that not everyone in the world has access to it yet. Social networking is a relatively new phenomenon and it is only now that most people use social networking as a form of communication with peers. Unfortunately not everyone has the ability or the finances to use or get a computer, which of course then cause a digital divide. [11]


online-identity/ • facebook_addiction_disorder_fad.jpg • 2006/identity_theft.asp • • 1998/11/272.gif • MUSA-cartoon.jpg • • • • TD0Va7cOf1I/AAAAAAAAAC8/P5xgC8jxCPg/s400/ digitaldivide.jpg [12]


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