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Thanks for checking out the AWaCKs Newsletter! We chose to name it the BE247 because Jeremiah 24:7 says “I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart.� We are a youth group striving to have a heart that knows God, an ear tuned into His voice and passion for His work - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week! We hope this motivates you to do great things for His Kingdom! God Bless you as you live for Him 24/7!!

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– okay maybe even an early life crisis! Whatever it is, it keeps you up at night & you just ain’t gonna put up with it no more! Well – I can tell you exactly how to solve all your life problems! Just…Lighten Up! “Lighten Up” has 2 meanings: 1. Cheer up! Let it go! Peace man! It’s all good! “Lighten Up” Just give your problems to God and trust Him. He won’t let you down – by Alyxandria Peddle ever. 2. Shine brighter for God! We aren’t here on this earth for ourselves – Hey AWaCks! I am super excited about our Newsletter. We have a great we were sinners, we’ve been redeemed committee that is going to work really and now it’s our turn to go show the redemption to the sinners! Lighten hard on keeping it entertaining and very satisfying and extremely motivat- Up! ing to do great things for God! We are going to have 1 featured guest/month Each of these meaning, I believe, go hand-in-hand. If you lighten up and starting next month! But, for this month you’ve got me!  I just want to give God your load He will take the burden off of you. The Bible says in share a little thought with you about Matthew 11:30 that His yoke is easy Lighten Up! I was praying about my life’s problems. Do you have life prob- and His burden is light. In the Message version it lems? Feeling tight with finances? In a rush to get married? More focused says “Keep company with on your future career than your future me and you’ll learn to live ministry? Want your own car? Stressed freely and lightly.” So, in about Bible Quizzing? Have a big test order to solve all your life’s problems – give everything coming up at school? Want a better to God, keep company with cell phone? Get in a fight with your parents? It doesn’t matter what age you Him daily, read & study the manual (that’s the Bible for are – we all have problems. To others they seem insignificant and even silly all you blondies!) and just Lighten Up! but to you it is a big deal, a huge deal Page 3

I saw called “The Strangest Secret”. And in this video the speaker brought up a key point that I believe will determine how successful you will be at whatever you do in this life. Are you ready? “A man will become whatever it is he thinks about all the time”. A very simple line, right? But think about it. How bad do you want to accomplish that goal that you Alright guys I’m excited about starting this hold in the back of your mind? Do you think column for the young men of our youth group! of ways to accomplish it? Do you sacrifice The name of this column is going to be free time for it? God gave each of us MOV to symbolize that we are Men of an amazing mind that Valor! The definition of valor is: “Great is literally capable courage in the face of danger” That’s us! of accomplishWhen the enemy tries to attack – God ing anything. gives us courage to stand in the Seriously, face of danger, to defend and anything protect, to stand up and be you genuine Men of Valor! want to do or become All of you guys are is at needed and each have your a unique purpose in disour youth group posal. So keep your eyes on the prize, because First off I want to say that all of you one of the most rewardguys are needed and each have a ing feelings you will ever unique purpose in our youth group, experience in this life is never let anyone else tell you othera goal accomplished that wise! Second, if any of you young you worked and sacrificed for. men have any comments or sugAs Jesus said, “Ask and it shall be gestions for what you would like to given you, seek and ye shall find, see in this column feel free to give knock and it shall be opened unto your opinions and thoughts! you.” And remember, be confident and hold your head up high Okay so for my first article I want because you’re a prince of the King to share something with you that who owns everything. I found very intriguing and interesting. God bless you guys! Samuel D. Orazio I came across a YouTube video

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Hello FITAVII Girls! Have you ever known a person who you love to be around? This person may not be one of your closest friends; it may be that girl you see at youth camp once a year, it may be that elder that sits on one of the back pews each Sunday morning, or it may even be your brother. Can you close your eyes for 30 seconds and name three people that you love to be around? Three people who make you feel valued, important, special, respected. People who show you love. People who you can be your true self around, without feeling judged. Now, that you have those people in your mind, ask yourself these questions: Am I one of those people for someone else? Do I make people feel valued, important, special and respected? When people are near me do they feel the love of Jesus through me? Are people able to be themselves around me

without being judged or feeling like they are going to be gossiped about? What do people see in you? Do they see Jesus when they look at you?

As FITAVII girls we are – F orgiving I ntelligent T rustworthy A nointed Victorious I ntuitive I ncredible “The only Jesus that some people will see is the Jesus they see in you and me.” Let’s show the world Jesus! -SarahB.-

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ing down on an inner tube, just as she stood up the guy “swept her off her feet”…literally… EPIC FAIL! Then… As we all know Amber S. does not by Amber Sirstad have very good luck. Her first car was….well….special. After it finally Epic Fail: gave up the ghost, she bought a new Definition of epic failure-Complete- one. She is very proud of her sparly failed attempt to do something kling blue PT Cruiser. Very excited that would be considered rather that she will not have to worry about simple. car problems…..only to go out to her car one morning and to her disThis year on our annual snow trip may it will not start. She had to get we were all bound and determined a new battery, belts, and breaks reto go and have fun with NO bumps placed… EPIC FAIL or bruises. We all jumped out of the vain and hit the hill! After climbing up the treacherous mountain Amber E. was ready to show off her mad sledding skills. After getting about ¾ of the way down she falls off the sled. She was trying to retain her balance after she got up, being completely discombobulated she was not sure which way was what. To her dismay, a kid came boltPage 6

By Jordan Orazio Interview with an elder at the AWC…just passing down the wisdom! This month’s featured elder: Frank Von Hutton

dition but when I was in 5th grade God healed me!! The doctor said “it’s like you got a new heart!” Q: What is your favorite food? A: Cheese fondue from Gustav’s or brazed chicken with cooked cabbage…pretty much any German food!  Q: What is your favorite place that you have traveled to? A: I have been to 40 states but nothing tops Mt. Hood! Q: Chips Ahoy or Oreos? A: Oreos! Q: What is your favorite child hood memory? A: When I got the Holy Ghost! I felt God so strong and I felt Him calling me to preach! Q: What was your first car? A: 1947 Chevy Club Coupe – 2 door ->

Q: What was your first job? A: Besides working for my dad, a grocery store clerk in Stockton, CA. Q: What is your favorite Bible verse? A: Deuteronomy 6:7 - You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of Q: When you were young, what did you them when you sit in your house, when you want to be when you grew up? walk by the way, when you lie down, and A: I wanted to be involved with music. I played the Tuba in High School and learned when you rise up. a good variety of instruments! Q: How old were you when you got the Holy Ghost? A: 12, almost 13! Q: What is your favorite miracle that God did in your life? A: When I was a child I had a heart conPage 7

Yo ut h k C a W A

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for us to remember that we need to “be still, and know that He is God.” The lyrics to the song say: Hide me now Under Your wings Cover me Within Your mighty hand By Mary Portwood Psalm 46:10 says: Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. This is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible because it reminds me to just stop and take a breath once in a while. God’s got it all under control, and regardless of the situation, He will see me through it. The song, “Still,” by Hillsong is along the same lines. It serves as both a prayer to God and a personal reminder to one’s own soul. Sometimes, I think we all need to be reminded to just stop. We seem to be good at forcing doors open, or at trying to come up with it quick-fixit solutions. We do all these things while God just sits back and waits

Find rest my soul In Christ alone Know His power In quietness and trust When the oceans rise and thunders roar I will soar with You above the storm Father You are King over the flood I will be still and know You are God Read Psalm 46 and see how God prevails! Then, check out Pentecostals of Alexandria’s version of this song on Youtube by clicking here. Page 9

We invite you to join us every Wednesday at 7:30p.m. and Sunday at 10:00am and 6:00pm

This magazine is published monthly by the Apostolic Worship Center of Gresham Oregon. All rights reserved. Copyright 2012 AWC Gresham.

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