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Do you want to know how to build solar panels that will look and work like a panel purchased from a professional solar panel company?

Stop Throwing money out the window and start generating your own electricity TODAY. After years of research about renewable energy by industry professionals, we have created a PERFECT system to guide you in building a complete 1,000 Watt solar system.

Watch along as we show you how to build solar panels and then how to install them.

This system will have 4 solar panels, charge controller, a deep cycle battery and a DC to AC inverter to get usable energy and power your home appliances with free and green energy.

Learn How To Build a 70 Watt Solar Panel, $115 / Panel. The Retail Price is $475, Save $360. Complete DIY Solar Install "Video Course" in Build and Install a 1,000 Watt Solar Power System Install DIY "Homemade Solar Panels" Or, Install Solar Panels That You've Purchased

Green Energy Junkie - 1 Kw solar system - Installation - Video Tutorials