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Praise God! It’s 2011 and we forged through another one. You are to be congratulated. My condolences go out to those of you who lost loved ones in 2010. Though not easy, we must press on. We remain here to go about the work we were put here to complete-to glorify our creator, to make our own lives significant and to help others. We can all do a better job of that in 2011. Speaking of significance, I don’t know which has more: the fact that we’re obviously stronger, tougher and readier than ever to face the blessings and the challenges of 2011, or that, against seemingly all odds, we all didn’t totally “lose it” on that rollercoaster ride that was 2010. We made it, and we’re not alone. America made it too. Lots of people think that America is on its last leg, that its days on top are numbered. Some equate it to the ancient Roman Empire. “Rome fell,” they say. “It happened from within, as well as from without. Ultimately, America faces the same fate.” “Ultimately,” that may be true. This nation has a lot to answer for and what goes around truly does come around. I don’t know about you but I take comfort in two things: the definition of the word “ultimately” and the age-old adage that, “Rome didn’t fall in a day.” America has had a good run, going on 235 years. On the other had, Rome lasted for almost 2000 years! There are many things that I have issues with regarding this country but being on top is not one of them! If you read my column, you know I don’t bite my tongue. I don’t dance around the issues. I call it like I see it. Keepin’ it real, what I see right now is that I’m still glad to be hear! I’m not going to watch the news that much in 2011. The news will have you believing that America is on its way out and that other countries aren’t going to make it either. I have a news flash for the news networks. The whole world made it! The world is ever evolving. I don’t know what’s coming. Tomorrow is not promised but I know that until the man up stairs, the one who really controls all of this says so, the world will keep on turning. I don’t know what is to become of places like Tunisia, Egypt and other countries on the brink of revolution, as they redefine what their nations are going to be all about. But at least hopefully, if others can stay out of their affairs, (hint-hint-America) they’ll have a chance to control their own destinies. To the chagrin of many-a-detractor President Barack Obama made it to 2011, Hawaii birth records and all! Then again, so did Sarah Palin, John McCain and the ultra-conservative Tea Party Movement. Yes, by the end of the year, it was Obama’s mid-term and the Republicans had emerged victorious. They look strong for the 2012 elections. The Democrats made it too, if you call mere survival “making it.” But as President Obama described the mass political debacle, they “took a shellacking” in the process. Rampant joblessness is still here. The most crippling, most devastating recession this nation has experienced since The Great Depression, unfortunately is still here too. So is Wall Street and greedy stock and commodity traders. Ravenous lenders and merciless banks-yes, they’re definitely still here.

Kevin Hart- Laugh At My Pain Issue!  

In this issue Kevin Hart talks about his new comedy special Laugh At My Pain!