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by Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr. Selling With Social Media: Is It A Good Marketing Plan?

Social media is the big buzzword right now in sales, and in small business marketing. Everyone wants to know how to sell with social media. In fact, I sent a survey out to existing customers not too long ago, asking what they would like my next book or product to be about, and a whopping 56% voted for social media. So, with that in mind, I want to lay out the facts, along with my opinions (which are based on real-world experience), on social media: First of all, social media is fantastic. It certainly has its place in the world of selling and sales prospecting. But, is it the end-all and be-all that many people are making it out to be? No, it's not. And here's why: A successful salesperson - or small business owner - will use any and all efficient and effective tools at his disposal. This means that even though social media can be effective if used properly, it should never be the only method used to attract new customers. Let's use Twitter as an example: Twitter literally exploded onto the social media scene and it wasn't long before you saw the blue Twitter logo just about everywhere. As a result, tons of salespeople and small business owners immediately jumped in, trying to use Twitter to get new customers. The problem is that Twitter is not the best-suited avenue for gaining new customers; it is most effective in retaining existing customers and getting them to come back for repeat business. A local restaurant will do great announcing their daily specials on Twitter, but for many others, it can be a total waste of time. Another example is Facebook, particularly Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is awesome for any kind of local business that wants to target a specific niche. For example, a local gourmet coffee shop can target people within 10 miles who like Starbucks. This type of targeting on Facebook advertising is extremely effective. But for a business like, as an example, it is utterly useless.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has been phenomenal for because nearly all of its members are in sales in one form or another, but if that coffee shop were to try to promote on LinkedIn, they'd be wasting their time and money. So, the bottom line is that social media does work, but it only works where it's appropriate for a particular business/industry and its target audience, and where it's used correctly. Can social media work for salespeople, or a small business? YES! BUT - don't expect it to provide you with 100% of your leads. Don't let your guard down and think you can eventually stop all of your other lead-generation activities just because you're fully engaged with social media. You can't. But you can use social media to supplement an existing lead-generation strategy, that employs multiple techniques that hit prospects and the target market from different angles. As an example, a Facebook page or Twitter feed is a great way to continually follow up with interested prospects and keep them on top of your business and your offers, and of course to keep you in their minds for when they're ready to buy. But you still need a solid lead-generation system to get people to "like" your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter in the first place. When you learn that much of the hype about social media is just that - hype - and realize that it's just another set of tools you can use to enhance your existing leadgeneration platform - a very effective set of tools when used properly - you'll be using it the right way and will profit from it effectively. To your success, Frank Rumbauskas PS: If you still don't have a solid lead-generation strategy that's humming and buzzing along every day, filling your inbox with solid leads, you need to get that first before you can expect to profit from social media

Frank Rumbauskas is the author of the New York Times best-seller Never Cold Call Again and several other books. Over 50,000 salespeople at organizations around the world have stopped cold calling thanks to his programs.

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