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by Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr. I始ll Admit It: I始m A Lazy Salesperson And Business Owner! Yes, I'll admit it, I'm as lazy as they come! I'm not a morning person. I hate getting up early, I never do it unless I absolutely have to, and I'll never understand people who do. I'm not a workaholic. I love what I do for sure, but life is too short to spend most of it working. With my first child due in a couple of months, I certainly won't want to spend much time at the office. I just read an article in Cigar Aficionado about "The World's Most Interesting Golfer." He's a Spaniard who unabashedly enjoys a glass of wine before a big tournament, a good cigar and dram of whisky after, and who doesn't understand those who rush through life without taking the time to enjoy it. Now there's someone I can see eye to eye with! BUT - does all of this make me lazy? Perhaps in the eyes of some, but if you ask me, it makes me EFFICIENT. In sales, I was seen as lazy for sleeping late most days, working from 10-3, and going home in time to catch some sun at the pool. People saw that as lazy UNTIL they saw my numbers, which were higher than anyone else in the office, and as far as I know, highest in the industry in my particular city. When I moved into a new office building a couple of years ago, people there who knew who I am and were looking forward to getting to know me were disappointed to see that I wasn't there 40 hours a week - not even close. Why? EFFICIENCY! When I started my business (, I reverse-engineered it from the beginning to run as automatically as possible and continue to generate revenue whether or not I choose to work on any given day.

Likewise, after a few years of working way too hard in sales, I began to reverseengineer what the very top, six-figure producers were doing, and I implemented their strategies into workable systems that ran on autopilot. That's how I was able to produce extremely high sales numbers and close 4 out of 5 sales while working less then half the number of hours of my co-workers, most of whom rarely made even 100% of their numbers. Every now and then someone will reply to one of my emails and tell me that I'm not making real salespeople, and that I'm teaching salespeople to become order takers. Well, duh. The most successful salespeople are the ones who take orders all day, not the ones who get hung up on and get doors slammed in their face. We only get paid commissions for actual sales, so the more time spent getting sales (i.e. taking orders), and less time wasted doing everything else, the better. And when you're producing crazy-high numbers without killing yourself working long hours, your boss and your competitors all take notice and you eventually get to name your own price and your own schedule. (If your employer won't meet your demands, a competitor happily will - believe me, when you're selling THAT much, they KNOW who you are!) So remember, laziness is only lazy when it's not producing. But working less while producing more isn't lazy - it's efficient - and many even call it genius! Frank Rumbauskas is the author of the New York Times best-seller Never Cold Call Again and several other books. Over 50,000 salespeople at organizations around the world have stopped cold calling thanks to his programs. To learn more or to download a free 37-page PDF preview of Frank始s lead-generation system, please visit Your peers at these companies are using Frank始s systems

Can a Lazy Salesperson be a Successful Salesperson?  

Robert Kiyosaki said "a job is a sign of laziness." This best-selling sales author has the same opinion of hard work in selling!