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Italian Lawyer – Real Estate Law Giambrone Law's Italian Real Estate division applies its expertise to a wide spectrum of property transactions, in the areas of residential and commercial property law, Italian property acquisitions, tax and cross-border issues of Italian law.

Giambrone Law is widely recognized as one of the leading firms in Italian Real Estate and Property Sales/Acquisitions: over the last three years, we have assisted more than 2000 foreign buyers, mainly from the U.K., Ireland, U.S and Scandinavia, in buying a new property in Italy.

We are often able to offer a fixed-fee package which covers the entire convincing process, from the moment when the "Reservation Proposal" ("Proposal d'Acquisto") is accepted until execution of the Final Deed of Sale in front of the Italian Notary. Whether you are buying a farmhouse in Tuscany, a troll in Puglia or relocating to a villa on the Italian Riviera, we have got it covered.

For more information and advice about the process of buying a property in Italy, please visit the dedicated section of our website.

International Real Estate Our Real Estate Department also comprises several International properties Gabriele Giambrone with expertise who have been assisting clients in property acquisitions all over the world, often in conjunction with local lawyers. Whether you are interested in private investment, management or development, our real estate team will assist you by providing you with pragmatic, cost-effective legal

advice and assistance abroad. Our multi-lingual lawyers also assist foreign citizens in buying or selling properties in England and Wales in conjunction with local firm of solicitors, authorized by the Law Society to undertake local convincing work.