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DNAGAYSKIWEEK QUEENSTOWN’S BIGGEST DANCE PARTY The 2013 DNA Gay Ski Week QT final dance party is set to be bigger and better than ever thanks to a new venue jsut announced.

full of fun. Mr Gay New Zealand Chris Olwage will be in Queenstown for the week, helping guarantee fun, frivolity and laughter.

The finale of this year’s week-long celebration, the GAYDAR Mystery Dance Party, will now be held at Queenstown’s newest live music venue, Vinyl Underground.


Located on Church Street in the former Subculture venue, organisers have announced that this year’s party will have a ‘Heaven and Hell’ dress-up theme. The last night dance party is always one of the most popular on the calendar and is usually held at Queenstown’s iconic World Bar. Organisers Sally and Mandy Whitewoods were forced to find an alternative venue when the World Bar tragically burnt down in May this year. “It’s sad to have to find an alternative venue as the World Bar was so well loved, but the simple fact is that the new home for the World Bar simply can’t cope with the numbers we need,” Mrs Whitewoods said. “We’ve been searching for the perfect venue for the last few weeks, one that can hold the amount of people we know will attend as well as one that has just the right atmosphere. Vinyl Underground isn’t even open yet, so it’ll be great to celebrate the end of a fantastic week of fun at Queenstown’s hottest new live music venue.” Vinyl Underground plans to open to the general public in August and will have a focus on offering live music, hosting an array of local, national and hopefully international acts. Known as the Southern Hemisphere’s largest Winter Pride event, hundreds of gay men and women converge on Queenstown between August 31 and September 7 for a week-long celebration of skiing, socialising and evenings

The programme starts with a bang at the More FM Opening Party at Barmuda on Saturday August 31 and follows up with other highlights such as ‘Get it on! Bingay’ sponsored by the New Zealand Aids Foundation, a take on traditional Bingo with a glamorous host and fabulous prizes up for grabs, and the infamous Karaoke night at SKYCITY Casino with Miss Ribena. The More FM Gay on The Bay is also back – a competition giving all local businesses the chance to ‘pimp up’ their store or staff to be in the running to win $1,000-worth of radio advertising. Limited table seats are still available for the opening night of the cabaret-style show “La Cage Aux Folles”. This event promises to be a highlight of the week and people are encouraged to bring their best frocks for a night of show business and glamour. The Broken Shed Casino Royale evening is a ‘smart dress’ event or one where participants are encouraged to dress up in their favourite Bond outfit to stand out from the crowd. The evening starts as it means to go on with a complimentary drink on arrival, before guests are whisked away up the Skyline Gondola for dinner and live entertainment from local band LA Social.

The penultimate night is the ‘Queens on the Lake’ party held aboard the TSS Earnslaw, Queenstown’s iconic Lady of the Lake steamship which will be moored at Steamer Wharf for the evening. “Tickets are selling fast for this event and it’s shaping up to be an amazing night with music from DJ Haylenise from Melbourne on one floor and a cocktail bar on the other,” said Mrs Whitewoods. She said ticket sales for all events were already “significantly higher” than in previous years and reminded people to buy tickets early to avoid disappointment. “We’ll have a limited number of last minute door tickets available for key events, at higher prices than prepurchased ones, but we encourage people to buy now to ensure they get to enjoy the events they want to,” said Mrs Whitewoods. “The legalisation of same sex marriage in New Zealand has successfully turned the focus on the gay and lesbian community in a positive way and we’ve definitely seen an increased interest since the bill passed. We’re excited as we know there are some people planning on getting married during DNA Gay Ski Week QT and we can’t wait to be a part of it.” For the first time ever, Sally and Mandy are raising funds for charity, donating six per cent of the accommodation revenue from bookings at Novotel Queenstown to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF). “We thoroughly enjoy organising the event and bringing the gay and lesbian community together. We encourage anyone attending this year’s event to book their accommodation at the Novotel to support this amazing charity,” said Sally.




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editiors letter WOW is it really edition 5 already, in this short amount of time the Frankton Flyer has had such an amazing response. And why not take this opportunity to thank you - Our Frankton Community. Without all your support with the launch of the Frankton Flyer, for the first 5 editions, it would not have become what it is today. The brand has certainly become a local icon, and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do and we could not have done it without you! Big things are in store for you as a reader and



advertiser, to make the Frankton Flyer more amazing than it already is (if that is possible) we have made the executive decision to go monthly, yes monthly! Very exciting times for us, as this will enable us to give you more content, more pages, more readership and more everything!!

of the Month - Zig Zag Zoo, Frankton Hair Salon

In this issue - we have a few new features in our first monthly August edition - we are wanting to man it up and get some of our male readers more interested - we now have a technology section and in editions to come we will have more reviews on cars, boats and anything that has an engine and moves.. fast that is!

interested in? Email us, we would love new ideas

and Body Sanctum, they are only the start of what will be a relationship, you as a reader will create with our local businesses. Want us to feature something that you are and get our community involved!! Thank you from the team at the Frankton Flyer hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!!

, A duck,s quack doesn t echo, and no one knows why.

We are keeping our favourites of course, with our Foodie in Frankton being the real winner with such great feedback.. and of course our Business

august twenty thirteen 4 - 5. Destination Guide Morocco A traveller’s perspective on the amazing culture and people.



6. Sweet Success Megan from Body Sanctum.. She was Frankton’s very own winner of the Thriller in the chiller.

8-9 Foodie In Frankton This month it’s all about the vegetarians. With recipes like these who needs meat!

8 10

10 - 11 Business Of The Month Our most prestigious beauty spa in Frankton.

16 Magic Metallics A touch of sleek shine will brighten up any room to give it new life.








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ONLINE SHOP - HYPE An alternative clothing brand from the UK that has only been around 2 years starting with 3 designs but is now shipped all over the world! Their most popular items are: An Alternative Einstein Tee, Wooden iPhone Cases, Hype Embroided Beanies in every colour imaginable! Sunglasses and Caps.


A photo editing app that will make your photos extraordinary. Easily enhance your photos, add amazing effects, and share them everywhere. Creates professional looking photos but also available are those vintage/ retro filters for the instagram look. This app can be used by anyone to edit anything!


LWLies is an independent movie magazine that features cutting edge writing, illustration and photography to get under the skin of cinema. They cover ever genre of film so there’s something for every taste. The artwork is just as fascinating as the content. Each edition focuses on a different film and is filled with incredible illustration.








Queenstown Health Event Centre, Frankton

03 442 8190

Queenstown - Cromwell - Alexandra ACC Accredited




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morocco destination

a traveller’s perspective by belinda fraser

Travel destinations are especially exciting when your horizons have been eclipsed by the Pacific Ocean for over a decade. I packed the necessary clothing I believed would be appropriate and sufficient for the 15 day excursion to Morocco. I wasn’t far wrong with my long blue overdress covering the black leggings, long sleeved shirts and undergarments and the warm protective shawl. I didn’t want to appear ethnic, simply respectful and comfortable within my own fashion style. My earlier plans of travelling to Morocco had been at least 30 years ago when I lived in southern Spain. Irrespective of my confidence, intuitiveness and curiosity back then, I decided that crossing the Mediterranean, to the northern shores of Africa, on my own, was perhaps not a sensible choice. A young, blonde, enthusiastic 20 year old doesn’t go unnoticed. My very formative travel packing stretched across years of expeditions to Northern India and the vast Himalaya. April 2013 and the 11 kilograms of luggage felt “just right”. The plans, the

small group we had booked a tour with, the reading and the knowledge about where we were going were sound. The enthusiasm was unrehearsed. It was exciting to be on the plane and venturing, shortly after our arrival, in and around Casablanca. We walked along bustling inner-city roadways, over the modern tramlines towards a narrow archway. This took us in to the old medina. Here we were amongst the throb and push of jostling market dwellers, wandering along cobbled lanes, past neat piles of donkey dung, calling artisans and pushy trade’s people. I certainly realised my “western ness” but was nonetheless enchanted by the colours, the differences and the richly woven fabric that was this ancient society. It didn’t take long for the experienced trader to seduce us in to ‘great uncles’ carpet den. I knew this was just the beginning so after the first cup of mint tea and a huge unfolding show of camel runners and Moroccan rugs we politely made a dash for the door promising to return. Our hotel was tucked in a back street. It had a hilarious small boxed-in lift that could fit only one person and one case with a crank handle to make it go. The novelty appealed to

me as did the cramped room with an old grand piano alongside the dark wooden dining room. In here there were tables offering bowls of olives, freshly baked bread and hard boiled eggs. The very obvious clusters of men only, drinking tea at café tables or standing together in close groups were a far cry from the café scene in our down town western suburbs. The towns and cities offered a striking contrast of mosques, solid and protective walled medinas, souks and Kasbahs and the ever increasing housing scenes of a growing population. The women were predominately in long robes, head scarves of brighter colours carrying shopping baskets bursting with vegetables and possibly a recently plucked chook. In some places men and woman had come from the outer areas for their weekly food purchases. It was colourful, relaxed and comfortable to meander our way through. I could never resist the opportunity to buy another bag of almonds, fresh dates, figs or a sweet juicy orange. I munched my way through quite a few. Our breakfasts were perfect. Bowls of green and black olives, sliced Lebanese

cucumbers, sweet red tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, yoghurt, dripping runny honey, freshly baked bagels and strong black coffee or stewed tea. Morocco is a living museum with life flowing through every corner and alleyway of the old medinas and sprawling cities. The loaded donkeys, the unfinished street kerbs, the brilliance of colour of bedspreads and rugs or the simplicity of an overloaded wagon, or vegetable stand kept reminding me of the timelessness of old customs. Each new place always featured a tapestry of city gates, ramparts and mosques. The fortifications around the Kasbahs were evidence of a culture that had guarded and fought with ever invading tribes. Historically Morocco was a mixed culture of Arabic and Berber people which were shaped by their Moslem culture and diversity of land. This geography includes the Atlantic coast, Sahara desert and Atlas Mountains. The Roman influence from 200BC, the arrival of Islam in the 7th century, the French colonisation and the dynasties of Moroccan leaders all weave an intricate and ancient textile of life here.


it's at except that I was tethered to the one ahead and behind me. The intrinsic beauty of the Sahara in the late afternoon sun was outstanding. The night’s camping destination was fun. Our tents were comfortably cushioned with rugs and mattresses. Dinner was served around a blazing wood fire. The camel drivers served our wine and the drumming began. Dancing barefoot on Saharan sand was magic, romantic and soft on my soles!

Rabat appeared organised and flowing. It’s the capital city. Meknes was an impressive city that stood proud and strong with its thick rampart walls and more lavish architecture. We stayed in a great place across the river that overlooked the old city. A welcome early morning swim in the hotel pool and orange trees laden with fresh fruit made the early rise a welcome solitary start. We continued in our very accommodating minivan along the highway to Volubilis. We had a great driver who travelled at a comfortable speed to get us to each new place safely. We walked around the extensive roman ruins that overlooked the agricultural plains. These areas are an important productive area today. The land here is fertile and produces many

purchase that will always remind of this day, pay what you know is fair. Walk, listen absorb it all. Have a prune and lamb tagine, drink bottled water. Many of the hotels and homes have intricate tiled riads. These are traditional courtyards that also have a fountain of water in the centre surrounded by flowers, tiled walls and greenery. They make a great welcome to your stay and there is always a feeling of quiet and peacefulness away from the storm of life outside. As we travelled across the arid, mid atlas landscape it gave time for reflecting on the simplicity of life we could still see. There are obvious signs of local people supporting the needy or physically disabled townsfolk and antiquated methods that still dominate

We wound our way along steep canyons and arid hills to get to the Dades Valley. The roads were narrow and curved a path around steep canyon cliffs. We drove to the Todres River Valley lucky to watch the harvest of the roses that this valley is famous for. They are petite, perfect and pink and smell oh so sweet. It was pleasant and fertile because of the river with many small dams that have been built to control the flow of water, protecting the growth of local crops such as barley, tomatoes, apricots, dates and figs. Women were washing bedding at the river’s edge and we could watch them dunk, slap, kneed, rinse, twist and then hang it out to dry on a nearby bush. Children were shy but curious. Cameras were an unwanted invasion and I was happy to keep the memory if it all in my heart. The pathways and buildings were worn but robust. They were all dry and made from the red and brown clay that makes up much of Morocco. Little rainfall comes to these parts. Morocco’s colours are vibrant because the contrasts of the textiles are displayed against the walkways or village walls. It is fascinating to see and walk through these villages. The outside faces of the buildings are plain and bare and the inner cities are protected by ancient walls. Sudden contrasts of a green valley appear amid a landscape of desert.

The landscapes are often dry and arid with colourful tagines displayed for the hungry traveller. There are many bright mounds of spices and vegetables displayed for the shopper in the markets within all inner medinas. Old Kasbahs, that once protected the habitants of the place it commanded, stand strategically overlooking the surrounding areas. Mosques stand straight and tall calling the faithful to prayer.

olive groves as well as wheat, barley and beans. Loaded donkeys and small clusters of livestock, predominately tended by local boys, are dotted around the countryside. Fes is the oldest of the Moroccan cities. It had the first University in the world dating back to 780 AD. The historic centre of Fes took my breath away. It is a thriving, pulsating maze of buildings, ancient heritage sites, narrow alleyways, artisans, agricultural produce, meats and life oozing from every area of the old medina. Here we were today, 21st century and it probably wasn’t a lot different 500 years ago. Except the Sky dishes linking their way from ancient sites to the new. Don’t miss going there. Watch the men steeped in pungent leather dyes, weave your way through narrow paths that run maze like through this ancient place. Look at the old trinkets and doorways, choose carefully your beheaded goat for dinner, check prices or the freshness before you weigh the figs, almonds or spices, order mint tea, buy a colourful scarf. Ignore the persistent trader and the next one too.

the farming industry. We journeyed westwards across the Mid-Atlas Plains which have a varied landscape. On the eastern side it receives minimal rainfall and has sparse vegetation. Heading west there are more arable areas covered in cedar, cork, pine and oak trees. The High Atlas makes up the highest mountain range in North Africa. The area is isolated but home to the Berber people where their culture and identity prospered. To be able to see mountains in the distance, see a face of snow and to look over green riverbed valleys was uplifting. It was fun being part of a small group tour. The earlier times of pioneering independent travel were now coloured with mixed impressions and sharing it with others. We laughed, looked at things from differing perspectives and we had a great Berber guide who made connecting with the locals easier. At the southern edge of the High Atlas we came to an area where the desert and mountains meet. The Sahara rolled timelessly away with her smooth sand hills and romantic valleys. It was all the

The Sahara rolls towards Algeria. Cars, buses, small and large trucks and daring motorcyclists all share the often narrow


cry “I make good price” are all part of it. Getting away in to the quieter mountain areas was a relief and provided another look and understanding of the country. I would have loved Morocco 30 years ago but sharing it with a great group of travellers and a personal Berber guide gave the trip new dimensions and an easy ambience that was created between the

locals and us. The contrasts and images are still strong and brilliant in my mind. It is unique. It is a country that has a tapestry of life embedded within the call of the muezzin, influenced by the King that reigns, the desert and mountains or agricultural fields that govern a way of life. It is a country that needs more industry to keep it moving forwards. It has a people bridging the area between northern Africa and Europe under a maze of life that makes this place so memorable to visit and explore. Many images come to mind as I think about Morocco. The tagines, the rugs, the scarves, the people, the way of life, Northern Africa, the aridness, the clothing but essentially it is this. I was humbled by the simplicity of life, broadened once again by how different life is in other cultures. When you are willing to be part of that simplicity, to explore some parts of an ancient culture and appreciate old customs that our lives lack, then go. I can recommend sharing it with other travel friends, a small group tour and a mountain Berber guide. Trek some trails and be enriched some more.

For further information regarding tours to Morocco please contact Belinda on Private Discovery Tours:


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This was the hardest thing I’ve ever put my mind and body though. Our sweet success is Megan from Body Sanctum.. She was Frankton’s very own winner of the Thriller in the Chiller... We started off with a qualifying weekend to whittle 75 people down to 50. From there it was five weeks of hell in a boot camp with 50 people vying for a spot of 20. For five weeks, we had up to four trainers screaming like banshees at us for 90 minutes a day at 6.00am four days a week. We were put through a rigorous training regime of fitness, strength and boxing drills. If anyone messed up or was late the innocent were punished while the guilty party watched on with us biting to get back at them during the sparring sessions. What I wasn’t ready for was the physiological turmoil they put us through just to see if we would break emotionally, they didn’t want anyone to be weak in any sense of the word. After the five weeks 20 were chosen it didn’t get any easier. In fact it was much worse, the expectation level rose. The trainers had put their necks on the line by choosing us and we were not to disappoint. You go through good days and bad days. One day you’d feel like a champ walking out of there with your head held high, other days I had a chip on my shoulder big enough to feed a small village. As the days grew nearer to the fight I started turning into a nervous wreck. It wasn’t the fight so much, it was being in front of 1500 screaming people. I spoke to a friend about the night, how we had to get dressed up in our dresses to walk out in front of the crowd then dash back stage to get in our gear for the fight, to which she replied, “Wow, it’s just like the Hunger

Games.” And it sort of was, except no one died. When the fight night finally came (which really did sneak up quite quickly) my fight was third last, I was unbelievably anxious. While I was getting ready in the changing room my fellow boxers were coming back in from their fights bloodied, beaten and winded. At this point my anxiety level was palpable.

The next thing I knew I was in the ring watching the ref inspect my gloves. I met my opponent in the middle to touch gloves before our fight started, she met me with a smile, which I returned. She told me later that the smile was supposed to be intimidating, and was confused to why it didn’t work.

When the bell rung I walked out and was greeted with a quick stiff jab square in my face, which the crowd loved. There were three, two minute rounds with 1 minute rests between them. Each of those rounds were the longest two minutes of my life. I could hear my corner men screaming at me to keep my guard up, my mind was screaming at my limbs to listen. And then just like that it was over. I won by unanimous decision by one point, just by the skin of my teeth. From day one when I found out that Sarah was my opponent we always said all we wanted was a good looking fight, a proper boxing match. And that’s what we did. I was so proud for the both of us for getting in there and giving 100%. We may have walked out of there with sore faces and fat lips but we both walked out winners in my eyes. I would love to help out with anything to do with it next year. This was the single most amazing experience of my life. I loved every minute of it and was pretty depressed when it was all over. Each and everyone of the trainers pushed all of us to our limits and did an absolutely amazing job. I never thought throughout these months that I’d make such great friends, I’d recommend this experience to anyone.


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Pengi’s Birthday AT CARDRONA Sunday marked a very special day at Cardrona. The courtyard was filled with decorations, activities, and heaps of smiling faces as we celebrated the birthday of our beloved mascot, Pengi.


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and FUN!

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entres (fo ted kid’s c

5 tricks were judged, and the winner needed to claim 3 out of 5 of those tricks. The two contenders threw down some heavy tricks through the terrain park in true slopestyle-like fashion. From rail grinds to backflips off jumps, Pengi and Frosty clearly weren’t holding back! But, after an extremely close battle, the birthday boy claimed victory. Frosty admitted defeat and even allowed Pengi to spray him with snow after the battle. What a good sport!

4 dedica


-14 yrs)

nstown or

Quee bus from r o e v ri d EASY



om/KID rdrona.c www.Ca lift passes, te si ’s r id ut our k buy you of fun, Check o information, to s in for heaps id re k o r u m o r y Fo k r to boo er: rental, o see us at eith nd a e m n, o c enstow

After a week full of anticipation, hundreds of eager guests were in attendance for Sunday’s celebration. Balloons, stilt walkers, hoola hoopers and more decorated the festive courtyard. The morning activities included face painting and a coloring competition where free Rossignol t-shirts were up for grabs.

ue ver St, Q ka 35 Shoto more St, Wana n or 18 Du OM

At around noon, a treasure hunt was held with more than 200 kids in attendance. They followed a series of clues, which lead them from the beginners’ area, to the Noodle Bar, and finally back to the courtyard. The winners were again rewarded with Rossignol t-shirts, but many of the other children involved received lollies and Skinny wristbands for their participation.


Pengi offered up loads of hugs and high fives to all of his guests throughout the day. The entire mountain was buzzing with excitement, especially when Pengi’s birthday cake arrived. With such an outstanding turnout, Sunday’s birthday party was definitely one for the books. Happy Birthday Pengi! We can’t wait to see what next year’s bash has in store! If you’d like to check out the “Birthday Trick Battle” video, visit our Facebook page at






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FOODIE IN FRANKTON This month it’s all about the vegetarians. With recipe like these who needs meat!

Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastries Ingredients Makes approximately 9 puffs, depending on size of squares and how thin dough is rolled 1 large sheet puffed pastry, thawed 1 ripe avocado, halved and mashed (approximately 1 tablespoon of avocado per pastry square) 1/3 cup cream cheese (approximately 1 teaspoon of cream cheese per pastry square) 1/3 cup salsa (approximately 1 teaspoon of salsa per pastry square) salt and pepper, sprinkled to taste 1 egg, beaten

Instructions Preheat oven to 200°C and prepare two baking sheets with either parchment paper, Silpat liners, or spray them well with cooking spray. Thaw one large square of puffed pastry for about 10 minutes. Flour your countertop or work surface and roll out the pastry square as thinly as possible. With a pizza cutter or knife, slice the puffed pastry into approximately 2-inch by 2-inch squares. From the one thinly rolled large sheet of frozen puffed pastry, approximately 18 squares can be made. On half the squares, place a dollop of avocado, then cream cheese, then salsa, season with salt and pepper. Use the remaining squares as the lids and place one lid over the filling mounds. Seal the pastry packages by pressing the edges with a fork, taking care to seal the edges well, pressing the fork in repeatedly, so no filling escapes during baking. In a small bowl, beat an egg with a fork, and apply an eggwash to each of the pastry packages. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until desired browning and puffing has occurred. Watch them closely after 10 minutes in case your oven is hotter or your brand of puffed pastry cooks faster. Remove from the oven and serve. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator and if desired, reheat leftovers in the microwave for approximately 45 seconds before serving. Or, store extras in an airtight container on the countertop for a day or so, using common sense because of the cream cheese filling, and reheating in the microwave if desired. To serve, top each pudding with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Recipe and image thanks to:


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EGGS Many people focus too much on what not to eat, but research now consistently recommends that there is something important to eat - protein.. highquality protein, in particular. Allnatural, high-quality protein, like the type found in eggs, provides active kids and adults sustained energy for their busy days. One of the easiest ways to get highquality protein is to include an egg a day into your balanced eating plan. Jackie Newgent

Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls Ingredients 50 grams vermicelli noodles 2 medium avocados 1 medium carrot 100 grams garlic chives 24 small round rice paper wrappers 3 red capsicums, grated coarsely 1 cup bean sprouts, trimmed 24 large mint leaves

Method Place noodles in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes or until softened; drain well.

more diners to your restaurant with a targeted local audience! Advertise in the “Foodie in Frankton” feature! With prices starting from just $50+GST A MONTH. It’s never been easier to promote your local restaurant!

Thinly slice avocado. Cut the carrot into long thin strips and cut garlic chives into the same length as carrots. Cover a board with a damp tea towel. Place one sheet of rice paper in a bowl of warm water until softened; place on tea towel. Place a slice of avocado, some of the carrot, capsicums, sprouts, a mint leaf, some garlic chives and noodles in the centre of the sheet. Fold bottom half of the rice paper up. Fold in one side; roll over to enclose filing. Repeat with remaining rice paper sheets and ingredients. Place rolls on oven tray lined with cling wrap; cover with damp absorbent paper and refrigerate until ready to serve. Enjoy your vegetarian rice paper rolls!

Recipe and image thanks to:



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Business Of The Month

B E AU T Y LO U N G E Our most prestigious beauty spa in Frankton - find out why in our business of the month interview. The Body Sanctum girls have also given us insider tips and tricks on how to stay looking amazing this winter.

The Beauty Lounge caters to anyone, be it male, female, young or old! What do you think makes a good beauty therapist?

In your industry, what would you say the hottest trend is at the moment?

Key ingredients for an exceptional therapist is someone who listens to their client and focuses on their needs, pays attention to detail, going that extra mile. You really need to be personable, yet professional.

O Cosmedics is taking the beauty industry by storm and we are lucky enough to be along for the ride! Unlike other fluffy, perfumed, feel good cosmetics that sit on the surface of your skin, O Cosmedics is jam packed full of innovative, high active medical grade ingredients that work skin deep. It’s safe, smart skin care that actually works! Plus they are vehemently against any kind of animal testing and that’s something we can get on board with.

How do you keep up to date with new products? We are constantly researching the latest and greatest by going to national and international Beauty Expos. We spent a few days at one in Auckland last month and will travel up there for a technology information seminar in August. The beauty industry is forever moving and always evolving. If you don’t keep up you’ll be left behind with dated products and modalities.

What sets you apart from other beauty salons in QT and Frankton? We are in an amazing location with stunning views and are accessible from Queenstown, Frankton, Kelvin Heights, Quail Rise and Lake Hayes Estates. We have free private underground parking with elevator access. We offer a warm and inviting environment with high-end quality service with incomparable customer service and offer the latest technology.

What services do you specialize in? We specialize in everything with our passion being skin care. We work with the best products on the market, top medical grade skin care that is only available in select spas in NZ and AUS. We also have the latest technology using LED, IPL, microderabrasion and our brand new full body Red Light Therapy Collagem System.

Phone 442 2261 Terrace Junction Frankton Above Westpac Bank Like us on facebook for daily tips, tricks and specials!

THE LED’S BIO LED stands for – Light Emitting Diodes, technology that was first harnessed by NASA. LED light therapy is a painless and even relaxing way to plump the collagen in your face, neck and décolletage. It works in the same way as our red light therapy system but at a deeper level making the treatment work much faster. Our LED prescription facials have 4 different light settings. Red light increases blood flow increasing collagen synthesis and wound healing to firm and tone the skin and reduce pore size. The yellow light decreases inflammation and increases hydration. The green light improves rosacea and redness and targets hyperpigmentaion to help regenerate the skin. And the blue light helps eliminate the bacteria that causes acne, and slows the sebaceous activity. Three blue light treatments are proven to eliminate 99.99% of acne bacteria that the light reaches. Your therapist will choose the best light combination depending on your skin’s needs. This treatment includes a skin consult, cleanse, exfoliation and application of O Cosmedic products before you leave.


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JUDI’S BIO Judi Sneddon has owned Body Santum Day Spa in Queenstown for the past 14 years and opened the beauty lounge three and a half years ago. She is a qualified Massage Therapist but now works on her business instead of in it. She has been living in Queenstown for the past 23 years arriving here after 8 years of travel after leaving her native land South Africa. She has a passion for the beauty industry and loves what she does. She is constantly researching new technology and finding the best products on the market as she wants to help her clients achieve the best results for their skin and body. She employees Therapists at the top of their game and is continually training them to the highest of standards.


BEAUTY SECRETS WITH BODY SANCTUM JADE’S TIPS • If you have problematic skin, remember to change your pillow slip and clean your   makeup brushes at least once a week. • Always use your ring finger when applying products around the eye area. • Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips so your lippy glides on effortlessly. • Men opt for a shave oil rather than foam, less irritation. • Don’t pick your spots! If you are guilty of squeezing spots so hard that they bleed, you   could be damaging the skin which might lead to scar tissue for life. Jade says: “Whether it’s cold or warm outside, I never leave the house without my lip balm! Keep them protected, hydrated and looking totally irrestible!”

JADE’S BIO Originally from the east of England, Jade left the UK for her travels back in 2010. After a brief stopover in Queenstown, she had fallen in love with everything it had to offer. So the following year she returned! Jade has been working with Body Sanctum since November 2011 and has loved every minute of it. Trained back in the UK, qualifying with her advanced NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy and Make Up and since then has had great opportunities to do further education and ongoing training within the industry. Qualified in IPL and other advanced treatments, she is your go to skin guru! Jade has had great opportunities in the past to work with celebrities as their personal make-up artist, and recently with New Zealand’s sports personality, Hayley Holt for ‘Me Magazine’. She has a great passion and excitement about the ever evolving beauty industry and hopes this is just the start of a long and successful career.

TOP PRODUCT FOR PROBLEMATIC SKIN O COSMEDIC’S MINERAL PRO (comes in a tinted version too!) This is an SPF 30+ clinical triple defence protection. 20% zinc oxide provides broad spectrum protection, preventing skin damage as well as assisting skin healing and reducing inflammation. Use as your everyday/night moisturizer as well as your sunscreen. The ultimate gift of skin youth! $73

MEG’S BIO Originally from Canada, Megan grew up in a cosy little ski town in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada. Since moving to New Zealand in 2010, she has been a part of the Body Sanctum team working in both the Queenstown Day Spa and the Frankton Beauty Lounge. She studied Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba, and specialises in remedial sports massage. Amongst other achievements, Megan has worked with members of the Canadian Olympic team and members of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, a professional Canadian football team. Megan recently participated in Queenstown’s own Thriller in the Chiller Charity Boxing event and won against her opponent.

THE COLLAGEN FIRMING SKIN REJUVENATING SYSTEM’S BIO Red Light Therapy has been proven to heal wounds, and treat a variety of skin conditions such as; acne, rosacea, scarring and eczema, as well as improve your overall skin quality. Our stand up - full body red light therapy unit is non invasive, pain free and UV free, it is a gentle and effective way to heal and rejuvenate your skin. The heat and light boost circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to the area, causing collagen producing cells to spring into action. If the skin needs to heal it will; if it’s already healthy you will get a plumping effect from all of the extra collagen being created – light instead of botox with zero downtime! Even if you don’t suffer from spots or other skin ailments the red light will also help treat seasonal depression.

JADE’S FAV PRODUCT PRIORI PERFECTING MINERALS FOUNDATION There are many products on the market that say they will improve your skin, but this is the only one I’ve come across that is broad spectrum SPF 25 UVA 10 powder makeup! You can easily apply it as a sheer cover or layer it for a flawless photo finish look. It will instantly perfect your skin’s appearance, but also treat the skin too! It matches any skin tone effortlessly and it wears all day. $79

MEG’S FAV PRODUCT PURE FIJI EXOTIC OIL Be it winter or summer, I use this daily! Any of the fragrance range is like a little trip to Fiji. It’s blended with 4 nut oils so the skin absorbs it effortlessly, you’re never left feeling greasy. I love to use it as bath oil, nail and cuticle treatment, scalp and hair treatment, massage oil and body oil (apply straight out of the shower before drying for the smoothest results!) It’s also a spray tan/self tanner must have! It will enhance the colour and extend the life of the tan and give a healthy glow to your skin. $46

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH O COSMEDICS POTENT RETINOL SERUM 100% pure, bioactive retinol in micro-encapsulated technology ensures superior stability and potency. This extraordinary vitamin A complex offers visible cosmetic anti-ageing benefits to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes firmer more elastic skin texture and evens out skin tone. V8 peptide complex (“botox in a bottle”) ensures skin is calm, super hydrated and renewed. Easily mixes with most moisturizers. 1 pump retinol into 1 pump moisturizer, mix on finger tips and apply to face and throat. $120 O’s Cosmeceutical products are different from those available from chemists as they have stronger active ingredients, and subsequently achieve brilliant results. Ageing is so last year; kick it to the curb and empower yourself with healthy, youthful radiant skin. Come in and have a chat to learn ‘O’ it to your skin!


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ride a bike


P: 034423417 Hours of opening- 10am-9pm, 7 days


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AS PART OF THE AMP SCHOLARSHIP’S PROGRAM THIS YEAR. Mark Pullar of Roost says, “We’re delighted to again be offering someone the chance to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. We’re excited to be giving back to the community and the AMP Scholarships gives us an excellent platform to really give back to the community that has supported us for the past six years”. The recipient of the Roost Mortgage Brokers Queenstown Scholarship will receive $10,000 to help them develop a personal passion of their own and the finalists will be judged by a panel of local peers, including, Mayor Vanessa van Uden. Applications are available on line at and remain open until 31st August 2013. This is the second year Roost Mortgage Brokers in Queenstown have offered this scholarship, with last

years recipient, Holly Mathieson, a local orchestra conductor based in Europe, having continued to achieve great things over the past 12 months with the help of her $10,000 scholarship.

and a commitment to the applicant’s chosen field

On the 7th of September this year, Holly will be assistant conductor to United States conductor Marin Alsop, who will become the first woman to conduct the BBC Last Night of the Proms in London.


Holly will also assist Alsop with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment concert on August 17. It will be the first time in the 119-year history of the Proms in England that the concert has been led by a woman conductor. AMP Scholarships are unique in that anyone can enter. A willingness to succeed, strong determination

are just some of the criteria entrants should display. Previous





shoe designers, karate champions, swimmers and Since AMP Scholarships began

in 1998, the programme has helped over 140 New Zealanders realise their dreams by investing more than $1.5 million in helping ordinary Kiwis achieve extraordinary things. Mark Pullar of Roost says, “Everybody knows somebody who’s doing great things. So if you know an inspiring Queenstowner who needs some help to do their thing, challenge them to apply!”

ROOST MORTGAGE BROKERS $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP Applications are now open and close on the 31st of August 2013.



Anyone, any age can apply, they just need to be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. or visit


NOW OPEN! Come and check out our new renovations, large inside area for delicious breakfasts, Euro style lunches, yummy cabinet food and awesome coffee and baking!


Spacious kids playground, sandpit & swings. Catering/Parties/ Events Aerial entertainment from the paragliders!

793 MALAGHANS ROAD - 03 442 1586 l l Find and like us on

Roost Mortgage Brokers Unit 13, Royal Oak Complex Arrowtown, 9302 P 03 441 2227 E


Roost Mortgage Brokers Queenstown are supporting local talent within the Otago Region with a scholarship of $10,000. Any inspiring Kiwi with a passion and determination to achieve their goal can apply.






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THE REASON YOU'RE ALWAYS TIRED might actually be something you'd never suspect and could easily fix. 1. YOU DON'T EXERCISE It may seem counter intuitive, but exercising produces all kinds of helpful biochemicals that ward off fatigue and help you feel upbeat the rest of the time. Think of it as positive feedback: the more energy you put in, the more you get out.

2. YOU KEEP POOR SLEEP PATTERNS Sleepiness is not the same as fatigue (which is a general lack of energy), but one of the most common causes of feeling tired is simply not sleeping enough. In addition to too little shut-eye, keeping irregular sleeping patterns and even sleeping too much can also make you feel tired. To get back on the right track, try to get into a routine of sleeping at consistent times—while only getting as much sleep as you really need—and you’ll be surprised how much better you will feel.

3. YOU'RE CARRYING EXTRA WEIGHT In addition to making your bones and body bear a greater burden of weight, obesity can result in sleep apnea, which is horribly disruptive to your sleep. According to the Canadian Lung Association, individuals who suffer from sleep apnea can experience pauses in their breathing dozens—or even hundreds—of times in a single night. Sleep apnea can also potentially result in heart problems. If you are concerned about sleep apnea, be sure to speak with your doctor.

4. YOU DON'T EAT BREAKFAST There's a reason that breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, and everyone has told you not to forget it—from your doctor to your mother, to probably every teacher you’ve ever had. And yet so many of us still skip it on a regular basis, or just cram down a few pieces of toast before heading out the door. Take the time to fit in breakfast every morning and it will help you avoid that mid-afternoon crash.

5. YOU DRINK TOO MUCH COFFEE If you rely on caffeine to get through your day, you can develop a dependence—so without it you can go into withdrawl, needing several cups of coffee or tea just to feel "normal." And the worst point of withdrawl? Right in the morning. To make matters worse, caffeine can still course through your system when you’re sleeping if you’ve had any coffee or tea in the evening, which can interfere with normal REM sleep and leave you feeling even more tired. An easy solution is to cut back on the amount of caffeine you consume during the day and steer clear of caffeinated beverages within hours of your bedtime.


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In only 5 editions the Frankton Flyer has had the most amazing response, the brand has certainly become a local icon, and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do and we could not have done it without you - The Frankton Community!! We hand deliver to over 350 Frankton businesses every month and delivered to over 550 Residential homes around Frankton. This also includes 200 copies to Arrowtown - 100 Lake Hayes 200 Quail Rise - 100 Kelvin Heights

• Prices start as little as $25+GST • We offer a free professional design service • You don’t pay extra for colour Being involved with Frankton Flyer not only puts your business in a positive light, but also engages the public with a great reading experience.

WHAT WE HAVE PLANNED FOR THE COMING EDITIONS • Bigger distribution areas • More pages • More local content • More amazing stories from our readers • A bigger eating out guide


By and large, the best things you can do to stay healthy and energized are pretty simple: eat well, sleep regularly, don’t drink too much alcohol (hangovers aside, the by-products in alcohol can make you feel tired), and get some fresh air and exercise.

Fatigue may be their body's way of telling them to slow down. Many people experience fatigue because of overwhelming life stresses. Keep your stress in check: set limits, make time for yourself and the people you love.



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1. WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB WDTV LIVE HUB MEDIA CENTER Store and play your media, watch hit movies, access Internet favorites, and enjoy it all on your HDTV with the WD TV Live Hub mediacenter.

2. TOMTOM VIA 620 6" IN CAR GPS Set off on the right track with the TomTom Via 620 - a simple to use and excellent value device. With Advanced Lane Guidance on its crystal clear widescreen you'll never miss your turn. Also spoken instructions include street names to make turnings even clearer.

3. APPLE IPOD NANO 16GB The ultraportable iPod nano now has a larger 2.5-inch Multi- Touch display. Play your favourite songs, browse music by genre, or listen to Genius playlists and FM radio. Or watch movies and widescreen videos on the bigger screen. A perfect workout partner, iPod nano tracks your steps, your runs and burned calories and syncs to the Nike+ website to challenge friends. And with built-in Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones or car stereos.

4. CANON IXUS 135 DIGITAL CAMERA BLUE Look good on both sides of the camera with the slim and stylish IXUS 135. 8x Zoom and Intelligent Image Stabilisation coupled with Wi-Fi means you can share beautiful photos on the run.

EFFECTIVE DESIGN IS VITAL TO SUCCESS... 3Fold delivers the proven expertise to make your business stand out from the crowd, let us help you reach your growth goals and build your business branding.



ACT: CONT n Brando 495 9783 .nz 7 M: 02 @bandadigg



O Cosm



hite Pe High-s ptide trengt h vita Peel and une min C 45mi ven ski and pep n $12 resver n ton 9 tide pee atrol, es. Wit l, esp niacin h con to stim ecially amide centra ulate for pig and nat ted lev cellula mente bri ba els of ural fru r ght turnov ening andy@ vitamin it aci er wh and firm lou ds, this ilst pro C, own ing ing nge treatm tec . igg ting col ent ha eenst O Cosmed andad lagen. ics Alp www.b Highway, Qu Anti-a ha geing -Beta bston The ‘se Peel rious’ 2210 Gib resurf and tra acing 45mi nsform peel n $14 ation. niacin 9 This am perfect for amide 60m skin loo , lactic azing and act treatm king for and sal ivate ent use intense icy cellula for oily s inte r regene lic acid to skin co /probl nse con All rela rejuven ematic rat hearte centra xation ate the skin tha ion for a bri d or bef ted le Your facials skin, ghter, t is in expert ore a are cus red smoot need specia therap tomize needs of ext her com uce fin l occasi ist wil d to you and req reme l take plexio on. exfolia uirem r spe n. Pe a tho tion. cific ski ents to rough Essen No n best sui t for the look tial at you concerns and t you r skin and det A cla and ana needs. ermine ssic fac lyze the the per ial cus of we fect sol tomize ll being d to you ution. and hyd r nee 45mi ration Rejuv ds, lea ns . enati ving you ng $80 with the A fac ultima ial des te fee ign all of ling your skin ed for dee p rela needs. facial xation 60mi will lea Perfec ns ve you t for skin and overall feeling skin in nee $120 Luxu radian d of hyd health, cus ry t and tomize ration revive d , firming to d. The ulti and rep meet mate air. Thi facial are cho s for tho sen spe se see A tru cifical kin e tim 75mi ly to e inte suit you g complete n rcepto relaxat r skin r. Add on $140 needs ion and facial and enc pamper waxin ourage . Produc g to any overall ts of the wellbe above ing. ser



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ygen The per ating fect pic Enzy me Pe pomegr k me up for el 45 anate all min: $12 moistu and pumpki skin types. rising 9 60 Formu supern enz applica min: $13 lated peptide ymes tion. with hig 9 and s! Hy perfec h levels drate, tly plump O Cosm of pap and ren infused aya, edics with ew the Catal intense yst Re skin in The ide tinol just one al ant Peel i-agein niacin amide g 45mi and fru peel for n $12 appear all 9 it aci ance skin ds wo of UV types. 60mi rk to damage n $13 Concen counte 9 and eve trated ract n out skin ton skin ageing levels of e on eve and dec retinol, n the rease most the sensiti ve skin .


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O Cosm

• High quality, low cost design solutions


Gly-C Fac Add on ial Rejuven ation to Fac Peel: ial: $4 Pack 30mi of 6 Pe 0 n $60 els: $3 00 -Derm abras ion Mic

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ro-der mabra gently sion is a smoot deep h and for imp exfolia retext roving ting urize many treatm dark the sur unwant spots, ent in face of fine line ed ski which blocka the ski n con s and ligh ges or n. Thi ditions wrinkl s treatm t crystals conges such es. It as: sun tion of ent is Single also the ski great damage helps treatm n, hel minimi , acne ent ping you ze por scars, Add on es and look bri to Fac remove ghter ial and ref reshed Series . of 3 tre atment s Series $80 of 6 tre atment s $55 $210

• Our creative team is always happy to help with the task in hand. With our knowledge, designers and printing skills we can brainstorm the best way to achieve great results for your next project

brochures • business cards • logos • rack cards • posters

3 Fold Design & Print 166 Glenda Drive Frankton Phone 409 0025




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magic metallics


A touch of sleek shine will brighten up any room to give it new life. MAISON D'OR DUVET COVER SET STELLA PLATINUM QUEEN - $60.00




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IT’S OUT OF THIS WORLD AND IT’S COMING TO OTAGO! 15TH - 25TH AUGUST 2013 See Olympic and Paralympic medallists, past, current and future, compete in FIS World Cup events in Snowboard Slopestyle, Snowboard Halfpipe, Freestyle Ski Halfpipe and Freestyle Ski Slopestyle at Cardrona Alpine Resort, plus the IPC Alpine Adaptive Slalom World Cups at Coronet Peak. Snow Farm will host the world’s top crosscountry skiers while Coronet Peak will see the superstars of alpine skiing compete in Slalom and Giant Slalom. Naseby’s Maniototo International Curling Rink will once again witness the tension and drama of curling as teams fight it out ahead of Sochi 2014. As in all previous years, Winter Games NZ 2013 will feature adaptive athletes racing alongside their able bodied counterparts in cross-country and alpine skiing as they prepare for the 2014 Paralympics. The Games also include an off-snow festival bringing the action off the mountain in a series of downtown extravaganzas in both Queenstown and Lake Wanaka including the Adventure Film Festival presented by Auckland Airport, medal ceremonies, live music and entertainment. Go to for full information. FAMILY FUN DAY AT REMARKABLES MARKET Saturday 17th August 10am-3pm. With free bouncy castles, face painting and sand pits for the kids, and mulled wine, pumpkin soup and seasonal produce for the adults; this day out offers fun for the whole family. Sit, relax and take in the 360 degree mountain views while enjoying the unique atmosphere and live music from Marc Hamilton. TWO DRIVE IN MOVIES: Friday 23rd of August. 5.30pm Vertical Limit – Park up 5.30pm for a 6pm start. 8.00pm Drift – Park up 8.00pm for a 8.30pm start. This year Remarkables Park brings you a special addition to the Adventure Film Festival. Pack up the car, get snuggled up, tune into your FM radio and enjoy watching two adventure blockbusters on the big screen from the comfort of your car. Hot food and drinks will be available. REMARKABLES MID-WINTER MARKETS Remarkables Market is holding four winter markets on Saturday 17 August & 24 August 2013. BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ’S AT REMARKABLES MARKET: Saturday 24th August 10am-3pm. Dress up warmly and head out for the day to enjoy the best of the regions food, beverages and local musical talent ‘Into The East’. Grab some mulled wine from Bonjour to warm you up while you enjoy the range of hot food on offer – gourmet pies, soup, bacon butties, porridge and Zamora’s famous South American chorizo sausages. DNA GAY SKI WEEK COME AND JOIN US FROM SATURDAY AUGUST 31ST UNTIL SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH 2013. Gay Ski Weeks are held all around the world and are enjoyed by so many people. You may have been to several of them for your holiday but have you ever been to Queenstown, NZ? If yes, then you know exactly why you decided to join Gay Ski Week QT. If you have never been, then maybe it’s time for you to enjoy Gay Ski Week QT. Not only do we have many options for you on the snow but we also have the entertainment of Queenstown and its surrounding areas. You may decide to come for just the week


or arrive earlier to NZ and enjoy what the country has to offer. This year we have many new events during the days as well as the evenings. If you have an itch that needs to be scratched with a bit of glitter and the odd feather boa or two then this is definitely for you! MORE FM OPENING PARTY - SATURDAY 31ST AUGUST 2013 - FROM 6PM Come and join us at Barmuda on Searle Lane from 6pm for the first night of fun and festivities of Gay Ski Week QT 2013. Enjoy a complimentary glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne on arrival as well as a few nibbles. MoreFM will be there to report about all the exciting things that will be happening throughout the evening. Be sure to be here to catch up with all your friends, old and new, to set yourself up for the week! TICKETS $20 DOOR SALES $25 unless sold out in advance. LA CAGE AUX FOLLES SUNDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER, 8:00PM - Book by Harvey Fierstein - Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman - Based on the play by Jean Poiret. By arrangement with ORIGINTM Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. To be deliciously presented at the new Queenstown Memorial Centre Theatre. Bring your best frocks to Queenstown for a night of poignant love and delectation with a Special (Za Za) Guest in the part of “Albin” and with irresistible Les Cagelles ! You will enjoy the opening night of “La Cage Aux Folles” whilst being seated at tables of 10, which will include a glass of Nautilus bubbles. Book your seat early, as there are only limited seats allocated and if you wish to book a table of 10 together with your friends, please book at the same time! Doors open at 7.30pm. ‘GET IT ON’ BINGAY! MONDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER - FROM 7PM Come and Join us at The Ballarat Trading Co for a fun and social evening of Bingay. ‘Get it on! are the title sponsor and Miss. Ribena will be the glam host and fabulous prizes are up for grabs. All entries will include a glass of champagne and finger food! Don’t be late as balls drop at 7.30pm! TICKETS $20 DOOR SALES $25 unless sold out in advance. ADVENTURE DAY – TUESDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER 2013 PART 1 - 10am Glacier Southern Lakes Heli-flight to Milford Sound. PART 2 - 3pm Shotover Jet BROKEN SHED ‘CASINO ROYALE’ GALA EVENING WEDNESDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 2013- FROM 7PM Come and join us @ The Skyline from 7pm for the glamorous Casino Royale, smart dress Gala evening. Enjoy a complimentary drink on arrival at the bottom of the gondola. You will then be whisked up to 450m above Queenstown and to the Wakatipu room that has the most spectacular views of the surrounding area. There is also a prize for the best ‘Bond’ outfit! There will be a full sit down buffet for you on your arrival whilst being musically entertained by The LA Social Club. There will also be ‘mock’ casino tables for you to play throughout the evening as well as a cash bar for you to get your favourite drink, whether it is a Martini (shaken not stirred) or a glass of Champagne. This is the MUST do event of DNA Gay Ski Week QT 2013 and seats are limited as this is a sit down function. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment! TICKETS $95


it's at SKYCITY KARAOKE THURSDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER 2013FROM 9PM This is a regular event during the week. This is a regular event at SKYCITY Queenstown Casino and is hosted by Miss Ribena. R20 FREE QUEENS ON THE LAKE FRIDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER 2013- FROM 8PM Come and join us aboard the Earnslaw, Lady of the Lake for ‘Queens on the Lake’. One of Queenstown’s iconic attractions will be moored up @ Steamer Wharf for the penultimate night of DNA Gay Ski Week QT 2013. DJ Haylenise (Melbourne) will be returning to NZ for her 2nd year at Gay Ski Week QT. This event will surely be a highlight of the week! TICKETS $40 DOOR SALES $45 unless sold out in advance AQUALAND FAMILY FUN DAY SUNDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER 2013 On the last Sunday of every month Alpine Aqualand we throw all the toys in the pool, including the giant inflatable and our rolling red log, to show the kids a good time. The hydroslide will be pumping too, so come on down and make a splash with us from 10am to 4pm! GAYDAR MYSTERY DANCE PARTY SATURDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 2012 - FROM 9PM Come and join us @ Vinyl Underground from 9pm for the final night of DNA Gay Ski Week QT 2013. This is Vinyl Undergrounds first Gay SKi Week QT so let’s make them remember it! DJ Adam Love (Sydney) will be returning to entertain you after a hugely successful year including playing at Sydney Mardi Gras 2013. The theme has been chosen and is Heaven & Hell so you can wear as much or as little as you like! TICKETS $40 DOOR SALES $45 unless sold out in advance. ARROWTOWN COMMUNITY PRESCHOOL PROUDLY PRESENTS A NIGHT WITH NIGEL LATTA : “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Raising Boys and Girls” Nigel Latta is the presenter of the popular TV show “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Parenting”, author of a number of best-selling parenting books, clinical psychologist and parent. Come along and enjoy a hugely entertaining informative and totally non-PC night that will give you the answers to get boys and girls all the way through childhood, adolescence and beyond..and stay sane. Tuesday September 10th, Athenaeum Hall, Arrowtown. Doors open 7pm for 7.30 start. Cash bar and silent auction on the night. Tickets $25 each and are available from the two Arrowtown Community Preschools (Cotter Ave and Durham St), Lakes District Museum, call Michelle at 021 739373, Tracey on 027 2820284 or email arrowtownkids@







as l be your guide ior school wil ts from the sen in action. Studen tob ool Oc h sch 25t y the Frida d see 0pm – Come an Come 11.00am – 3.0 out the school. g of the cake. ludes gh me and cuttin you tour throu ol Hall. Welco r photo. $15 per person, inc ho Sc n tow you Arrow Mingle at the d the approximate time for m - Mix and an 6.30pm – 8.30p r registration information open). along to get you d nibbles (cash bar will be l an will be plenty drink on arriva photo. There ade plus group s.. en of each dec for viewing of classroom er 2013: tak tob s Oc h oto ph 26t d y Saturda la Day an will be open Community Ga out the day. The school gh 10.30 – 4pm – ainment throu ble you of stalls, entert osphere will ena The relaxed atm al Reserve “Gibbston eci entertainment. October 2013: Sp h live a d d 26t an an g d t nin art an ffe l al tinuous bu Saturday Eve auction of loc Includes canapés on arriva on – with a con will be a small son, Evening Functi ryone. There st $45 per per eve Co h . on wit le asi ng occ to mix and mi h labels designed for the Pinot Noir” wit ffet. continuous bu

Registration forms and more information can be found at -http://

Frankton kindergarten invites kindergarten parents, teachers and the wider community to join them at their Major annual Fundraiser

Auction of Promises 2013 when

where Frankton kindergarten FridaY 23 aUgUst 2013 FroM 7.00PM

Hosted by Ferg and Grant (Classic Hits)

Live entertainment following auction from - Marc hamilton. Catered by Chef Brendan. tickets $20 per person, $30 for couple (ticket price includes one drink and a raffle ticket)

ARROWTOWN SCHOOL 150 YEAR CELEBRATIONS 25 OCT 2013 - 26 OCT 2013 Arrowtown School is celebrating 150 years of school in the district with a full programme of events to be held over Labour weekend - 25th & 26th October. Including reunion events plus community gala. Arrowtown School will come alive with a community gala held on Saturday 26th October where local clubs and groups will come together along with local entertainers and wine and food. The gala will be held on the school grounds and will also include photos taken from registered past students and teachers. There will be an auction and evening function on the Saturday night with official opening on the Friday night. The school will also be open to the public on the Friday for you to view the classrooms and children at work.

tickets can be purchased at Frankton kindergarten from 11 august 2013 or from a Committe Member. door sales also available.


it's at


Frankton Flyer 5 August 2013