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• How to help your child cope in social gatherings (either at school or work) • How to help your child create and enjoy long-lasting friendships • How to encourage your child to form loving relationships with your family, friends and romantic partners

1. Do you ever feel tired, frustrated or overwhelmed as the parent of a child with Aspergers?

2. Do you feel as if you’re on a constant 24-hours-a-day knife’s edge, waiting for the next ‘crisis’ to explode?

3. Have you ever been so angry at your child that, even for a split second you actually HATED them?

4. Has your child ever done anything so strange or dangerous that you’ve been FRIGHTENED of what they may be capable of?

Although they may vary slightly from person to person, children with Aspergers tend to have similar symptoms, the main ones being:

• Difficulties with social functioning, particularly in the rough and tumble of a school environment • Sensory issues, where they are oversensitive to bright light, loud sounds and unpleasant smells

• Obsessive interests, with a focus on one subject to the exclusion of all others • Social isolation and struggles to make friends due to a lack of empathy, and an inability to pick up on or understand social graces and cues (such as stopping talking and allowing others to speak) • A rigid Insistence on routine (where any change can cause an emotional and physiological meltdown) • A need to know when everything is happening in order not to feel completely overwhelmed

I decided that I wanted to find out more so that I could help the families that were suffering the most, and interviewed 107 families to find out what their biggest problems were and found that the main problem areas for families were....... • Coping with their child's difficult and aggressive behaviors..... • Understanding what is really going on inside their child's head.... • How to help their child to cope better in the community and at school..... • How to keep the peace at home with the rest of the family..... • Understanding the real meaning and causes of Aspergers.

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