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My prognosis is simple but it does take a certain level of commitment on your part. Take this prescription I’m about to give you for 90 days. Finish the prescription completely; even if symptoms subside (you’ve heard this before, right?) 1.) Put your phone down! 2.) Stop playing so many video games and doing so much web surfing. 3.) Watch a TV sitcom-preferably an old-school sitcom-one that’ll have you cracking up from start to finish. 4.) Patronize your favorite comedy club at least once per week and observe the two drink minimum rule (of course, don’t drink and drive) 5.) Make someone else laugh at least 7 times per day, everyday. If you follow my instructions and don’t deviate from the prescribed schedule, you’re going to feel better and everybody around will feel better too. You may not have more money in your pocket. Your bills may not miraculously disappear but you’ll have greater inner and outer peace and chances are you won’t hurt anybody in the process. Happy New Year! Let’s get it in, in 2011! Thanks to all of you for reading my column. It’s my pleasure to share my insights with all of you. Hopefully, I made you smile and made you think. Remember, this is merely the way I see it. Live your life! May God bless you and yours abundantly. Remember to S.M.I.L.E.-Spread More Infectious Laughter Everyday. Holla at your doctor! ### Tony Spires is a filmmaker, poet, musician, award-winning playwright acclaimed director, event producer, personal manager, and featured columnist for The Humor Mill Magazine. He is also co-founder of Full Vision Arts Foundation and artistic director of Vision’s Kids Performing Arts Ensemble. Known as The Comedy Doctor in comedy circles, he is perhaps best known as the founder of the nationally reputed Bay Area Black Comedy Competition & Festival: and as writer/director/producer of the acclaimed feature film, “Tears Of A Clown” available on DVD. Email Tony at: Visit his youth Arts Organization at:

Kevin Hart- Laugh At My Pain Issue!  

In this issue Kevin Hart talks about his new comedy special Laugh At My Pain!