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Story: Frank Holder What can be said about the smallest gut in Hollywood with the biggest stature? Is there anything that can be said that hasn’t been already mentioned? With his HOT year developing in the books even as we write this, from his Hosting the BET Awards 2011 (and being one of the best hosts since the shows inception) to his opening weekend of Laugh At My Pain, comedian KEVIN HART continues to defy the odds! The Philadelphian native has not only embraced his new found fame, but by bringing his pain to the screen and allowing us into his life from his recent divorce, to his tumultuous childhood, he leaves nothing out of bounds. With this style of comedy, we not only laugh at him, we laugh with him. Hart makes fun of himself at any chance he can and he draws you in to his likeable persona and once you are drawn in, you are done! Hart’s personality and his fame is a sight for sore eyes because you can not help but love him, his comedy, and his story telling on stage. We got a chance to sit down with him several weeks ago and we asked him about several things and he opened up about his stardom and his current rise to fame. Here is an except of the interview; Humor Mill: We just got a chance to sit down with comedian Kevin Hart who recently had a weekend where he caught up with comedian and actor Eddie Murphy with his touring numbers. How do you feel about that Kev? Kevin Hart: Blessed and positive. I am only following the footsteps that the people before me left, which is a great place to be in. They set a pattern and I am just thankful that it is working out the way that it is. Humor Mill: Eighteen months ago did you image that you would be selling out arenas? Kevin Hart: I can’t say that I didn’t imagine it because that would then mean that you don’t have goals. I definitely have goals for myself in doing what I do and those goals are high. I definitely wanted to be performing in arenas and when you look at people like Murphy, and Rock, and Dice, these guys are legends because they have done things that are monumental such as selling out Madison Square Garden to doing football like stadiums, so of course as an artist performer, entertainer, you want to get to that level and to be finally getting there I am just excited about it. But I won’t sit here and say I never though that it would happen because I di and I wanted to achieve the same thing that those before me did.

Kevin Hart- Laugh At My Pain Issue!  

In this issue Kevin Hart talks about his new comedy special Laugh At My Pain!