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CopyrightŠ 2009, Tegucigalpa, Honduras Not part of this book may be reproduced or copied in any form without written permission from the publishers. PRINTED IN HONDURAS

Once upon a time in a large garden, there was a little ant called Dixi, who founded a big beautiful yellow flower on a sunny day.

Wow! -Said Dixi- what a big beautiful flower as beautiful as the love of my mother, I'll take her and give her a surprise ...

Dixi ant repeatedly attempted to tear that beautiful yellow flower from the ground, but he got tired ... I am very sad -Said Dixi- because it is a very difficult job for a small ant like me... Then Dixi decided to go find some friends to help tear the flower from the garden ...

...Friends i need your help to be able to surprise my mom -said Dixi-Ok, commented their friendsDixi and his friends went in search of the beautiful flower and together they tried to tear it from the ground...

...After several attempts they managed to get the beautiful flower out. I am very happy! -Said DixiThanks for helping me give this nice surprise for my mama... -told Dixi to his good friendsAnd Dixi and his friends brought together the beautiful flower to the place where Mrs. ant was.

Mama! -Yelled Dixi- im bringing to you this big flower, so big and beautiful as your love... I love you mama. Dixi's mom was very happy about the great surprise given by his small ant.

In appreciation of Mrs. Ant made some tasty cookies for Dixi and all his friends. And they ate them all and lived happily ever after...

Dixi's Flower  

Storybook made to teach children how to learn english by reading.

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