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by Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr. FJR Advisors, Inc. 8409 Pickwick Ln., Suite 226 Dallas, Texas 75225 The Way To Get A Sales Prospect's Interest - Fast I have been working with a sales team for an internet advertising agency - they build internet sites, mobile compatible sites, internet marketing strategies, and more. The first problem I learned is that their reps had no idea how to discover prospective new clients. My first training for them was about how to identify ideal new customers, and when I was prepared to advance into developing those prospects into paying clients, they all shouted, "Wait! We have no idea how to prospect to begin with! We don't know how to approach them." Okay... I asked what they were doing, and it turns out they were... drum roll... COLD CALLING! I asked about the success percentage: approximately 1 in 200. It was then that one of them suggested, "Keep practicing at it and then you'll get to 1 in 100 and at that time you will begin experiencing success." I paid no mind to this prize fool, and told the salespeople to stop making cold calls altogether, and to dedicate their time to networking in its place, as I know from real life that good oldfashioned networking, for whatever reason, is especially effective in the online marketing world. Fast forward a week... I talked with one of the reps this week and he was whining that networking just isn't working. I inquired as to what he's telling people when he shakes hands at mixers. His reply: "I tell them I do online marketing for local businesses." Could that intro be any more boring? I supplied him with an all-new opener to use when he's networking, or anytime someone asks him what he does for a living: "I turn your website into a printing press for money for you."

I know that will be far more attention-getting. I know from my own experiences in selling that it would perk my ears up, without a doubt. Especially if I was one of the majority of small company owners whose website is doing nothing. How to get prospects interested: Quit boring them to tears! Think about what you're saying to your sales prospects. Is your opener boring? Are you saying the same things as all other salespeople out there? Or are you commanding their undivided attention with an opener similar to, "I get your website printing money money for you"? If you aren't doing that, then follow these two action steps immediately: 1. Create an introduction that blows people away. Set yourself apart from your competition, who are all saying the same boring crap to prospects. 2. Fill your inbox with a never-ending supply of hot leads, with prospects who are extremely interested and need what you have. Then use your powerful new introduction during the first conversation with them. If you're asking just how to fill your inbox with hot leads, it's easy: Take your all-new, hard hitting introduction, and go to as many networking mixers as you can. Do it morning, afternoon, and happy hour. Never pass on an opportunity to attend a networking mixer, cards in hand, dressed to kill, and ready to go with your new ice breaker. Do that and your sales will skyrocket! Frank Rumbauskas is the author of the New York Times best-seller Never Cold Call Again and several other books. Over 50,000 salespeople at organizations around the world have stopped cold calling thanks to his programs. For lots more sales tips and advice from Frank, along with a free 37-page PDF preview of his lead-generation system, visit his Sales Blog at

Get Instant Attention from Sales Prospects  

Few sales professionals can network well. Far less than that have a solid introduction that will get prospects' to listen. Employ these simp...

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