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Choose The Best Offset Umbrella For Your Patio Area You might have seen the latest trends in patio umbrellas and want to add one to your outdoor patio area. Considering the styles and colors available, it is smart to choose carefully since you want to enjoy the umbrella for several years. An offset umbrella can be a perfect choice to add shade and functional decor to your backyard deck. Basically because they provide protection from the sun and unsafe UV rays, patio umbrellas can be a safe and healthy purchase. Good quality umbrellas are available in materials that resist these rays and help to protect from cancer and skin damage. A strong and durable fabric has to be chosen so it can tolerate sun exposure for long periods of time without sacrificing it's integrity. A lot more versatile than an umbrella that is freestanding, this type provides more versatility. The canopy extends over the area you would like to protect and the base is offset. The side post design delivers the shade without a center pole that may be inconvenient or obstructive. For shade and cover over a seating area, hot tub or over a patio table, it is an ideal option. Often larger than freestanding umbrellas, this gives greater coverage and protection where the canopy would be a better alternative. To determine the size of the umbrella you will need, correctly measuring the patio table is essential. Umbrellas vary from about 8 to 15 feet, with many sizes in between. Canopies can be found in shapes including square, hexagonal, octagonal, rectangular plus oval. Based on preference and taste, the shape of the region you want to cover also needs to be a concern to choose the perfect covering. There are several options for mounting, including on a wall, on a deck, or a customized mount over a spa or other space. You can even choose a couple of umbrellas that overlap, giving outstanding sun protection. Rotation increases the flexibility in coverage and there are a few other options available in an offset patio umbrella. A substantial number of positions are possible with a rotating arms on the umbrella enabling you to adjust the position in accordance with the angles the sun is shining. The tilt feature is another great option for sun shading where you can lock the umbrella into place towards the incoming rays on a sunlit afternoon. The base can be in a material like wood which is normally teak or hardwoods from Asia in addition to powder coated or laminated aluminum and fiberglass for a strong or lighter in weight choice. More room is supplied for extras such as lighting that can add ambience at night with a base that is bigger than one that is freestanding. For a joyous accent, LED lighting can be strung up on the umbrella rather easily. The enjoyment can be added to when including a surround sound music system in some designs with iPod and MP3 compatibility. After you have decided on the many options for your umbrella, the fabric you choose is an important selection. The fabrics on the umbrella come in a range of colors to complement your patio furniture. Since a premium fabric is often more resilient and can withstand heat and rain, the caliber of the material has to be a huge consideration. A thinner fabric might be adequate for your needs if you intend to be storing it during the winter months or putting it away during rain storms. Camelot Living

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Choose The Best Offset Umbrella For Your Patio Area

With a multitude of options for your offset umbrella, you are well on your way to selecting one that will add hours of shade and comfort to your patio and backyard. By having an 11 offset umbrella from Camelot Living, you could get out from the summer sun. For even more details on Camelot Living, pay a visit to them at their website,

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Choose The Best Offset Umbrella For Your Patio Area