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To learn more about our solutions or to arrange a demonstration of our services, contact us on 0141 229 7580, or visit our Web site at Glasgow 19 Blythswood Square Glasgow G2 4BG Tel: +44 (0)141 229 7580 Fax: +44 (0)141 229 0666 E-mail:

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See what we see

Insight to transform your IT Nobody said managing IT was easy – with Sumerian it becomes a whole lot clearer At Sumerian we know only too well that IT has become an unwieldy beast to control. Think of a three-headed monster and you’re not far off it. Complex environments, tight budgets and a demand from the business to increase innovation are making the decisions you need to take increasingly tough. But that’s where we can step in and help.

From raw data to piercing insight Our subscription services deliver actionable insight that radically transforms the way you see and manage your IT. In every company there’s a sea of data. Daily activity, information and transactions processed and generated at an incredible rate. It’s your business expressed in its raw data form. At Sumerian we take this raw data and analyse the pants off it. ■ ■ ■ We interrogate it ■ ■ ■ We drill down into it ■ ■ ■ We model it ■ ■ ■ We play with it ■ ■ ■ Then we interpret it Giving you the most unique, piercing insights. So you can make the most informed, fact-based decisions for your IT and business future. No other company does this. Why? Because they don’t work like we do. They don’t think like we do. They don’t see what we see.

A fresh approach that delivers Quite simply, our IT Analytics services stand out from the crowd. We’re unique in what we do and how we do it. It’s what our clients like about us – and we’re sure you’ll like that about us too. Our fresh approach to leveraging the wasted data generated by your IT systems and tools means we can give you a holistic view of your IT: one that exposes the true dynamics of IT supply and business demand. This cutting-edge data capture capability, partnered with our sophisticated modelling and analysis techniques, means we deliver outstanding results and value for every customer we work with. On-demand, hassle-free subscription service We don’t sell licensed software that has to be shoe-horned into your environment. Our IT Analytics are delivered as a monthly subscription service meaning that our solutions require no upfront investment or complex installation. Instead, our service gets you results fast by uniquely combining our data-driven modelling with analyst expertise. And as we’re permanently plugged into your environment, our service can easily be adapted and scaled as and when your needs change. Which makes a whole lot of sense.

All you need to manage IT

Our subscription services arm you with the essential facts and information you need to proactively manage both operational and strategic IT. In turn it helps you to optimise business alignment, improve service quality, reduce risk and, ultimately, communicate and deliver real value back to the business. Delivered via a secure Web portal using a rich variety of tools and formats, such as expert analysis, dashboards and analytical tools, our subscription services provide you with instant, ready to use information whoever you are and wherever you sit in the organisation. A one-stop solution for service delivery management For managing operational IT, our Service Delivery Analytics service provides a consolidated operational view of your IT services with unified service management information and reporting. By presenting a clear, comprehensive view of IT service performance, capacity and cost along with predictive trend analysis, Service Delivery Analytics helps you move from reactive to proactive service management. True business insight for strategic planning Our Business Value Analytics service offers a range of capabilities designed to help you understand how your IT services correlate to business performance and align to deliver business value. From understanding the true usage of IT services within your business to managing risk and identifying areas for innovation, our service provides the information you need to communicate effectively within the business and maximise the value of your IT investments.

Real results real value Sumerian’s IT Analytics has helped our customers to: Reduce IT service outages by 50% By shifting service management from reactive to proactive, we help you to radically transform service performance and quality. Reduce IT costs by up to 20% By identifying trends and quantifying risk in IT performance, we advise where infrastructure can be rationalised and where targeted investment will fuel greater operational efficiency. Increase business alignment By establishing and modelling the actual usage of IT services, we help you to drive IT strategy, innovation and plan smart investments that deliver real value back to the business.

“ We’re in control… We have gone from reactive to proactive” Bob Smith, Head of Telecommunications, Capacity and Performance Management HBOS

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Sumerian IT Analytics is a ground-breaking approach to optimising enterprise IT environments. Through a unique combination of data-driven an...

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