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The Pharma Watch Report is a unique monthly publication which shines the torch on the Health & Nutrition industry. There is no other monthly publication like this on the internet....

Why is the Pharma Watch Report important?

It is an valuable resource for those who can sense something is not right with the mainstream medical establishments. Many people are now waking up to the fact that the science they watch every day is heavily influenced and censored. The Pharma Watch Report exposes the news that the mainstream media wont report.

The Pharma Watch Report Hundreds of features including:

- Evidence of the FDA's war against the alternative medical establishments. But Why? - Historical and detailed insight into the pharmaceutical industry's ongoing crimes against humanity! - A medical researcher defector explains the dangers of inserting biochips into humans and animals! - If there is a known cure for cancer why would the medical world want to continually deny its existence? - What learning's can we take from movies such as "Outbreak","I am Legend and "28 days later"?

- The ethical debate about stem cell research is intensifying. What are the arguments for and against? - Why Codex Alimentarius threatens the autonomy of the nutritional and natural therapy providers. - Why do government authorities and utility companies downplay the impact of high-voltage power lines on our health? - Do saturated fatty acids in coconut oil have powerful antimicrobial and functional properties? - How has non toxic doses of oxygen therapy been used to successfully treat cases of HIV?

This is simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of the content you will have access to in every edition.

Interviews with experts in the area of alternative therapies and treatments for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other major ailments. special insider reports, major debates, free video's, special bonuses and tons of new content in every issue to keep you fully aware of what is going on around you

Compared to other similar types newsletters, Pharma Watch Report leaves them all standing and is a much more dynamic and contemporary publication with a freshness in tackling many of the controversies on the study of alternative therapies

Big Pharma Exposed - The Pharma Watch Report  
Big Pharma Exposed - The Pharma Watch Report ---Big Pharma Exposed - The Pharma Watch Report. Interviews with experts in the area of alternative th...