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Winston County Self Help Co-op Future Generation 4-H Club 4th Annual Youth Agriculture & Training Conference By Dylan Nicholson


inston County Self Help Cooperative youth group hosted its 4th Annual Youth Agriculture Conference at the National Guard Armory and the Extension Office. The theme was “Leadership and Capacity Building for Youth and Family Development.” There was an attendance of over 100 youths from all over. Our facilitators for the conference were:

Crayton Coleman – He presented interactive games and physical exercises for the youth. He used hula hoops, jump ropes, and building a pyramid out of balloons.

Linda Floyd- She worked with grades k-4th with “Sammy Soil Coloring Story”. It was about the importance of water to your body and your community.

Middle-M ississippi State Universit y Ex tension S er vice’s Crayton Coleman facilitating the WCSHC Youth Group during conference

Joseph McCain - He discussed with the youth about the newspaper. He stated that the average newspaper was written on a 6th grade level. All the youth was asked to write an article about the conference. The best ones were chosen for the local newspaper.

Rev. George Miller - His presentation was on the things you needed to be successful in life such as: education, religion, respect and obeying your parents.

Dennis Murray - He had a session on getting an education outside of your state. He challenge each youth that there are more colleges beyond Mississippi. He also advised them that you can be successful outside of your state and that they needed to start preparing for college early.

Dr. Hall, Dr. Felton, and Dr. Newsome - Their presentation was on biodiesel. They discussed how important biodiesel is to the economy and products that produce.

We had delicious meals everyday of the conference, especially the barbecue. On Friday night, we had a youth social with live music. The youth had a wonderful time relaxing, dancing and talking with each other. This conference was the best one yet. I pray that next year will be able to top this one.


R ight-D ennis S. Murray Sr., YDACBINC

Greensboro echo march 2009, 2nd edition  
Greensboro echo march 2009, 2nd edition