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Mail Humor Mill Magazine; I am shocked that somebody actually recognized real basketball wives! In this day and age of fighting on reality television, it is great to see that there are positive, strong black sisters doing something with the opportunities given to them by their positions instead of shopping and fighting! But I guess that positivity with black women doesn’t make great TV. UNKNOWN Ed NOTE: What can we say? We think you are right because when there have been positive shows showcasing black women doing positive things, no one is watching. Look at Black Enterprise TV, its barely hanging on. That’s positive TV at its finest. Humor Mill Magazine; Editors, your magazine has some of the best photography I have seen inside Hollywood in such a long time. We all need to band together and support your site/issues and anything else you do as you guys are in a class by yourself. Doug Summers Miami, FL ED NOTE: Thanks for the compliments. It is hard work but we are striving to make it better and better. Very soon, you will see more!

Pictured here is actress Vanessa Williams at the after party for the Tyler Perry film Madea’s Big Happy in Hollywood. Photo: Frank Holder

Kevin Hart- Laugh At My Pain Issue!  

In this issue Kevin Hart talks about his new comedy special Laugh At My Pain!